Thursday, September 25, 2014

The weekend, part two

By j.s doom

Saturday Day two.

Jessica had read on four different Web sites, that a hand in Luke warm water was the best way. As she closed her laptop she slid off her bed and made her way silently down the hall to the kitchen. As She filled a plastic bowl with warn water she smiled. This bet had already been won.

Tammi had woken up early and found herself in the kitchen making coffee. She felt the cool morning air brush over her cleavage and pulled her robe tight around her. She looked out the kitchen window and caught site of a jogger running by. She would be caught dead dressed like that. Plus all that bouncing would hurt her chest. Tammi grabbed the coffee pot from the brewer and poured herself a cup of coffee. As she blew on the hot drink, she was aware that she wasn't alone. Tammi looked over and seen her daughter walking to the fridge. "good morning honey.", acknowledged Tammi.

Jessica was digging through the fridge when she sleepy said, "good morning mom." Jessica pulled out a carton of orange juice and fetched a cup.

Her mother watched as she poured a cup of orange juice. Tammi turned around and leaned against the counter and said, "about last night?"

"a bets a bet mom. we had a deal.", replied Jessica as she knew where this conversation was going.

Tammi bit her lip and fought for the right words to say. She looked at her daughter and countered, "yes a deals a deal. Just don't go way crazy with this. Annie's an adult and will only take so much."

Jessica was in the middle of taking a sip of orange juice when she looked at her mom. The look in her eye said worry. Jessica moved the cup to the counter and cocked her head with a half smile as she asked, "you already checked didn't you?"

Tammi took a gulp of her coffee before she nodded her head yes and replied, "I checked her when I first woke up."

Jessica crossed her arms and began taping one foot in anticipation as she exclaimed, "and she wet the bed right!"

Tammi looked down and some what felt bad for what she was about to do to her friend Annie. Who she had know for years. Tammi looked over to Jessica and announced, "you won the bet. She's totally soaked the bed. Thank God for the plastic sheet, but I mean, it can only do so much."

Jessica jumped her joy and put one hand in the air as she barked, "I WON! Told you so!"

Tammi shushed her daughter and said, "yes you won. Now you can't hurt her or force her to do something wrong Jess. This might not be a good idea?"

Jessica couldn't hide her smile as she thought of all the things she was going to make Ashlie do. Despite what her mom said, Jessica was going to have her fun. She looked up to her mom and said, "I wont hurt her mom! Promise! Now how are we going to start this? Are you going to be here?"

Tammi glanced at the clock and replied, "I'm going to get ready to go out for the day. Possibly be back around.......8:30 or 9 tonight? If Annie ask, tell her I got called into work, OK?"

Jessica nodded yes and smartly said, "well Annie should be in bed by the time you get back."

Tammi could tell by the look on Jessica's face that this wasn't going to be good. She put the coffee cup in the sink and said, "give me twenty minutes, than I'm gone."

As her mother walked to the hall Jessica giggled, "see you tonight!"
After her mom left the room Jessica jumped up one more time. This was going to be fun. A she thought about what she should do first, the fact that her mother said she wet flashed across her mind. Jessica looked to the hall and wanted to go see for herself. She moved as quiet as she could to her old room and looked in. Ashlie was still past out. Half of her arm was hanging over the bed and her hair was a mess. Jessica tip toed in and stood beside the bed. She slowly lifted up the blanket and seen the huge wet spot. She had to fight from laughing out loud as she lowered the blanket back down. Jessica turned her attention to the closet and crept over to it. Silently she went through her closet and picked out an outfit for Annie. Jessica decided on a cute pair of yellow corduroy overalls and a pink shirt. She slowly backed out of the closet and moved to a bottom dresser drawer. She slid the drawer open and pulled a pull-up out from an already opened pack. Jessica looked to Annie and slowly made her way out of the room. As she walked to the living room she ran into her mom, who looked ready to go.

"I'm leaving now. Good luck, call me if it gets out of hand.", said Tammi as she pulled her keys from her purse. She looked at the bundle her daughter was carrying and finished, "bye."

Jessica waved as her mom left the house. Once the door closed Jessica raced to the living room and got things set up. This was going to be awesome she thought.

Ashlie was awoken by the bed shaking violently. She jumped awake with fear and gasp, "Shit!" Before seeing Jessica at the foot of her bed. As Jessica stopped shaking the bed Ashlie said, "what's the matter with you! I was sleeping!"

Jessica stood straight up and snickered as she pulled the blanket off of Ashlie. As the blanket hit the floor, Jessica pointed to the bed and laughed, "you wet the bed!"

Ashlie looked down in a hurry and turned beet red as she seen the huge wet spot on the bed that surrounded her lower half. She looked up at Jessica and babbled, "I didn't mean to, it was an accident. I'm sorry. I will clean the bed up."

As Ashlie jumped off the bed in a panic. As she began to pull at the sheets she felt Jessica grab her arm. Ashlie looked at Jessica and said, "let me go. I got to change the sheets!"

Jessica nodded her head no and replied, "I will get the sheets. You need to change you're clothes."

Ashlie looked down at her pajama bottoms, which were drenched all the way to the lower legs. "good idea?", Ashlie said as she looked around.

Jessica smiled at Ashlie and cheerfully replied, "I went ahead and laid out a outfit for you in the living room."

Ashlie was a little puzzled by Jessica's niceness and heartily said, "thank you. That was nice of you." Before walking to the hall. Jessica snickered as she followed behind Ashlie.

As they got to the living room Ashlie looked around for her clothes she had been wearing the night before. Tammi said she was going to put them in the wash, but she wasn't seeing them. Ashlie turned to Jessica and asked, "where are my clothes?"

Jessica knew where Ashlie's clothes were. They were in a box in the garage. She made sure of that. She played stupid and coyly replied, "my mom didn't start the washer last night. I did thou, just before I woke you up. I have an outfit for you to wear while you're clothes get clean."

Ashlie didn't like the sound of that. She looked around and caught sight of the folded clothes on the couch. "are theses them?", asked Ashlie as she walked over to the pile of clothes.

Jessica watched as Ashlie picked up the yellow corduroy overalls and frowned. She needed to get Ashlie to put them on. Thinking smartly, Jessica remarked, "you don't want to be wearing pee soaked pants for the next two hours do you? After you're clothes are dry you can switch outfits. Until than, these should do."

Ashlie looked at Jessica smiling and thought about the night before. Jessica kept trying to treat her like a kid because she was short. This was just another way for Jessica to get at Ashlie. Ashlie looked the clothes over and thought about putting them on. If she did, and acted like they didn't even bug her. Jessica's joke would have backfired on Jess. Ashlie smiled at Jessica and acknowledged, "alright, that's sounds good to me. It's only for an hour, than I can change back. No big deal."

Jessica smiled big. her plan was working out. Ashlie didn't even know that Tammi was gone, and willingly was dressing up like a kid. Once the games began, there would be no one to save her.

Ashlie pulled her pajama top over her head and dropped it to the ground. Jessica was somewhat shocked to see the size of Ashlie's breast. They were bigger than she thought. Ashlie grabbed the purple shirt and pulled it over her head. The shirt was tight around Ashlie's boobs and rode slightly above her belly button. Ashlie didn't look at Jessica as she dropped her sodden pajama pants and panties to the ground. She stepped out of the cold wet clothes and kicked them to the side. As she grabbed the overalls Jessica quickly remarked, "there's underwear to!"

Ashlie stopped and looked at the couch and seen the underwear that Jessica had referred to. They weren't panties. They were pull-ups. She recognized them right away. As she picked up the pull-up she flashed back to the nite nite pants she had worn just a couple months ago. If you didn't know what they were really ment for, you would have just assumed they were some type of padded underwear. Which they were in a since. Ashlie stretched open the pull-up and pulled her legs into the leg holes, before pulling it into place. The nite nite pants had been a little big on her, but these fit perfect. "no biggy!", Ashlie remarked as she grabbed the overalls and put them on. After she snapped the buckles, she looked at Jessica and announced, "all dressed!" Ashlie wiggled her butt and giggled, "I'm a big kid know!" She was going to show Jessica that this didn't bug her one bit. That would really piss Jessica off.

Jessica smiled at Ashlie and admitted, "little Annie! You look so cute! You really should of wore that pull-up to bed last night. I wouldn't have to be washing the sheets. I guess there is always tonight huh?"

Ashlie blushed a little at being reminded of her bed wetting fiasco and apologized, "sorry about that. I think I drank to much, you know?"

Jessica shrugged her shoulders and confessed, "I don't know, I can't drink. I'm twelve years old remember? I couldn't even tell you the last time I had an accident like that. You soaked the bed Annie." Jessica looked over her shoulder to the hall way and continued, "I guess I should go strip the bed, before out starts to stink like pee."

Ashlie felt a little embarrassed and suggested, "I think I'm going to call my husband? I didn't text him last night and he might be getting worried."

Jessica nodded in agreement and walked out of the living room and down the hall to her old room. She knew Ashlie wasn't going to find her purse. It was well hidden.

Ashlie looked to the coffee table and swore that she had left it sitting there the night before. Once she seen the pull-up on the couch she knew she needed to talk to him. To forgive him even thou he was in the wrong. Ashlie looked under the coffee table and around the couch, but had no luck locating it. Ashlie walked into the kitchen and glanced around the room. There was no sign of her purse.

As Jessica walked out of the laundry room she was greeted by Annie. "have you seen my purse?" Ashlie asked.

Jessica smugly shook her head no and countered, "where was the last place you put it?"

Ashlie pointed to the living room and answered, "I thought I put it on the coffee table? It's not there thou. Maybe you're mother moved it? Where is she?"

Jessica had started walking to the living and Ashlie followed, waiting for an answer. As they got to the couch, Jessica assured, "it has to be around her somewhere? It didn't just walk away."

Ashlie watched as Jessica got on all fours and looked under the couch. Once the teen stood back up, Ashlie asked again, "where's you're mother at?"

Jessica half ignored Ashlie and as she looked up around and around the bookcase for the purse, which wasn't there, she concluded, "well it's not up here? My mom got called into work....did you look in the kitchen?"

Ashlie watched as Jessica kept looking around in obvious places the purse would have been. Something was up. Ashlie leaned against the arm of the couch and pulled at the crouch of the pull-up to adjust it from bunching up against her mound. She looked at Jessica and couldn't figure what was going on. "you're mom got called in?" Questioned Ashlie.

Jessica looked up from what she was doing and imitated Ashlie, "you're mom got called into work?", Jessica turned around and dusted her hands off and mentioned, "yes she did. Won't be back tell tonight. So it's just us girls here, little Annie."

Ashlie didn't like the sound of that. Jessica had some secret vendetta and had been treating her like she was the youngest one at the house. As Ashlie sat against the arm of the couch, she looked down at her clothes. Jessica had gotten her willingly to dress like a child. Pull-up included. She looked back up to Jessica and knew she was screwed. She couldn't prove it, but Jessica possibly had hidden her purse. Ashlie faked a smile and tried to not let Jessica know she was a little bit worried. Nervously Ashlie proposed, "why don't we keep looking for my purse. It's not going to find itself?"

Jessica stood straight up to make herself look that much bigger and half smiled. She looked around the room and back to Ashlie before she proclaimed, "you're purse is bound to show up, I'm sure of that. You had a long night and must be hungry, Annie? Lets have brunch!"

Ashlie looked right at Jessica and didn't want to except the invite. She had to thou. First chance she had, after finding her purse, she was going to leave. Until than, she had to play along. "brunch sounds fine.", Ashlie chirped as she patted her leg with one hand.

Jessica came to life with excitement and used her hand to signal Annie to follow. As she got to the kitchen she grabbed a kitchen chair and waited for Ashlie to come.

Ashlie walked slower than she really needed to, to prolong going into the kitchen. As she shuffled along, she couldn't help but notice the difference between the pull-up and nite nite pants. As she stepped, the padding from the pull-up moved side to side with her body. Making a very obnoxious loud plastic rustling noise as it flexed and expanded to Ashlie's moving curves. Not like the nite nite pants. they felt and looked more like real underwear. As Ashlie past the doorway and entered the kitchen she seen Jessica with the chair turned away.

Jessica was grinning from ear to ear as she slowly turned the chair. A loud screech came from the legs as it was being slid slowly around. The sound added extra drama to the scene as Jessica showcased one hell of a booster seat. She waved her hands over the bright pink plastic booster seat and announced, "look at this thing Annie! Now you can sit as tall as the normal size people! Come on. Sit!"

Ashlie rolled her eyes as she looked the booster seat over. The thing was ridiculous. It was shiny with trendy flower stickers going along the sides. It had a strap that buckled under the chair, as well straps for the lap. Ashlie knew that she could fit easily into the booster seat. She had done it before at a restaurant, as well at the movies. Along with her stepping stools, booster seats have been in her life from time to time. They were made for kids up to 120 pounds and Ashlie only tipped the scales at 86 pounds. Still thou, Ashlie only had to use then if they were necessary. Not like now. Ashlie scooted up to the booster seat and climbed on. She really wasn't surprised when Jessica bent over and clicked the lap buckle shut, before turning the chair to the table.

"time for brunch Annie! What sounds good!", merrily cheered Jessica as she turned to the fridge.

Ashlie couldn't move around to see Jessica, because she was strapped to the chair, but managed to turn her head enough to look behind her shoulder. "eggs and toast sound good!", remarked Ashlie as she struggled to see.

Jessica happily replied, "I can do that!", as she opened up the fridge and grabbed what she needed. Ashlie could near the stove click on and some pans being pulled out of a cabinet. As Jessica buttered up the getting pan she asked, "Annie? Scrambled our over easy?"

Ashlie stopped trying to watch and looked forward. Her view was pretty much limited to the kitchen table and a window that was half closed. She searched the area and responded, "scrambled with cheese?"

As Jessica began cranking eggs she joked, "how do you ask? Funny? I remember having this conversation last night?"

Ashlie sighed and thought about it. She knew Jessica was just trying to get a rise out of her, but this was getting silly. Ashlie looked down and mused, "scrambled eggs please."

Jessica let out a laugh and replied, "look at you! Little girl using her manners. Well you're getting scrambled eggs Annie. Lucky cause its the only way i know how to make them."

Ashlie was looking around when she spotted a phone on the wall. If she could get to the phone, she could call her cellphone and find her purse. Ashlie couldn't see Jessica, but formed a plan. She let out a breath and asked, "Jessica? I have medication I'm suppose to take when I wake up and go to sleep. Could you get it?"

Jessica stopped stirring the eggs and cheerfully replied, "yeah I can do that. Where are they at?"

Thinking on her feet, Ashlie answered, "they were by the bed last night?"

Jessica looked back to the stove and turned the pilot light on low before saying, "I'm going to get them. You don't go anywhere!"

Ashlie waited tell she couldn't hear Jessica's foot steps anymore, before she unhooked the buckle to the booster seat and hopped down from the chair. Ashlie flew to the wall but found that the phone was to high up for her to reach. She turned back to the table and silently pulled a chair to the wall. Ashlie placed one knee on the seat and pulled herself up. Being short ment being an acrobat when it came to chairs and counter tops. As Ashlie stood up and reached for the phone in victory, she gasped in shock as Jessica grabbed her wrist. "what do you think you're doing!", exclaimed Jessica.

Ashlie felt silly. Here she was, twenty one years old, wearing kids clothes, standing on a chair, and looking like she got caught doing something wrong. She didn't do anything wrong thou. Ashlie looked at Jessica and stated, "I'm going to call my cellphone and find my purse."

Jessica held on to Ashlie's wrist and guided her down off the chair. As Ashlie's feet were planted on the ground, Jessica responded, "you're to little to use the phone Annie. Now, when I tell you to stay put. That means stay right where you are Annie. Lets get you back in you're seat and I will finish breakfast."

Ashlie pulled her wrist away from Jessica and protested, "I'm not to little to use the phone! You can't tell me what to do!" Ashlie stomped her foot in defiance, which came off more childish than anything. Ashlie clinched her fist and she loudly concluded, "I WANT TO USE THE PHONE!!"

Jessica thought it was funny how mad little Annie was getting and said, "no."

Ashlie's stomped her foot one more time and yelled, "I WANT THE PHONE! I WANT THE PHONE! I WANT THE PHONE!"

Jessica was at the point of laughter as she watched Annie throw a temper tantrum in front of her. Each time Ashlie moved her body, the pull-up would make a crinkle noise. Cute thought Jessica as Ashlie kept flipping out about the phone. Jessica waited tell Ashlie stopped yelling and responded, "you're not going to use the phone Annie. That's final."

Ashlie snapped and started climbing back up on the chair in a hurry. As she was pulling herself up, Jessica grabbed her arm and pulled her back down. holding tight onto Ashlie's arm, Jessica sat in the chair and yanked Ashlie over her lap. Ashlie felt her own body obey gravity as she fell across Jessica's lap. Jessica used her size to her advantage and hiked Ashlie across her lap, so Ashlie's feet and hands couldn't touch the ground.

"what the fuck do you think you're doing!", yelled Ashlie as she struggled to get off.

Jessica pulled Ashlie back into place and pinned her still, with a arm pressed to Ashlie's lower back. Ashlie fought and wiggled to get free, but the pressures from Jessica's arm prevented her from moving. Jessica laughed at Ashlie and said, "stop fighting it Annie."

Ashlie looked over her shoulder and could see Jessica mirthfully smiling as she had the advantage over her. Ashlie saw Jessica's arm raise into the air and she yelled, "NOOOO!"

As soon as Jessica laid the first swat to Ashlie's padded bottom, both Ashlie and the pull-up made a noise. The pull-up produced a loud muffled thud and Ashlie produced a horrid scream. Than came another swat. Than another. Than Jessica had picked up a rhythm and the swats rained down.
Ashlie was kicking her feet and trying to wiggle loose. As each swat hit her butt she let out a gasp, along with a whimper. as Jessica picked up the pace so did Ashlie's involuntary actions. The gasp remained, but the whimper soon turned into sobs as Ashlie felt the tears well up in her eyes. "STOP! Please STOP!", cried Ashlie as she kicked her legs in pain.

Jessica kept spanking Ashlie, despite Ashlie's pleas. As Jessica swatted Ashlie's butt with great force, Jessica negotiated, "are you going to listen to me Annie?"

Ashlie felt the blow of the spank sting her butt. Saying a lot because her butt was well protected from the padding. As another blow connected Ashlie blurted, "I WILL LISTEN! I WILL LISTEN! Just stop...PLEASE! It hurts!"

Jessica didn't slow down as she kept bringing down her hand on Ashlie's rear, over and over. Ashlie was now crying and through Ashlie's sobs, Jessica snickered, "next time I tell you to stay put, you're going to remember this spanking. No more games Annie. I'm in charge, got that!"

Ashlie couldn't open her eyes as the pain was to great. She had a steady flow of tears rolling down her cheeks and a small trail of snot dropping from her nose. Ashlie, through the pain mustered up the courage to say, "you're not in charge! You're just a bully. I'M AN ADULT! You can't do this to me!"

Jessica suddenly stopped spanking Ashlie and questioned, "I'm not a bully? You're the bully. remember all those times you picked on me for being short and little?"

Ashlie relaxed her body and slumped over Jessica's lap as she realized what this was all about. It was payback for teasing Jessica. Ashlie looked at the ground and felt a tear roll down her cheek and fall to the ground. In defeat, Ashlie apologized, "Jess...Jessica. I'm sorry I made fun of you all those times. It was just having some fun and I never ever ment to.."

"just having some fun?", fumed Jessica. She swatted Ashlie's ass once as hard as she could and finished, "maybe it's MY turn to have so fun? How's that sound?"

Ashlie felt panic wash over her and she began to plea, "please stop Jessica! Please. I'm sorry. I learned my lesson and I will never make fun of you again. I SWEAR!"

Jessica thought to herself for a moment as Ashlie laid across her lap. Softly she playfully swatted Ashlie's ass to let her know the position she truly was in. Jessica looked Ashlie over from head to toe and declared , "well I'm willing to make a deal with you?"

"a deal? What type of deal?", whined Ashlie as anxiety flushed her body.

Jessica playfully patted Ashlie's butt and exclaimed, "yes a deal Annie. You let me finish watching you today and we will never speak of this again. Sounds fair?"

That wasn't much of a deal thought Ashlie. It looked like no matter what, she was going to be at the mercy of Jessica. If she liked it or not. Ashlie had to say yes. At least that way Jessica possibly wouldn't be so cruel. Ashlie looked at the ground and mumbled, "fine. It's a deal."

Jessica smiled with the satisfaction that she had broken Ashlie to the point she was willing to comply. She pulled Ashlie off of her lap and pointed to the booster seat. "go sit down in you're seat Annie", teased Jessica.

Ashlie lowered her head and walked back to the pink flower covered booster seat. She hiked herself up and sat down. She clicked her teeth with slight pain as her but was sore from the spanking. Jessica walked over and buckled Ashlie in. She slid the chair back up to the table and said, "such a good girl. Now I'm going to get back to those eggs. There probably burnt by know."

Ashlie wiped the few tears that remained on her face with her hand and stared at the table in silence. She needed to get out of the house. Away from Jessica and back to Josh.

Jessica slid a plate of burnt eggs and semi cooked toast in front of Ashlie. She handed her a Child's spork and joked, "do you need me to cut up you're eggs?"

Ashlie nodded no and stuck the spork into the overdone eggs. After she took a bite she wanted to spit them out. They were horrible. Ashlie dramatically swallowed the bite and asked, "could I have something to drink....please?"

Jessica smiled and walked to the cabinet to get Ashlie a cup. After pouring Ashlie some orange juice she set the cup on the table and walked away. Ashlie noticed it was the cup Jessica had tried to give her the night before. She signed and grabbed the cup to take a drink. As Ashlie picked at her eggs she thought about her husband in Texas. The heated conversation they had before he left could had gone better. She was mad thou that he put her in the commercial without her consent. Thou, it didn't matter now. she just wanted to be home with Joshua. Doing the things they like to do. Ashlie took a bite of the toast and sighed. This sucked.

As Ashlie finished her eggs, Jessica came back in and pulled the chair away from the table. She unbuckled the booster seat and helped Ashlie down. Ashlie ran a finger along the leg holes of the pull-up to stop them from digging into her skin and looked up at Jessica. Jess smiled at Ashlie and
chorused, "lets go get you changed. Were going to go to the park for a bit."
"the park?", questioned Ashlie as she felt Jessica grab her hand and lead her to the hallway.

"yes the park Annie. You got a problem with that?", asked Jessica as she shot Ashlie an evil eye.

Ashlie looked away and moaned, "no I don't." As she made it to the bedroom Ashlie thought that the park might be the best way to escape from Jessica. She could just run away to her house.
Jessica pointed to the bed and ordered Annie to sit. As Ashlie sat on the bed, Jessica dug through the closet for a new outfit to wear to the park.

Ashlie couldn't believe that she was going to do this. This was the most humiliating thing she had ever let happen to herself.

Jessica backed out of the closet and cheered as she said, "found it!" She turned to Ashlie and held up a little pink skirt.

As Ashlie looked the skirt over she thought it didn't look to bad. At least it would semi look like adult attire, compared to the yellow corduroy overalls she was wearing know. Ashlie slid off the bed and unclipped the overalls. As they fell to the ground, she kicked them off her feet. Jessica handed Ashlie the pink skirt and watched as Ashlie pulled it up her legs. The skirt fit, but it semi flared out at the bottom and when she moved it showed the bottom of the pull-up. Ashlie really hadn't noticed it, but Jessica did. Jessica fixed Ashlie's hair into two fashionable pig tails and added some colorful beaded jewellery to accent her childishness. A pair of flip flops completed the outfit and both girls found themselves leaving the house.

Jessica made Ashlie hold her hand as they walked down the sidewalk to the park. As they strolled along the street Jessica began to talk. In a very pleased tone she remarked, "it sure is nice out today Annie. I'm glad we get to get out of the house."

Ashlie looked at the cars passing bye and hoped that no one she knew would spot her dressed the way she was. As Ashlie kept her eyes to the vehicles she responded, "yeah its nice out."

Jessica made Annie stop at the corner, while she pushed the button to signal the crosswalk. Ashlie glanced around and kept alert for any persons she might know. Jessica jerked Ashlie's hand and advised, "Annie, pay attention. Its a busy street."

Ashlie rolled her eyes and stood still beside Jessica as she waited for the light to change. She couldn't wait to get away at the park. At that moment Ashlie noticed one of her friends walking their dog across the street. She was also headed to the park. Ashlie looked away, before coming to terms that she possibly wouldn't be spotted because of her clothes and hair. Ashlie looked back to the street and the light signaled that it was safe to walk.

"always look both ways before crossing the street.", advised Jessica as she pulled Ashlie along. As they made it to the opposite side of the street, they walked into the park parking lot. Ashlie's friend, Jenny, had about a good thirty foot distance in front of them. Ashlie didn't want to draw any attention to herself and followed Jessica's lead silently. As they got to the grass Jenny had taken her dog to the wide open area with surrounding trees. Jessica kept marching straight towards the playground.

Once they got to the kids area, Jessica sat on a park bench and ordered, "go make some friends and play Annie."

Ashlie looked at the playground, which was alive with kids everywhere. Other moms and babysitters had taken seats at benches around the playground. Ashlie noted a couple of women breastfeeding, awhile their older siblings were burning off energy. Was that what Jessica was trying to do with her?, thought Ashlie. Ashlie looked back to Jessica and replied, "do I have to?"

Jessica leaned forward and in a near whisper commanded, "go make friends Annie. Unless you want me to take that skirt off and you can try to make friends wearing just a shirt and the pull-up."

Ashlie looked back to the playground and slumped her shoulders. She wasn't going to doubt Jessica and her words. Slowly Ashlie walked to the play structure and got lost in a sea of children her own size.

Ashlie had climbed the steps to the structure and posted up by a wooden bridge. As She looked over the railing she watched kids run by and play. She let out a sigh and knew she needed to escape.

"what's you're name?", asked a girl who had taken a place next to Ashlie.

Ashlie looked over to the girl and seen she was the same size as her. Sadly Ashlie answered, "my names Ashlie. What's yours?"

The girl smiled big and playfully countered, "my names Elizabeth. I'm seven years old! How old are you?"

Ashlie shuddered at the fact that the seven year old standing next to her was the same size. Ashlie looked through the bars and seen that Jessica was talking with a mom that had taken a seat next to her. She looked at Elizabeth and replied, "I'm twenty one years old, but don't tell anyone."

Elizabeth laughed and sarcastically mused, "twenty one years old! Wow that's cool! I'm secretly thirty."

Ashlie looked at Elizabeth as she kept giggling and didn't find it funny. The seven year old thought she was playing a game. Ashlie looked back over the railing and noticed Jessica was looking at her. Jessica nodded and gave Ashlie the thumbs up. Ashlie faked a smile.

"can I ask you something?", questioned Elizabeth as she held onto the railing and bent down than back up.

Ashlie watched her do it one more time before she answered, "sure?"

Elizabeth looked at Ashlie as she danced side to side and asked, "why are you wearing a pull-up?"

Ashlie's faced blushed as she looked down to her skirt. She looked back to Elizabeth and replied, "can you see it through my skirt?"

Elizabeth let out a chuckle and responded, "no I can't see through you're clothes? I don't have x ray vision silly! When you were walking I could see it poking out the bottom."

Ashlie instantly reached behind her and pulled her skirt to her body. Even after doing so she felt the material of the pull-up slightly sticking out. This was it. She had to get away from this whole nightmare. Ashlie looked around for a possible escape route. Than she noticed the slides. The slides were covered and the bottom was facing away from Jessica. Ashlie looked at Elizabeth and cheerfully said, "lets go down the slides!"

Elizabeth came to life and raced to the slide in a hurry. Ashlie wasn't far behind her and waited for her turn. Once her turn came, Ashlie jumped in the slide. Ashlie didn't factor that her bare skin rubbing against the plastic of the slide would burn. As she made her way down she lifted one leg and that's when she flew out and scrapped her knee. In a rush, Ashlie stood up and shook it off. as Elizabeth ran back to the play structure, Ashlie bolted away in the opposite direction.

Ashlie ran with all her might, despite her breast bouncing up and down and the scrapped knee, which stung like hell. Every so often Ashlie would look back to see if Jessica was following her. As Ashlie made her way across the park she heard Jessica yell, "ANNIE! GET BACK HER THIS INSTANT!"

Ashlie turned to see how close Jessica was, when she slammed into someone and fell backward to the ground.

"watch were you're going!", exclaimed a voice Ashlie noticed. It was Jenny. Out of all the people at the park, she ran into the one person who she knew.

Ashlie stood up and dusted herself off and was about to apologize when Jenny said, "Ashlie? Is that you?"

Ashlie looked up to Jenny and admitted, "yeah its me, sorry I can't talk right now thou.", and took off running.

Jenny watched Ashlie sprint away and swore it looked like she was wearing a diaper under her skirt. Jenny's attention was drawn to Jessica as she ran up and asked, "did a little girl come running by here? She's wearing a purple shirt and pink skirt."

"little girl? Ashlie?", remarked Jenny in confusion as she looked to the way Ashlie ran.

Jessica noticed that Jenny used the name Ashlie. She also noted Jenny was looking to the park parking lot, which had given Ashlie's route away.

Jessica looked at Jenny and said, "I'm babysitting her for the weekend and she ran off. I got to catch her, Bye!", before she herself ran towards the parking lot.

Ashlie had made it out of the parking lot and down the block before she looked back and didn't see any sign Jessica. She slowed her pace a little and caught up on breathing. The lower part of her breast had formed a outline of sweat on the purple shirt and her whole lower half was now clammy, due to the pull-up. Ashlie slowed her pace to a near stop and adjusted the pull-up. She looked over her shoulder to see of she was still in the clear. There was no sign of Jessica. Ashlie looked to the block ahead of her and knew it was time to go home.

The walk to her house took less than twenty minutes and as Ashlie got to the front door she said, "Shit." She didn't have her keys on her. They were in her purse at Tammi's house. Ashlie navigated away from the front door and to the bay window. She tried to open the window, but it was also locked. Just her luck. Ashlie stepped away from the bay window and made her way around to the back of the house. As she closed the gate and turned the corner she was shocked to see Jessica sitting in the love seat by the pond.

Jessica Sat back and smiled at Ashlie. "I'm glad you made it Annie! I was getting worried you might have gone somewhere else. I would have had to call the police and reported a missing child.", snickered Jess.

Ashlie looked around in confusion and asked, "how did you get here before me?"

Jessica stood up and grinned before she responded, "I have a bus pass. Bus stops right down the street dumb ass."
Ashlie looked around as Jessica stepped closer and closer. In a panic Ashlie stated, "well I'm home. So thanks for the good time, I will be seeing you. Bye."

Jessica was almost at arm reach when she replied, "the deal isn't over? You agreed that I would be watching you for the day. Now that you disobeyed me and ran away, I believe a punishment is in order?"

Ashlie didn't have time to react as Jessica snatched her arm and pulled her towards the love seat. Ashlie fought with all her might to get free from Jessica, but found that the grip was to strong to break. As Jessica plopped down she once again pulled Ashlie over her lap. This time using her leg to pin Ashlie's legs together.

Before the spanking even started Ashlie was pleading, "please Jessica! Don't do this! I'm sorry I ran, lets go back to you're house and forget about this!"

Jessica loosened the grip on her legs long enough to flip Ashlie's skirt up she yank the pull-up down. As soon as it hit the ground Jessica tighten her legs against Ashlie's. She bent her body over Ashlie and grabbed the pull-up before tossing it in the pond with a slight splash.

Ashlie kept pleading for Jessica to stop what she was about to do. she felt her skirt pulled high up to her lower back and let out a scream as Jessica brought down her hand in anger. Jessica didn't set a pace with the swats this time as she unloaded her frustration out on Ashlie's bare bottom.  Ashlie's body involuntary twisted and shook as blow after blow connected with her ass. This time it was a lot worse. The spanking in the kitchen, left Ashlie with the protection from the padding of the pull-up. This time thou, there was no protection.

Ashlie screamed in pain as Jessica swatted harder and harder. Her ass was on fire and each slap added extra heat. The sobs coming from Ashlie sounded much like a skipping record, and she couldn't stop crying. "STOP!", cried Ashlie as snot dripped down her nose and onto her lips.

Jessica stopped long enough to say, "you're going to bed early tonight young lady!", before continuing the spanking. 

Ashlie would say anything at this point to get Jessica to stop her assault. Without being asked anything Ashlie started pleading, "I WILL GO TO BED EARLY! I well wear whatever you want! I WILL BE A GOOD GIRL! just stop SPANKING ME!"

Jessica stopped for a second and asked, "why should I stop spanking you Annie? You haven't been listening at all?"

Ashlie let out a huge sob and replied, "I will, I will. I'm sorry Jessica. I will listen to you. Please stop....your hurting me."

Jessica got really smug and boasted, "hurting you? Its a spanking. Its suppose to hurt as well get the point across Annie." And as soon as Jessica stopped talking, she gave Ashlie another ten swats.

Ashlie was crying so hard that it became hard to breath. As Jessica stopped spanking her, she felt herself being pulled up off of Jessica's lap. Jessica matched Ashlie along with her to the side of the pond and pointed to the pull-up. "pick it up!", barked Jessica.

Ashlie was still crying as she bent down and reached into the pond for the now waterlogged pull-up. The thing had fully expanded to its maximum potential and weighed like a ton as alter pulled it from the water. As she held it with two fingers away from her body, Jessica ordered, "put it on and than were going."

Ashlie looked at Jessica with blood shot eyes. she wanted to believe that Jessica was joking, but knew her bully was not joking at all. Slowly Ashlie lowered the water filled pull-up to her feet and pulled it on. Ashlie let out a gasp as the cold water made contact with her redden bottom. Her ass was on fire and the cold from the water semi helped the burning. as Ashlie moved her legs to adjust herself, water pushed out of the leg holes and ran down her thighs. She started crying harder. Jessica let out a little laugh and said, "lets go Annie. NOW!"

As Jessica and Ashlie walked down the street, Ashlie court stop from crying. each step she took made more and more water dribble out of the leg holes and down her legs. The padding had expanded and now sagged in the butt and crotch. It was degrading and humiliating. As they walked into the house Jessica lead Ashlie back to her old room. Ashlie stood in silence as Jessica rummaged around for new clothes. Ashlie had been truly broken. She was mortified of Jessica and knew there was no limit to how low Jess would sink to humiliate her. Ashlie softly cried to herself. She wanted to die.

Jessica had found a new shirt for Ashlie and tossed it on the bed. It was pink with a logo on the front that read, "I'm a Barbie girl." Jessica looked back into the closet and searched for bottoms, but didn't have much luck this time. She grabbed the yellow corduroy overalls off of the ground and laid them next to the shirt. She opened the bottom drawer of the dresser and snatched another pull-up from the bag and tossed it on the bed. "get dressed Annie.", suggested Jessica.

Ashlie slowly shed the skirt and pull-up and dropped them to the floor, before pulling her shirt over her head. Jessica watched as Annie got dressed and completed the outfit by snapping the buckles shut. Ashlie looked at Jessica and sadly said, "happy now?"

Jessica nodded her head in agreement and remarked, "yes. Now its time for you to come to the living room and do homework."

Ashlie didn't bother fighting it. She walked past Jessica with her head down and to the living room. Jessica pointed to the ground by the coffee table and stated, "sit there, while i grab my backpack. I'm like a week behind on homework and you're going to catch me up."

Ashlie walked to the table Sat down. This day had been put hell. She would never doubt Jessica or make fun of her again. Ashlie's best bet now was to wait tell her friend Tammi got home and ended this. Ashlie watched Jessica run out of the room to fetch her backpack. At least if she was busy doing homework, Jessica would leave her alone.

Jessica returned back to the living room with the backpack and handed to Ashlie. "the whole thing is homework Annie. Make me look good.", said Jessica as she flopped down on the couch and turned on the television.

Ashlie opened the backpack and pulled out a binder. As she flipped through the pages she knew this wasn't going to be that bad. She set the binder down on the table and grabbed a pencil. As Ashlie did Jessica's homework, she found herself relived that she wasn't get pick on. She would do all the homework if out meant having a piece of mind.

Two hours into doing homework, Jessica got up and went to the kitchen without saying a word. When she returned she had a plate with her. Jessica slid it on the coffee table next to Ashlie. Ashlie glanced at the plate and seen that Jessica brought her sliced apples, cheese, ritz, and lunch meat. Ashlie looked up to Jessica and said, "thanks."

Jessica watched Annie grab a ritz and put an apple on top. She sat back down and replied, "your welcome Annie. How's the homework coming?"
Ashlie looked back down to the paper and responded, "its going good. I got the history done. These math problems are giving me trouble thou."
Jessica leaned forward an seen that Annie was working on long division. she scooted off the couch and sat next to Ashlie. As Jessica started explaining the rules of long division, Ashlie was fixing a math problem she knew she messed up on. It never dawned on Ashlie that she had taken on the role she was fighting against the whole time. As she did the problem right, Jessica patted her shoulder and stood up. "you got the hang of it Annie! Good job!", exclaimed Jessica.

Ashlie looked up and smiled big before responding, "thanks for showing me how to do out!" She took another bite of her snack and went back to doing the homework.

Another few hours past by and Ashlie closed the binder. She turned to Jessica and chimed, "I'm all done with the homework!"

Jessica nodded in approval and responded, "good girl! Why don't you watch some television and I will go make dinner!" Jessica stood up and stretched before Ashlie climbed on the couch and got comfy. Once Ashlie was kicking back, Jessica walked out of the room.

While doing the homework, Ashlie found that she was now pretty relaxed. For a short time she had forgotten about the spankings and being forced to dress the way she was. She caught herself kicking her feet back and fourth while sitting on the couch and stopped. Maybe her fighting it was the problem Ashlie thought. If she just went with the flow and stuck with her original plan of not letting Jessica get to her, all the bad things wouldn't have happen. Ashlie began kicking her feet once more as she sat on the couch. It wasn't so bad.

It didn't take long for Jessica to call Annie to the kitchen for supper. Once again Ashlie had to sit in the booster seat, but this time she embraced it. After all, now she was at proper height with the table. Ashlie ate all her dinner along with Jessica. After dinner Ashlie was excused back to the living room to watch television.

Jessica had walked into the living room and clapped her hands together to get Ashlie's attention. As Ashlie looked over to Jessica, Jessica announced, "OK, its time to get dressed for bed."

As Ashlie was getting off the couch she heard something on the TV that caused an alarm to go off. The song sounded like mc hammer's can't touch this. Ashlie looked up in fear and seen it was the commercial her husband had made. Not only was it on TV, but Jessica was watching it to. Ashlie looked to Jessica, who was glued to the television, and knew this wasn't going to be good.

After the commercial ended, Jessica looked at Ashlie and laughed, "Annie! You didn't tell me you were in a diaper commercial!"

Ashlie was ready to cry. Joshua had unknowingly given Jessica fuel for the fire. Ashlie looked at the ground and mumbled, "yes I'm in a diaper commercial..."

Jessica was laughing so hard she snorted. She looked back down on Ashlie and giggled, "I got to say. The pull-ups are way way cooler looking. I do got something else that might fit you better for bed thou!"

Ashlie looked up at Jessica and sighed, "should I ask?"

Jessica grabbed Ashlie's hand and replied, "come with me! I will show you!" As she pulled Ashlie along.

Ashlie was standing in the room when Jessica handed her a pink footed sleeper. Ashlie looked it over and remarked, "a onesie?"

Jessica nodded a big yes before she added, "that's just the outer wear. see that doll over there?".

Ashlie looked over her shoulder to a giant doll sitting in the corner and answered, "yeah?"

Jessica couldn't contain herself as she announced, "well that doll is as big as you! Go pick it up and see!"

Ashlie walked over to the doll in the corner and moved some stuffed animals out of the way before picking it up. Jessica was right. The doll was about the same size as Ashlie. Ashlie stood it up and couldn't believe it. She looked back over to Jessica and painfully replied, "what do you want me to with the doll?"

Jessica was smiling so big that Ashlie was sure her lips were going to rip. "you can put the doll down Annie. I just wanted to see if you guys were the same size?"

Ashlie dropped the doll and asked, "why?"

Jessica started digging through an old toy box and admitted, "because that doll came with diapers! Since you're the same size, they should fit you to!"

"diapers?", Ashlie whined before finishing, "I don't need diapers!"

Jessica yelled, "found one!" As she stood up and looked it over. She looked back at Ashlie and affirmed, "didn't we just see you on a diaper commercial?"

Ashlie slumped her body and replied, "yeah we did, but.."

"but nothing! Get undressed Annie!", ordered Jessica as she unfolded the diaper.

Ashlie didn't want to and asked, "could I just wear the pull-up? I will wear only that to bed?"

Jessica pushed Ashlie on the bed and began unclipping the overalls. Ashlie didn't fight it as she felt Jessica work the overalls off of her body. It was useless to fight it, unless she wanted another spanking. Once Jessica tossed the overalls aside she yanked the pull-up off of Ashlie. Ashlie closed her eyes and tried to go to a better place as she felt Jessica lift her legs into the air, high above her head. Ashlie felt her butt move up and go back down, before Jessica pulled the diaper up between her legs and taped it shut.

Ashlie opened her eyes and they went wide as she saw the thickest diaper ever. It was made from some plastic material and had pictures of teddy bears on it. Ashlie leaned up and knew right away she couldn't close her legs. It was to dam thick.

Jessica helped Ashlie off of the bed and handed her the footed pajamas. Ashlie pulled her shirt off and stepped into the feet before pulling it up her legs. The real problem with the pajamas came when Ashlie tried to pull it over the diaper. The diaper was so thick it made it next to impossible for the footed sleeper to go any higher. Jessica reached over and yanked the back part of the pajama, forcing it to go over the diaper. As Ashlie pulled it up she worked her arms into the sleeves. As she zipped it up she felt very confined.

"looks a little tight Annie? It will have to do thou. Now climb in bed.", said Jessica as she flipped the covers.

Ashlie began to tear up as she got on the bed and rested get head on the pillow. She didn't want to talk at all.

Jessica pulled the blanket over Ashlie and said, "your going to bed Annie. You need you're rest. I don't want to see you up at all. Got that? You're wearing a diaper so you don't need to get out of bed to use the potty. Don't let me catch you up."

Ashlie nodded her head and began to sob before Jessica turned off the light. It was going to be a long night, considering it was only 6:30pm.

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