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A small addition. Ch 3

                    Chapter three.

The next morning:

Ashlie's eyes popped open when she heard the door to the nursery open. The thirty three year old woman slapped her mittened hand on the mattress in frustration when she realized that she could not even sit up to see who had came in.

"Good morning Annie!" Boomed Lisa's voice as she walked up to the side of the crib.

Ashlie turned her head and saw Lisa leaning over the edge of the crib, reaching for her. Lisa carefully scooped her out of the crib and carried her to the changing table.

"Where is Michelle?" Ashlie asked, looking over to the now empty crib.

"Oh, she’s playing in her play pen." Lisa replied, as she laid the tiny woman on her back and began to untie the drawstring of the gown. Once untied, Lisa lifted the gown up over Ashlie's waist.

Ashlie gasped in horror when Lisa slipped two fingers into the leg band of the diaper.

"HEY! What do you think you’re doing?" Ashlie yelled as she tried to twist away from this invasion.

"Just checking to see if you had a dry night. That's all silly." Lisa smiled.

"Well, I-I had a dry night. So there! I don’t need to be checked, really." Replied Ashlie.

Lisa noticed that every time that she began to try to undo the tabs of the diaper, that Ashlie would start squirming and wiggling about. It was almost as if Ashlie did not want the diaper taken off. Finally, having enough of Ashlie's foolishness, Lisa playfully pinned Ashlie to the changing table; holding her down with one hand, while with the other, began to pull at the tabs of the diaper.

Ashlie was suddenly and mysteriously upset at having her diaper forcibly removed. She could only stare at the ceiling as Lisa grasped the tabs and undid the diaper and pulled the front down between Ashlie's thighs. Lisa grabbed Ashlie's ankles and pulled her legs into the sky, high enough for Ashlie's ass to be exposed. suddenly Lisa stopped, still holding the tiny woman’s legs up over her head.

Ashlie bit her lip and looked away, ashamed in herself.

A tiny brown plug of feces lay in the soft folds of the diaper, as well smears along Ashlie's butt crack.

"Annie made a stinky!" Lisa giggled, "Now I see why you didn’t want me to take your diaper off! Its everywhere!"

"Well? What do you have to say for yourself, Annie?" Lisa said, speaking to Ashlie as if she were scolding a child.

Ashlie closed her eyes, humiliated beyond words. She was fuming with both anger and embarrassment. "It was you who made me wear a diaper!" Ashlie replied, eyes tearing in humiliation. "I can’t even sit up, much less get out of the crib! What do you expect?"

Ashlie blushed as her legs were lifted higher, her knees pushing into her chest, her bare bottom exposed. Lisa wiped her little behind with a baby wipe and sat her up on the changing table. Lisa grasped the hem of Ashlie's gown and lifted it over her head and off. Ashlie gasped as the cool air caressed her suddenly naked body.

"Hungry?" Lisa asked. Ashlie looked up and nodded her head.

"Umm….but can I have something to wear first?" Asked Ashlie nicely.

"I will dress you after you eat, Annie." Lisa replied.

Ashlie's jaw dropped. She was going to have to eat her breakfast naked.

Lisa lifted Naked Little Ashlie off the changing table, supporting her with a hand under her bare bottom as she was carried. Ashlie clinched with her tiny hands as she watched where she was carried. She is carried right into the kitchen. Ashlie's eyes widen as Lisa walked toward the high chair.

"Lisa!" Ashlie groaned, "Not the high chair! Please...."

Ashlie sulked as she was placed in the high chair, glowering angrily as she was strapped in and the tray put in place, effectively trapping her in the seat. Ashlie blushed brightly when she realized that the plastic highchair tray was now supporting her breast.

She squirmed and wiggled in her seat, but was unable to change her position. Finally, she gave up. She put her elbows on the tray and rested her chin in her hands.

Seeing that Ashlie was secure in the high chair, Lisa left the kitchen. She returned a few minutes later, carrying Baby Michelle. Ashlie watched in disbelief as Lisa carried Michelle to the kitchen table and sat her in a booster seat.

"Hey!" Ashlie cried indignantly, "Why can’t I sit in the booster seat and Michelle sit in her own high chair?"

Lisa giggled as she turned to the tiny woman "Because that isn't her highchair anymore, it's yours from now on!"

Ashlie buried her face in her hands, totally humiliated.

Ashlie sat quietly in the highchair, watching Lisa prepare breakfast. Her mouth watered as she smelled real food. eggs, bacon, buttered toast. Her anticipation grew when she saw Lisa carry Baby Michelle’s plate of cut up food and sat it on the table. She handed Michelle her toddler-sized fork and pushed the plate close to her little sister.

Michelle was always first. But now that Michelle had her food, it was Ashlie's turn to eat.

Ashlie's spirits sank when Lisa walked over to her high chair, carrying a bowl with a spoon stuck in it.

When Lisa saw Ashlie straining to see what she had, she tipped the bowl towards her. "apple flavored Rice cereal!" Lisa smiled, "Gerber’s, yum yum.".

"GROSS!" Ashlie groaned as she turned her head away in protest, "Why does Michelle get egg and bacon and I get this?"

Again, Lisa did not reply, but instead, dipped the spoon in the cold gruel and held it to Ashlie's lips. "Now eat your cereal like a good girl!"

"Ohhhh gross!!" Ashlie moaned. Knowing that it is useless to fight. Ashlie mad a sour face as she took a bite and almost choked swallowing it.

"Open wide!" Lisa giggled, holding out another spoonful.

Ashlie reluctantly opened her mouth and another spoonful was shoveled in. Ashlie involuntary coughed and some of the cereal splattered out of her mouth and on to her breast.

"AAAKK!" Ashlie gaged, her face contorting in disgust, eyes tearing.

Ashlie pleaded with the teen "Please, Lisa! I hate this stuff. It's horrible. Can I have some real food?"

Lisa giggled and held another spoonful to Ashlie's mouth, "Eat it all tell it's gone!"

"ALL?" Ashlie exclaimed, eyeing the huge bowl.

"Unless you want to run around the house today in nothing but a diaper today." Lisa smirked.

Ashlie's jaw dropped as she gasped "You wouldn't dare!"

Then she quickly hushed, knowing that the girl was quite capable of doing whatever she wished. Ashlie slowly opened her mouth and took the tepid gruel.

"Very good, Annie" Lisa giggled in mock encouragement.

Ashlie smiled weakly, then swallowed with a sour face. "Blech!!"

Lisa held another spoonful to Ashlie's lips. She gaged and turned her head away, unable to even force herself to take another bite. Ashlie looked up at Lisa in shock when the girl purposely tipped the spoon over, and a dollop of the cold semi-liquid cereal plopped down on her breast.

"If you won’t eat it, You’re gonna wear it!" Lisa teased with a smirk.

"really!" Ashlie groaned loudly. She tried to wipe the cereal off, but only managed to spread it around her breast even more, making an even bigger mess. Lisa giggled as she watched the tiny woman’s predicament. Ashlie looked up at her, not amused.

Lisa offered another spoonful of cereal. Ashlie tried her best to choke it down, but only managed to make more of a mess as she gaged and sputtered, the cereal dribbling down the side of her mouth. Ashlie was now determined to eat all of the cereal. A few minutes of being fed this slop is better than having to endure an entire day of humiliation running around the house in nothing but a diaper.

"P-please, Lisa", Ashlie pleaded, tears of frustration and from choking streaking her tiny face, " more….pleeeese!!"

"Just a few more bites, Annie!" Lisa smiled, obviously enjoying force-feeding the tiny woman.

Lisa held out another spoonful of rice cereal. "Come on now!" she giggled, "It’s Gerber!! It’s good for you!"

"B-RAAAAKKK!" Ashlie gagged as she opened her mouth, accepting the cereal. Unfortunately, her gag reflex prevented her from swallowing, and it dribbled out of her mouth and down her front. Ashlie swayed back and forth in the high chair, eyes closed, oblivious to her total humiliation and domination by Lisa. She slowly lifted her hands, trying to wipe the cereal from her mouth and face, but her hands did not seem to want to obey her. Ashlie managed to only smear the cereal all over her face even more. She lowered her head, inspecting her cereal-splattered breasts. Again, trying to clean herself only managed to make an even bigger mess.

The shrunken woman sat in her highchair, eyes closed and mouth slightly open. Lisa placed another spoonful into her mouth. Ashlie tried again to swallow, but only managed to spit it back up, splattering on her tray and breasts. Another spoonful produced the same results.

"Look, Annie!" Lisa giggled, showing her the empty bowl, "All gone!"

"Gahhh!" was the only response that Ashlie could produce. She collapsed across the plastic tray, not caring about how big a mess she was making of herself.

After cleaning up her sister from breakfast (a minimal mess for a toddler), Lisa put Michelle in her playpen in the living room and returned to the kitchen to tend to Annie. She nudged Ashlie back in her seat and removed the plastic tray. Ashlie was unbuckled from the highchair and lifted into Lisa’s arms. Too exhausted to fight, Ashlie simply leaned into Lisa as she was carried back into the nursery, resting her head on the girl’s shoulder.

Ashlie opened her eyes and looked up at Lisa as she was laid on the changing table. "Gotta clean you up before we get dressed" Lisa said. Ashlie simply nodded and turned her face away.

Lisa cleaned Ashlie thoroughly with baby wipes. The tiny woman was silent, only flinching occasionally when the coldness of the baby wipes came into contact with a sensitive area. Ashlie offered no resistance as her breasts were wiped, even though she thought that Lisa was spending an inordinate amount of time doing it.

"All clean, Annie!" Lisa giggled in that sing-song, condescending voice that literally drove Ashlie up a wall. Ashlie was than lifted to a sitting-up position on the changing table.

"Then can I please get dressed now?" Ashlie asked, looking up at Lisa hopefully.

Lisa nodded her head and left the room, returning a few minutes later, holding something behind her back. Ashlie watched Lisa as she approached the changing table where she was sitting.

"I brought something for you to wear, Annie." Lisa smiled, holding out a neatly folded bundle to Ashlie. A smile played across Ashlie's lips as she accepted the bundle from Lisa. "T-thank you!" she said softly. Not sure to be thankful for Lisa's kindness.

Ashlie could tell nothing about what she was holding, only that it was hot-pink in color, and made of very soft cotton. As she unfolded the material and held it up, Ashlie's jaw dropped in horror. What Lisa had given to Ashlie to wear was a cotton tank-top, one that she wore during her workouts. She also wore it as casual clothing and had trimmed to midriff length. When Ashlie held it up, she immediately noticed that of she were to actually put this on, it would barely cover her mid-thigh. And, with the thin shoulder straps, low cut front, and large open arm holes, left very little to the imagination.

"I can’t wear this!" Ashlie said, holding the top out to Lisa, as if trying to return it.

"Oh, you can wear it." Lisa replied, a wicked smile playing across her lips as she looked down at the tiny woman, "And you will wear it too!"

"But this is made to be worn over something, like a tee shirt. Or bra." Ashlie protested, "If I were to wear this, I would be hanging out all over!"

Lisa smiled and took the proffered tank top from Ashlie and asked "Then you don’t want to wear this?"

Ashlie began to shake her head then stopped suddenly. She didn’t like the finality in Lisa’s tone of voice. Did she mean that if she didn't wear the tank top, that she wouldn't be allowed to wear anything? Ashlie was afraid to ask. Instead, she tentatively reached out and took the tank top back.

Ashlie stood up on the changing table, watching Lisa intently as she fed her arms thru the bottom of the tank top and thru the armholes. She pulled the top over her head and smoothed it over her tiny body.

Ashlie blushed profusely as she tried to adjust the shoulder straps of the top. When she moved the material to one side, it would expose part of her large breast on the other side. Ashlie knew that with each step that she took, that one of her breasts would be exposed. Finally growing frustrated at not being able to cover herself properly, she stomped a bare foot on the changing table and looked up at Lisa, her little hands clinched into tiny fists. She blew a little lock of her hair back that had fallen into her face.

"Lisa, please!" Ashlie pleaded, "This is just too much. Could you at least give me something that will cover me properly? I don't want my tits flopping out every time I take a step."

"Something to go under it, you mean?" Lisa smiled.

"Yes!" Ashlie exclaimed, brightening, "That would be perfect!"

Lisa shrugged and opened a drawer on the changing table. "Okay, put these on then" Lisa giggled, handing Ashlie a pair of training panties.

"What are these?" Ashlie scowled, holding the little girl panties between her thumb and forefinger as if she were afraid to touch them, "I’m not wearing these things. I meant a better shirt, not..not these."

"their training panties. You said you wanted something to wear underneath your top" Lisa giggled, "Now put them on!"

"I meant something underneath the top, like a tee shirt...", Ashlie snapped back, obviously annoyed at Lisa’s attempt to further humiliate her.

"Do you think you might need some help putting them on?", Lisa smiled.

Ashlie suddenly stopped, her face ashen. Not wanting further humiliation, Ashlie stepped into the panties and slowly pulled them up her legs. She twisted her hips slightly from side to side as she adjusted the thick cotton training panties for comfort. They were a step above an actual diaper and a little more comfortable. They kind of were like real panties, but thickly padded and covered in Dora the explorer characters.

She looked up at Lisa, self-consciously tugging at the hem of her top, trying to hide the little kid underwear from view. Ashlie gasped and blushed when she realized that all of her fidgeting was causing her breasts to peek out of the sides of the tank top. She grew frustrated when, after adjusting it to cover herself on top, her bottom was exposed. She folded her arms across her front, glowering at Lisa.

Lisa giggled as she watched Ashlie struggle with her predicament. She put her finger underneath Ashlie's chin and lifted her head so that she was looking straight up at her.

"Now you listen to me, little lady." Lisa smirked, "You’d better be good for me today, Annie. If you do what you are told, we are going to get along just fine, okay?"

Ashlie looked up into Lisa’s eyes, trembling slightly. She licked her suddenly dry lips and nodded her head in agreement. "I..I will be good", she replied.

Lisa smiled and moved her finger away from Ashlie's chin.

Ashlie sighed and turned her head away, this was going to be a long day, she thought to herself.

To be continued...

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