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A small addition. Ch 4

A small addition 4

Lisa picked Ashlie up off the changing table and set her in the ground by her feet. With a bit of annoyance, Ashlie shifted the oversized tank top to cover both of her breast, but found no matter what she did, the sides of her boobs were poking out. Knowing there was nothing she could do, Ashlie sighed and mumbled "what now Lisa."

Lisa was smiling wildly as she looked down on the shrunken woman and replied "lets go to the living room Annie. Michelle is in there and I've got some chores to do before mom gets home. You can kick back and watch some television and just....hang out."

Ashlie looked up at Lisa and didn't know what to say or think. Was this some sick joke or was Lisa being nice. "sounds good...." Said Ashlie as she began to walk towards the bedroom door.

Lisa followed behind Ashlie and watched as the oversized cloth training pants moved side to side with each step. Lisa wanted to laugh but kept her giggles at a minimum.

Ashlie was feeling the eyes of the giant teenager on her and tried her best to not let it get to her. That's what Lisa wanted. With each step she took she fought to keep her breast from not poking out of the sides of the top. At the same time though, she fought to walk, A very hard task due to the thick padding between her legs which forced her to waddle.

As the two women entered the living room, Lisa moved past Ashlie and checked on Michelle in the playpen. Michelle was still busy playing with two stuffed animals, the same as she was when Lisa took Ashlie to get cleaned up.

Ashlie was busy focusing on her shirt and it took a couple seconds longer to reach the same spot as Lisa. Ashlie looked up from her oversized shirt she seen Michelle on the other side of the playpen.

"what the fuck! I don't want to go in there!" Yelled Ashlie as she suddenly felt herself being lifted up from the ground and placed in the playpen.

Ashlie fumed as she looked up to Lisa and protested "I don't need to be in a playpen Lisa! Take me out of here right now!"

Lisa giggled as Michelle walked up to Ashlie's side and began babbling to Ashlie.

"well it looks like you two are going to bff's from now on!" Laughed Lisa before she patted Ashlie on the head and finished "you play nice. I will check on you in a bit."

As Ashlie watched Lisa walk away she pleaded "please! Don't leave me in here. Lisa please!", but the only reply Ashlie got was more babbling from Michelle.

Sadness over took Ashlie as Michelle began pushing on her and offering a stuffed animal. Reluctantly Ashlie excepted the stuffed kitty cat and held it to her face as she silently began crying. Her life was over and she knew she couldn't do anything about it. She was stuck. It had only been a couple days since the accident at the lab and with each new turn of the page, things got worse and worse.

Ashlie fell to the bottom of the playpen and began crying in uncontrollable sobs as she clutched the stuffed kitten tight against her body.

Ashlie's sobs were soon interrupted as Michelle plopped down on top of her in a toddler styled play attempt. Ashlie rolled to her side as Michelle crashed down onto the stuffed kitty cat next to her. Horror. Ashlie felt true horror as a toddler of even Size began rolling around and playing with the animal. Ashlie wiped her eyes with her hands and leaned up. She had to get out of there. Slowly Ashlie rose to her feet and adjusted her oversized tank top to cover her breast, as she looked for a way out of the playpen.

The walls were high and made of fabric mesh, with no spots for footing. Ashlie reached up to see how high she could reach, but soon realized the top was a coupe inches taller than her own arms.

"Maybe if I jump?" Thought Ashlie as she sized up the distance. She attempted her first try and as she landed in her feet, both of her boobs popped out the sides of her top and made a loud clap as they smacked together.

Slightly embarrassed, Ashlie pulled at her shirt and covered her breast back up. She bent down to attempt her second jump, but let out a yelp as Michelle plowed into her. Erratically sending Ashlie to the bottom of the playpen.

Ashlie looked up at Michelle and let out a sigh. She wasn't being bullied by Michelle, because the toddler didn't know any better, but Michelle was making this escape rather difficult.

Ashlie stood back up and looked around the playpen. There had to be another way to get out. She took note of all the things in the playpen and formed the idea that if she pushed all the bedding to one side, it would give her the leverage she needed to climb out.

Silently, Ashlie pushed all the blankets and stuffed toys to one side and took a step up on the pile. This time, it was high enough for her to get her arms over the railing of the playpen. She looked around to make sure Lisa wasn't near, before hopping up high enough to use her leg to get over the railing. Ashlie smiled to herself as she lowered herself down to the ground. She did it!

Ashlie looked at Michelle in the playpen and saluted, before waving bye and walking to the couch. Once she reached the couch she remembered how she fought with getting up when she was with Susan. Susan didn't even let her try. With new found determination, Ashlie jumped and grabbed onto the couch cushion. Her feet dangled off of the ground for a couple seconds before she mustered up enough strength to swing her leg to the side and hoist herself up, onto the couch.

"I fucken did it!" Cheered Ashlie, before covering her mouth with both of her hands. She looked to the hallway to see if Lisa was alerted. Ashlie didn't mean to be so loud, but the excitement of being able to do something for herself was a real mood changer. Given the chance she could do a lot more for herself.

Ashlie fluffed a throw pillow and laid down on the couch. She didn't even care about her boobs hanging out of the oversized shirt at this point. She smiled happily as she looked up at the ceiling. Maybe this would be a game changer for her. Maybe she could do more than she thought. If she was able to show Susan and Lisa, than maybe she would be able to do more for herself. Who knew? Ashlie pulled her arms behind her head and closed her eyes.

The silence of victory was soon ruined as Ashlie heard a loud thud and Michelle screaming at the top of her lungs. Ashlie opened her eyes and jerked up to see Michelle on the ground, outside the playpen, crying.

"shit..." Ashlie said as she heard Lisa's footsteps coming from the hallway in a hurry. She made it this far on her own, but her efforts were now ruined by Michelle.

"what happen!" Cooed Lisa as she rushed to Michelle and scooped her up from the ground. Lisa pulled Michelle to her shoulder and looked into the playpen, expecting to see Annie still sitting inside, but was confused to see the playpen empty.

Lisa looked to the kitchen before turning towards the front door and noticing Ashlie sitting on the couch. "how did you get out Annie?" Questioned Lisa as she stepped in front of the shrunken woman.

Right away Ashlie felt nervous and in trouble. She looked up at the giant teen and mumbled "I..I climbed out.."

"what was that Annie? I didn't here you?" Barked Lisa.

Ashlie sighed and admitted "I climbed out. Climbed right over the side Lisa."

Lisa looked at the playpen and back to Ashlie on the couch. "wow we, that must have been quiet the climb. I guess we will have to figure out something else for you to stay in." Smirked Lisa as she bounced Michelle up and down against her shoulder.

Ashlie looked up at Lisa from the couch and figured she could try to reason with the teen. Maybe, just maybe it would work. "Lisa? Could we talk?" Sincerely asked Ashlie.

Lisa smiled big and nodded OK as she announced "yeah we can. You can always talk to me Annie. First though, let me put Michelle down for a nap."

Ashlie still was uneasy but nodded as Lisa walked off to the kitchen with the baby. A couple of minutes later Lisa walked out of the kitchen holding a bottle and the baby. "be right back Annie. Don't move." Giggled Lisa as she disappeared into the hall.

Ashlie didn't move from the couch. If she was going to get Lisa on her side than she needed to show her that she can listen. Moving from the couch would only bring more problems.

It only took a could of minutes before Lisa came skipping into the living room and right past Ashlie. Ashlie watched as Lisa went into the kitchen and came right back out with a bottle and diaper in hand.

Ashlie moaned as Lisa sat next to her on the couch and set the diaper aside. She knew if she mentioned the diaper at all, Lisa would go for that first.

"so Annie, what's up?" Asked Lisa with a smug smile.

Ashlie looked at the playpen and sighed. It was now or never. "Lisa. I don't think I should have to be in there with Michelle. I might be... her size, but I'm still a woman. I'm a adult. Could you try to show me some compassion and dignity? How would you like to be stuck in a playpen? Its not fair or cool. You know?"

Lisa leaned back and laughed "well I would just step out of the playpen silly. Its not for my weight or size or meant for adults. Its meant for babies. Well babies and now you, I guess. Which by the way Annie, you should start to except. Your toddler size. Don't fight it so much and learn to enjoy it and relax. I mean, you really don't have to worry about anything now."

Ashlie was a bit taken back by Lisa's statement and replied "I've GOT plenty to worry about Lisa! I don't even know how I'm going to get back to things. My life. I've got plenty to worry about. I DON'T want to relax and enjoy my time in a crib or playpen. I shouldn't have to. I just want to be back to my normal self."

Lisa shifted her body so she was sitting and facing Ashlie before she countered "well you said you won't get to normal again, If you don't find that lab. What do you think the odds are Annie? Slim to none I say. Who knows of they are even still in the united states?"

Ashlie began to tear up. Lisa was right. They company was military run and more than likely went over seas. That meant she would never be restored back to normal. As Ashlie wiped her eyes with her hands she sniffled.

Lisa watched as Ashlie gained her nerves and decided it would be a good time to add to Ashlie's wounds.

"don't worry about that right now Annie. There's nothing we can do. Think about it, you don't got bills or have to work. No cares at all!" Lisa picked up the diaper and held it up for Ashlie to see, "the only worry for you right now is diaper rash! That's not bad right? Well the rash can be bad, but we got ointment for that."

Ashlie began to sob heavily into her hands as Lisa smiled to herself. She always thought that Ashlie was smug and somewhat of a bully. Since Lisa was younger, she had always wondered how getting even with Ashlie would be. Never would she had thought it would be like this.

Lisa set the diaper down on the couch and as Ashlie cried, Lisa quietly hushed her and worked the oversized tank top off of Ashlie's body. Ashlie didn't fight the shirt being pulled off as she knew it was useless.

With her hands still covering her redden and teary eyed face, Ashlie felt Lisa grab her legs and pull her into a laying position on the couch. Ashlie closed her eyes tight as Lisa grabbed the waistband of the training pants and tugged them down her legs and off of her feet.

For dramatic effect, Lisa held the training pants out to the side at arms length and dropped them to the floor with a thud. Ashlie kept her eyes closed tight as she heard Lisa fiddling with the diaper on the couch next to her.

"Annie?" Said Lisa with a slight giggle.

Ashlie sobbed "what? What do you want?"

Lisa lifted Ashlie's legs into the air until her butt was slightly up off of the couch and said "you are going to have to tell me which brands are better...", before sliding the diaper underneath Ashlie's butt. As Lisa lowered the shrunken woman's legs down and Ashlie's ass made contact with the padding of the diaper, Lisa pulled the front of the diaper up between her legs and started to tape the tabs together.

"these are pampers, Cruisers size six. there suppose to be super absorbent and up to twelve hours of protection." Finished Lisa as she fasten the second tab.

Ashlie was still sobbing and didn't reply to the statement. Lisa patted the crouch of the diaper and said "don't cry honey, I got something that will make it better."

Through tear filled eyes, Ashlie fluttered her eyes open as Lisa pulled her up and onto her giant sized lap and positioned her in the gap between her legs. Ashlie flinched as Lisa moved a lock of hair from her face and smiled. Slowly Lisa moved her hand away from Ashlie and picked the bottle up off of the couch.

"lets give this a try." Giggled Lisa a put the nipple of the bottle to Ashlie's lips. Ashlie kept her mouth shut as Lisa ran the nipple back and forth across her lips. She didn't want to drink from a bottle at all. She wasn't even thirsty.

Lisa watched as the shrunken woman kept her lips tight and turned her head from side to side to avoid the bottle. Slyly, Lisa gave a slight pinch to Ashlie's inner thigh and as Ashlie gasped in pain the nipple was crammed into her mouth.

Ashlie tried to push the nipple out with her tongue, but it only helped the thing express more milk than she could keep up with. It didn't take long before Ashlie was forced to gulp down the milk, swallow after swallow.

Lisa watched as Annie began to drink from the bottle and felt that Ashlie was taking to it. As the shrunken woman drank, Lisa started to hum.

Ashlie was concentrating to keep up with the bottle when she heard Lisa humming.

"really?" Thought Ashlie as she felt sick to her stomach. It had only been two days since the accident at the lab and Ashlie now knew her life was over. This was her new fate.

The nipple of the bottle began to slow its flow and as less and less milk filled Ashlie's mouth. Her stomach was full and felt semi hard. Lisa pulled the bottle away and held it up to see. "wow. You were thirsty." Lisa remarked before setting it aside.

Ashlie's stomach slightly hurt from drinking to much to fast. From Lisa's lap she looked up and said "I wasn't thirsty...."

Lisa smiled down at Ashlie and mockingly replied "well you fooled me Annie. I wasn't sure if I should make another or not."

"well ONE is almost to much." Barked Ashlie as she started to lean up in Lisa's lap. Once she was sitting up she continued "I know that no matter what I say you won't listen. I will get you back for this. All of this. You count on that."

Lisa gave a smug smile and pulled Ashlie up from her lap and to her shoulder. As she started to pat Ashlie's back in an attempt to burp the woman, Lisa cooed "awww, little Annie going to get me back. I'm so glad you told me you felt that way."

Lisa continued to burp Ashlie as she carefully stood up from the couch and paced the living room. "come on Annie. burp for aunty." Said Lisa as patted a little harder.

Ashlie felt a burp coming but fought to hold it back. She didn't want to give Lisa the satisfaction. As the pats continued to rain down in her back she couldn't hold it much longer. Ashlie's body fought against her and soon won as she let out a big burp.

"oh my Annie! That was a good one!" Said Lisa as she stopped burping Ashlie. Ashlie felt Lisa move her away from her shoulder just enough to get a good look at her face. "no spit up? Good." Informed Lisa as she moved Ashlie back to her shoulder.

Ashlie was fuming as she looked to the scenery behind Lisa. She was going to need a good talk with Susan when she got back from work. Until than, she was just going to have to put up with Lisa's bullshit.

Lisa began to walk to the hallway and Ashlie hesitantly asked "where are we going?"

Lisa patted Ashlie's padded rear end and answered "to the nursery. Your going down for a nap. I still got a bunch of chores to do and I want to keep you on a schedule like Michelle. That way you know what's going on."

"but I'm not tired!" Whined Ashlie as they entered the nursery.

Lisa lowered Ashlie into the crib and right away Ashlie noticed that Michelle wasn't in the crib. As Lisa began to tuck Ashlie in, Ashlie asked "where is Michelle?"

"why? You miss your friend?" Joked Lisa as she grabbed a teddy bear and placed it at Ashlie's side.

Ashlie frowned and sighed "no. I just thought you put her down for a nap? That's all."

Lisa put her hands on the railing of the crib and looked down on Ashlie inside. Ashlie looked cute snuggled next to the teddy bear and baby blanket on her. Lisa reached over to a table and turned on a baby monitor as she said "I did. I set up a crib in my room while you two were in the playpen. She's asleep in there right now."

"cool." Replied Ashlie as she sighed.

Lisa tapped the railing of the crib with her fingers before advising "take a nap Annie. I will be back in a bit to check on you. I better not catch you out."

With that said, Lisa walked out of the nursery and closed the door behind her. Leaving Ashlie alone once more.

Ashlie stretched her body under the baby blanket and got comfy. She looked up at the Mobil above and thought about this whole situation. There had to be a way out. Ashlie closed her eyes and continued to think up until she fell asleep.

On time like everyday, Lisa's little sister Linda was dropped off at the house. She ran into the house and set her backpack down by the door before yelling "I'm home mommy!"

It wasn't Susan who answered Linda. Lisa was in the kitchen and power walked out into the living room and hushed Linda. "Michelle is taking a nap Linda. You got homework?" Questioned Lisa.

Linda rolled her eyes and replied "yes." As she picked her backpack up from the ground.

Lisa watched as Linda sat on the couch and unzipped the backpack. Linda looked to the ground and seen a pair of cloth training pants. "Michelle potty training?" Linda asked.

Lisa put her hands to her hips and replied "no. Why?"

Linda nodded to the ground and answered "oh, there is a pair of training pants on the ground and I just thought maybe she was."

Lisa silently cursed herself for forgetting about the training pants and as she walked over to the coffee table to pick them up she lied "ooh that. I tried them on Michelle to see if they fit. Sorry. I forgot it was there."

Linda pulled her binder out and opened it up as she countered "can I have a snack?"

As Lisa walked to the kitchen she said "yeah. I will be right back." Once Lisa was in the kitchen she dropped the training pants on the counter. That was a close one she thought. Her mom didn't want Linda to know about Ashlie. She would need to be more careful in the future.

After Lisa gave Linda a snack she went about her chores until Michelle could be heard crying. Linda was in the middle of standing up when Lisa rushed bye and said "I've got this."

Lisa rushed into her room and picked Michelle out of the new crib and bounced her up and down. "its OK baby....ssshhh." Comforted Lisa.

Right away Lisa smelled the reason Michelle was crying. She had soiled herself. "lets get you changed." Cooed Lisa as she walked out of her room and into the nursery.

Ashlie was still asleep in the crib when she was awaken to the sound of Michelle crying close by. Ashlie leaned up on her elbows and rubbed her eyes before seeing that Lisa was busy at the changing table.

Lisa casually looked over her shoulder and seen Ashlie looking at her through the slats of the crib. "sorry to wake you Annie. Michelle has a Poopie diaper."

As Lisa went back to cleaning Michelle up, Ashlie stood up and stretched. She let out a yawn and replied "Its fine. When your done can I get out? Please."

Lisa was in the middle of unfolding a fresh diaper when she answered "yeah, give me a second. You have to stay in the room though. Linda is home."

Ashlie didn't answer back as she watched Lisa finish changing Michelle's diaper. After Lisa was done she set Michelle on the ground and walked over to the crib. Ashlie raised her arms as Lisa reached in and picked her up.

Ashlie was about to say thanks but ended up rolling her eyes as Lisa stuck a finger into the side of the diaper for a diaper check. "your dry. But its really clammy in there." remarked Lisa as she turned to the changing table.

"I didn't go pee?" Exclaimed Ashlie as Lisa laid her in the changing pad of the table.

"I know! Good girl. Its clammy from sleeping. All the heat gets locked in and you start to sweat. We need to change you or it could lead to diaper rash." Informed Lisa as she pulled at a tab.

Ashlie didn't bother with a protest as Lisa undid the second tab and pulled the diaper open. Instead she laid on her back and looked up at the ceiling. Lisa pulled the diaper out from under Ashlie and tossed it in the diaper pail. The fresh air felt nice on Ashlie's skin as she realized that Lisa was right. The diaper did keep the hot air in.

Lisa unfolded a fresh diaper and lifted Ashlie's legs high enough to slide it under. As Ashlie's legs were lowered once more, she found Lisa pushing them together and up towards her chest. Lisa grabbed the baby powder and began powdering Ashlie's privates. After a generous amount of powder, Lisa let Ashlie's legs go and tapped the diaper in place.

"better?" Asked Lisa as she opened a drawer on the changing table and pulled out a white shirt.

"yeah. I guess you were right Lisa." Admitted Ashlie.

Lisa smiled at Ashlie and replied "hey. I'm just doing what's best for you. You will see. You think I'm not being fair, but I'm trying to help."

Ashlie let out a sigh and mumbled "thanks Lisa."

Lisa smiled back at Ashlie and held up what looked to be a white shirt. "want to get dressed?"

Ashlie nodded OK and leaned up so Lisa could put the shirt on her. Ashlie let Lisa work the shirt over her head before feeding her arms through the sleeves. Gently, Lisa pushed Ashlie back tell she was laying down again. She pulled the shirt down Ashlie's body and between Ashlie's legs. Once a snap was heard in the air, Ashlie knew the shirt was really a onesie.

It actually felt good to be dressed for once and as Ashlie laid there she looked up at Lisa and said "thanks. This sure beats being naked."

Lisa let out a small playful chuckle and pointed to Ashlie's breast. "they look huge in this onesie. Like two smushed oranges."

Ashlie never got a chance to answer as Linda's voice rang from the doorway. "who you taking to? I heard someone on the baby monitor?" She asked as she looked in the room.

In a panic, Lisa turned to Linda and noticed the baby monitor in her hand. She had left it on the coffee table. Thinking on her feet Lisa replied "no one. Just Michelle."

Linda glanced over to Michelle, who was playing with her toys. She looked back to her older sister and seen some baby legs sticking out from behind.

"are you babysitting? I heard you talking to someone." Questioned Linda as she took a step into the nursery.

"babysitting you and Michelle. That's it." Joked Lisa with a hint of nervousness in her voice.

Ashlie froze still. Maybe Linda was like the T Rex in Jurassic park. If she didn't move she wouldn't be seen. It couldn't be good if Lisa was worried.

"than who is that behind you?" Asked Linda as she slowly came closer to the table.

Lisa moved so Linda couldn't see and proceeded to block Linda's view as she said "Its a doll, I was talking to a doll."

Linda moved to one side but caught Lisa of guard as she darted to the other side and exclaimed "Is that, ASHLIE? Is"

"Its Annie...." Groaned Lisa as she took a step aside for Linda to see. This wasn't suppose to happen. Her mom was going to flip out.

"Annie? She looks like moms friend Ashlie." Remarked Linda as she looked at the shrunken woman laying on the changing table.

Ashlie leaned up in defeat and admitted "Its me Linda..."

Linda looked up to her sister in shock and back to Ashlie and said "what happen to you!"

Ashlie pulled her feet to her chest and turned her head away as she mumbled "I don't wanna talk about it."

Lisa grabbed her sisters shoulder and said "there was some sort of accident at her work. Its hard to explain, but Annie is staying with us for a bit."

"Annie? Why do you keep calling her that? Isn't her name Ashlie?" Questioned Linda as she examined Ashlie on the table. Right away Linda noticed the bulk of the diaper through the onesie.

"that's what mom is calling her. So I am to." Admitted Lisa as she looked to Michelle playing on the floor.

"YOU STARTED CALLING ME ANNIE!" Barked Ashlie as she turned her head to Lisa. "you. Not your mom."

Lisa looked at Ashlie and Ashlie knew right away to shut up. She looked mad.

Linda was still looking at Ashlie in aww as she said "Lisa? Can I see her?"

Ashlie was relived when Lisa countered "no. You weren't suppose to know about her. Mom didn't want you finding out and is going to kill me if she knows you know. So look at me."

Linda looked up at her sister and Lisa continued "you don't know she's here. Got it. I will burn all of your dolls if you say one word about this. If mom finds out than were in trouble. And believe me, I will be so so mad at you. Got it?"

"fine." Linda said as she looked back to Ashlie. She looked the shrunken woman over for a couple seconds before setting the baby monitor on the table and silently leaving the room.

"good one Lisa." Sighed Ashlie as she stood up on the changing table and pulled at the leg holes of the diaper. Ashlie noticed that she had Lisa's attention as the teenager looked right at her. "hey, thanks for the clothes. It really beats running around naked. It really does. So do you think Linda will be quiet about me?" Hinted Ashlie.

Lisa lifted Ashlie off the changing table and set her on the ground next to Michelle. "I hope she does. Mom didn't want her to know." Said Lisa as she looked at the two on the ground.

Ashlie knew that maybe she could get through to Lisa if she acted like she was on her side. Ashlie sat on the ground and looked up at the giant teenager and said "well, why don't you make her want to forget about me."

"what do you mean?" Countered Lisa.

Ashlie leaned back against a stuffed animal and replied "hold one of her favorite toys for ransom. Take something that means a lot to her and if she tells you destroy it."

Lisa liked the sound of that idea. Maybe Ashlie had a point about getting Linda to forget. She thought it over in her head and said "sounds like a good idea Annie. Maybe that's what I should do. Good advise."

Ashlie crossed her hands behind her head and replied "not a problem. I'm good with advise. So if you ever need anything figured out, you know where to look."

Lisa bent down and picked Michelle up before walking over to a small television on the dresser. "what do you wanna watch?" Asked Lisa.

Ashlie for the second time in the day felt accomplished. First climbing the couch and now Lisa was going to let her watch TV. Ashlie felt like what she did was good and cheerfully said "can you put it on channel 11. Fox? Please."

Lisa changed the channel to fox and set the remote down. "hey, sorry about today. Would you like me to get you anything?" Asked Lisa as she made her way to the door of the nursery.

Ashlie looked to Lisa and answered "could you get me something to drink that's not in a baby bottle?"

Lisa nodded OK and as she closed the door behind her, she replied "yeah I will. I will be back in awhile with it. Just hang tight."

As the door clicked shut, Ashlie couldn't help but smile to herself. She had just related to Lisa on an adult level. With kindness and some good advise, she might have won the teenager over to her side. Ashlie leaned up and looked over her shoulder at the bright blue stuffed hippo. It was huge. The world around her was huge and nothing in her current life made any sense. Yet here she was. forced to endure life at toddler level, as an adult.

Ashlie looked around the nursery and took it all in. It was the first time she really just got to sit and reflect on life, besides the time in the crib.

"stupid hippo." Said Ashlie as she stood up and looked around the room for something to do. there was a plastic kids table on the other side of the room next to a bookcase that looked like oversized crayons. "maybe something to read?" Said Ashlie to herself. It would be good to get her mind away from things and a good book could do it. As she walked over to the bookcase she could hear the plastic of the diaper crinkling with each step. It was something she was not use to, but was going to have to get use to.

Once she got to the bookcase, Ashlie scanned the covers in order to find something worth reading. To her disappointment though, most of the books were either dr. Susses or Clifford the big red dog. One book though caught her eye. It wasn't like the others.

Ashlie grabbed the book and looked at the cover. It was an older version of sleeping beauty. This would have to do tell she can get her hands in a better book. As she waddled over to the kids table she pulled out one of the red plastic chairs.

As Ashlie sat on the chair she noticed that her feet didn't touch the ground. Which was a weird feeling because at normal size, her feet always touched the ground. The only plus side, and not really even a plus, was that the padding of the diaper made it feel like Ashlie was sitting on a cushion. Silently Ashlie got comfy and opened the book. It was time to get lost in her imagination.

The slight rap of a knock on the nursery door drew Ashlie's attention away from the book as she answered "come in."

Slowly the door opened and Susan popped her head in. Right away she smiled as she laid eyes on Ashlie at the kids table. She remembered when she bought the table for Michelle. Never in her life would she have thought she would see a miniature version of her friend sitting at it. The three other seats at the table had stuffed animals in them. From Susan's point of view it appeared that Annie was reading them a story.

"I see that you made some new friends Annie. The one in the left is "Biggs", he's Michelle's favorite." Joked Susan as she walked in with a cup and plate.

Ashlie glanced to the stuffed animals and knew right away what Susan was talking about. Sarcastically Ashlie said "yeah, they don't talk much. They listen. Just not big on talking."

Susan let out a small laugh as she set the cup and pate on the kids table. Ashlie liked what she saw. The plate had sliced up apples, banana, carrots and broccoli. The cup had chocolate milk.

Right away Ashlie grabbed the cup of chocolate milk and chugged half of the drink down. After licking her lips she turned her attention to the fruits and veggies. While eating a piece if Apple Ashlie said "thanks for the food Susan."

As Susan walked over to the changing table she admitted "Lisa got that for you Annie. Thank her."

Ashlie silently eat some broccoli and watched as Susan opened the two top drawers of the changing table. She looked inside the drawers for a couple seconds before leaning down and pulling out an opened pack of diapers. As Susan pulled a stack of diapers out of the bag she admitted "Lisa said you guys got a long pretty well today? That you two had a good talk. I'm glad you two are getting along. I didn't, WE didn't know how it was going to go. But hearing that you and Lisa get along takes so much stress off my shoulders."

Ashlie recalled the day in her head and thought it was pure hell. The highchair, the playpen and whole baby treatment. Than again it ended on a good note with Lisa. Ashlie took a sip of the chocolate milk and said "we did have a good talk but..."

"good!" Interrupted Susan as she put the diapers into the drawer and remarked "got to buy more..."

Susan looked around the room for anything else that needed to be picked up or cleaned. It still looked pretty clean, except for the bedding in the crib.

As Susan began to fix the bedding of the crib she asked "are you warm enough at night?"

Ashlie looked at the plate and took a bite of the banana. Ashlie compared the crib to the bed she knew the most. Her own. How she wished she was home. "yeah I'm warm enough." Answered Ashlie with her mouth full.

Ashlie finished the chocolate milk and stood up from the table. She walked over to the bookcase and put sleeping beauty back on the shelf.

Susan looked over from the crib and seen Ashlie standing in the white onesie and immediately exclaimed "look at you Annie! You look so cute!"

Ashlie rolled her eyes. Anything that was put on her at this size was going to be cute. She let out a sigh and instantly felt depressed. She was never going to be able to wear anything sexy ever again. They didn't make sexy bra and pantie sets for toddler sized women.

Ashlie looked herself over and said "thanks... I feel weird dressed like this. Its like I'm dreaming or something."

Susan stood straight up and and put her hands to her hips as she replied "well its not a dream Annie. You just got to except that now. This is how its going to be, tell we find your lab and restore you back to normal. I'm looking into it still. We will find them. But this is how its going to be tell that day comes."

Ashlie fought back her tears as Susan told her such things. She was right. Every single word she said true. There was nothing Ashlie could do or go until they found the lab. This was her life. Her reality.

Ashlie wiped her eyes and said "your right Susan. your right."

"awww sweetie. Did I make you sad? I didn't mean to." sympathize Susan as she bent down to Ashlie's level for a hug.

Ashlie embraced Susan and hugged as hard as she could. She needed the comfort.

After a very long hug, Susan pulled away and stood up. She looked down on Ashlie and said "all better honey. It will be OK. Lisa is making dinner and it should be done shortly. After that bath time. Than bedtime. Lisa set up a crib in her room so you and Michelle don't have to share a bed. Figure that would be better for you."

"can't I stay up late and watch a movie tonight?" Questioned Ashlie.

Susan looked at the television and seen that the five o'clock news was on. As She turned the channel Susan said "no. I want you and Michelle on the same schedule. it makes everything a lot easier. That way no one gets burnt out and you get time by yourself."

Ashlie noticed Susan put on Disney junior. She looked at the screen and seen Micky mouse talking.

"so I have a bedtime than? What time?" Barked Ashlie as she put her hands to her hips in anger.

Susan looked down at Ashlie and in a motherly tone said "don't get snappy with me. Bed time is at 7:00. You don't have to like it but that's the rules."

Ashlie stomped her foot in rage and walked over to the toy box. She crossed her arms as she sat Indian style on the floor.

"dinners done." Sang Lisa as she walked into the room with a plate of food. She looked to her mom and down to Ashlie sulking on the floor before asking "you guys alright?"

Ashlie noticed the plate of food and felt her stomach growl. She didn't realize how hungry she really was. As Ashlie stood up and walked to the kids table she replied "were good..."

Susan looked at Lisa and nodded yes.

"Annie, your going to be excited! I made you pancakes!" Said Lisa as she put the plate on the table.

"alright!" Answered Ashlie as she sat on the chair and grabbed a Child's fork. As she began to eat Susan and Lisa excused themselves to their own dinner.

Ashlie was left alone in the nursery to enjoy her first real meal of the day.

As Susan walked into the hallway with her daughter Susan stopped Lisa. "I want to thank you for today Lisa. You helped me out a lot." Confirmed Susan.

"thanks mom. I was just trying to help. when ever you need me, I got it." Smiled Lisa.

Susan smiled back and replied "after dinner you wanna give them a bath?"

"yeah I can." Answered Lisa.

Susan began to walk down the hall with Lisa. As they got to the living room Susan informed "I already set out pajamas for them on the changing table. The pink and purple striped sleeper is for Michelle. Annie gets the yellow."

Lisa sat on the couch and replied "OK got it." As she smirked to herself. Her mothers color coating might better the plans she had in store for Annie. Her fake niceness had to have thrown both her mom and Annie of her trail. She already slipped Annie a sleeping pill and mild laxative in her snack. Now with a gut buster of a meal and warm bath she was surly on her way for a long night. With Lisa's over the top acting, her mother thought they were getting along and no one would expect the wiser.

Susan interrupted Lisa's train of thought when she announced "bath time Michelle!"

Lisa knew that was her cue to start the tub. As the water was going Lisa carried Michelle down the hall to the nursery.

Ashlie was already done eating and back to reading her book when Lisa walked in holding Michelle. "bath time Annie!" Said the teenager.

"I don't want to take a bath!" Protested Ashlie as she closed her book.

Lisa walked over to the table and stuck out her hand. "come on Annie! Its bath time! Take my hand or I will carry you."

Ashlie knew she didn't have a choice. Hesitantly she reached up and took Lisa's hand. The teenager lead Ashlie out of her seat and to the hallway. Lisa looked to see if the coast was clear before going into the bathroom.

Once inside the bathroom, Michelle was undressed and placed in the tub.

Like the day before, Ashlie was used as a living bath toy by the toddler. Lisa washed Ashlie's hair first and than tended to Michelle.

Ashlie leaned back in the tub and let the warm water cover her body. It felt relaxing and that's when she let out a yawn. She was starting to get tired.

As Lisa washed Michelle she noticed Ashlie's eyes. They looked worn out. Lisa pulled Michelle from the tub and wrapped her in a towel as she proceeded to dry her off. Ashlie was next. Lisa pulled her from the tub and wrapped her in a warm towel.

The heat of the towel was comforting. This could never have happen at normal size thought Ashlie as she found herself wrapped up like a burrito.

Lisa bent down and picked Michelle up with her free hand and proceeded to carry the two back to the nursery.

Both Ashlie and Michelle were set on top of the changing table. Ashlie was in the middle of a yawn when she noticed Lisa was about finished dressing Michelle in the yellow sleeper. Lisa lifted Michelle off of the changing table and set her on the ground before turning to Ashlie.

Ashlie didn't fight Lisa as she felt the towel being unwrapped and her ankles grabbed. Ashlie laid back as she felt her body gently pulled to the middle of the changing mat.

"looks like someone is sleepy." Remarked Lisa playfully as she grabbed a diaper from the drawer.

Ashlie let out a yawn as she turned her head away and looked at the wall. She had been diapered a couple times since she shrunk and knew it was going to keep happening as long as she was this size. Didn't mean she liked it. Ashlie felt her legs being lifted up into the air and a diaper placed underneath her. Carefully Lisa lowered Ashlie's before pulling the diaper up and taping up the sides.

Lisa proceeded to carefully dress Ashlie in the pink and purple stripped sleeper. As Ashlie's legs were pulled into the legs of the sleeper, Lisa began to softly sing "twinkle twinkle little star."

Ashlie could feel Lisa working her arms into the sleeves of the sleeper before she zipping up the zipper that ran from her feet to neck. Turning to the snap buttons on the legs and crotch, Lisa kept singing. Lisa snapped two buttons by Ashlie's neck and said "done."

Ashlie felt herself being lifted off the table and placed on the ground next to Lisa's feet. Even the sleeper felt warm at this point. Ashlie let out another yawn and stretched her arms. She couldn't understand why she felt so sleepy. It was still early.

Lisa started to walk to the door but stopped long enough to inform "I'm going to get a bottle. I will be right back. OK?"

Ashlie nodded OK as she yawned and sat on the ground.

Lisa gave a slight smirk as she turned to the nursery door. The sleeping pill was doing its job. It was only 6:40 and Annie was about to crash hard.

As Lisa walked into the kitchen she ran into her mom, who was doing the dishes. Susan glanced over to her daughter and asked "everything alright?"

Lisa opened the fridge and grabbed the milk. As she closed the fridge she replied "yeah. Just getting a bottle."

Susan nodded to the microwave and informed "I already got two in there. Just hit start."

Lisa turned right around and put the milk back in the fridge. As she walked to the microwave she said "thanks mom. I've got two tired ones in the room."

Susan turned the sink off and as she watched Lisa hit start on the microwave she said "even Annie?"

"ooh yeah. I think Annie is going to crash first." Answered Lisa jokingly.

Susan began to put the dishes away as she asked "is Annie sleeping in your room tonight?"

"I think so." Countered Lisa as she opened the microwave.

Susan opened a cupboard and replied "will you grab the baby monitor for me. That way you don't have to get up tonight."

Lisa was in the middle of screwing the tops of the bottles as she answered "sure. I will put it by your bed."

Lisa gave the bottles a good shake before walking out of the kitchen. Once Lisa got back to the nursery she found Ashlie half asleep on the ground.

"come here you." She said as she picked Ashlie up and carried her to the crib. As Lisa laid Ashlie in the crib she pulled a blanket over the shrunken woman. Lisa reached up and clicked the Mobil on. As music hummed from the Mobil, Lisa handed Annie a bottle.

"I don't want this..."mumbled Ashlie as she set it aside.

Lisa grabbed the baby monitor and replied "Its there if your thirsty Annie." Before picking Michelle off the ground.

As Lisa stopped at the door she turned the light off and said "night night Annie. Sweet dreams." Before closing the door behind her.

Ashlie watched the light from the hall fade as the door closed. The only light source was now a dim night light.

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