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A small addition ch. 5

A small addition. Chapter 5.

Ashlie was laying in the crib half awake, listening to the soft lullaby from the Mobil above her when her stomach began to knot up. It felt like gas and she needed to fart to relive the pressure. With no one around and the door to the nursery closed, Ashlie let out a muffled fart. Right away she cringed at the smell and waved her hand in front of her face. Even after passing gas, her stomach still hurt. Than a bubbly gurgle hit her gut. Ashlie felt like she was going to have diarrhea. She leaned up from the bed and tossed the blanket aside as she began to panic. She needed to get to the bathroom, fast. Ashlie stood up and reached for the railing but couldn't reach it because it was to high up.

Thinking on her feet, she flashed back to the playpen and how she got out of it. Frantically, Ashlie looked around the crib to see if she could use anything to hoist herself up. This time she was out of luck though. The crib had nothing really in it. As Ashlie stood on her blanket and a teddy bear, she found the railing was still to high to reach. Even if she did reach the top, there was still the matter of getting down.

In a desperate attempt to get out, Ashlie jumped for the railing and missed by a long shot. As she landed on the crib mattress she accidentally let out a loud fart. She frantically grabbed at the back of the diaper and fought the urge to poop. That jump had almost ended in disaster as Ashlie clinched her butt cheeks tighter. She frantically glanced around for another way out but couldn't find one. She moved the teddy bear and blanket back into the corner with her feet to avoid bending over, before stepping on top of the pile again.

Ashlie focused on the railing once more and timed her jumping. She only had one chance at this and she needed to get it right. As her feet left the mattress, the teddy bear slid out from under her. Ashlie gasped in shock as her body slammed into the slats of the crib, causing her to ungracefully tumble backward on her butt. Now Ashlie was gasping in horror as her bowls gave way and her diaper began to fill with diarrhea. She began to pull herself up in a hurry to avoid sitting in her own shit, but as she bent forward more diarrhea excreted itself from her ass. Ashlie cringed in disgust as she felt the hot mess roll over her vagina.

"no no no!" Exclaimed Ashlie as tears began to fill her tear ducts. Her whole bottom had become hot with the mess and as Ashlie shifted so did the poop. She worked herself to standing up, but couldn't pull the diaper off because of the footed sleeper. Frantically Ashlie pulled at the sleeper in order to get it off, but couldn't get to the zipper because of two snaps that hid it at her neck. As she struggled more and more she cried. This couldn't be happening to her.

Ashlie wept as she kept her legs separated in order to keep the mess contained to the middle of the diaper.  she reached clumsily out to the slat of the crib behind her for support, but she missed and fell back on her butt. Smearing the warm mess around.

Ashlie rolled on her side and cried. There was nothing she could do at this point. She buried her face into the mattress and clawed at the blanket as she sobbed, until she fell asleep from exhaustion.

Susan was fast asleep in bed when she heard Michelle on the baby monitor crying. She looked to her digital clock and let out a sigh as she seen that it was a little past one. Michelle's crying stopped as Susan leaned up and stretched her arms with a very drawn out yawn. Little did Susan know that her daughter Lisa was already taking care of it.

Still half asleep, Susan sluggishly  stood up and shuffled her feet to the bed room door. She had to get up many nights before when the two other girls were little and now it was routine with Michelle. As she opened the nursery door her nose was hit with a powerful stench.

Ashlie's eyes bursted wide open when she heard Susan say "Michelle. You went poopie."

The room was still only lit from the very dim glow of the nightlight, but Ashlie could see Susan messing around with the changing table. Ashlie didn't want to move or say a word as she knew Susan would mock or point out she shit herself, further backing up the whole baby treatment.

"OK Michelle, lets get you cleaned up." Whispered Susan as she walked up to the crib and let out a yawn.

Ashlie was a little confused at being called Michelle twice in a row by Susan, but soon grasped the idea that Susan must have thought she was her daughter. Which would work out for the better. The whole ordeal was humiliating, but passing herself of as Michelle would spare further humiliation.

Ashlie stayed silent as Susan carefully reached into the crib and lifted her out. She felt herself being cradled in Susan's arms as the giant woman yawned and sluggishly shuffled to the changing table.

Susan was still pretty deep into sleep mode when she started undoing the snaps and zipper of the sleeper. As Ashlie felt her legs being pulled out and away from the fleece material she hoped Susan wouldn't spot her breast poking out of the side of the undone sleeper.

Ashlie winced as Susan grabbed both of her ankles in one hand and pushed them back towards her chest. As Susan used the other hand to unfasten the tabs, she cooed "mommy's little girl made a stinker. Pew we."

Ashlie kept her eyes tightly clinched as Susan pulled the diaper open and used the inside front to wipe some of the poop away. Ashlie could hear her fumbling with the baby wipes before almost gasping as the cold cloth came in contact with her skin. Lucky she didn't make a noise or she would have given herself away.

As Susan wiped around the folds of Ashlie's vagina It felt odd. Well everything the last couple days was odd, but as Susan held Ashlie's legs to her chest and cleaned the poop from every folds and crack, she felt helpless. Helpless to help herself. Never in her life had she felt like this. She had always been very independent.

Ashlie's legs were pulled up and Susan yanked the soiled diaper out from under her and rolled it into a self contained ball. As she dropped the diaper into a diaper pail, she grabbed a fresh diaper from the drawer.

Once again Ashlie felt her legs being lifted as Susan began to re-diaper her. From years of practice, Susan was fast and nibble when it came to changing diapers. Ashlie was already feeling her legs being forced back into the sleeper before she knew Susan was done with the diaper.

Not making a noise worked out for Ashlie. as far as Susan knew though, Michelle herself was still half asleep on the changing table. Carefully Susan finished zipping up the sleeper and clasping the buttons shut. As she gently picked Ashlie up off the changing table she softly cooed "shhh Michelle. Mommy's got you."

Ashlie felt Susan cradle her to her body as she shuffled over to rocking chair instead of the crib.

As Susan sat herself down in the rocker and began rocking back and forth, Ashlie started to wonder why she wasn't put back in the crib. Susan, yawning and eyes half closed, kept Ashlie's attention drawn to her. Even being half asleep, Ashlie prayed that Susan wouldn't spot her. The room was dark enough that Susan would really have to look to notice her, or accidentally touch one of her breast. Ashlie flashed to all the factors that could give her away and started to panic. She didn't want Susan to know she flooded her diaper with poop.

sluggishly Susan reached over and grabbed a baby blanket with her free hand, while the other supported Ashlie with the other. Susan pulled the blanket to her shoulder.

Ashlie was in full blown confusion as the giant woman fiddled with the baby blanket located on her shoulder. Susan carefully pulled it over Ashlie's head and tucked it behind the shrunken woman's neck. Successfully pinning Ashlie's head to Susan's breast.

Ashlie felt her face smashed against the softest thing she would ever feel in her life. Literally softer than any pillow ever. Susan's breast were huge and in her current giant state, they were massive. The bulk of the soft flesh pushed into Ashlie's face and as she awkwardly moved her head to the side to breath, she thought "what on earth is she trying to do, Kill me? I can't breath like this."

Ashlie didn't register what was going on because she had been to focused on Susan thinking it was Michelle who pooped. The implications of the blanket drastically hit Ashlie as she flashed to a memory of a mom she seen breastfeeding. The woman was at the park, but she had a blanket over her shoulder while the baby was under it. Susan thought Ashlie was Michelle. Michelle still nursed. Ashlie's eyes went big as she realized she was either going to have to breastfeed or give herself up.

It was dark underneath the blanket, but Ashlie could feel Susan's hand enter the darkness. As buttons began to unsnap in the dark, Ashlie felt a bread of sweat form on her forehead. She didn't know what to do at this point. Susan pulled her nightgown to the side and tugged on her bra slightly. Ashlie heard a slight snap as the cup came loose from the strap of the bra. Carefully, Susan moved Ashlie's head far enough away to move the cup of the nursing bra down.

Ashlie frowned, but kept her eyes wide open as her face made contact with Susan's warm bare breast. It was know or never. As Ashlie felt Susan take hold her massive boob with one hand, Ashlie chickened out. She didn't want to be breastfed by her friend. Or breastfed by anyone for that matter. She rather have admitted to pooping herself than that.
As Ashlie opened her mouth to confess she felt Susan's giant sized nipple push its way past her lips. With a bit of surprise at how big it was at her scale, Ashlie began to nervously suck. The first couple of sucks were out of fear of not knowing what to do. She had never been in this situation before. As milk began to express from Susan's nipple in small amounts, Ashlie fought the urge to gag. The milk was weirdly warm and tasted a lot like half and half creamer.

Ashlie found herself stuck in a passionate situation where a mother normally bonds with her child. As the milk began to express in larger amounts she had no choice but to gulp it down. Her nursing had become of a less awkward suck to a more rhythmic motion as she found herself actually feeding from Susan.

Ashlie didn't know how, or when to stop sucking on Susan's nipple. She didn't know anything about Michelle's nursing schedule for that matter. As Susan began to pat her padded rear end and hum, she couldn't do anything but feed.

Ashlie felt like she had been going at it for hours. Her jaw was starting to hurt from moving it so much. Slowly she began to suck less hard. The gentle patting from Susan's hand. The soft motherly hum. The belly full of warm milk. Ashlie fought to keep her eyes open. Everything got to her though. Ashlie finally closed her eyes and fell asleep at Susan's breast.

Susan woke up at five o'clock to get ready for the day. Like she had done for years, Susan Got dressed, got coffee and packed the kids lunches. Lisa was the first one up. She checked on Michelle and seen that she was still sound asleep in the crib. After Lisa got out of the shower and got ready, she went to the kitchen.

Susan was drinking a cup of coffee while cooking eggs and bacon when she noticed her daughter walk into the kitchen.

Susan flipped a piece of bacon with her tongs and inquired "how did last night go? Any problems with Annie?"

Lisa opened the fridge and pulled out a jug of juice. As She began to unscrew the cap she responded "It actually went pretty well. Annie crashed before Michelle. I changed their diapers and got them dressed and BOOM, Annie was asleep. I thought it would have been the other way around, but she was out cold."

Lisa took a sip of the juice and added "I think keeping her on this schedule might be good mom. Last night was easy."

Susan dramatically turned from the stove and looked at her daughter, who was drinking juice from the carton again. "you do? I do too. It's going to make things a whole lot easier in the long run. Same feeding times, baths, changes, and bed time. Imagine doing two different schedules. Everything would be crazy and hectic. I think we both would get burnt out pretty fast." explained Susan.

"don't forget about naps mom. I forgot to tell you, she took one yesterday. I just put Michelle down and Annie didn't even fight me on it. Just letting you know. But yeah, It would be to crazy doing two different things with the both of them. She seems fine on the same routine, so we should keep it like that. You know?" countered Lisa.

In Lisa's mind she was setting Annie up to fail. She knew her mother would be more relaxed with Annie if she wasn't around. Annie would be able to watch television and have some form of better fitting clothes that didn't include a diaper or sleeper.

Susan turned back to the stove and moved the eggs around with spatula as she replied "same schedule, OK. Than that's what were doing. She still doesn't have to wear a diaper in the day time though. Don't think I didn't notice she was wearing one when I got home yesterday, Lisa."

As Lisa closed the fridge she smiled. It was time to work her magic. Lisa turned to her mom and leaned against the counter before feeding her mom a load of crap. "So, she didn't want me to tell you this. And its kind of sad.  So you got to act like it you don't know, like this conversation never happen mom. Yesterday she accidentally wet herself while in the living room. That's why she had a diaper on when you got home. She should be able to hold it, or at least let us know if she has to go. But no, she went right in the floor. I was thinking about it though. Do you think it might have something to do with her shrinking? Maybe its messing with her body? She didn't let me know though. She just peed right on the floor and I had you clean it up." Lied Lisa.

Susan stopped what she was doing and looked straight at Lisa. "no way, she did? What was she doing when she did it?" Questioned Susan in disbelief.

"I think she was playing? Yeah. she was playing with a stuffed animal And watching... Micky's playhouse? Or was she watching leap frog? I forget? She just started going right in front of the TV though." Answered Lisa.

Susan shook her head in shame and  replied "I won't say a word Lisa. We might have to keep her in diapers if she keeps that up. I didn't think about her shrinking having some sort of side effect on her body. We should keep an eye on that."

Lisa nodded in agreement as she grabbed her lunch from the counter. "I'm going you go catch the bus. See you after school mom." Smiled Lisa as she walked to the hall.

Within the next half hour, Susan had woken Linda and gotten her ready for the day. After breakfast, she caught the school bus outside the house.

Susan watched the yellow school bus drive off from her living room window. After it was out of sight she looked to the clock on the wall. It was 8:10 in the morning. Susan looked to the hall and thought about waking Annie up. That would give her time to wake up and get out of the room for awhile. Maybe eat a meal in peace and watch some television. She had been stuck in the nursery most of the later day and night. Susan thought about it, but as she heard the silence in the hallway she decided to just let her sleep in.

As Susan crept down the hall she stopped off in the nursery to see if Michelle was awake. She silently opened the bedroom door and walked in. From what she could see, it looked like Michelle was still asleep in the crib. As Susan got closer she noticed the hair. The hair wasn't blonde it was black. It was Ashlie in crib.

Susan stood at the railing of the crib and looked down at Annie in confusion. She looked cute laying in the crib. As Susan inspected Annie sleeping she couldn't help but smile at the outline of the diaper through the pajamas. Her butt looked huge.  She had known Ashlie forever and they were great friends. never would she have expected something like this to happen to her.

Susan focused on the diaper before quickly looking over to the diaper pail. If Ashlie was is in the crib now, was she also last night? Susan was half asleep at the time but she thought back to what she could remember. She actually never noticed the face, just the sleeper. The pink and purple striped sleep Annie was wearing now.

Susan looked the shrunken woman over once more before reaching in the crib and rubbing Ashlie's back to wake her up. She needed to figure out what happen.

"good morning." Yawned Ashlie as she stretched her body out.

Susan put her hands on the railing of the crib and looked down on Ashlie inside. "did you sleep in here last night?"

Ashlie, without thinking yawned "yeah. I did."

Right away Ashlie knew she had given herself up. She shyly looked up to Susan and mumbled "yeah. It was me."

Susan was still standing at the cribs side, looking down at Ashlie. She didn't know what to say. As Susan looked Ashlie over she said "I think we should talk Annie?"

Ashlie let out a sigh. She knew Susan was going to discuss the nights events. From the poopy diaper to her breastfeeding. There was no way around it. Looking down at her feet, Ashlie replied "OK."

Susan bent over the railing of the crib and pulled Ashlie out by her arm pits. As Ashlie's body left the crib she was placed over Susan's shoulder and brought to the changing table in silence. Delicately, Susan placed Annie on the changing table mat. Susan took a breath before she calmly spoke "I don't know how to go about this Annie. I was doing some thinking and was wondering, what's the longest that you have stayed shrunken for? When they were doing the test at the lab?"

Ashlie looked up in confusion and thought back to the few test that she took place in. "I don't know? Two hours? Three? Never this long though."

Susan nodded her head in acceptance and countered "did you ever experience some side effects? Is there side effects?"

"I don't think so?" Answered Ashlie in confusion. She couldn't remember there ever being any side effects with the test.

"well, I was thinking about it, and, can I ask you something? And I want you to be honest?" Said Susan.

"OK....." moaned Ashlie.

"last night? When you went poo-pee. Why didn't you say anything?" Inquired Susan.

Ashlie felt humiliated. She just wanted to die. She looked away from Susan and confessed "I didn't want you to make fun of me. I couldn't help it. I'm stuck in here and couldn't climb out. So I had an....accident."

Susan motherly replied "awww Annie. I wouldn't make fun of you. I'm not here for that honey. Don't think that. I'm just trying to help."

Ashlie turned to Susan and countered "trying to help? Yeah I get that Susan. But I'm not a baby. I'm an adult. Its humiliating to be treated this way. I shouldn't have to wear diapers. Or eat out of a highchair."

Susan folded her arms and replied "Annie. I'm well aware that you are an adult. I haven't forgotten that. I didn't want this for you, but it kind of was forced on me after it happen. I understand that your angry about being shrunk. But its not like we have a lot of options."

Ashlie fought the urge to yell and as she kept her cool she said "I know I don't have any options Susan. Believe me, I've had plenty of time to think about it. I just don't want to dress like a baby."

Susan unfolded her arms and rubbed the bridge of her nose. She looked down on Ashlie and said "we've talked about this before Annie. I don't think we are going to be able to find yoga pants in your size. Or any cool clothes for that matter. At your size, the only available size is 24m or t2. Toddler clothes."

Ashlie rolled her eyes and mumbled "baby clothes....."

Susan was getting a little agitated with Annie's attitude. She was only trying to help. Susan reached over to Ashlie and lowered her back to the changing pad. As she began to unzip the footed sleeper she said "yes, baby clothes Annie. Your going to have to get use to them if you like it or not."

As Susan worked Ashlie's arms out of the sleeves she continued "so how was the midnight feeding?"

Ashlie automatically blushed deep red as she looked at Susan and replied "I was about to say something but you plopped your nipple right into my mouth."

Susan lifted Ashlie's body high enough to pull the sleeper down and off of her legs. Ashlie let out a shiver as her body came into contact with the cold plastic of the changing mat.

"plopped my nipple huh." Remarked Susan before she continued "you could have pinched me or just not have sucked."

"I didn't know what to do, Susan! Its not like that's a common thing that's popped into my life before!" Exclaimed Ashlie from the changing table.

Susan reached into the drawer and pulled a diaper out. As she set the diaper on the changing table next to Annie she said "I guess that's true. I just don't see why you didn't stop me? Was it good? Did you like it?"

Ashlie was thrown off guard and confusingly remarked "It was like half and half creamer, but warm...."

Susan smiled down at Ashlie and countered "so it wasn't that bad huh. Wanna know some facts about breastfeeding?"

Hesitatingly Ashlie responded "sure.."

As Susan began to unfold the new diaper on the table she explained "breast milk has been known to prevent some illnesses such as the flu, cold, Urinary tract infections, and Infant diarrhea."

Ashlie nodded as if she understood as Susan began to undo the right side of the diaper she was wearing.

As Susan began to undo the left tab she continued " Breastfeeding also saves a family approximately 2 to 4 thousand dollars annually on formula. 2 to 4 thousand! That's a lot of money Annie."

Ashlie sighed as she felt Susan grab her ankles and lift her butt high enough in the air to remove the diaper and place the new under. As Ashlie's body was lowered onto the diaper Ashlie remarked "that is a lot of money."

Susan brought the front of the diaper up between Ashlie's legs and began to tape the sides shut. "the more a baby feeds, the more milk there is. The more milk expressed the more calories a mother losses. Which in the long run, helps both mother and baby. The more I feed or pump, the more weight I lose." Finished Susan as she finished taping the diaper on Ashlie.

Ashlie leaned up on her elbows and looked to the giant standing above. "those are interesting, facts? I didn't know that the mother loses weight though. That's cool." Replied Ashlie.

Susan walked over to the dresser and opened a drawer before pulling out an outfit. As she walked back to Annie on the changing table she said "since you didn't think it was all that bad, maybe you can help me out?"

Ashlie was aghast. Was Susan truly asking her to breastfed. Ashlie learned up to a sitting position and and protested "I'm not going to breastfeed Susan. That's gross. Twisted. I can't believe you would suggest it."

Susan grabbed Ashlie's legs and began feeding them into what looked like fleece pants. "Its not twisted Annie. Its natural." Countered Susan as she pulled the pants up Ashlie's legs and over her padded butt.

"natural? Natural for a mother and baby maybe. But not for an adult." Replied Ashlie as she raised her arms for the shirt Susan was holding.

As Susan fed the shirt over Ashlie's arms she said "don't be so stubborn Annie. It could help both of us out in the long run."

"help both of us out? How?" Barked Ashlie as she moved the shirt for a better and more relaxed fit.

Susan smiled at Annie in the new outfit. It was soft pink with a childish picture of a bunny on the front. Annie didn't know, but the backside of the pants had a carrot going across the butt. "It would help me lose weight and help you stay healthy. Its not like we can just take you to the hospital if you get sick. Breast milk helps fight sickness."

"so does VITAMINS!" Barked Ashlie as she stood up and crossed her arms in defiance.

"scary." Smirked Susan as she looked  her shrunken friend over.

"I'm not trying to be scary Susan. I'm being serious." Protested Ashlie.

Susan reached over to Annie and picked her up off the changing table. As she set Annie on the ground and straighten back up she said "we will talk about that later Annie. Lets get you some breakfast first."

Once again, Ashlie was placed in the highchair while Susan got her some eggs and bacon. As Susan scooped the food onto the tray, Ashlie asked "do I have to wear a diaper right now? I mean, your home and if I need help. You know?"

Susan set the pan on the stove and replied "no you don't. I didn't plan on you wearing one, but got side tracked when we were talking. After your done with breakfast you can take it off."

Ashlie liked what she was hearing and smiled for the first time since she got there. Ashlie took a bite of the eggs and looked up to Susan. "these are so good! Thanks." She said as she swallowed.

Susan barley got out a thank you before Michelle started crying over the baby monitor. Susan looked at Annie in the highchair and said "go ahead and finish. I will be back after getting Michelle up."

Ashlie simply nodded and watched as Susan left the room. She looked down to her food on the plastic tray and sighed. Was this really happening?

Her whole reality had changed in such a short period of time that she couldn't keep up. Ashlie took a bite of the bacon and looked around. She had been in this kitchen many times before, when she normal sized. Now in her current size, it all seemed fake. Like she was on set of some sleazy   sci-fi movie. even though things seemed fake, Ashlie knew they were more than real.

Ashlie set the bacon down on the highchair tray and used her elbows to prop her chin as she hunched forward. maybe today Susan would let her use the computer. If she was going to get out of this mess she needed to start looking for that lab. This whole thing had turn out to be a disaster. The test seemed cool and exciting. But the lab never mentioned they would jump ship if something went wrong.

Ashlie's attention was drawn to the living room as she heard some noise. The actual door was behind her and as Ashlie turned to the side to look, her view was blocked bye the back of the highchair. She turned the other way to look, but found the same. As she heard a little more fumbling around and the front door open, she faintly heard Susan say "OK, I will see you a little after four.....not a problem.....ok, good bye."

As the door closed Ashlie began to wonder who was there. Was it someone from the lab? Did they send someone for her? Ashlie's mind right away ran with the idea that it was help. As she waited in the highchair the suspense was starting to kill her.  Ashlie looked to her side and called "Susan?"

"what is it Annie? You done?" called Susan from the living room.

Ashlie rolled her eyes and replied "yes. I'm done."

A couple seconds later Ashlie could hear Susan's feet coming towards the kitchen. As Susan walked in front of the highchair she reached to the sides of the tray and pulled it away. She set it on the counter before turning back to Ashlie. Susan undid the waist strap and pulled Ashlie out.

"who was at the door?" Fished Ashlie as she was placed on the ground. Ashlie couldn't wait to hear.

Susan began walking back to the living room and singled Ashlie to follow. Ashlie was so excited that she forgot about the bulk of the diaper pushing her legs apart. As she moved forward she was thrown off guard and fell forward into the ground.

Susan quickly looked back to Ashlie on the ground. The thud had drawn her attention.

"I'm OK." Said Ashlie as she pulled herself up from the ground and patted her knees.

Susan smiled and nodded for Ashlie to move.

As Susan walked into the living room she moved aside for Ashlie to pass. Susan moving aside seemed like a eternity as Ashlie's mind raced with interceptions of hope.

The idea she had in her head was crushed when she noticed that there was another girl playing with Michelle in the playpen. Right away Ashlie felt let down and wanting to cry. She didn't expect that the person would be another baby.

"well, this is Kerry. She's two and a half. With all that had been going in the last couple day, I forgot that I was suppose to babysit her today. So were stuck with a guest for the day. " explained Susan.

Ashlie looked up to Susan and forced a smile. "cool. Won't that be fun." Mumbled Ashlie before she asked "could I take this diaper of now?"

Susan nodded yes and watched as Ashlie walked behind the couch. She appeared a coupe seconds later with the diaper in her hand.

"better?" Asked Susan.

"yes" replied Ashlie quickly as she set the diaper on the arm of the couch. She looked at the kids in the playpen playing and pictured herself as Kerry. That sent a shiver down Ashlie's spine as she knew it was bound to happen the longer she stayed.

Susan noticed the look on Ashlie's face and asked "you OK?"

Ashlie looked up to Susan and said "I was just tripping out. Sorry. Hey, do you think I could use your computer?"

Susan looked around the living until she spotted the laptop. As she walked over to the bookcase to grab the computer and flipped it open. "yeah you can. I would suggest not going on Facebook or anything like that." Stated Susan as she punched in the password and passed the computer.

As Ashlie excepted the giant sized computer she questioned "why?"

"Just trust me. Your not going to like it Annie. Just stick with finding the lab." Countered Susan.

Ashlie thought it kind of was a weird request and said "OK." As she walked towards the hall.

Susan watched as Annie walked into the nursery, before going back to the two kids in the playpen.

Ashlie set the computer on the small kids table and began searching for the lab. She started by searching the company and finding where they were located. The only thing popping up, was their company name, trade marked in Japan. Ashlie tried a couple of searches with the name in the news and that produced no information. There was literally nothing on the lab or company.

Ashlie looked up from the computer to hear if Susan was coming before typing in the words "Facebook." As she logged into her account she found that she was greeted with a improper log on. She tried again and no use. Her name or password was wrong. As Ashlie tried over and over she began to get pist and decided to check her email.

The same login problem popped up. As Ashlie tried and failed a few more times she came to the conclusion that something was wrong. Did someone erase all of her accounts? frantically Ashlie flashed to a website she definitely knew. As Ashlie tried to log into her pornhub account, she faced defeat. Her profile was gone. Someone had deleted all of her accounts. Even her secret accounts.

"the lab." Thought Ashlie. The lab must have deleted all of it. They would have the skills and power to. right away Ashlie closed the laptop and lowered her head to the table. She began to cry. They wiped out all knowledge of her existence. They were gone. Like the lab never was there. Which meant that she was stuck shrunken forever.

Ashlie let the tears flow as she kept her head on the table. This was going to be her life from now on.

Ashlie had no sense of time but after a good long cry she heard Susan coming down the hall.

"Annie, are you OK in here?" Asked Susan as she stuck her head into the nursery.

Ashlie looked up from the table and mumbled "yeah, I'm fine. What's up."

Susan looked around from the doorway and replied "wanna come watch some TV?"

Ashlie pushed her plastic chair back and replied "sounds good." As she stood up.

Susan could tell that Annie was feeling down by the way she was carrying herself. slowly, Ashlie walked over to Susan and down the hall.

Susan helped Annie up onto the couch and handed her the remote. "go ahead and watch what ever you want Annie." Remarked Susan as she grabbed Michelle and Kerry out of the playpen. She held a girl in each arm and finished "I'm going to take them with me to the nursery to clean."

"OK." Replied Ashlie as she fiddled with the giant sized remote. It didn't take her long to find a show she liked and soon Ashlie was kicking back and watching a show called catfish.

Ashlie was into her third episode of catfish when the urge to pee hit her bladder. She looked around and seen that Susan was nowhere to be seen. Slowly Ashlie kicked her legs over the side of the couch and lowered herself to the ground. As Ashlie entered the hallway she called out "Susan?"

"In the nursery Annie." Responded Susan.

As Ashlie entered the nursery she noticed that some things were moved around. It seemed that there was a few toys missing and a few pictures on the wall were misplaced. Ashlie seen Susan going through the closet and looked over just in time to put her arms up as Michelle and Kerry came crashing into at her full speed.

Ashlie found herself on the bottom of a doggy pile as two toddlers crawled over her. As Ashlie wiggled and moved to get free she felt a couple drops of urine drip from her body. "Susan! I need your help!" Exclaimed Ashlie as she tried to pull herself free.

Susan looked just in time to see Michelle bouncing up and down on top of Ashlie. And Terry rolling over Ashlie's legs. Right away Susan rushed to help and pulled both Michelle and Terry off of Ashlie.

"sorry about that." Remarked Susan before noticing a wet spot on the carpet.

"that was scary! I...I couldn't get out." Cried Ashlie as she pulled herself to a sitting position.

Susan looked at the wet spot on the ground once more before looking to Michelle and Kerry. She bent down on one knee and felt the crouch of Kerry's diaper, before doing the same to Michelle. After finding that both girls were still pretty dry, Susan glanced to Ashlie.

Ashlie cocked an eyebrow and said "what?" As she saw Susan looking at her puzzled.

"can you stand up?" Asked Susan.

Ashlie looked down knew what Susan was doing. She had peed a little when the girls were jumping on her. Ashlie looked back up to Susan and replied "why? Is something wrong?"

Susan knew Ashlie was the one who made the wet spot. She could see the guilt on her face. "no, nothings wrong Annie. You didn't do anything wrong, honey. Now if you could just stand up for me." Explained Susan in a calm voice.

Ashlie didn't want to stand and shook her head no.

Susan was still kneeling on the ground when she unexpectedly reached over and grabbed Ashlie's arm. With a slight tug she lifted Ashlie up enough to see the wet spot on her pants.

"what do you think your doing!" Protested Ashlie as she pulled her arm free from Susan's grasp. She definitely sat back down on the ground and crossed her arms with a serious face.

Susan noticed the attitude coming from Annie right away. In a very demeaning tone, Susan answered "well little Ms Annie. If someone had let me know that they needed to go potty, than that could have been avoided."

Ashlie was thrown back by Susan's comment and immediately got defensive. "for your information, Susan. That's why I was coming to tell you..."

"....don't tell me you wet on the couch!" Rudely interrupted Susan.

Ashlie winced and countered "no? I didn't wet...go pee on the couch."

"than were? Did you go in the living room? Hallway?" Inquired Susan as she watched Michelle trot off to the toy box.

Ashlie was a little confused and explained that it had happen when the kids were jumping on her.

"are you sure?" Fished Susan as she looked Annie in the eye. Once Susan knew she had the shrunken woman's attention she finished "I better not find a wet spot Annie. Are you sure you didn't have an accident?"

Ashlie dramatically pulled at her pink fleece sweats and exclaimed "I did have an accident though? Like I said Susan, it happen when the kids attacked me."

From what Susan saw, it looked like Annie was playing with them. Not getting attacked. When Lisa mentioned that Annie had an accident the day before, it was while she was playing.

"OK, Annie." said Susan as she looked to the changing table. It was close enough to reach if she needed to.

"well, can I get a change of clothes?" Asked Ashlie as she moved over a bit to let Terry walk by.

Susan nodded in agreement as she gently pushed Annie down on her back.

"I can take my pants off by myself!" Stated Ashlie as she began to lean up.

Right away Susan pushed her back to a laying position and yanked at the pants Ashlie was wearing. Ashlie didn't have time to react as her pants were pulled from her legs. Her first reaction to being suddenly stripped was to cover her crotch.

Ashlie looked up to Susan in rage and shouted "WHAT THE FUCK!"

Susan looked shocked at Annie's outburst and immediately flipped Annie over on her stomach.

As Ashlie felt her body roll over she looked over her shoulder and shouted "SUSAN NO!"

Ignoring Ashlie, Susan swatted her ass three hard times before rolling her over on her back.

Ashlie's ass was on fire and she was on the verge of crying. She bit her lip as Susan pointed a finger in her face and barked "BAD ANNIE!! Bad!"

Ashlie fought back the tears as she was being scolded by Susan. It started with just a couple tears rolling down her cheek, but turned into a slight sob as she watched Susan reached over to the changing table.

As Susan pulled a diaper from the drawer Ashlie cried "Susan, I don't need a diaper. Please."

Susan was in the middle of unfolding the diaper when she replied "Annie. I kind of think you do. We should really talk about this."

Susan grabbed Annie's ankles and once again lifted her butt into the air. As Susan slid the diaper under Annie she continued "I didn't want you to have to wear one, Annie. But it seems that maybe shrinking down is messing with your body."

"no it's not..."cried Ashlie as she watched Susan pull the front of the diaper up between her legs. Than nimbly taping the sides shut.

"It's not? Than why the accidents Annie? Your suppose to be an adult. You can't hold it or let me know?" Countered Susan.

Ashlie wiped the tears from her eyes and leaned up. "I was going to let you know!" Cried Ashlie.

Susan rolled her eyes and as she stood up she replied "but you didn't. So I guess wearing a diaper is the only solution, right Annie?"

Ashlie felt another wave of tears coming and as she stood up she started pleading "don't do this to me Susan. I promise I will let you know! I swear. Just don't make me wear a diaper full time!"

Susan picked Annie up from the ground and brought her to her shoulder. She patted Ashlie's butt and tried to comfort her "Annie. I'm not going to make you wear a diaper full time. But you need to start letting me know when you got to go."

Ashlie rested her head against Susan's neck to hide her tears and replied "but I tried to Susan! Your not listening to me. I tried."

Susan walked over to the crib and slowly lowered Annie inside. Once Ashlie was on the bedding she stood up and grabbed the slats. "well Annie, I get that you tried. I understand that. But, lets just try this out honey."

Ashlie flopped down on the crib mattress and was fuming. Susan was controlling everything she did. She had no say. "so what? I've got to wear a diaper until you say so?" Sarcastically remarked Ashlie.

Susan smiled down on Annie and replied "kind of. Well, until I know that your OK to be without one. Until you start using the potty like an adult."

Ashlie didn't bother replying as she sat in the crib. She watched Susan walk over to a small television and turn it on. She flipped through the channels until she stopped on Disney kids.

Right away Michelle and Terry came running up to see the show, which proved useful as Susan picked them both up. She turned to Annie in the crib and said "I'm going to take these two with me. Why don't you take a nap Annie."

"I DON'T NEED A NAP!" Shouted Ashlie from inside the crib.

Susan walked to the doorway and turned off the light. "sounds like you do. Cranky. I will be back in a bit to check on you." Stated Susan as she closed the door behind her.

Ashlie stood up and clinched the slats of the crib and angrily yelled "YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME! SUSAN, YOU CAN'T!" But found that Susan was already gone.

She flopped down on the mattress and kicked her feet in anger. This was not fair by any means. and with it happening so fast, she didn't even get to go to the bathroom. She had only peed a little.

Ashlie turned her attention to the television as a pampers commercial came on. She sighed and watched as the kid ran around with a saggy diaper before sporting a new clean one. Ashlie pictured that saggy diaper on her. It was bound to happen at some point. Without being able to find the lab, this was going to be her life.

Thinking about peeing only made Ashlie want to go that much more. She tried to cross her legs, but once again the padding of the diaper helped prevent her from fully doing that. "fuck...." Ashlie silently cursed as she shifted her body around. She needed to focus on something to take her mind off the urge to pee.

That form of focus came when she heard the opening theme song for Mickeys playhouse. Ashlie looked at the TV and relaxed as she tried to get into the show. It was a little after the second commercial break when the pressure on Ashlie's bladder began to grow a little much to bear.

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