Tuesday, July 5, 2016


The audition.

Kelly Wimcer proudly sat behind a desk In a very crowded audition room. She loved her job, but when it was open auditions it was a nightmare. As she shuffled through paper work would glance up and see the crowd.

"I've been waiting here three hours!" barked an overweight woman with her daughter close at her side.

As Kelly was about to answer, Ashlie frantically pushed her way up to the desk and exclaimed "If ANYONE is going to be seen its me! I've been here since ten this morning! For the second time this week."

Kelly rolled her eyes and let out a sigh of frustration as she replied "I'm sorry but miss. Campbell is very busy. I can't just let everyone walk right in."

The phone on Kelly's desk suddenly began to ring and she picked it up.

Ashlie looked over to the daughter of the woman and was greeted with a tongue sticking out at her. Ashlie rolled her eyes in disbelief at the utter rudeness of the kid and turned her attention back to Kelly on the phone.

"yes. Yes. Look, I will let you talk to Mrs. Miles. She's miss Campbell's assistant. That's the best I can do." said Kelly as she hit a button on the phone.

Mrs. Benson was sitting at her own desk when her phone rang. She answered her phone and right away was greeted by a eccentric man who claimed he wanted to schedule a performance. Mrs. Benson listen to the man rant about himself as she got up from her chair and walked to miss Campbell's office. As she entered the office she silently stopped to watch a fat man singing some Motown cover song.

Benson looked over to miss Campbell, who was looking down at her phone. Playing a game more than likely. Totally not paying attention to the man singing.

Slowly Mrs. Benson walked over to get her boss and slid her a piece of paper. As the man stopped singing, miss Campbell stood up and smiled. "that was amazing. Thank you for coming today but Motown is not what we're looking for at this time. Its so, out of date. Were looking for something new, raw, fresh."

The man sadly nodded OK and lowered his head. "thank you." He mumbled as he walked towards the door. The two women watched as the guy left the room in silence.

"your so mean, what was wrong with him? He had a good voice" Joked Mrs. Benson.

"what's not wrong with him." laughed miss Campbell as she stretched her arms.

All of a sudden her cell phone went off and she rolled her eyes. It was one of her boy toys who always knew the right time to be inconvenient.

"hello Charlie. Yes. I'm almost done here.....yeah.....dinner at eight? I think I can do that? OK. OK. Yeah, see you than." Said miss Campbell as she hung up her cell phone.

Mrs. Benson looked at her tablet and back up to her boss as she noted "you got auditions for the kids, 7 to 9 tonight."

Miss Campbell smiled and waved her hand. "Send a nice girl for Charlie. Go with...big jugs. and make sure dinner is paid for. I will talk to him later."

Mrs. Benson nodded her head in agreement and informed "there still is about two dozen people out there waiting to audition."

"tell them I'm done seeing people for the day and thanks for coming." smirked miss Campbell as she grabbed her jacket and purse.

"will do." vowed Mrs. Benson as she walked off.

Just as miss Campbell was walking off her desk phone rang and she answered "hello?"

The woman on the other end was Kelly from the front lobby. Nervously she replied "before you go mame, would you mind seeing Mrs. Miles. She's been here since ten this morning, its like her sixth time waiting to be seen."

Miss Campbell strained to recall the name, but nothing came to mind. "Mrs. Miles? I don't know her or that name Kelly. Can you remind me who is she?"

Kelly looked up to Ashlie, who was leaning closer to hear. "Ashlie miles. She's a musician."

Miss Campbell didn't waste any time as she snapped, "tell her sorry. I'm done for the day." before hanging the phone up.

Kelly hung up her phone and apologized to Ashlie. "sorry, but she's not seeing anyone else today. besides the kid auditions, sorry. Maybe next time though."

"that's the sixth time she's blown me off. Two times this week alone." Whined Ashlie as she tossed her hands into the air for dramatics.

Kelly sighed and answered "well, its pretty crazy around here on days like this."

"Its always CRAZY around here! All this stuff about wanting new talent. Why doesn't she discover me. All I need is five minutes to show her. Five minutes. That's all I ask." huffed Ashlie.

Kelly looked at her folder and apologized again. "sorry, maybe I can reschedule you for next Monday? Say ten?"

"Kelly? where are the other auditions being held today?" Fished Ashlie impatiently.

Kelly looked up at Ashlie and replied "downtown. Its no use though. Its for kids. No one over 14 years old."

As she finished telling Ashlie that, the phone rang and she answered it.

Ashlie waved to Kelly and looked around. She slowly walked out the front door without saying a word.

In a hurry, Ashlie raced into her apartment building and was greeted by her boyfriend Joshua on the stair well.

"what are you doing?" asked Ashlie as she walked up the steps.

Josh leaned forward and smiled before answering "I was coming to get you. I got two free tickets to a punk show tonight and figured you would want to go. Like we use to."

"well I can't go." Countered Ashlie as she opened the door to her apartment.

"what do you mean you can't go?" questioned Josh as he followed Ashlie into the apartment and turned the light on.

"I have a chance at an audition tonight and..." Explained Ashlie before being cut off.

"an audition. now come on. How many times are you going to do this." Stated Josh.

"well this is a different audition. Might get my foot in the door." confessed Ashlie as she lit a cigarette.

"now come on honey. How many times are you going to do this to yourself. Its always, that was great, your swell. Never you got the spot." admitted Joshua rudely.

Ashlie blew out a puff of smoke and snapped "THIS Time It's different! THIS time it's miss Campbell. She'll sign me. I know I can do it Josh. You got to trust me on this."

"your jumping the gun Ashlie. Don't but get ahead of yourself. You got to pay your dues before just becoming famous. Now let me introduce you to some other musicians and you guys start a band. Than go from there." stated Josh in a matter of fact tone.

"I'm that good, I could do out without the band Josh. Thanks for the encouragement." Ashlie sputtered as she walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

Josh stood outside the bathroom door and sincerely apologized "I'm sorry bebe. I just don't want you to get crushed if someone says no again. I know it kills you every time."

Ashlie took one last drag from her cigarette and tossed it in the toilet before she walked out of the bathroom and straight to the closet. Josh followed and watched as Ashlie began looking through the clothes.

"what are you doing?" asked Josh as he leaned against the wall.

"finding an outfit for tonight. I need a catch." interjected Ashlie as she grabbed a pink pair of overalls from a hanger. she had gotten them a year before as part of a costumed back yard party.

Joshua went to talk, but Ashlie kept mumbling about modifying the overalls, which interrupted Josh from getting a full sentence in.

"lets go off and get married!" declared Joshua.

Ashlie looked up from the overalls and replied "and what, give up my dream? Your distracting me on purpose."

"look honey. I'm not telling you to give up being a guitar player. I'm just trying to help." Explained Josh as he inched closer to Ashlie.

Ashlie braced her boyfriend in a hug and exclaimed "I'm sorry Josh! I would marry you right now!"

"so your going with me tonight?" countered Josh.

Ashlie pulled away from the hug. Frustrated with Josh she barked, "YOU GO! I'm going to the audition."

Joshua was starting to get frustrated with Ashlie and her attitude. He angrily pulled his car keys out of his pocket. "I guess I should go than." he concluded as he walked towards the door.

"see you later..." Ashlie sarcastically waved as she went back to digging through the closet.

An hour later, Ashlie cracked the front door of her apartment and stuck her head out to make sure the coast was clear. After seeing no one around, she stepped into the hallway wearing the soft pink corduroy overalls and a yellow shirt along with a pair of purple converse. she had pulled her hair into a ponytail and fashioned it with a bow.

She locked her apartment door and was on her way toward the steps when she was caught of guard by her neighbor, who was walking up the stairs, "going to a party Ashlie?"

Ashlie smiled and replied, "yes. And I'm late. Bye." before running down the stairs in a hurry.

At the audition room, Ashlie slowly snuck in and looked around until she seen miss Campbell sitting with a couple other people. A man greeted Ashlie and she began taking as fast and childish as she could. "Hi..hi..I'm suppose to try out and...I don't know...where....." Chirped Ashlie.

The guy nodded and asked "what's your name?"

"Annie, Annie....ANNIE MILES!" hesitantly answered Ashlie as childish and shy as can be.

The man looked the list over and could not find her name.

"Just one second...." said the man as he walked off.

The stage coordinator was watching a kid audition when he was confronted by the man with the list of names. "this girl is here and says she has an Audition, but her names not on the list?" stated the guy in confusion.

The stage coordinator looked over to the little girl in overalls and sighed. "lets go see." he said as he walked towards Ashlie.

Ashlie made herself look as small as she could. which wasn't saying much because she was only four foot seven and 95 pounds. The men walked up and Ashlie smiled as big as she could.

"I told him it was OK if he knew about it." claimed Ashlie as she looked at the guy with the list and than to the coordinator.

"about what?" asked the coordinator smugly.

"well, my sister couldn't bring me because she's super duper sick. And.. she said all I have to do is find you.... and, and let you know....I'm here and remind you...." squeaked Ashlie as fast as she could to confuse the men even more.

"wait, remind me of what?" puzzled the coordinator as he looked Ashlie over.

"that you were going to announce me before I go on, remember? You said." bubbled Ashlie.

"excuse me. go on where?" answered the guy with the list this time.

"don't you see?...You made a mistake! My names not on the list! You said it would be! YOU SAID." exclaimed Ashlie slightly louder than she needed to.

The coordinator grabbed the list and asked "what's your name?"

"Its Annie miles. Annie miles. You can't remember that?" moaned Ashlie as she dramatically slumped her shoulders and pouted.

"your names not on the list?" reported the coordinator smugly.

"that's what I'm telling you! MY sister said its terrible that after all these months that...that..." Ashlie was saying when the coordinator cut her off.

"I've never laid eyes on you before! I don't know you?" explained the coordinator as he shrugged his shoulders and turned to walk away.

Ashlie desperately grabbed his jacket and made a sad face as she whimpered "you, you mean. your not going to let me play?"

"exactly." the coordinator replied smugly.

Ashlie knew what she needed to do. Right than and there she began screaming and crying as loud as she could. Throwing one overly dramatic temper tantrum in front of the two grown men.

The coordinator and other guy looked at each other in shock, not knowing what to do. The coordinator put his hands up and frantically said "please, please stop. You...you can audition! You can audition! Just PLEASE stop screaming."

In between a hefty fake sob, Ashlie rubbed her eyes and wept "really....no fooling? I can?"

"no fooling. You can go on." Eagerly responded the guy with the list.

"and you'll announce my name?" sniffed Ashlie.

The coordinator rolled his eyes and assured "I will personally announce your name. miss...Annie miles."

Ashlie kept wiping her eyes and she gave a head nod in agreement, she watched the two men walk away.

Once they were gone, Ashlie smiled to herself. She sure fooled them. All it took was a little fake crying and those two men crumbled. This was going easy.

Ashlie walked through the crowd of kids and noticed that she was shorter than most at the audition. A little scary because she easily could had been mistaken for a real kid, the way she was dressed and all. She smiled at a woman and quickly turned away once she noticed it was the fat woman from the earlier auditions, who was now sitting next to her. Ashlie hoped she hadn't been noticed.

Miss Campbell sat at a table with Mrs. Benson and one other man when the coordinator came out onto the stage and cleared his throat.

"may I have your attention. I would like to introduce.....Annie miles." announced the man as he waved for Ashlie to come up to the stage.

Ashlie began to feel anxiety as she got up from her seat and slowly walked towards the stage. She didn't know or count on the fact that so many people would be watching her. It was something out of the twilight zone. As she got onto the stage she did a small curtsy and picked up an electric guitar.

Without warning, Ashlie began playing moonlight sonata on the guitar with not a single mistake.

Miss Campbell learned forward in her seat and smiled. She had auditioned many of kids today, but nothing like this was played by the others.

Silently miss Campbell watched, until Ashlie finished playing. Right away everyone stood up and started clapping for her. Even miss Campbell.

After Ashlie walked off the stage the coordinator came out and addressed the crowd of people. "I'm sure were all very proud of the contestants this year and I know were going to have an amazing year with all the talent we found."

Everyone began clapping and as the coordinator walked off the stage he looked at Ashlie and announced "miss Campbell would like to see you."

Ashlie smiled big and responded "SHE DOES?"

Before the coordinator could answer, miss Campbell reassured "of course I do sweety."

Ashlie played shy and childish as she asked "are you miss Campbell?"

Miss Campbell laughed and answered "well of course I am."

It was the first time Ashlie had seen miss Campbell up close. She knew who she was. But she was a lot taller than Ashlie had thought and younger. As Ashlie looked her over she noticed the fake boobs before her long black jet hair. Her solid white outfit screamed nothing less than high class. At 30 years old, miss Campbell was a goddess in Ashlie's eyes.

The coordinator looked at miss Campbell and stated "I told you, you would like her."

Miss Campbell looked at the man and flashed a fake smile. "yes. Yes I do. But she's not going on with those other kids. I got something better in store for her."

And with that said, miss Campbell guided Ashlie into a separate room by the arm and pointed to a chair. As Ashlie sat down miss Campbell lit a cigarette and announced "I'm going to take you under my wing and make you known through out the world."

Ashlie was so nervous. Not only was she meeting someone who was semi famous and well known. She was in the grasp of making her dream. Not believing what she heard, Ashlie mumbled "you are..." under her breath.

"you have a brilliant future ahead of you Annie. A little girl with a amazing talent! Your going to be the next child prodigy." confessed miss Campbell with pride.

Ashlie was smiling, but slightly frowned when she heard the words "child prodigy."

She after all was 26 years old. Far from a real child. Even if she disguised herself as a kid she didn't want to be known as one for real.

As Ashlie went to open her mouth Mrs. Benson walked in with a camera and said "lets get a couple pictures of you two!"

As Ashlie stood up and got next miss Campbell for a photo, miss Campbell said "don't look so worried, your going to be a star Annie! I will get you deals with Disney and Mattel. There will be clothes and products with your picture on them. By tomorrow your going to be known!"

Ashlie felt odd and stared straight ahead as she heard Disney and Mattel. They actually thought she was a child. She was going to be a child star at the age of 26. Her anxiety kicked back up and she flashed to a bunch of little girls being her fans like Hanna Montana. Wearing clothes with her picture on it. Glittery pink backpacks with her name. It was enough to freak Ashlie out.

Her attention was grabbed by the camera that went off and all she could do was smile. She didn't feel like smiling though. She was nervous.

After the audition, miss Campbell insisted that she drive Ashlie home. And as they walked up the apartment steps miss Campbell asked "aren't you going to invite me in? I want to meet your sister. The one who couldn't make it."

Ashlie began to panic and fought for words. "no, no..my..uh...my sister is sick and wouldn't want anyone to come in."

Miss Campbell smiled and handed Ashlie a folder. "well, I will meet her tomorrow when I come for the contracts."

"contracts?" Countered Ashlie hesitantly.

"yes contracts. Sleep well dear and I will see you tomorrow." declared miss Campbell as she walked down the steps and back to her car.

The next morning miss Campbell was on the speaker phone with Mrs. Benson. "cancel all my meetings this week and I've got a hefty check for the miles family." Stated miss Campbell.

"you got that one meeting with that movie producer, I don't know if we can reschedule until November." replied Mrs. Benson over the speaker.

"that's fine. Four months for Annie is like four years. We got to hurry. Oh, and I want you to get some books and magazines for girls. and a doll. Big doll. The biggest you can find Benson. Than get ahold of pr and sell Annie to them. I want everyone to know about her. News, radio, magazines. Lets give them an American sweet heart OK." stated miss Campbell as she pulled up to Ashlie's apartments.

Ashlie sat in her apartment wearing a nice pencil skirt and blouse, while she flipped through the contracts. she looked out her window and seen the car pull up. In a hurry she jumped off the couch, picked up her guitar and began playing as best as she could.

As miss Campbell walked up the stairs she heard the guitar and smiled. Little Annie must be practicing she thought.

Ashlie stopped playing the guitar and let out a sigh when she heard a knock at the door. She needed to be truthful with miss Campbell about leading her on. As Ashlie opened the door miss Campbell looked Ashlie over and said "good morning Mrs. miles. You must be Mrs. miles because Annie looks so much like you."

Miss Campbell looked around and announced "you played that so well Annie!"

Ashlie looked at her feet and admitted "that was me miss Campbell. I was the one playing the guitar."

Miss Campbell walked in and sat down on the couch without being asked. "nice. Two musicians in the family." she stated.

Ashlie smiled and explained "I've been playing forever. My dad taught me and I've been playing ever since."

Miss Campbell picked up the contract and began looking through the pages as she blindly commented "It takes a good musician to keep that up, I'm sure."

Ashlie sat across from miss Campbell and decided it was time to tell her the truth.

"what I was trying to say is that I tried over and over to audition for you, so I decided to trick you into hearing me." confessed Ashlie.

Miss Campbell looked up from the contract and countered "I'm glad you did. That was the most painless audition ever dear." as she looked at Ashlie's guitar than back to the papers.

Ashlie realized that miss Campbell was mistaken and thought that was her attempt at an audition. Ashlie was about to correct miss Campbell when she was asked "where is Annie? I wanted to talk to her. wait, she's at school huh?"

"miss Campbell, you heard me right. That was me playing right now.  would you say I'm every bit as good as Annie. Right?" admitted Ashlie.

"sure." answered miss Campbell.

"you see, Annie is so young, what I mean is...would you take me instead?" Asked Ashlie.

Miss Campbell smiled and smugly responded "I'm sorry, but the answer is no."

"why?" Countered Ashlie.

"what's good at your age is good, at Annie's age is exceptional. I would have a harder time promoting you and even than it might not happen. People want to see child stars. Not...not aging adults." declared miss Campbell as she closed the folder. Purposely leaving one paper out.

Ashlie felt crushed as she heard miss Campbell say those words. Her chances at being famous were slipping away.

"you forgot to sign right here." pointed out miss Campbell as she looked the contract over.

"I just....I just can't." sighed Ashlie. Knowing that it would be dishonest.

"what is it now?" barked miss Campbell as she looked Ashlie over in her cheap pencil shirt and blouse. She possibly bought it at Walmart thought miss Campbell with judging eyes.

"I just can't." sighed Ashlie with sadness in her voice.

Miss Campbell cut the act and said "I've already got plans for Annie, a band where she's the lead guitarist. She's going to be in the school of rock, head guitar. You know what the school of rock is right? You going to keep your little sister from succeeding?"

"yes....yes I will..." replied Ashlie. knowing what could lay in store for her if she took on the role as Annie. Annie the child.

"I've seen my share of jealously before but this takes the cake." Miss Campbell stated with frustration.

"Its not jealously. Its just if...Annie fails it will be to embarrassing and I don't want that. You got to take me. Not her." Ashlie pleaded, trying her best to get the spot she so deserved as an adult and not a child.

"I can't take you. There's other things than just talent. Annie is a shy sweet thing and that sells." miss Campbell interjected.

"lets stop talking about Annie." Ashlie moaned. Starting to think it might be better just to take on the preteen role.

"lets just call this whole thing off than. I can see it's a waste of my time." grumbled miss Campbell as she grabbed the contract and headed to the door.

Ashlie seen her chance of being famous leaving and desperately did the only thing that she could do.

"miss Campbell, I will sign it. Your going to be sorry for this though. You will see. Annie can be quiet a hand full." insisted Ashlie.

Ashlie grabbed the contract and as she signed, miss Campbell commented "we got to start working on this right away. So send her to my office this afternoon after school. That's if you don't mind."

Angrily Ashlie snapped "she'll be there alright!"

Miss Campbell grabbed the contracts and nodded before walking out the door.

Ashlie pulled at the waist of her blue plaid school girl jumper as she made her way down the halls to miss Campbell's office. she chose to wear a classic looking school girl outfit, a white Peter pan collared shirt and blue school jumper. She wore her hair up into two fashionable pigtails, to show how childish she could look. She felt stupid dressed like this. It was even more of a horrible feeling buying it for herself. Shopping in the Child's section at target was humiliating.

She froze for a second as she got to the office door and looked in. She couldn't believe she was sinking this low. Pretending to be a kid in order to play music. As she let out a breath she pushed the door open and walked in, successfully pulling a tag she forgot to get rid of when she bought the clothes.

"Is this miss Campbell's office?" shyly Asked Ashlie.

The woman at the desk was Kelly. The woman looked up and smiled before saying "well hello there! Well, where's Ashlie? I seen her here the other day here and she never told me about a little sister. Such a cute little sister and such a cute little outfit to boot. I love that jumper! I sure wished they made them in my size."

Ashlie felt uneasy as the woman she had known as an adult, talked down to her like a child. Even worse, Kelly didn't recognize her as Ashlie, only as Annie.

Mrs. Benson walked out of a door and stopped in her tracks. "awww little Annie miles. Your to cute! Come, come. Miss Campbell is waiting." Boasted Mrs. Benson as she grabbed Ashlie's arm.

As Ashlie entered the room, a man took her picture and Mrs. Benson explained "this is James, he's going to take your picture."

Without a word, Benson pinched Ashlie's cheek and cooed "your so stinking cute!"

"good after noon Annie. Come on in!" called miss Campbell as she pointed to her desk area, in a separate room.

As Ashlie walked closer, miss Campbell helped Ashlie with her coat. "my my my. How pretty we look this afternoon. I was sorry you weren't home this morning. But I've got some wonderful news. No more public school for you."

Ashlie forced a smile as she looked around miss Campbell office. She hadn't been in school for years and wanted to point that out, but knew she shouldn't.

"oh, I got a little present for you." declared miss Campbell, "but you got to find it, you got to find it." sang miss Campbell in a little song.

Ashlie looked at miss Campbell and felt so degraded being talked to in such a way. She wasn't use to it and didn't like it. As Ashlie took a couple steps miss Campbell announced "hot"

Ashlie took a couple more small steps and looked at miss Campbell.

"Hotter." smiled miss Campbell.

And after a couple more steps, Ashlie looked at miss Campbell again.

"Cold. Almost freezing." playfully laughed miss Campbell.

Miss Campbell walked over to a closet and opened the door and pulled out a giant wrapped present and handed it to Ashlie.

As Ashlie sat down with the box over her lap miss Campbell continued "I thought I was going to see your sister. Did she bring you down?"

Ashlie hesitantly began to slowly open the gift as she acknowledged "no she didn't. I rode the school bus."

"I know why your so crazy about her. She's a wonderful woman. I found her very charming." assured miss Campbell as she watched Ashlie open the large gift.

Ashlie frowned as she seen the gift. It was a doll. And not just some doll, it was almost her size and dressed in baby doll clothes.

"you should hear what she thought about you." Mumbled Ashlie as she pulled the doll out of the box and looked it over. The thing was creepy. Why did it have to be so big.

"what did she say?" Asked miss Campbell as she picked up the wrapping paper.

"well... she said your the most stuck up bag of bones she ever met." stated Ashlie as she held the doll up in front of her.

"did she." coughed miss Campbell.

"yes indeed. And your full of hot air, like your boobies." Informed Ashlie.

"well I hope you don't feel that way about me Annie? No no, don't tell me." miss Campbell answered as she took the doll from Ashlie and held it up.

Ashlie rolled her eyes and leaned back on the couch. She knew miss Campbell was full of shit.

"now now, I want you to like me. Your the sweetest, nicest, girl I know." commented miss Campbell.

Ashlie stood up and took a couple steps when miss Campbell chimed "look at the dolly, she's as big as you!"

Ashlie was becoming more and more embarrassed as she blushed and walked towards the window.

"Its a nice day. Wanna go to the park? Or we can take a nice long ride to the zoo. Or we could go shopping? Buy you some nice new things." miss Campbell insisted.

"I rather work." Ashlie replied.

"that's wonderful darling, but don't wear yourself out. I bought a new guitar for you." miss Campbell was saying when Ashlie cut her off.

"Do you always stand so close?" asked Ashlie as miss Campbell stood next to her.

"funny...well plug it in and try it out honey." miss Campbell commanded as she pointed to a new guitar on a stand.

Ashlie looked over and seen a bright pink guitar and picked it up and started playing for miss Campbell.

As Ashlie finished the song miss Campbell suggested, "when you play bend your knees. It makes you look smaller and everyone loves smaller."

Ashlie sighed as she bent her knees best she could without looking silly and said "happy?"

"yes you need to be small and cute. That's are angle." confessed miss Campbell.

"should I play more?" Ashlie inquired, frustrated with how she was being treated and talked down to.

"no no no. It's getting late. Time for supper. I always insist on early supper and bed. Is your sister coming for you?" mentioned miss Campbell.

Ashlie froze up. She didn't think about that before hand. Ashlie started to say, "no miss.." but found herself cut off.

"I will take you home." miss Campbell insisted before she called to miss Benson.

Ashlie tried to interrupt miss Campbell cause she knew there was no older sister waiting. She didn't get the chance when Benson stuck her head in and said "OK, but remember about the seat. It's the law."

"seat?" puzzled Ashlie as she looked at miss Campbell, who was nodding OK to Mrs. Benson.

Miss Campbell grabbed her purse and proclaimed "booster seat dear. It's the law. Under 4'10 and a hundred pounds requires a booster seat in this state."

trying to spare herself the embarrassment of having to ride in a Child's seat, Ashlie assured  "Its really no problem. I...I can walk home. Or catch the bus."

"don't dream of it dear. Your too young to walk the street. I'm going to deliver you right into the arms of your sister." announced miss Campbell.

Ashlie began to panic as she was guided to the door and into the hallway. She didn't want to do this. She was a adult and didn't need the help of a booster seat.

As miss Campbell lead Ashlie, who she thought was a real child, into the parking garage. She advised "stay close dear. Don't want to get lost in this scary old structure."

Ashlie sighed. She had been in a lot worse places than this parking structure. She had been to a few dive bars more threatening. As she heeled to miss Campbell's side she tried to mentally prepare herself for what she knew was coming.

Miss Campbell pulled her keys out from her purse and hit the button to unlock the car. After the car beeped, Ashlie stood in place and let miss Campbell open the back car door.

That's when Ashlie laid eyes on the booster seat miss Campbell had bought. It was an Evenflow evolution three, Top of the line in the booster seat market. It was royal purple, with black padding. There was a backrest that lead to a headrest with built in reading lights. Cup holders on each arm rest. In the cup holders, miss Campbell had arranged little chocolate candies.

Ashlie was amazed at its size and as she looked it over miss Campbell admitted "I've never had to buy one before, but this one had great reviews. Want to climb in or do you need my help?"

Ashlie looked up to miss Campbell to see if she was joking or being real before walking up to the car door and climbing into the booster seat. After sitting down, Ashlie found that the booster seat wasn't that bad. It was kind of comfy and the headrest provided good neck support. As she relaxed in the booster seat she was caught off guard when miss Campbell reached in and grabbed the seatbelt.

Ashlie watched as miss Campbell pulled the seatbelt across Ashlie's chest, she leaned in to buckle it in. A little awkward for Ashlie as miss Campbell's fake breast pushed against her shoulder and neck.

"all buckled in!" sang miss Campbell as she closed the door and made her way to the drivers side. Ashlie watched her walk from the safety of the booster seat and felt so strange. Never in her life would she had done something like this

Both Ashlie and miss Campbell found themselves at Ashlie's apartment waiting for Ashlie to show. Which she wouldn't because she was already there dressed as Annie.

"It's almost eight o'clock, I can make dinner myself" Ashlie assured in a panic. She didn't want Josh to come by and walk in on her dressed as a kid. It would be a awkward situation to explain.

"doesn't your sister cook dinner for you?" miss Campbell fished.

"not always...some times though." Ashlie answered truthful. Thinking of all the times she ordered out per week.

Miss Campbell grab her purse and announced "come on. Where going out to eat." As she grabbed Ashlie's hand and pulled her up from the couch.

"no..no it's OK. I can make something to eat." pleaded Ashlie as she found herself being pulled along to the door.

"I wouldn't dream of it.", blurted miss Campbell as she opened the apartment door and pulled Ashlie along. 

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