Tuesday, July 5, 2016


The trip.

Ashlie's office had a month long competition going on, to see who could sell the most magazines. Today was the big day when they found out who won. The prize. Four tickets to Disneyland. Ashlie had been selling and selling the best she could, in order to win. She didn't have a family to take, but figured that she could take a couple friends. All her work was really paying off as it was neck to neck with one other employee. the other woman who had been even with Ashlie was named Lara Lynn.

Lara and Ashlie were two completely different ends of the spectrum. Ashlie was short and petite. Standing only around four feet and six inches. Lara on the other hand, was close to six feet tall with a little extra meat on her bones. Both women had a neutral business relationship and understanding. they just don't cross paths. Ashlie knew Lara didn't like her because of a promotion she got, that she didn't deserve, but got any way. She had done nothing to provoke her, but knew she wasn't liked because of it. Which kind of bummed out Ashlie a little. She liked to make friends with everyone.

As the whole office gathered in the break room to listen to the announcement, Ashlie stood in the front. If she stood anywhere else, she was likely not going to be able to see or accidentally get an elbow to the face once people started clapping. It happen two other times before at office party's and she wasn't going to go for number three. As Ashlie panned the crowd she seen Lara towards the back of the crowd. She stood tall and proud as she for sure thought she had won already. Ashlie turned away and crossed her fingers. She wanted to win this so bad.

Everyone in the room got deathly silent as their district manager walked into the room and to the front of the crowd. "excuse me? Could I have you're attention?", asked the manger. Ashlie thought it was kind of funny since everyone there was already silent. "seems like this year for the magazine competition that we broke new records. Thanks to two of are staff that are with us today.", said the man. He stopped and panned the room before he finished, "would Lara Lynn and Ashlie Miles come up here please?"

Ashlie was closest to the front and stepped up next to her boss. She smiled as everyone looked at her. It took Lara only a couple seconds to join Ashlie in the front of the room and right away they could here some people whispering. She knew it most look kind of funny, the shortest woman in the office standing next to the tallest. She didn't care though. She was jazzed about being up there and noticed by her peers.

The manager announced, "It was so close this year that the mangers decided to do something we don't normally do. Lara. You sold a record amount this year and I'm rewarding you with three of the tickets. Ashlie. You sold ten dollars less than Lara, but you both broke new records together. So Ashlie, your getting the other ticket!"

Everyone in the crowd started clapping and cheering for the two women. Ashlie was waving and being sincere about winning. She didn't win all four tickets, but one ticket was good enough. All her happiness subsided when she noticed the look on Lara's face. She did not look happy at all. Ashlie looked away and continued thanking people and waving. She wasn't about to let Lara ruin her spotlight for the moment.

After the crowd died down and people went back to there cubicles, Ashlie was confronted by Lara.

"well I'm real happy for you Ashlie...", Lara said as she poured herself a cup of coffee.

Ashlie smiled and replied, "thank you Lara. I'm happy for you to. Don't know what I'm going to do with one ticket? But I'm sure I will figure something out."

Lara took a sip of her coffee and suggested, "why don't you go with me and my family?"

Ashlie didn't know what to make of Lara's offer. She heard that Lara didn't like her, but now she was being nice as can be. Nice enough to offer a ride down to Disneyland with her family. Ashlie thinking that what she heard was just gossip, ignorantly replied, "yeah. We can do that! Sounds fun Lara! Are you sure it's OK?"

Lara nodded her head yes and acknowledged, "yeah it's fine. I was going to give that extra ticket to a friend, but since you got it. You might as well come with us."

Ashlie was starting to think better of Lara. She said she was going to bring a friend but now she wanted her to come along instead. Maybe their feud was nothing more than talk, started by people with nothing better to do. Ashlie merrily responded, "that sounds good to me? How should we do this? You come to my house? or I go to yours? What's the plan?"

Lara set her cup down and leaned against the counter before she decided, "I could pick you up? Say Saturday morning about eight? It's a four hour drive, which will get us there around noon. They don't open tell eleven anyway, so we will miss the big line. Than we will come back the same night? Getting us home around 4am."

Ashlie thought it over for a second and seemed pretty happy with the plan. "alright. Eight in the morning on Saturday? Sounds good. Thank you Lara! Thanks so much."

Lara picked up her coffee cup and smiled down on Ashlie. As she walked to the break room door she replied, "thank you Ashlie. See you than.", before walking out into the hall.

As Lara sat down in her chair in the cubical she smiled to herself. Ashlie had another thing coming.

Saturday morning came and Ashlie was ready to go by 7:30am. She eagerly stood outside her house and waited for Lara to come. She was nervous and excited enough to the point that she had butterflies in her stomach. She didn't know how this was going to turn out. As a car pulled up to the curb Ashlie noticed Lara sitting in the drivers seat along with a teenager in the passenger. Ashlie cheerfully began walking to the car as Lara got out and moved to the back of the car. As Lara opened the back door of the car Ashlie noticed two booster seats. One had a kid in it, the other empty.

"are we picking someone else up?" curiously asked Ashlie as she got to the car door and looked in.

Lara looked at Ashlie puzzled and responded "no? Why?"

Ashlie pointed to the booster seat and chuckled "because of the booster seat sitting empty in the back seat. Em I suppose to sit in the middle seat?"

Lara looked in at the booster and back to Ashlie before she countered, "you can't sit in the middle? I brought it for you."

Ashlie was aghast and apologized, "ooh...thank you? I don't need a booster seat though."

Lara leaned against the car and admitted "booster seats aren't just for kids Ashlie. It's California law that anyone under 4'10 and 100 pounds ride in one. I would feel safer since you fall into those requirements that you ride in it to Disneyland."

Ashlie glanced at Lara to see if she was for real and questioned, "wait what? is that a law in California? I've never heard of that?"

Lara nodded a big yes and replied, "yeah it's a law. Went in effect this year. don't worry though, I brought the best on the market for you. Britax frontier model ninety. It has a five point harness system, two cup holders, lights by the head if you want to read on the way home and a five star safety rating. Totally safe. So you coming?"

Ashlie looked the booster seat over. It was tall and purple with two cup holders and arm rest. She looked up to Lara and shyly smiled as she proceeded to climb into the booster seat. As soon as Ashlie was seated, she noticed it wasn't so bad. The padded cushion was soft and the back offered really good back support. Lara reached in and grabbed the straps and began buckling them all together, She pulled two straps over Ashlie's arms and pulled them tighter, so the buckles from both sides clicked shut. Lara pulled the strap down and clicked it into another buckle, between Ashlie's legs. Lara made sure the straps weren't to tight, by giving them a slight tug. Ashlie was a little taken back, as she found herself strapped onto the booster seat and Lara adjusting it for fit. As Lara let go and leaned up out of the car, she commented, "that seat looks safe to me! How's it feel Ashlie?"

Ashlie pulled down the arm rest and laid her arm across it. She looked up at Lara and said, "comfy! I should invest in one. I can't believe I could even fit into one of these? Its different, but cool."

Lara let out a playful laugh and joked, "well get comfy Ashlie. You'll be in for about eight hours today!", before closing the door. Lara climbed into the driver seat and loudly announced, "WHO'S READY TO GO TO DISNEYLAND!"

Everyone in the car began to shout with excitement. As Ashlie's arms were in the air, she glanced over to the booster seat next her and seen the girl was doing the same thing. Feeling a bit awkward, Ashlie slowly lowered her arms and rested them on the arm rest of the booster.

Lara looked in the rear view mirror at Ashlie and introduced the two other people. "Ashlie. Sitting next to you is my daughter Vicky. She's eight years old. And here in the front seat is Sheena. She just turned 16 last Monday. Say hi to Ashlie girls!", said Lara with a smile.

Vicky was the first to say hi, since she was sitting next to Ashlie. "hi! My name is Vicky! I'm glad your coming!", she said as she smiled for Ashlie.

Sheena turned around and playfully waved as she said, "hi!"

Ashlie smiled at both girls and replied, "it's nice to meet you both! I'm Ashlie."

Sheena turned back around and faced the front. Leaving Ashlie alone in the back seat with Vicky. Which was a little awkward as they both were about the same size and were sitting in booster seats. Ashlie had noticed that there was small screens on back of both the seats, but they weren't on.

"Television in the car? Pretty fancy", Ashlie thought to herself as Lara pulled into a shopping center. Ashlie looked around and seen that Lara had pulled into the drive through of a Starbucks.

"want something to drink?" asked Lara as she pulled up to the speaker box to place her order.

Ashlie tried to lean forward to look at the menu, but found that the locking harness held her tight in place in the booster seat. She couldn't lean forward if she wanted to. Ashlie ducked her head down a little and seen half of the menu. "I will take a Veneti mocha with one extra shot?" Said Ashlie as she leaned her head back into the booster seat.

As Lara ordered their drinks, Vicky looked at Ashlie and asked, "is you're mommy going to come? My MOMMY is coming."

Ashlie let out a little playful laugh and responded, "no my mommy isn't coming. It's just the four of us today honey."

Ashlie could understand how it must of looked to Vicky, her sitting in almost the same booster seat next to her. So she didn't take any offense to the eight year Olds words when Vicky asked, "who's going to take you potty when you got to go?"

Ashlie, Lara, and Sheena let out a laugh before Ashlie jokingly bubbled, "if I got to go potty sweetie, I'm sure your mommy will take me."

Lara let out a little laugh at Ashlie's joke as she pulled up to the pick up window. She handed the guy money as she looked in her rear view mirror Lara noticed Ashlie and Vicky looked almost the same size. Sitting in the booster seats side by side added more to the appeal that maybe they could have been sisters or cousins of some sort. As Lara excepted the drinks she turned to Ashlie and handed her drink over. As Ashlie excepted the drink, Lara glanced at Vicky noticed that maybe Vicky was a little bigger.

The car pulled out of the Starbucks and onto the city street. As they made it to the entrance of the freeway Lara asked, "Vicky? Do you want to watch one of your movies?"

Vicky excitedly clapped her hands and shouted, "LITTLE MERMAID! LITTLE MERMAID!"

Ashlie looked at Vicky to gage her excitement level and wondered how she would do at Disneyland. When she got to see the person dressed as aerial. She would really flip her lid than.

The screens on the back of the front seats turned on and the Disney logo flashed across both of the screens. The little mermaid, or any Disney movie for that matter, wasn't something Ashlie would normally watch. She was more into thrillers or drama. As she took a sip of her coffee, she kept both eyes on the screen though.

Ashlie had no clue that she was being watched by Lara in the mirror. As far as Lara could tell, Ashlie was getting into the movie herself. She watched Ashlie's eyes and in a short distance, Ashlie didn't even take her eyes away from the screen. Lara smiled to herself and looked at her daughter Sheena. Sheena was busy texting with her head phones on. Oblivious to what was going on in the back seat.

they had left Pismo Beach and were almost to Buellton California when the song, "a whole new world.", came on. Ashlie was holding her coffee with one hand and didn't know that Vicky was going to go crazy with the song. Suddenly and accidentally, Vicky flailed her her arm and it knocked the coffee cup out of Ashlie's hand and all over Ashlie.

"CRAP!!!", squeaked Ashlie as the coffee splattered all over her. After it made it's way to her skin, Ashlie realized it was hot and tried to jerk up in a panic. Her attempt to move was denied by the straps going between her legs and chest. She patted at her clothes and reached over to unbuckle the straps, but the strap she needed first was below her legs and the booster prevented her from reaching forward enough to get it.

"what's going on back there!", exclaimed Lara as she pulled off the freeway in a panic.

Ashlie was still trying to get free in a hurry and all the commotion sent Vicky into a panic. Vicky began to cry and scream as Ashlie was almost doing the same herself.

Lara pulled into a parking lot and in a rush got out of her car and opened the back door as any mother would do. She pushed Ashlie back into the booster seat and unbuckled the straps. As Ashlie leaned forward to jump out, Lara grabbed Ashlie under the arm pits and lifted her out. As Ashlie's feet touched the ground she pulled at her shirt and exclaimed, "that really hurt!"

Lara looked in the car and addressed Vicky. "honey it's OK. Calm down it's OK. Ashlie isn't mad or hurt. She just spilt some coffee on herself and it scared her. That's all baby."

Sheena hesitantly got out of the car and opened the door to calm Vicky down as Lara focused back on Ashlie. She looked Ashlie over and stated, "you're clothes are ruined! It's all over your shirt and pants! I can't believe this."

"you're telling me?", remarked Ashlie as she looked herself over. The coffee was indeed everywhere. She looked back up to Lara and said, "I didn't bring any other clothes? Maybe there's a shop around here?"

Lara and Ashlie panned the area and there really wasn't much of a great selection of stores around them. Lara shrugged her shoulders and acknowledged, "doesn't look there is much to choose from?"

Ashlie was still looking around when she admitted, "looks like most of the stores are closed anyway? It would be hard to find my size unless they have a major petite section."

Lara looked in on Vicky and Sheena and back over to Ashlie. Their size had to be almost the same. As Ashlie turned to face Lara she rang her shirt out and stated, "I guess we will have to get some clothes once were down the road."

As Ashlie went to climb back in the car, Lara stopped her. "this is a brand new car Ashlie. If you climb in it might strain the upholstery more than it already is!"

Ashlie stopped what she was doing and looked at her shirt to see the mess and asked, "what should I do than? I can't go naked."

Lara knew she was taking a stab in the dark and that Ashlie might not go with the idea she had in mind, but it was worth a try. Lara reached in the front of the car and popped the trunk. As the trunk opened she looked at Ashlie and suggested, "there might be something of use in the trunk?"

Ashlie followed Lara to the back of the car and stood by Lara's side as she dug through the trunk. Lara unzipped a Barbie backpack and admitted, "Just bear with me and hear me out. Were limited on what we got."

Ashlie didn't know what to expect and was a little self conscious about the bag Lara was digging through. Ashlie hesitated a second before she said, "OK."

Lara pulled the backpack out of the trunk and looked around tell She spotted a gas station across the street. She walked around the side of the car and and looked at Sheena only to assure "I'm going to take Ashlie to over to the gas station to get her cleaned up. Stay here with Vicky, we will be right back. There is some spot cleaner under the seat. Try to clean what you can please."

"alright mom." chided Sheena as she went back to keeping Vicky busy.

Lara flung the backpack across her back and coughed, "lets go get you cleaned up.", to Ashlie as she began walking to the gas station.

Ashlie walked along side of Lara to the gas station. As Ashlie stepped over a curb she remarked, "thanks for the help Lara. I didn't think about bringing a change of clothes. Well I didn't account that coffee would be spilt on me, so I guess it's my bad."

Lara didn't look at Ashlie as she located the woman's bathroom and smugly replied, "It's no big deal, that's what moms are for. Always got to be prepared for something."

Lara held open the bathroom door and Ashlie walked in under her arm. As Lara closed the door she flipped the lock and pulled the backpack off of her shoulder. She set the backpack on the counter and zipped it open as she assured, "I know this isn't your cup of tea, but under the circumstance, I'm sure it will work. Later we will stop and get you some new clothes."

Lara opened the backpack and pulled out a girls sundress. It was a deep purple and had a cartoon flower on it.

"kids clothes!" exclaimed Ashlie as she looked the dress over in disbelief.

Lara was still holding the dress in front of Ashlie when she replied, "there only kids clothes if a kid is wearing them Ashlie. Be grown up about this and try it on. You can't go naked and there really isn't any other alternative right now."

Ashlie didn't want to, but knew her options were limited at this point. She grabbed the sun dress out of Lara's hands and set it on the counter. Slowly Ashlie began to unbutton her shirt. After she unsnapped the last button, she pulled her arms out of the sleeves and handed Lara the shirt.

As Ashlie worked her pencil skirt off, Lara folded the shirt and set it next to the backpack in time to receive the skirt Ashlie had slipped out of. As Ashlie was about to grab the sun dress, Lara caught site of Ashlie's bra and panties. Both had traces of coffee on them. "not so fast! Your bra and undies are just going to soak through the dress Ashlie!"

Ashlie pulled at her bra to see what Lara was talking about and found that it was a little wet. She tossed her hands up and asked, "what em I suppose to do? I can't go around with no underwear Lara!"

Lara nodded and smiled as she went back to the Barbie backpack and pulled out a white cotton camisole and tossed it to Ashlie. "this should work for a bra until we stop at a real store." boasted Lara.

Ashlie looked the camisole over before unhooking her bra and passing it to Lara. Lara half smiled to herself after realizing that the bra was a padded bra, which gave Ashlie the appearance of having more breast than she had. Not to say Ashlie's breast were small, because they weren't, but the bra made them larger than they looked. Ashlie slipped the camisole over her head and worked it into place before she grabbed the sun dress. The dress was pulled over her head and once Ashlie let it fall into place she found it fit perfect.

Ashlie kicked off her shoes and pulled her panties down. She picked her coffee stained panties up off of the floor and tossed them into the sink. "how do I look?" asked Ashlie as she flattened out a wrinkle in her new dress with one hand.

Lara looked Ashlie over and admitted, "you look great Ashlie. Those clothes really fit you well. You need underpants though, don't want your dress flipping up and everyone seeing what the stork saw, now do ya?"

Ashlie blushed a little and turned side to side joyfully so that her sun dress gently followed her body movement. She was about to question Lara about the underpants situation when someone knocked on the door and yelled, "Is there anybody in there? Bathroom is for paying customers. You better not be doing drugs in there or I'm calling the police."

Lara looked to the door and replied, "JUST A MINUTE!"

The voice on the other side of the door boomed, "YOU GOT ONE MINUTE OR I'M CALLING THE COPS!"

Lara took her attention from the door and as she glanced at Ashlie, she reached for the backpack and in a rush said, "we got to hurry. Here put these on!"

Ashlie excepted the underwear and in a rush slipped her legs into the leg holes and yanked them up. As she let her hands go from the waistband she knew the underwear she had just put on weren't the panties she was expecting. Puzzled by their odd material and feeling, Ashlie lifted the front of the sun dress and let out a gasp. She had willingly just put on training pants. "are these pull-ups?", Ashlie exclaimed as she pinched the thick padding of the crotch.

Lara grabbed the backpack off of the counter and as she zipped it up she replied, "no. There called white cloud training pants. They sell them at Walmart. There just some cheap generic knock off of pull-ups. Saves me about ten bucks a pack, going with that brand."

Ashlie was still looking at the training pants she had put on when Lara flung the bathroom door open and let in the gas station attendant. In a flash, Ashlie dropped her sun dress and walked out after Lara in a hurry. As they were on their way back to the car Ashlie addressed Lara and said, "I don't need training pants? Doesn't Vicky have some actual panties or underwear I could put on? Anything rather than these?"

Lara hiked the backpack over her shoulder and countered, "no one ever said you need training pants honey, but you can't just run around with nothing under you're dress. Vicky does have some undies, but those are hers. I don't think you want to wear someone's used panties?"

Lara did have a point. she couldn't just run around with no panties on, and the sound of wearing someone else's didn't sound to appealing. As they got closer to the car Ashlie responded, "OK you got a point. I understand the underwear situation Lara, but a diaper?"

"diaper?" blurted Sheena as she climbed back into the front seat of the car. she caught the tail end of the conversation her mom was having and as she buckled her seatbelt she looked back and joked, "she doesn't need a diaper mom. Ashlie needs a freaking sippy cup! I cleaned up that mess she made. Lucky it came right out."

Lara bent down and looked in the car at her daughter and barked, "mind your own. Thanks for cleaning up the mess."

Ashlie was about to add her own words to the conservation when she suddenly felt herself being picked up by the arm pits and placed into the booster seat. Lara silently reached in and pulled Ashlie's arms through the arm straps of the booster, before buckling it shut across her chest.

As the buckle snapped closed, Ashlie for the first time on this trip felt a little more awkward and out of place than she should have been. She was use to wearing expensive dress suits, but some how had unpredictably given them up for cheap Children's clothes. As she leaned back in the booster seat she felt Lara clicking the booster straps shut between her legs. She had been offered a booster seat before at a movie theater, but never in her life would she had expected to be taking a road trip in one. Ashlie put her knees together and could feel the thick padding between her legs. It made it impossible to keep her knees together. Really, it was weird feeling. Like pulling a small pillow between her legs.

"all buckled in!" stated Lara as she closed Ashlie's door. She climbed into the drivers seat and as she started the car, "the little mermaid" continued playing on the screens. Lara stepped on the gas and turned up the volume as she got back on the freeway. They were running behind schedule now.

Ashlie wasn't into the movie as much as Vicky was. She rested her head on the cushion of the booster seat head rest and looked out the window. The landscape was littered with California red oaks and cows grazing in fields. She watched as they past a rest stop and the sight alone made Ashlie have to go to the bathroom. She should have gone when they stopped. She rolled her head away from the widow and focused on the movie. She glanced over and seen that Vicky was getting sleepy. As Vicky let out a little yawn, it made Ashlie yawn. She wasn't tiered, but the notion of the yawn made her feel it. Ashlie now to fought sleep on top of having to go to the bathroom.

As they past Santa Barbra California, Vicky had fallen asleep in her booster seat. Ashlie wasn't close behind. As She felt her eyes get heavy, Ashlie mumbled, "Lara. I need to go to the bathroom."

Lara turned the volume down and looked in the mirror at Ashlie. "we just left a bathroom less than thirty minutes ago Ashlie! Can't you hold it?" asked Lara.

Ashlie rolled her head to the side and looked out the window at the ocean. She needed to go, but Lara sounded a little agitated. "I can hold it...", mumbled Ashlie.

As Lara kept driving Ashlie closed her eyes and tried to think of something that would take her mind off of the bathroom situation. Closing her eyes was all it took for her to fall to sleep.

Ashlie awoke to the sound of someone loudly saying, "pull up to the second window please."

As she opened her eyes and stretched her body, she remembered where she was.

"mommy she's awake!" piped Vicky as she looked over at Ashlie.

Lara turned her head around and joked, "good morning sleepy head! Did you have a good nap?"

Ashlie looked around to see where they were at and noticed it was the drive through at McDonalds. "yeah I did mom...Lara. How far are we from Disneyland?" replied Ashlie. She caught herself accidentally saying mom, but hoped Lara didn't notice.

Lara did notice the slip up Ashlie had made, but decided not to say anything. As she waited in the drive thru, Lara replied, "we're in thousands oaks Ashlie. About an hour and half left to go."

Ashlie tried to straighten her body up, but the straps over her shoulders prevented her from moving up any higher than she was already at. She slumped back down in the booster seat and looked out the window. From where they were at, Ashlie could see the freeway. Ashlie turned her head back to Lara and asked, "any chance we can get out and stretch are legs?" getting out of the car would give her chance to use the bathroom, which she really needed to use.

Lara pulled her car up as the car in front of her moved forward. Lara looked on the rear view mirror at Ashlie and acknowledged, "yeah we can. Not here though, once we get gas I will let you all out for a couple minutes."

Ashlie rolled her eyes. The pressure in her bladder was growing to the breaking point in which there was no return. She rested her back into the padding of the booster seat and began squeezing her legs open and closed to help relieve some pressure. Ashlie looked over at Vicky and seen that she was being watched.

"how you doing honey?" chatted Ashlie as she kept flexing her legs open and closed.

Vicky was beyond exited as she exclaimed, "good! I can't wait for my happy meal! There's a toy inside!"

Ashlie let out a small laugh and replied, "lucky you! Wish I was getting a toy!"

Sheena turned her head around from the front seat and took her head phones out. as she looked at Ashlie, she snickered, "well today's your lucky day Ashlie. Your getting a toy in your happy meal as well!"

Ashlie looked at Sheena and knew that she was telling the truth by her wide smug smile.

Lara tapped Sheena's shoulder and Sheena sat back in her seat. Lara glanced over at Ashlie and admitted, "I got you both happy meals. I didn't know what you wanted so figured I would make it simple and order the same thing. Yours has a cheese burger, Fry's, yogurt and a drink. Plus the toy, but figured Vicky could have that."

Ashlie was now feeling really belittled by the way Lara was treating her. She was an adult and could make her own decisions on what to eat and wear. Lara seemed to be treating her like she treated her own kids. Ashlie bit her lip and looked at the screen in front of her as she grumbled, "yeah that's cool."

Vicky laughed and cheered "Ashlie! Were getting happy meals!"

Ashlie didn't feel so cheerful though. This trip had become one big joke on her. As Lara pulled up to the window and paid the lady she excepted the happy meals and passed them off to Ashlie and Vicky. Ashlie held the happy meal box by the handle and forced a smile as she said "thanks." She hesitated opening the box because she knew she was going to find kid sized portions of food. Food that was meant for kids. Ashlie opened the box and looked in to confirm she was right. The cheese burger and French fry were small, but the go-gort was in a long tube. Ashlie pulled out the go-gort and asked, "what's this?"

Lara reached back and took the go-gort from Ashlie's hand and replaced it with a small cup. Ashlie set the cup into the cup holder and as she was going back to her happy meal, Lara said, "here." and passed her back the go-yort.

Ashlie noticed the top was torn off and as she looked it over, Lara added, "I opened it for you honey. You drink it from the tube. It's strawberry yogurt."

Ashlie held it in her hand and had no choice. She put the yogurt tube to her mouth and began sucking the strawberry yogurt out slowly. Lara did the same for Vicky, before driving back onto the road. Ashlie watched as they past a gas station and got on the freeway. She stopped drinking the yogurt and stated, "I thought we were getting gas?"

Lara didn't bother looking back as she took a bite of her cheese burger and replied, "I still got almost half a tank."

Ashlie was amazed. Lara had definitely ignored Ashlie's request to stop at the gas station. As they got into the fast lane, Ashlie closed her legs shut tight the best she could. She couldn't hold it much longer. Sheena had turned on the radio and put on some pop music as Lara pushed on the accelerator. The G-force pushed Ashlie back into the booster and that's when her bladder started to slowly let go. It started out as a small trickle, but after a couple of seconds it was in full stream. Ashlie didn't know what to do as she began peeing unwillingly into the training pants. She wanted to scream and get out of the car, but at the same time she didn't want everyone to know that she had just peed herself. Ashlie cringed as she felt the warn liquid rise up the front and back side of the padding, only to stay in place as the material sucked it up and began expanding with great speed. the padding expand around her as the training pants did its job and Ashlie felt disgusted and ashamed. Once she stopped peeing, Ashlie looked around to see of anyone noticed what had just happen. They didn't. They were to busy eating their food and the sun dress covered the absorbent underwear up. No one knew what just happen. Ashlie set her happy meal aside. she didn't feel like eating anymore.

within the half hour, the pee had gotten cold. Ashlie felt disgusting. She was thinking of a way to ask Lara to pull over, but Lara must had read her mind cause she asked, "still need to go to the bathroom Ashlie?"

Before Ashlie could answer, Vicky replied, "I got to go potty mommy!"

Lara looked in the mirror at her daughter and nodded OK as she exited the freeway. They pulled into a shell gas station and up to the bathrooms. Lara opened the door and got out before pulling Ashlie's door open. As she reached in and began unbuckling Ashlie's crotch strap, Lara rubbed her hand against something cold. Lara froze for a second before she realized that she had just ran her hand along a very soaked pair of training pants. She unclipped the crotch and as she worked Ashlie's arms out of the straps, Lara blurted, "You couldn't hold it?"

Right away Sheena looked over the seat at Ashlie in the booster seat. As they locked eyes, Ashlie turned and seen that Vicky was starring at her as well. Ashlie blushed with humiliation as Lara pulled the first strap over her arm. She knew they both were guessing what their mom was talking about. Ashlie looked away from Sheena and Vicky and chocked up, "what, what are you talking about? I held it." She knew what Lara meant though, but she didn't want the girls to know.

Lara pulled Ashlie's arm out of the second strap and preceded to pull Ashlie out of the booster seat. Lara stood Ashlie up by the car door and Without any warning she pulled the sun dress up and pointed to the training pants. "Ashlie! You're all squishy! How long have you been wearing that wet pull-up!" commented Lara, shock to see Ashlie, who was an adult, wet herself and clearly lying about it.

Right away Sheena and Vicky began giggling at Ashlie being called out by their mom on wetting herself. As Lara held Ashlie's dress up, she pulled her forward enough to check her backside. "ooh my God Ashlie! this thing is soaked. We need to get you changed honey, or your going to get a major rash." Ashlie was still bent forward when Sheena and Vicky began laughing. Ashlie glanced over and frowned before lowering her head in shame. She felt small and helpless, like a kid in trouble.

Lara let Ashlie go and popped the trunk. She looked up at Ashlie and shook her head in disbelief. As she stood up she proceeded to the other side of the car and unbuckled Vicky out of her booster seat. Ashlie stood in place with her legs slightly spread, but the outline of the training pants was seen through the sun dress anyway. As Lara pulled the trunk open, Vicky ran up to Ashlie. It was the first time Ashlie had seen Vicky out of her booster seat and she was not thrilled to find that Vicky was a couple inches taller. As Lara dug through the trunk, Vicky looked Ashlie over and remarked, "you can be my little sister your so small!"

Ashlie didn't bother to answer Vicky as she heard Lara zip a bag shut and slam the trunk. As Lara walked up to Ashlie and Vicky she had a pair of training pants in her hand. As she took Vicky's hand in hers, she mentioned, "Ashlie this is the last pair I'm giving you. Happens again, than there's a couple of old diapers in the back of the trunk that should fit. Now lets go."

As Ashlie followed Lara and Vicky to the bathroom she thought about what Lara might say to the people at the office. Ashlie would be ruin for sure if the word got out. As they got to the door Ashlie hesitantly asked, "your not going to say anything about this at work, are you?"

Lara pulled the door open and pulled Vicky in before turning to Ashlie and admitting, "I was thinking about that. I won't tell a single sole on one condition."

Ashlie looked up at Lara and didn't know what to say. She was getting blackmailed. Ashlie lowered her had and mumbled, "OK.....what's the condition?"

Lara looked to Vicky before she turned back to Ashlie and confessed, "well Vicky's friend was going to come with us, but since you won the ticket. she couldn't come. That was going to be Vicky's playmate for the trip. Now since your the same size and dressed in the same manner. I think its only fair that you take the spot as playdate for the rest of the trip."

Ashlie couldn't believe what she was hearing and exclaimed, "PLAYDATE?" She had to pretend to be eight years old or have everyone know about the diaper incident.

Lara nodded yes and answered, "yes playmate. That means what ever she wants to do, you do to. Make this trip as much fun as you can for her. You do that for her and I won't tell a soul."

What could Ashlie do? No matter what, she was forced to comply to Lara's demands. Ashlie lowered her head in defeat and mumbled "fine. Deal."

Happy to hear that Ashlie was on board, Lara scooted Ashlie into the bathroom with Vicky and closed the door. Lara pointed to the toilet and commanded, "Vicky, go potty while I get Ashlie cleaned up."

Ashlie watched as Vicky walked over to the toilet and began to pull down her pants, before she thought out best to turn away. As she turned, Ashlie pulled up her dress high enough to get her finger into the waistband of the training pants and yank them down. The training pant fell to the ground with a thud and Ashlie winced. It sounded bad. As she was kicking the pull-up off of her feet, Lara handed Ashlie the new one.

"those are the last pair Ashlie. got that. Next time it's going to be a diaper." Lara smugly said. Knowing full well that she had the advantage now.

Ashlie looked up at Lara and beamed an evil eye at her as she bent over and worked the training pants over her feet and up her legs. Once they were in place Ashlie didn't make a sound. She knew it was going to be a long day and just wanted to get it over with, with as little fighting as possible.

To be continued....

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