Tuesday, July 5, 2016


The audition 3

Back at the house miss Campbell rushed into the house and seen that Charlie was there waiting.

"Charlie! Its so wonderful to see you!" she chimed she dropped her purse on a coffee table.

As Ashlie walked up Charlie asked "how come you haven't hit me up, what is it? Me?"

"no its not that Charlie. I've got someone I'm taking care of. I got to watch her.....she drinks." miss Campbell acknowledged as she looked at Annie.

Ashlie as childish as could be exclaimed "not any more Aunty Campbell! I'm on the wagon!"

"Annie dear, this is Mr. Charlie gear, famous musician. I'm sure you've hears of him?" Replied miss Campbell.

Ashlie smiled as big and as childish as she could and informed "oh yes, my mommy use to listen to him."

Charlie looked at Ashlie and shook his head.

"Annie dear, would you do something for me?" questioned miss Campbell.

"yes anything!" Ashlie claimed.

"go ask Mrs. Morgan when lunch will be ready?" Responded miss Campbell.

Ashlie turned around and yelled "MRS MORGAN, WHEN'S LUNCH GOING TO BE READY!!!"

"no child. You must go ask her. Don't yell." sighed miss Campbell in disbelief.

As Ashlie ran off, miss Campbell sat with Charlie and said "not even twenty four hours and I want to kill her. You going to stay awhile?"

"I got a show later and...." Charlie responded hesitantly.

"that isn't tell Saturday Charlie." miss Campbell noted, who than was interrupted as Ashlie came running into the room and exclaimed "MRS MORGAN SAID LUNCH WILL BE READY IN FIVE MINUTES! There now, I wasn't long was I Aunt Campbell."

Miss Campbell sighed and said, "no you weren't dear. You did just fine. You should go wash your hands honey."

Ashlie shoved her hands into miss Campbell's face and bubbled "I don't know about yours but mine are clean! Look!" before shoving them into Charlie's face to see.

"run along dear, we need to talk." smiled miss Campbell impatiently. She wanted to talk to Charlie,.hit Annie was getting in the way.

"Its OK!" giggled Ashlie as she sat on the floor and rocked side to side. She knew she was being overly obnoxious and it was getting to miss Campbell.

Miss Campbell rolled her eyes and looked at Charlie and asked "are you staying?"

Charlie looked at miss Campbell and replied "I don't do diapers. Kids really aren't my thing."

Ashlie jumped up and yelled "THERE NOT DIAPERS!... There nite nite pants!" As she stomped her foot and put her hands on her hips.

Charlie stood up and looked at miss Campbell as he confessed "I don't got time for this." and walked out the front door.

Miss Campbell looked at Annie and Ashlie smiled big and foolishly, before skipping away.

Miss Campbell got up and as Charlie was getting in his car she said, "I'm sorry about her. She can be..." but didn't get to finish as Ashlie ran outside and stated ringing a dinner bell.

Charlie looked at Ashlie and got in his car and drove off. Miss Campbell shook her head and looked to Annie, who was now playing hope scotch. Ashlie looked up and began ringing the bell again as she made a silly face.

Ashlie smiled to herself as she stopped ringing the bell. She really was having fun driving miss Campbell crazy. She had it coming after the rude phone call.

That night miss Campbell was frantically going through her room looking for a cigarette but was having no luck. Every smoke she had was gone.

Ashlie on the other hand was high as hell. She just got done puffing a joint, made possible with the pot she took from miss Campbell. Sitting on the bed, Ashlie pulled a cigarette from a hiding spot and lit it with a match.

As Ashlie shook the match out she leaned forward and placed it on the nightstand. She playfully patted the crotch of the thick training pants and smiled. Never in her life would she have thought about wearing such a thing. But here she was. Wearing a glorified diaper. And in all truth it wasn't that bad. They were like underwear with padding. Ashlie's mind ventured from the training pants and to miss Campbell. Ashlie knew she was driving her crazy.

Miss Campbell was looking everywhere for some smokes and booze but couldn't find any. Than she remembered the pool. Annie had tossed a bunch of bottles in it. Miss Campbell stood at the bottom of the staircase and listened for Annie up stairs. After a few moments she thought the coast was clear and slowly snuck out of the house, and towards the pool. She needed a drink.

Ashlie laid back on her bed, wearing only a shirt and the nite nite pants as she took another drag from her cigarette. It felt so good being able to smoke. Suddenly out side she heard the poodles barking and got up to see what the noise was about. Down below, miss Campbell was trying to locate a bottle of liqueur in the pool but not having much luck. Ashlie smiled as she watched her try to reach a floating bottle.

Ashlie quickly put out her cigarette and playfully ran out of the room and to the pool just in time to see miss Campbell pulling a bottle out of the water.

"miss Campbell how could you!" Ashlie shamed as she grabbed the bottle from her hands. If she wasn't stoned, drinking the scotch would had been fun.

"PUT THAT DOWN ANNIE!" ordered miss Campbell as she eyed the bottle in Annie's hand.

Ashlie looked at the bottle and than tossed it as far as she could, landing with a shatter. She began laughing uncontrollably and jumping up and down.

Miss Campbell got frustrated and plopped down on a chair before quickly grabbing Ashlie and pulling over her lap.

Ashlie tried to balance her body as her hands and feet dangled above the ground. She was still laughing when she turned her head and giggled "what on earth are you doing?"

Without any warning, miss Campbell began spanking Ashlie on the her padded butt with full force.

The first couple of swats Ashlie thought was a joke. She wasn't wearing pants, but the padding of the training pants were taking most of the force. Each SWAT ended with a very loud muffled thump. After the tenth SWAT though, she began to feel it sting on her butt cheeks. As the pain grew Ashlie let out a gasp and pleaded "your spanking me for real! Stop! you can't do this to me!"

Miss Campbell pushed Ashlie's head down and kept swatting her ass. Rotating cheek from cheek with each swat.

"I can and I will! YOU are being a VERY bad girl!" stated miss Campbell as she brought more force to her swings.

Soon the only sound that could be heard was the muffled swats as they hit the training pants. Each swat resulting in Ashlie letting out a gasp. The rhythm became a steady swat, thump, gasp and sob as miss Campbell kept spanking Ashlie.

Ashlie was in the middle of a full blown meltdown. tears rolled down her face without any restrain. Her voice had become a full sob.

"no, don't!" Was the only thing Ashlie was able to muster up as she felt miss Campbell take ahold of the waistband to the training pants. Ignoring Annie's protest, miss Campbell began tugging the garment down over her butt.

Ashlie felt the goodnite being pulled down her butt cheeks. she hysterically tried to kick her legs but was very limited on her moment because of the under garment. She reached her arm up to grab miss Campbell's, but miss Campbell pinned that arm to own back. That's when the real spanking started.

Ashlie was bare bottom and trying to wriggle free when the first of many more swats rained down on her bare ass.

"STOP! STOP! your...your..your HURTING ME!" Ashlie screamed as SWAT after SWAT met her butt. but miss Campbell kept on.

After what seemed like hours, but in all reality was about ten minutes. Miss Campbell paused and asked "are you going to be a good girl now?"

Ashlie was crying so hard she had snot coming down her nose and sobbed "YES!...yes I will be a good girl. Just please stop spanking me, it hurts and..."

Miss Campbell cut Ashlie off and replied "Its suppose to hurt Annie. That's why its called a spanking. Now you going to be good or do I have to continue?"

Ashlie let her body go limp over miss Campbell's body as she answered with a sob "I will behave. Anything you want! Stop spanking me please. please...just please stop."

Satisfied that her point was made, miss Campbell pulled Ashlie off of her lap and stood her next to the chair she was seated in. "good. Now that you learned your lesson, its time for bed Annie." stated miss Campbell as she grabbed the training pants Ashlie was wearing and pulled them up her legs and into place.

Ashlie winced in pain as she felt the padding of the training pant slide tightly over her ass. Her rear felt like it was in fire and the compression of a tight under garment help her remember to never piss off miss Campbell again.

As Ashlie limped into her new bedroom, miss Campbell followed closely behind. Ashlie felt the stinging pain more and more with each step she took and as she looked behind her miss Campbell declared "go to bed."

Ashlie stopped half way into the room and put her hand to her butt cheek, but was startled when miss Campbell roared "DID YOU HEAR ME! Get into bed now!"

Ashlie hurried to the bed and as she sat down she jumped right back up in pain and whimpered. She could not ever remember a time where she had been spanked, but found out it was beyond painful. To the point it hurt to sit, even with the padding from the training pants.

"get to bed. come on Annie, your dragging this on longer than you need to." acknowledged miss Campbell as she walked to the bed.

Ashlie winced in pain as she sat down and laid back onto her pillow.

Miss Campbell looked to the nightstand by the bed and noticed a cigarette butt and some ash. She picked up the butt and held it out for Ashlie to see and barked "where did you get this?"

Ashlie froze up in fear and didn't know what to say. She was caught red handed.

"where did you get this Annie? I asked you a question child. You tell me your I will tear this whole room apart!" demanded miss Campbell.

Ashlie knew she had to give miss Campbell something. If not she could find the hidden bottle of vodka and bag of pot. Ashlie winced in pain as she rolled over and grabbed half a pack of cigarettes from under the bed and held them up in the air.

Miss Campbell grabbed the pack and cleared her throat as she said "now YOU listen here Annie. I'm going to smoke and you are not. I'm going to drink and you are not. I'm an adult and its my right to choose. You on the other hand are a child and can't choose. Is that understood?"

Ashlie laid on the bed and a tear came to her eye. She was an adult. She wasn't a kid. She had the right to choose, but after leading miss Campbell on she knew she couldn't argue with her.

"DO YOU UNDERSTAND!" yelled miss Campbell.

Ashlie jumped in fear and mumbled "yes, I understand..."

Miss Campbell pulled a cigarette out of the pack and put it in her mouth as she said,"now go to bed." before walking to the door and turning off the light.

Ashlie kicked her legs and hit the bed in anger, but winced as her swore ass reminder her of the wrath miss Campbell. She rolled on her side and closed her eyes as the tears began to form in little drops and roll down her cheeks. She wanted to go home.

The next morning Ashlie careful got dressed. Her ass was still sore and just taking the training pant off alone was pure hell. She dressed in a girls cocktail dress that was blue with puffed sleeves and white trimmed lace. as she carefully sat on the bed and worked her legs into the panties she had been supplied, she felt defeated. She leaned forward enough to pull the my little pony panties up over her ass. Maybe her greed had gotten the best of her and she should just tell miss Campbell the truth. It was better than living like this. Maybe she wouldn't get in trouble, just kicked out.

Ashlie carefully stood up and slipped her feet into the Mary Jane's and made her way downstairs.

She sat on the couch and jumped up in pain before rubbing her butt. "stupid miss Campbell. spanking me. I'm an adult, after all." Ashlie was mumbling to herself when she looked up and seen a taxi pulling into the driveway. The backdoor open and Joshua got out and looked around.

"shit..." Ashlie said as she looked around and began power walking towards the front door. Josh was going to ruin everything.

"Josh! You shouldn't have come, I've been trying to get ahold of you!" announced Ashlie as she bounded down the steps of the house to Josh.

"get in that cab Ashlie, were leaving." said Josh as he pointed to the taxi.

"Josh! No!" replied Ashlie as she looked over her shoulder to the house.

Josh pushed Ashlie aside and said, "where's that bitch miss Campbell! I'm going to give her a piece of my mind!"

"oh my God Josh, come here!" Ashlie said as she pulled Josh to the side and looked around.

"what are you doing?" replied Josh.

"listen. Going off on miss Campbell will only hurt me and I will loose my chance at being famous. I've got a much better idea." claimed Ashlie.

"what?" replied Josh skeptically.

"I will play the Concert and after will tell everyone that I'm not really a child and this is what I had to do to get noticed. You could write this story for your blog and it will be read by hundreds, thousands Josh. Thousands. You will get to put miss Campbell in her place and everyone will know who she really is. What do you say Josh? Help me help you and I will help you." pleaded Ashlie.

"I don't know. I can't imagine you not being home and in the same house as her." admitted Josh as he kicked the ground.

"oh come on Josh. To her I'm just some kid. Just some little obnoxious girl who wears, never mind that. But she thinks I'm a kid." countered Ashlie.

"you really are crazy Ashlie." Josh said as he leaned in for a kiss.

Just than miss Campbell looked out the front door and seen Josh kissing Annie.

"hey YOU!" yelled miss Campbell as she ran down the steps and towards Josh.

Joshua turned just in time for miss Campbell to knee him right in the crotch and push him toward the taxi.

Ashlie looked at miss Campbell and exclaimed "this is becoming a habit with you!" as she got down to see if her real life boyfriend was OK.

Miss Campbell looked at the taxi driver and said "driver, come get this piece of shit out of here."

Ashlie looked up from Josh and cried "you really could have hurt him!"

Miss Campbell grabbed Ashlie's arm and as she pulled Ashlie towards the house Ashlie said "you...you..you monster. You can't just kick people in the balls."

Miss Campbell stopped and yelled " driver, hang on!", before she looked at Ashlie and said, "lets get this settled. Do you want to stay here or go with him?"

Ashlie looked at Josh than to the house as she weighed her options. Feeling bad that she was saying it, Ashlie whispered, "here...."

Miss Campbell looked back at the driver and yelled, "alright sir, you can drive him off now."

As the taxi drove off with Josh in it, Ashlie looked at miss Campbell and childishly said, "I'm not staying with you because I like you....I'm staying so I can play music! One show and if I don't like it I'm out!"

Miss Campbell grabbed Ashlie's arm and replied, "that's fine with me.", as she guided Ashlie back up the steps of the house.

Later that day Ashlie was playing guitar as miss Campbell and another guy listened. As Ashlie finished the song the man said, "no Annie, with more passion!", as he himself picked up a guitar and stated playing along with her.

The whole time miss Campbell sat on the couch drinking watered down whisky and smiling. Annie was going to make her even more rich and even more famous.

That night as Ashlie was climbing into bed, miss Campbell patted her butt and said, "you haven't wet the bed so far dear. A couple more nights and I would say your done with those nite nite pants."

"really!", exclaimed Ashlie. It was the first good news all day.

Miss Campbell pulled the covers up to Ashlie's chest and smiled, "yes really. As long as you don't wet the bed by than. Now try to get some sleep honey. Goodnight."

Ashlie smiled as miss Campbell walked to the door and turned off the light. The more time she spent with miss Campbell, the more she liked her. Miss Campbell was like the mom she never had and Ashlie could tell that miss Campbell herself was becoming attached to her.

The next day, miss Campbell lead Ashlie outside with the promise of a surprise and once Ashlie seen what it was, she really was surprised. Miss Campbell had bought Ashlie a pink girls bike with white basket and flower decals.

"you shouldn't have.....", Ashlie said as she walked to the bike and got on.

Miss Campbell handed Ashlie a helmet and got on her own bike.

Ashlie looked at the Helmet in her hands and noticed it was pink with colored owls around the edge. The inside was white Styrofoam. Ashlie sighed as she slipped the helmet on and buckled the chin strap.

Miss Campbell asked at Ashlie and said, "lets go for a ride Annie!". And soon both miss Campbell and Annie were riding down the road. This was the first time in a couple days that Ashlie felt relaxed and worry free. As she road her Child's bike, she caught herself smiling. She didn't want to smile, but couldn't help it. Even with the stupid helmet, this was fun.

Miss Campbell looked over and even noticed that she was smiling, which in return made her smile. Maybe she should take Annie out on the town, maybe that's what she needs?, thought miss Campbell as she rode her bike along Annie.

Later that day Ashlie had found herself at an amusement park with miss Campbell. The only flaw to the trip was Ashlie was already to small for most rides and thought to be a child, which meant she was limited to the Child's rides and games. As Ashlie rode on a minuter pony, she looked over to miss Campbell. for the first time Ashlie noticed her smile. It wasn't a fake smile, but an honest real one. Miss Campbell was enjoying this, thought Ashlie as a greasy man pulled her off the pony and stood her up. Maybe this arrangement helped them both?

Back at the house that night, Ashlie was busy practicing her guitar. She looked over and seen that miss Campbell was past out on the couch. Ashlie smiled to herself and set down the guitar before walking over to the woman. Ashlie grabbed a throw blanket and pulled it over miss Campbell. As Ashlie was leaving the room she spotted a bottle of booze.

As Ashlie walked away she Swiped a bottle of rum and looked at the label. It was captain Morgans spiced rum and Ashlie knew it packed a punch. The last time she had drinking it, she ended up puking in the car while Josh drove her back to her apartment.

As she walked up the stair case she reflected back to the days events. from the bike ride, to the amusement park. Never in her life would she had let someone or anyone, watch her enjoy herself riding the kids rides at the amusement park. Yet here she was, 26 years old and rubbing elbows with children, whom thought she was the same age. A couple times riding the rides, Ashlie got paired up with an elven year old named Mallory and found herself taking about pop stars. Thank God, miss Campbell left teen beat magazines around for Ashlie to read. Otherwise, Ashlie wouldn't have had anything to reply with when Mallory was talking. The only real other let down to the amusement park was once she had gotten to the front of the line, Ashlie was told she was to short to ride. After that, she shyed away from Mallory to spare the embarrassment of being told she's to little by a eleven year old.

"today was a good day.", Ashlie said to herself as she walked into her new room and closed the door behind her. She tossed the bottle of rum on the bed and playfully skipped over to the dresser. As she pulled her shirt off she tossed it aside and grabbed a girls thermal pajama top, and pulled it on.

She opened the top right drawer and pulled out a pair of training pants and set them on top of the dresser. Ashlie unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down, before stepping out of the leg holes and casting them aside. Followed by the childish panties she was wearing.

Ashlie grabbed the training pant off of the dresser and stretched it open before lowering to her feet and stepping into the leg holes. As she worked it up her legs she thought about it. 26 years old and wearing a glorified diaper. Truthfully thou, she didn't mind. They were like full cut panties with a little extra padding. Somewhat comfy after getting use to them, and its not like she used them ever. It just became a thing she did before bed. Ashlie pulled on the waistband to get a better fit and pulled at the leg holes before patting herself on the butt. She actually thought the design was cute. It had cute little butterflies mixed in with polka dots.

As Ashlie skipped back to the bed she giggled at the rustling sound that the training pant admitted. It was like someone was slightly moving a plastic bag around just enough to pick up on the sound. As she stopped skipping, she picked up the rum and twisted off the top. She put her nose to the bottle and whiffed the strong smell of the 80 proof liqueur, before taking a sip.

Right away Ashlie cringed her nose and exhaled. She forgot how strong the burn was. After the sting went away, Ashlie put the bottle back to her lips and began chugging the rum.

She pulled the bottle away and wiped her mouth as she twisted the cap back on and tossed the bottle on the bed.

Following the bottle, Ashlie flopped on her stomach on the bed. She picked up a teen beat magazine and flipped it open. As she read articles about who's new and what's cool, she would take the time to stop and take a swig from the bottle of rum.

Soon enough, Ashlie was starting to feel drunk. As she flipped the page, she looked up and seen the big doll that miss Campbell had bought her. Ashlie smiled to herself and crawled further onto the bed until she was up against the doll.

Ashlie looked the doll over and thought it was so odd that miss Campbell would bye such a big doll for her. It was almost as big as her. Ashlie pulled herself onto the doll and let her body go limp.

"you understand me right? Oh come on.....don't judge......you got a diaper on to.... ", Ashlie joked as she hugged the doll. As Ashlie stretched out her legs, she went to pull herself up from the doll, but got a funny sensation. She lifted herself high enough to see what it was and found that the dolls knee had brushed against her clit.

Even through the padding of the training pants Ashlie could feel it. And it felt good. She slowly lowered her body back onto the doll and began moving her waist back and forth until she found the right spot. Soon enough, she couldn't stop and was on her way to a really good orgasm. The faster she moved her hips the more she bit her lip until her legs pulled together and Ashlie moaned. She tensed up as she felt herself cum and than collapsed on top of the doll.

"wow...", Ashlie said to herself as she pulled herself up and sat on the bed. The last time she ever humped a stuffed animal was when she was a kid and discovering her own body. She looked over to the doll than touched the crotch of the training pant and found that it had absorbed all of the fluid her body has secreted. She looked down at the training pant and poked it as it looked somewhat bigger. "well you did your job.", Ashlie joked to the training pant before she picked the bottle of rum back up and twisted the cap off.

Ashlie chugged most of the rum before she knew it was time to call it quits. She stumbled to the bedroom window and opened it, before throwing the bottle out and into the pool. She closed the window and turned off the light as she made her way back into the bed. As she got comfy, Ashlie pulled the doll close and mumbled, "your going to bed with me.", and closed her eyes.

The next morning miss Campbell flung the bedroom curtains open and sang, "rise and shine Annie!"

Ashlie winced at the blinding light from the sun on her face and rolled over. "just a little longer....", she said as she started drifting back off to sleep.

"come on Annie! We got a busy day ahead of us. A stylist is coming and a photographer to take your pictures. Come on! Get up sleepy head!", joked miss Campbell as she walked up to the bed and bumped it with her leg.

Ashlie opened her eyes and for the first time in ages, she felt hungover. Ashlie swatted at the cover and moaned, "I'm awake...I'm awake....", as she let out a yawn.

Suddenly, miss Campbell playfully yanked the blanket off of Ashlie and noticed the very wet and ballooned training pant. "Annie?....did you wet the bed?", sincerely asked miss Campbell.

Ashlie came to life and rolled onto her back and leaned up as she felt droplets of pee squeeze out the leg holes. She gasped in fear as she put her hands to her crotch to cover the training pant from miss Campbell's eyes. As she turned beet red with humiliation, Ashlie looked up to miss Campbell and argued, "I didn't wet the bed?....I....I....",

"now come on Annie.", miss Campbell corrected as she lifted one of Ashlie's hands up and confined, "its OK if you did. Accidents happen. But you need to tell the truth when asked a question. You don't want to grow up to be a liar."

Ashlie was watching miss Campbell study her very wet and cold training pant. She wasn't going to win this one. "I wet the bed....you happy?", groaned Ashlie as she knew what was coming.

Miss Campbell pocked the crotch of the training pants and observed, "you soaked this thing through? Wow...", before she stopped and smiled, "well thank you for telling me the truth Annie. That was the right thing to do. You should go take a bath and get dressed. There is going to be a stylist here soon."

Ashlie was surprised miss Campbell didn't lecture her on wetting the bed. She thought she was going to get a long talk about going to the bathroom before bed and what not. But no. She was told to get ready instead. As Ashlie got off the bed and embarrassingly walk in front of miss Campbell, wearing a very squishy training pant, miss Campbell praised, "well at least it did its job."

Ashlie felt ashamed as she recalled saying the same thing last night when she masturbated wearing the childish undergarment. Slowly she marched to the bathroom and drew a bath. Today was starting out shitty

Later, Ashlie had a stylist make her over and she sat by the pool with the giant doll miss Campbell had bought. Ashlie smiled big and let the photographer take pictures of her.

After the photo session Ashlie was met with an even bigger surprise.

Miss Campbell had taken Ashlie to meet the members of the band "school of rock", and Ashlie nearly flipped her lid. She was so excited and nervous that she couldn't help slightly shaking as was introduced to everyone. Once introductions were made, Ashlie was asked to jam out.

"Annie that was amazing!", said the band manager as he smiled at Ashlie. The man turned to the band of real kids and followed, "you guys now have a challenge. Little ten year old Annie is the youngest in the bad, but still better than all of you. Your not practicing enough!"

The man turned back to all of the band and counted off, "one, two, three...", before the whole school of rock band began playing again.

Miss Campbell sat in a chair and leaned in to Mrs. Benson and said, "you know she's an amazing child. She can talk about movies, comics, music and has a great sense humor. Some of the stuff she knows about blows my mind. She's ten and knows about Jimmy page and the misfits. Tell you, I just don't understand."

Mrs. Benson nodded in agreement and answered, "and to think, you wanted to kill her last week."

"shows what a fool I can be.", replied miss Campbell as a stage hand walked up.

"miss Campbell. There's a guy who wants an interview for his blog. Said he knows you? Names Josh silver?", said the stage hand.

Miss Campbell frowned and looked at Mrs. Benson and said, "excuse me."

As miss Campbell walked into the lobby she seen it was Annie's uncle and got serious.

"I don't want any trouble miss Campbell.", Josh joked as he smiled.

"I'm here to see of Annie is OK and get a picture for her sister Ashlie. Mind if I get a picture of you two together?", questioned Josh.

"I thought you were writing for your blog?", countered miss Campbell.

"Josh shrugged his shoulders and said, "was, but that's not important. Can I get a picture of you two together?"

"yes. Practice is almost over with. Hang on.", said miss Campbell as she walked away.

Josh nodded OK and looked around the lobby before slowly following behind miss Campbell to the stage area.

"were all very proud of you Annie!", clapped the band manger as everyone else started clapping. Josh looked around and couldn't believe that his girlfriend had fooled all these people. They all actually thought she was a child.

"Annie! That was great!", remarked miss Campbell as she walked up to Ashlie and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

As Ashlie was being kissed a flash went off and she looked up to see it was Josh. Right away she felt dread. Was he here to ruin it for her.

"how's it go there Annie. That was awfully good. I bet your ready to be on stage!", remarked Josh as he pinched her cheek and smiled.

The photographer smiled and answered, "she's going to be a hit in the school of rock. Being the youngest and all ever to play with them. Annie! Mr. silver here is writing about you for his blog. Isn't that great."

Ashlie didn't know what to say. Josh was going to ruin all of her hard work. She smiled at Josh and looked up to miss Campbell, who didn't seem to impressed.

"one more picture Annie! How about you riding miss Campbell like a pony!", asked Josh.

Miss Campbell looked at Annie than to Josh and said, "out of the picture, were both to old for that. Now if you don't mind we both got some things to do."

as Ashlie and miss Campbell were walking away, Josh said, "see you on stage kiddo.", before turning and walking away himself.

As miss Campbell and Ashlie walked out of an elevator, miss Campbell said, "Annie this is my condo, I think you might like it here."

As they walked into the apartment they were greeted by Mrs. Morgan who took both of their coats. As Mrs. Morgan took Ashlie's jacket she asked miss Campbell, "well how did everything go?"

Miss Campbell looked at Mrs Morgan and replied, "great. Annie did amazing."

Ashlie was deep in thought about her boyfriend Josh when she heard miss Campbell say, "yeah, you know who came by. I feel that he shouldn't be a problem that much longer. The paper work is in the process and...."

Ashlie cut off miss Campbell, "paper work?"

Miss Campbell patted Ashlie's shoulders and remarked, "oh don't worry Annie. Its adult stuff. Say? We should go look at the view from my apartment balcony!"

As Ashlie felt miss Campbell grab her hand she followed miss Campbell outside onto the balcony.

"aww look at this view Annie. There's central park and the zoo. When its a full moon you can hear the lions roar. Winter time thou, there's a ice rink. I hope you like to skate. I use to....before all of this. Well, before to long you will be famous. Kids begging for your autograph, little girls looking up to you as a role model."

Ashlie looked over the railing and let out a sigh. She was going to be famous to kids. Not adults. Kids, some bigger than her, would bug her for this and that. Far from what she really wanted to be.

"Annie. I wanted to ask you something. About your uncle Josh. Its really about something you said when he came out to my house. You said you were sticking around for one show....or the chance to play once. You really didn't mean that did you?", sincerely pried miss Campbell.

Ashlie felt herself starting to get emotional and she looked up to miss Campbell and said, "what...I...I..."

Miss Campbell put her arm around Ashlie and pulled her close. "were going to be working with each other for years and years. Wouldn't you like to live with me full time?"

Ashlie wiped a tear from her eye and sadly said, "you may change your mind after the concert...."

"now get this through your little had pumpkin, even if everything went wrong at the show or after, it wouldn't matter to me. I love you for who you are, not what.", acknowledged miss Campbell.

The tears started rolling down Ashlie's cheeks as she sighed, "I'm so sorry...I...I really am."

Miss Campbell held Ashlie tighter and said, "I use to never be the person who cared about kids. I have money and everything a person could ever want. Maybe I'm the mother type after all."

Miss Campbell released Ashlie from the hug and took her hands in hers and looked down on the tiny woman, who she thought was a child. "you got a cute little nose...mouth....Annie...I want to adopt you.", said miss Campbell softly.

Ashlie was thrown off by the suggestion and never figured that is what miss Campbell was getting to.

She looked at miss Campbell and sputtered, "don't you think its time for dinner..."

Miss Campbell smiled and exclaimed, "yes! Great idea honey! Last one there is a rotten egg....ready! Set...go!", and took of running ahead of Ashlie.

Ashlie stood on the balcony and lowered her head. She felt so bad. So disgusted with herself. This woman who thought she was a child had fallen in love with her as if she was really one of her kids. Ashlie wiped her eyes and heard miss Campbell yell, "I won!", before slowly walking in after her.

Ashlie sat in her booster seat at the table and picked at her food. She didn't feel like eating. She just felt sad inside. Miss Campbell on the other hand was busy eating away.

"pardon me miss Campbell. Mr Charlie is on his way up.", said Mrs. Morgan.

"he is!", exclaimed miss Campbell as she stood up and rushed to the door leaving Mrs Morgan alone with Ashlie.

"don't look so scared Annie. Charlie really is a nice guy. Don't let that get to you. Now keep eating sweety.", said Mrs. Morgan

Ashlie heard the door open and looked over her shoulder to see Charlie kissing miss Campbell.

"my love!", Charlie said as he hugged and kissed miss Campbell, "I haven't heard from you in over a week and I needed to know you were OK."

Ashlie slowly slide off her chair and was tip toeing out of the room when miss Campbell said, "Annie!"

Ashlie lowered her head and walked over to miss Campbell and miss Campbell looked at Charlie and said, "you remember Annie miles don't you?"

Charlie looked Ashlie over and flopped down on the couch. Right away Ashlie began to feel awkward and took a step back but miss Campbell stopped her. "where you going Annie?"

Ashlie looked down and said, "to my room.....I'm tiered...."

"but its only five o'clock?", replied miss Campbell as she looked at her watch.

"please....", remarked Ashlie. With all the emotion going on inside of her, she just felt like crying and being alone.

Charlie spoke up and said, "let that brat go to bed."

Miss Campbell looked at Charlie and back to Ashlie, "could you go get me a cup of coffee dear?"

Ashlie nodded and walked of to the kitchen slowly.

"what's the matter with you? She's just a child.", barked miss Campbell.

Charlie laughed and replied, "I don't got time for brats. Why don't you send her off where you found her?"

"because she's going to live with me.", responded miss Campbell.

Charlie shook his head, "and than what? Adopt her?"

Miss Campbell got quiet and looked Charlie right in the eyes, "the paper work is being pushed as we speak."

Charlie stood up and got angry, "you never talked about kids. I don't want any."

Miss Campbell stood up and said, "I have to. Her sister hasn't come around once and her uncle is creepy. Plus.....I love her."

Charlie and miss Campbell were unaware that Ashlie was listening in and Ashlie was even more shocked when miss Campbell said, "I'm sorry Charlie......Annie needs me and I want to be a role model to her. Were....were through."

Before Ashlie had time to process what was happening, Charlie stormed out of the apartment and miss Campbell's life.

Ashlie put her head against the wall and wanted to cry. This lady had given up everything for her and Ashlie was just taking her along for a ride. Never had Ashlie felt so disappointed in herself.

Later Ashlie was sitting on her bed in her pajamas when miss Campbell walked in with some warm milk. Miss Campbell pulled the blankets up to Ashlie's cheat and ran her hand along Ashlie's cheek. "you know I love you Annie.", said miss Campbell.

"and....I love you.", answered Ashlie as she leaned up and hugged miss Campbell.

"I wanted to know Annie...how you would feel if I adopted you?", said miss Campbell.

"adopted me....", said Ashlie as she lowered head and felt the tears coming.

Miss Campbell seen Ashlie crying and asked, "what is it dear?"

Ashlie shook her head and sobbed, "nothing...."

Miss Campbell grabbed Ashlie's hands and replied, "you don't have to decide right now honey.....why don't you sleep on it."

Ashlie rolled over and miss Campbell patted Ashlie's padded rear before getting up and walking out of the room.

Ashlie felt like the biggest piece of shit for what she was doing. She needed to get out and get some air. Once Ashlie was sure miss Campbell was asleep she rolled out of bed and pulled on some pants. She needed to see Josh.

As Ashlie walked up the steps of her own apartment she was greeted by Josh, who was smoking a cigarette. Ashlie grabbed the smoke from Josh and took the first real drag she had had in a week.

"good to see you to.", said Josh as he slapped Ashlie's butt and heard a muffled noise.

Ashlie forgot she was still wearing the training pant and quickly changed the subject, "I missed you Josh. I had to see you."

"everything OK?", Josh asked as he took the smoke back from Ashlie and took a drag.

Ashlie lowered her head and as she walked into her apartment she said, "we need to talk Josh."

Once inside the apartment Josh asked, "what happen? How did you get away?"

"I don't think I can do this....", sighed Ashlie.

"why?", asked Josh.

"everyday is just a new humiliation and I don't think I can keep it going.", honestly replied Ashlie.

"why? What happen? Did they figure you were an adult?", questioned Josh.

"no. And there never going to. Annie is going to run away....I think...", sighed Ashlie.

"don't you know Annie miles just can't disappear? She's a real person now. She's on every news paper, news station and advertisement. They will be looking all over town if she goes missing. First place is here and they will be asking what we did with the body..", remarked Josh.

Ashlie bit her lip, "than what do I do Josh? Keep wearing diapers and being lead by the hand?", sobbed Ashlie.

Josh thought he was mistaken when Ashlie said, "diapers", and asked, "diapers?"

Ashlie rolled her eyes and replied, "there training pants Josh.....I got drunk and wet the bed by accident and.....never mind that thou. What am I'm going to do?"

"I'm going to put the story up on the blog now. Send a link to the news and say she made you do it. they will swarm miss Campbell. Maybe you come out before you play, they make you a hero and a good television story.....", said Josh.

Ashlie walked to the window and confessed, "I can't do that Josh."

"why not? What's happen to you?", insisted Josh.

"its complicated", Ashlie mumbled as she looked out the window.

"now come on. Why's it so complicated? Your leaving me in the dark Ashlie. What's going on?", exclaimed Josh.

"miss Campbell loves me....", sighed Ashlie.

Josh got upset and said, "she loves you!"

"not in the sense your thinking Josh. She.....she loves me like a daughter.", admitted Ashlie.

"I don't understand? So what? She loves you like a daughter. So we still getting married?", remarked Josh.

Ashlie lowered her head and mumbled, "yes."

Josh took Ashlie in his arms and Said, "good, we can leave tomorrow and get married."

Ashlie felt more guilt than ever as she looked down and knew the right thing to do.

Josh walked to the door and said, "I've got go get clothes! I will see you in the morning right?"

Ashlie nodded her head and began crying as she said "yes"

The next morning miss Campbell sat in her office with Mrs Benson and fretted, "is that the right time?", asked miss Campbell.

"what time did Ashlie say she would be here?", questioned Mrs. Benson.

"she didn't. She called late last night and said she would be here early. This is all my fault. I should have gotten up and checked on Annie. Maybe than she wouldn't have run away.", worried miss Campbell.

"why don't you just go and get her from their apartment?", asked Mrs. Benson.

"and what? Tango with Ashlie and Josh. No way....", replied miss Campbell before her office phone rang.

In a hurry, miss Campbell answered and said, "yes...."

Kelly was on the other end of the line and said, "Ashlie miles is here."

"send her in!", responded miss Campbell.

Mrs. Benson opened the door and Ashlie walked into the office nervously. "good morning.", Ashlie said as she seen miss Campbell stand up.

"where's Annie? You said she would be coming?", replied miss Campbell as she looked to see.

"miss Campbell....I don't know if Annie should play that show.", answered Ashlie honestly.

"what is this miss miles? Another one of your tricks!", said miss Campbell.

"why do you act this way with me? Your so sweet with Annie, but the minute you see me your mean as can be! Am I so different from her?", asked Ashlie.

Miss Campbell leaned against her desk and said, "yes."

"well can't you imagine I might be alright if you took the time to understand me?", pleaded Ashlie.

With her arms crossed, miss Campbell Said, "no I can not. Every time I see you it means trouble. You will do anything to cut Annie's throat."

"I'm not trying to cut Annie's throat! All I'm trying to tell you is that Annie isn't what she appears to be. Annie...", Ashlie was exclaiming when miss Campbell cut her off.

"miss miles, I know Annie and I know you. I wouldn't believe you under oath in court.", barked miss Campbell.

Ashlie was aghast and put her hands to her hips and said, "alright. That's the way you want it.", and turned for the door.

"just a moment! About the concert. If Annie doesn't play with the school of rock band it will cost me thousands of dollars and my name. So you should let her play. Its in two days. If she isn't there by four o'clock than I will send the police to get her. I don't trust you one bit to say the least. So make sure she's there.", boomed miss Campbell

Ashlie looked miss Campbell in the face and frowned, before turning and walking away.

As Ashlie got home she heard her phone go off and answered, "hello Josh."

"did you talk to her?", asked Josh.

"yes. I just got back from her office.", signed Ashlie.

"good girl. Now I'm going to make some plane reservations. There's one for two o'clock and five o'clock tonight? Which one should I pick?", asked Josh.

"I don't know....can't we do it Friday? I got so many things to do. Pack, pay some bills and close up the house.", answered Ashlie.

"what really? That's kind of bull shit. I thought we were leaving today? How about I come and help you pack.", said Josh.

"no its OK. I want to be by myself for awhile. I will see you Friday morning?", replied Ashlie.

"really? I haven't seen you in weeks and now you don't want to see me? You cheating on me....your going back to miss Campbell huh...that's it...", fished Josh.

"Its not what you think Josh. I just...", Ashlie responded.

"I just what? This is complete crap Ashlie and I should come get you right now and....", nagged Josh.

"no you won't Josh. I got to go....see you Friday....", Ashlie said as she hung up on Josh.

Ashlie looked at her trash can and seen the discarded training pant she was wearing the night before and knew what she had to do. She had to go back to miss Campbell and play that show. Ashlie walked into her room and began pulling out some clothes to get dressed up as Annie once more. She knew the right thing to do and she was about to give up her whole life for miss Campbell.

Miss Campbell was beyond excited to see Annie back at the front door of her house and as they walked into the living room Ashlie looked at miss Campbell and said, "can we talk?"

Miss Campbell smiled big and replied, "yes! Yes! About what dear?"

Ashlie took in a deep breath of air and was scared about what she was getting ready to do. She exhaled and said, "miss Campbell....I....I was scared about what you said the other night. About wanting to adopt me? So I ran away."

"well its a scary thing Annie.", responded miss Campbell.

Ashlie nodded in agreement and said, "lets do it....."

Miss Campbell jumped up from the couch and exclaimed, "are you serious?"

"yes....yes mom. I want you to adopt me.", she felt funny calling miss Campbell mom, but knew it was bound to happen.

Miss Campbell smiled big and bent down to hug Annie. As they were hugging, Annie pushed miss Campbell away and said, "one thing thou. Josh, uncle Josh. He plans on ruining the show. He's got some blog and was taking about making up some crazy sorry to slander your name."

Miss Campbell smiled and responded, "don't worry about him. I've got people to deal with that stuff. All we got to do is have you're sister sign these forms and problem solved."

Ashlie grabbed the forms from miss Campbell and looked them over. They were adoption forms with her name on it. Her new name, Annie Campbell. Ashlie looked up to miss Campbell and said, "can I take these to my sister and have her sign them? I want to see her one last time."

Miss Campbell nodded OK and watched Ashlie walk to the door. "I will be back in two hours....mom."

"keep safe daughter!", said miss Campbell as she began to tear up.

Ashlie rode her pink girls bike down the road and pulled into a public park. Once she found an empty bench she sat and looked around. The only people at the park were adults and kids. Fitting to her situation. If she didn't sign the papers she would be one of the adults. If she signed, one of the kids. Ashlie watched as the kids ran up and down the play structure and down the slides as the adults watched from the grass.

Ashlie no doubt would be subject to play at the park once or twice as Annie. She pictured herself going down the slide and sighed.

She leaned back on the bench and thought about the pros of signing the adoption form. If she did she would be famous, rich, loved, and part of a family she never had or knew she needed.

The con's were a little more simple. Be with Josh and semi happy. No famous life or reached dream, and live her life for the next eight years as a child.

As Ashlie looked the kids over one more time she flipped the folder open and signed the form. It was done. Ashlie was now going to be Annie Campbell, the famous ten year old guitar prodigy.

Ashlie got up off the bench and got on her bike. She needed to get miss Campbell these forms.

It was the night of the big show and the school of rock band manager was beyond nervous. "don't worry, she'll do great!", baked miss Campbell as she watched Annie walk on stage in front of thousands of people.

"I hope she does.", said the man as he looked around.

Just than Ashlie plugged in her guitar and looked at the other members of the band. After a settle head nod the band began playing and the crowd went nuts. Ashlie had reached her dream. As miss Campbell watched, she herself had gotten what she wanted. A daughter.

After the show ended Ashlie sat in her own dressing room and smiled. She had made it. She reached her dream. Not the way she expected it to be, but none of the less, she made it.

The dressing room door opened and miss Campbell walked in. "ready to go home honey?", asked miss Campbell.

Ashlie turned to her new mother and smiled. "I'm ready mom.", replied Ashlie as she got up and walked to miss Campbell.

As they were leaving the dressing room miss Campbell admitted, "I'm proud of you Annie. You did good."

Ashlie grabbed miss Campbell's hand and responded, "no. We did good. Now lets go home."

The end

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