Tuesday, July 5, 2016

No good deed goes unpunished

No good deed goes unpunished.

Brooke patiently waited on the couch. She had been waiting for a plumber for over an hour now. it was getting ridicules. Her mother had placed a call about a clogged sink and set it up so Brooke was suppose to let the plumber in. She wasn't to leave the house.

Their mother, "Linda" did things like that all the time. It was a way of being controlling. Every since Brooke and Ashlie's father past away from a drunk driver, Linda watched over the girls like a hawk. She set curfews and check in times with both of the girls, in order to know they were safe at home.

The rules changed a little bit for Ashlie, who had turned 18. She didn't have a check in time, but she did still have a curfew. With the leniency that she was home by midnight.

Brooke on the other hand, still had to call her mom every two hours. As well be home by 6pm. She understood it was because she was twelve, but she also understood that her mom was a little over bearing.

Brooke kicked her feet out from the couch and jumped up. She let out a sigh of boredom. This was just another way of her mom controlling her.

Brooke's boredom soon ended as her attention was drawn to the front door, as she heard it unlock. She had never been so relived as her older sister Ashlie walked in.

Ashlie set her purse down on the table and looked up to see Brooke staring at her. "you OK?", Ashlie laughed as she walked up to her sister.

It always made Brooke silently smile, when Ashlie stood next to her. Ashlie was the older sister, but the shortest of the two. At 18 years old, Ashlie was only four feet and six inches tall. Brooke on the other hand was twelve and stood five foot four. When they stood next to each other it just looked funny.

Brooke looked down to her sister and replied, "yeah I'm fine. Just going crazy being in the house. Moms had me waiting for this stupid plumber all day. He's like hours late!"

Ashlie shrugged her shoulders and suggested, "well if you want to get out of the house for a second, we can go to jack n the box and pick something up to eat? I'm hungry and don't fell like cooking."

Brooke looked at the clock on the wall and noticed it was half an hour tell her mom got off of work. She couldn't let her mom know she left the house. Brooke turned to Ashlie and sighed, "I can't go Ashlie. Moms almost off and that plumber hasn't shown up yet. I can't leave the house."

Ashlie rolled her eyes and remarked, "it's right down the street! Come on. The stupid plumber hasn't shown up yet, and we got thirty minutes to get there and back. So lets go!"

Brooke looked at the clock once more and turned to Ashlie with excitement and said "OK lets go!" Before racing to the front door.

Ashlie followed suit and grabbed her purse as she ran out the front door and to her car. She fired it up and pulled out of the drive way with Brooke in the passenger seat. Brooke turned on the radio and said, "I love this song!" As Ashlie drove them to jack in the box.

As they pulled into jack n the box, Ashlie noticed that there was a good size line of cars, but figured it would go pretty fast. The thing she didn't know, was the plumber had shown up and left already because Brooke wasn't home.

The line of cars was slower moving than both girls thought. As they approached the speaker box, Brooke's cell phone rang.

"Shit...its mom!" Brooke said before answering the phone and cheerfully saying, "hello mom! What's going on?"

Right away Ashlie noticed Brooke's facial expression change to horror, as her mother began yelling to the point, Ashlie herself could her it.

Brooke tried to defend herself from her mothers onslaught and replied, "I was at home mother! Ashlie came home and wanted to go get something to eat and dragged me along with her!"

Ashlie looked right at Brooke with fear in her own eyes. Her sister had pinned the whole plumber ordeal on her. Ashlie waited for Brooke to finish her conversation before she addressed what was said.

"why did you say that! YOU wanted to get out of the house as I recall! I didn't force you to come with me!" barked Ashlie as she moved her car up to the speaker.

The voice from the speaker cheerful asked, "welcome to jack n the box. Would you like to try are new nacho taco?"

Ashlie stuck her head out the window and replied, "no thanks. Two cheeseburgers. That's it."

The person told Ashlie her total and that's when Brooke replied, "It's not all my fault Ashlie! I'm not going to be the only one getting in trouble for this. You wanted jack n the box, I was simply board."

Ashlie looked right at her sister and complained, "still you didn't have to come with me! Now mom is going to be mad at me!"

Brooke crossed her arms and watched the car in front of them move up. She didn't look at Ashlie when she concluded, "well it's no use fighting now. Were both in trouble."

Ashlie looked at Brooke, who was looking away, and back to the car in front of her. She silently let out a sigh. She hadn't been in trouble with her mom in ages, but knew her mom was ridiculous when it came to things like this.

As soon as Ashlie paid for the food, they began eating the cheeseburgers as Ashlie drove home. Both Ashlie and Brooke were in fear as they got closer and closer to their house. They didn't know what to expect.

As Ashlie pulled her car into the driveway she looked at Brooke and sighed, "are you ready?"

Brooke opened the passenger door and slowly got out as she replied, "no, but we got no choice."

Ashlie opened her car door and followed Brooke up to the front door of the house. They didn't have a chance to open the door as Linda pulled it open and yelled, "BROOKE! Get you're ASS in here, RIGHT NOW!" Her mom moved aside and let Brooke pass by before looking at Ashlie and saying, "you to."

Ashlie lowered her head and walked past her mother into the house without saying a word. She stopped next to her sister, who was standing by the couch.

Linda shut the front door and walked over to the couch. She stood in front of Ashlie and Brooke and screamed, "I TOLD YOU TO STAY HERE BROOKE!! What happened?"

Brooke began to tear up and Ashlie knew she was going to crack. Brooke looked up to her mother and whimpered, "I..I was here all day! Ashlie showed up and wanted to get food. I told her I was waiting, but she made me go!"

Ashlie's eyes widen and her jaw dropped in shock at what Brooke just said. Ashlie jerked her head to Brooke and objected, "I DIDN'T MAKE YOU GO! I came home and you were board and went along with me cause I was hungry!"

As Brooke began to bicker with Ashlie, Linda stopped the argument as she proclaimed, "I don't care who said what. Brooke, you knew you were suppose to stay home until the plumber got here. Now he won't be back until tomorrow and I can't take a shower before work."

"I'm sorry mother..." Brooke started to say, but found herself cut off as her mom plopped down on the couch and grabbed Brooke's arm.

"you're not sorry yet." Linda snapped as she pulled Brooke over her lap. Without any warning, Brooke's mother began spanking her with full force.

She was into her tenth swat when she stopped and asked Brooke, "what are you going to do next time I tell you to do something?"

Brooke was crying and sobbed, "I'm going to do what ever you tell me to do!"

Linda smiled and replied, "this will help you not forget!" As she began spanking Brooke again.

Ashlie watched her sister kick and scream in pain as her mother spanked her butt in front of her. Part of Ashlie was glad that Brooke was getting spanked. That's what she got for telling. The other part of Ashlie was embarrassed for her. At least she had her pants on.

Ashlie's mom stopped spanking Brooke and pulled her off of her lap.

Brooke's hands went right to her backside as she stood up and sobbed.

Ashlie's attention to Brooke was short lived as her mom began talking. "Ashlie, I told Brooke to stay home and you tempted her to leave the house. I don't think you're to blame for her not listening, but you had a roll in it." suggested Linda.

Ashlie tried to defend herself and blurted, "I don't disagree mom, she said she was waiting, but she also said she wanted to do anything. I'm sorry she didn't listen to you and I'm sorry I helped her."

Ashlie's mother nodded in agreement and declared, "we will just agree that you're both at fault for not listening. I don't see why since Brooke got punished, that you shouldn't too?"

Ashlie felt panic rise up her spine and gulped before saying, "I'm 18 years old mom, legally an adult now. I don't think..."

Her mom cut her off from finishing her sentence as she grabbed Ashlie's arm just like she did with Brooke. "yeah you're 18, but you're still small enough to take over my knee!", said Linda as she yanked Ashlie over her lap.

Ashlie began kicking her feet and swinging her arms in order to stand up. She found it useless as Linda held her firmly in place across her lap.

"MOTHER STOP!", yelled Ashlie as she tried to wiggle free from her mothers grip.

Linda swatted Ashlie's butt once to get her attention before she announced, "I'm going to make myself clear. You know the rules and how to act. You're going to act like your sister, than I'm going to treat you just the same."

Ashlie didn't have time to protest as her pants and panties were tugged down to her thighs. Just as fast as her pants reached her legs, her mom began spanking Ashlie.

Ashlie screamed out in pain as the swats rained down on her backside. Linda switched from one cheek to the other in a rapid series.

Her mom was into her 15 swat when she stopped and asked, "are you going to get Brooke to leave the house again, after I told her to stay home?"

Ashlie was crying heavily when she sobbed, "NO MOTHER! I won't! Please stop....PLEASE stop spanking me...please.."

Ashlie's mom looked to Brooke, who had been watching the whole time, and down back to Ashlie before continuing. Swat after swat came down on Ashlie's ass and she started screaming in agonizing pain. After another 15 swats, Ashlie's mom stopped.

Ashlie was uncontrollably sobbing as she was pulled off of her mothers lap and forced to stand in front of Linda. Linda stood up and looked at her two girls before saying, "well since you two already ate, I don't see a problem with you two going to bed early. Now, I suggest that you follow your sister to her room Ashlie. She'll know where an extra set of her pajamas are. Your going to be sleeping in her room tonight."

Brooke looked up to Linda with tear filled eyes and remarked, "yes mother." She turned to Ashlie and said, "come on Ashlie..." As she started walking towards her room.

Ashlie looked at her mother, who didn't look happy at all, than lowered her head and followed her little sister. As the two sisters walked slowly, their mother walking close behind them.

As they entered Brooke's room, Ashlie stood by the bunk bed, while Brooke went to the dresser. Linda stopped in the door way and watched as Brooke opened the top drawer.

Brooke pulled out two pairs of pajama bottoms and two pajama tops. She handed Ashlie one set, before turning back to the dresser and opening the next drawer over.

"you might as well grab one of those for Ashlie, while you're in there." Linda said from the doorway.

Ashlie looked up from the pajamas and over to Brooke. She knew what Brooke kept in that drawer. As Brooke pulled out two pairs of goodnites, Ashlie turned to her mom and pleaded, "why do I got to wear one! I don't wet the bed! Please mom, Don't make me."

Her mom walked into the room and snatched the goodnite from Brooke and held it up for Ashlie to see. "If she's wearing one, so are you. Now put it on and climb into bed or I will put it on for you!"

Ashlie looked at the goodnite her mom was dangling in front of her and sadly took it.

"good girl." Her mother said before turning around and going to the door. She stopped and looked back to Brooke and Ashlie before finishing, "you two get dressed. I will be right back in to tuck you in."

Ashlie watched her mother walk away before she slid her pants off. She glanced over to Brooke, who was already stepping into the goodnite. Ashlie lowered the training pants to her feet and stepped into the leg holes. With a swift yank, she pulled the goodnite up her legs.

Ashlie felt a tear roll down her cheek as the material pressed against her skin. The goodnight was bulky and rode high along her waist. Ashlie grabbed the pajama pants and pulled them on, before doing the same with the pajama top.

"you look cute." Brooke said as she climbed into the bottom bunk.

Ashlie looked herself over and the tears began to roll from her eyes. She felt stupid.

Ashlie climbed the ladder to the top part of the bunk bed and plopped down on her back.

"mommy's back!" Linda sang as she walked into the room and tucked Brooke into bed. She leaned up to the top bunk and patted Ashlie's crotch to hear the muffled sound of the padding. Linda pulled the covers over Ashlie and tucked her in. "in the morning you can have your clothes back Ashlie. Let this be a lesson to you. Next time you won't get off so easy. Now good night."

As Ashlie's mom got to the door she turned off the lights and walked out. Leaving Brooke and Ashlie alone.

Ashlie closed her eyes and focused on failing to sleep. she wanted to get this day over with. She softly cried to herself until she fell asleep.

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