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The audition ch 2

The audition 2

"but my sister should be home soon" whined Ashlie as she was pulled out of the apartment.

"don't worry about her. I will." miss Campbell said as she pulled Ashlie along.

As they got to the bottom of the stairs Joshua open the apartment complex door and miss Campbell rudely barked "excuse me." As she pulled Ashlie along.

Josh began waking up the steps and stopped. Was that his girlfriend with that woman? Couldn't be. She was dressed like a child.

Joshua looked out the apartment complex door and seen miss Campbell strapping Ashlie into a booster seat. It was his girlfriend! As he raced down the steps miss Campbell drove off. Leaving Josh at curb confused.

A waiter walked up to the table and said, "good evening miss."

Miss Campbell looked at the man and replied, "bring me chicken strips, broccoli, Apple sauce, and a cup of milk."

"that's it?" asked the waiter.

"no. Bring me a lobster tail, grilled asparagus and an Apple martini. Oh! And could you being her a booster seat. The tables to high." miss Campbell ordered.

As the waiter walked away miss Campbell looked at Ashlie and joked "If your a good little girl I will give you a bite of lobster."

Ashlie sighed and when she looked over she went white with fear. Josh had followed them to the restaurant.

Josh walked up to the table and said, "what on earth are.."

Ashlie cut him off from finishing his sentence. "miss Campbell, this is my uncle Josh. I call him uncie Josh. He's getting married to my sister Ashlie."

Ashlie looked up to Josh and childishly exclaimed "I auditions with the kids and was chosen, and now I'm going to be famous! Isn't that exciting! Isn't that wonderful... Uncle Josh!"

Josh looked at Ashlie confused and and hesitantly replied "ooh, oh no.."

Ashlie smiled big and replied "I got it!", than looked at miss Campbell and continued "see he doesn't think I should do it, but I did. Him and my sister had a big fight Last night. But if you say anything uncie Josh I will never talk to you again. Never ever, and I will be so mad. So there." As she stuck her tongue out at him.

The waiter walked up and asked Josh "anything for you?"

"double whiskey on the rocks please." Replied Josh as he took a seat at the table.

"why don't you take my key and go home. Ashlie will be there soon." stated Ashlie nervously.

"well, I would like to ask you something Josh?" interrupted miss Campbell.

"what." moaned Josh.

"why is it that you disapprove of Annie paying music?" asked miss Campbell.

"cause I don't think Ashlie should play." Josh replied.

"Ashlie no. I'm talking about Annie here." answered miss Campbell as she motioned to Ashlie.

"Annie?" Josh said as he looked at Ashlie.

Josh looked at miss Campbell and asked "could I talk to...Annie. Its about...her wetting problem..."

Miss Campbell leaned back in her chair and said "well it would be good if we all talked. Ashlie, you, Annie and me. Get this settled one and for all."

Ashlie not knowing what to do said "why don't you call her miss. Campbell! She might be home."

Miss Campbell nodded and stood up before going to the bar to use the phone.

"don't look at me like that Josh. You don't think I like this do you? Wearing kids clothes and being baby talked by everyone around. Being forced to ride in a God dam booster seat." Ashlie complained.

"did you know it was a kids contest? Did you go into it knowing?" Asked Josh.

Ashlie lowered her head in shame and confessed "yes."

"I thought you would say that. Taking futures from little kids. That's low." Replied Josh as he shook his head at Ashlie in disbelief.

"I didn't take anything from nobody. Please don't give me up Josh. All I wanted was to be heard. And I got a contract out of it. A five year contract." explained Ashlie as she looked around.

"you can't do it. You got a kids contract Ashlie. Its for kids, not adults" argued Josh.

"yes kids contract. But I get to play music." Ashlie said before she noticed the waiter coming. With a booster seat and the drink Josh ordered.

Ashlie nervously hoped off the chair as the waiter set the booster seat down. As she climbed into the plastic booster seat the waiter handed Josh his drink.

As Josh went to take a sip Ashlie grabbed the drink from his hands and cursed "I need this more than you." And took a healthy sip of the whiskey.

Ashlie was unaware that the waiter was looking over his shoulder and seen the whole thing. In a hurry the waiter rushed out and told miss Campbell about what had just happen.

"give me a puff of your smoke. Its been all day since I've had one and I'm going crazy." Ashlie disclosed as she took a drag from Josh's smoke. She seen miss Campbell walking over in a hurry and didn't exhale in fear of being caught.

"did you just give her a drink? Open you're mouth Annie. Let me smell your breath, come on, open." ordered miss Campbell.

Ashlie wouldn't open her mouth and that's when miss Campbell pushed her cheeks and Ashlie let out a cloud of smoke and loud cough.

"you monster!" exclaimed miss Campbell as she grabbed her drink and tossed into Josh's face.

Without warning miss Campbell grabbed Ashlie and pulled her off the booster seat and towards the door in anger.

"JOSH!" Ashlie screamed as she was pulled along and out to the car.

By the time Josh got the liqueur out of his eyes, Ashlie was gone.

From the booster seat in the back of the car, Ashlie protested "you had no right to do that. He didn't give me the drink, I took it. And..and the cigarette, I took that to."

Miss Campbell looked in the rearview mirror and asked "does your sister know you drink and smoke?"

Ashlie nervously adjusted herself in the booster seat and hesitantly replied "ooh of course she does....Say where we going? My apartment is the other way."

Miss Campbell replied "were going to my house on the edge of town. It will do you some good."

Ashlie didn't like the sound of that and replied "you can't do that! You can't just....take me off away from my family."

"dear child, If I wanted to I could take you away from them for good. I can prove that their unfit guardians for you. Than my lawyers would go to court and I would adopt you." answered miss Campbell smugly.

"oh no your wrong miss Campbell. There wonderful to me. They take great care of me. They really do." replied Ashlie from the booster seat.

Miss Campbell looked in the mirror and said "I'm sure they do." as she and Ashlie went silent.

Ashlie remained silent as she sat in her booster seat and reflected back on the days events. It was simply mind blowing how fast things had spun out of control. As miss Campbell drove through a gate she proudly announced "were here Annie!"

As she got out of the car, miss Campbell was greeted by two white poodles and they both followed her to Ashlie's side of the car. Miss Campbell open the door and leaned in to unbuckle Ashlie from the booster seat.

"here we are Annie" said miss Campbell with excitement as she lifted Ashlie from the booster seat and stood her up outside of the car.

Ashlie followed miss Campbell silently to the door of the house where they were greeted by Mrs. Morgan. The head maid.

"Mrs. Morgan, this is Annie miles. The one I was telling you about. She's going to be staying with us for a bit." cautioned miss Campbell.

"OK miss, and to let you know, Charlie has been calling for you. Would you like some company tonight." reported Mrs. Morgan.

"no it's OK. We both have had a long day and I think I would like a drink." countered miss Campbell as she took Ashlie's arm and said "come on Annie. I got something to show you!"

Ashlie was guided into the living room and was amazed at the fireplace, which was epic. The fireplace was all stone and super wide with a solid oak mantle. All the couches were white leather and screamed expensive.

Miss Campbell let Ashlie's arm go and motioned to the widow where a brand new guitar and amp sat. As Ashlie looked at the guitar miss Campbell looked to her mini bar and covered it with a napkin so Ashlie wouldn't see.

Ashlie was amazed at the sight of the guitar and inquired "Is that for me?"

Miss Campbell smiled and replied, "yes Annie. It's for you. I had it signed this morning by Miley Cyrus. You know, I was the one who first signed her for Disney. I've actually found a few major roles for other people as well."

Ashlie excitedly walked up to the guitar and picked it up to look. She hated Miley Cyrus but knew she had to act interested in the gift. The guitar read "to my number one fan! Love Miley."

Ashlie didn't let miss Campbell see her eyes as she rolled than. She couldn't stand Miley Cyrus or Katy Perry. They were so fake. Ashlie was more into old rock and metal. As Ashlie looked the guitar over, miss Campbell did see that Annie looked pretty excited. Than miss Campbell noticed Annie looking at the liqueur bar.

Miss Campbell frowned and walked over to her bar and stated covering bottles. As she turned back around she grabbed Ashlie's arm and announced "well it's time for beddy bye. I will show you the rest in the morning." as she walked Ashlie to the staircase.

As Ashlie took a couple steps up, miss Campbell stopped and said, "oh, I think I should get ahold of your sister."

Ashlie panicked and grabbed miss Campbell's hand and replied "oh no. You see...you see..she's probably out bar hoping. She drinks when she gets mad. So she might not be home."

"she shouldn't be bar hoping at this hour. She should be home with you." mentioned miss Campbell.

"you don't know my sister. One night she was so mad...she...she...she drank up the whole bar. They had to go clear to Russia to get more vodka." Ashlie mused in a very childish nature.

Miss Campbell looked at her and smiled. It seemed that Annie had quiet an imagination on her."come on Annie, I will show you to your room." replied miss Campbell as she started walking up the stairs with Ashlie.

Miss Campbell opened the bedroom door and said "here we are!" as she moved aside to let Annie in.

Right away Ashlie was thrown back. The room was decorated for a little girl. The walls were a soft purple and all the furniture was white. The bed had a pink canopy and the blankets were even Pinker. There was stuffed animals and dolls everywhere. Everything a little girl could ever want.

"I know what your thinking and no I didn't have this done for you. My two nieces come to stay with me in the summer and this is their room, but you could take it over tell than. Besides, they possibly out grown the decor. Their both twelve and thirteen. Just a little older than you Annie. Isn't that cool?" stated miss Campbell as she looked the room over.

Ashlie turned around and faced miss Campbell. Up until know they haven't discussed age or anything about it. No one asked? Puzzled, Ashlie asked "how...do you know my age? You never asked?"

Miss Campbell walked over to a dresser and looked in the drawers as she blindly answered "It was in the contracts dear. January eleventh, 2005. Making you ten years old."

Ashlie remembered writing that date down and did the math in her head. Placing her just a little over ten years old. "fuck." Ashlie mumbled to herself as she realized that miss Campbell was right about her fake age.

"you will find a new toothbrush in the bathroom and there are clothes in the dresser. I believe there's still a couple pairs of nite nite pants in the top drawer, but tomorrow I will send Morgan out for more." Informed miss Campbell.

"nite nite pants?" pondered Ashlie as she never heard the term used before. She right away pictured some panties made for sleeping. Or some type of pajama pants she was unaware of.

Miss Campbell nodded and explained "their so I don't have to buy a new mattress. Your uncle mentioned something about wetting problem? and, well you need to wear them to bed. That's until I know for sure you don't wet."

Ashlie blushed beet red with embarrassment as miss Campbell explained what they were. The nite nite pants was a delicate way of saying training pants. when Josh was trying to get her alone at the restaurant, he did say something along the lines. She didn't wet the bed though. Not in years that is. Ashlie sighed and knew it was something she would have to deal with. After all, it couldn't be that bad. She didn't need them. Ashlie started looking around the room and noticed a phone by the bed.

"go ahead and get ready for bed dear. I got a couple things to attend to." mentioned miss. Campbell as she walked to the door.

As soon as Ashlie seen she was out of sight, she raced to the phone and picked it up and dialed for Josh. After a couple of rings Ashlie thought she heard someone coming and hung up in a hurry.

Miss Campbell walked into the room and said "I almost forgot, use the potty before bed Annie. That will help not wet the bed."

Miss Campbell suddenly found herself startled as the phone rang.

Both Ashlie and miss Campbell reached for the phone but miss Campbell snagged it out of Ashlie's hands and answered. Right away miss Campbell hung up and looked confused. "wrong number I guess....I'm going to take this with me so it doesn't wake you." Announced miss Campbell as she unhooked the phone from the wall. She nodded to Annie and walked out of the room.

Ashlie sighed. She needed to get ahold of Josh and let him know where she was.

Miss Campbell walked down stairs and picked up her cell phone and called Charlie. As she was talking, Mrs. Morgan walked by with a tray and miss Campbell stopped her. "set that here. I got it." She said with authority.

After a brief talk with Charlie that went nowhere, miss Campbell addressed Mrs. Morgan "Annie tells a good story, most of it lies, but I'm going to make her a star. So we need to be civil to her. But don't give in to her games."

"OK miss Campbell." answered Mrs Morgan as she walked off.

Meanwhile, Ashlie had gotten dressed in what pajamas she could find. Going as far as putting on the training pants miss Campbell had suggested.

The little girl pajamas were a pink flannel two piece set with little colored hearts all over. After pulling on the top, Ashlie found they actually fit her pretty well. The training pants were another story. They were a size to big and poked out of the top of the waistband of the pajama bottoms as she laid on the bed. As Ashlie flipped through the pages of the magazine, she found she had to keep pulling her pajama top down just to keep the waistband covered. As Ashlie laid on her stomach and cleaved through the magazine she opened her legs a little and went back to close them. That's when she noticed the thickness of the padding. It was oddly like having a throw pillow between her legs.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and Ashlie pulled her pajama top down over her bottoms before looking up from her teen beet magazine and saying "who is it?"

"It's miss Campbell dear. I brought some warn milk."

"could you leave it by the door?" called Ashlie from the bed. Unintentionally she began opening and closing her legs. The padding from the training pants was snug against her vagina and as she moved her legs apart, it softly rubbed her clit. A weird feeling to say the least, but good at the same time.

"I rather not. Plus I need to talk to you." miss Campbell insisted as she walked in and looked at Annie on the bed.

"you look rather comfy." she said as she set the milk on the night stand.

"thank you. Good night..." Replied Ashlie as she didn't want to be seen dressed like this.

Miss Campbell sat on the bed and said "I tried for your sister but no one answered. Funny. Say, open your mouth I just noticed something?"

Hesitantly Ashlie open her mouth and miss Campbell took a look at her teeth. "your going to need braces. I know a good orthodontist." said miss Campbell.

"I don't need braces!" exclaimed Ashlie as she leaned up on her elbows.

"well, that's debatable. But that's not what I was coming to talk to you about. When a person trains to become something say like a football player, or in your case, a musician. they have to give up certain things." hinted miss Campbell.

"oh...like what?" puzzled Ashlie as she tried to read what miss Campbell was thinking.

"well, like the smokes and booze honey." honestly reckoned miss Campbell.

"oh." Responded Ashlie as she laid back down and pulled her pajama top down over the training pant that was clearly peaking out.

Miss Campbell ran her hand across Ashlie's cheek and asked "how did you start? If you don't mind me asking."

Ashlie turned her head to the side to face away as she explained "It was a boy....and he dared me. Than I got hooked."

"Annie. you need to give it up child. it's no good. Both physical and mental. Give it up know before it really gets ahold of you." miss Campbell voiced with concern.

"you....you mean you want me to quit?" sassed Ashlie as she flipped the page of the magazine in front of her.

Miss Campbell got sympathetic and said "Annie. I will help you. I will do anything to help."

"you will?" sputtered Ashlie as she leaned back up on her elbows.

"yes" miss Campbell replied.

Ashlie leaned up to a sitting position and sat on the bed. "will you quit to? Along with me?" Asked Ashlie. She knew she was going to be pushing miss Campbell into a tough corner.

"what?" puzzled miss Campbell. Being caught off guard by Annie's sudden request.

"Well if it hurts me, than it must hurt you to? Right?" Harassed Ashlie as she watched miss Campbell's facial expression change.

Miss Campbell fought for worlds as she explained "well, I mean its different for me. I'm to old to quit."

"I understand. You can't. Or won't." responded Ashlie as she flopped backward onto the bed. She realized that the waistband of the training pants had made its way above the pajama bottoms once more and quickly pulled her shirt down.

Miss Campbell bit her thumb and stood up. "OK Annie. I will quit with you. We both won't drink or smoke." Swore miss Campbell as she held her hand up for a scouts honor.

"you mean it!" Ashlie exclaimed. She couldn't believe miss Campbell caved in at her request.

"first thing tomorrow I will give it up. I will toss it all out. I promise." noted miss Campbell.

As she smiled at Annie she looked her pajama set over. It was cute and fit her well. Miss Campbell noticed the training pant peaking out of Annie's waistband and knew that she would be able to pass Annie off as Americas new sweet heart.

Ashlie excitedly jumped off the bed and exclaimed "oh no! Lets do it right now! Give me your smokes!"

Miss Campbell hesitantly dug through her jacket pocket and handed Ashlie a pack. Ashlie quickly patted miss Campbell's pockets and found another pack along with some pot.

"oh my miss Campbell! Why are you carrying spices in a bag?" Fished Ashlie as she dropped the smokes and pot into the cup of milk.

"no, why?" fretted miss Campbell as she looked at her stuff in the glass of milk.

"now? How about your room?" squealed Ashlie as she unexpectedly ran out the bedroom door in a hurry.

Miss Campbell rushed out after Annie and yelled "NO! DON'T!"

In miss Campbell's room Ashlie found another pack of cigarettes and tossed them out the window. "now that's better!" Ashlie smiled as she dusted her hands for effect. She was going to drive miss Campbell crazy.

Miss Campbell got irritated and crossed her arms but didn't have enough time to vent as Ashlie shrieked "oh the liqueur!", and ran out the door in a flash.

Ashlie was almost to the bottom of the stairs when miss Campbell took her first step down after her.

As Ashlie got to the bar miss Campbell cried "what are you going to do!"

Ashlie pulled a trash can to the bar and began dropping the bottles into the trash as miss Campbell pleaded "what are you going to do with them?"

"throw them away!" Responded Ashlie as she piled them into the trash can.

"no, not that bottle Annie! That's hundred year old brandy!" requested miss Campbell as Ashlie began handing her bottles of booze to hold.

Without warning Ashlie took off to the door with the trash and what she could carry. "follow me!" cheered Ashlie.

As miss Campbell got to the door she fretted, "come on Annie, be reasonable!"

Ashlie dumped the bottles into the pool and tossed what miss Campbell was holding in a hurry.

"well, Here goes that brandy!" piped Ashlie as she tossed the bottle into the pool.

For the first Time in years miss Campbell felt like crying. She loved her alcohol.

"There now. Don't you feel better!" proclaimed Ashlie as bratty as could be.

"just great.....", mumbled miss Campbell as she slumped her shoulders and headed back to the house sadly.

Ashlie looked at all the bottles in the pool. She didn't take the caps off a couple of them and they remained floating about. Better stash one or two, thought Ashlie as she looked around.

The next morning after breakfast, Ashlie was practicing on guitar as miss Campbell watched. Her mind wasn't on Annie though, she wanted a cigarette. Miss Campbell got up and paced the room as Ashlie watched and played. Watching her every move, Ashlie followed miss Campbell with her eyes as she walked over to a case and looked for her E-cigarette. Once miss Campbell couldn't find it Ashlie smiled to herself. She had snagged it without miss Campbell even knowing.

Ashlie stopped playing guitar and miss Campbell said "that was fine. Just great honey. Your going to be a star." as she walked towards the kitchen.

Ashlie began to follow but was stopped when miss Campbell firmly responded "Its fine dear, I'm getting a drink of water."

As miss Campbell left the room Ashlie darted to the first phone she could find and dialed a number.

"what are you looking for?" asked Mrs Morgan as miss Campbell entered the kitchen.

"cigarettes." moaned miss Campbell.

"I bought a carton once this week already?" Playfully chimed Mrs. Morgan before she continued "Annie had me throw them out though. Said you don't need them around?"

Miss Campbell looked pist as she inquired "where did she throw them?"

"garbage disposal." laughed Mrs. Morgan as she began needing dough on the counter.

"as long as I've been in this business I thought if I could just find a child prodigy I would be golden. I pictured some sweet little girl, who's nice and passive, but this girl is a brat. A real brat." confessed miss. Campbell.

"She certainly is a wild one. Looking at her, you would think she's the sweetest girl ever. Its a whole other thing when she opens her mouth." Laughed Mrs Morgan as she kept needing the dough.

"Mrs. Morgan you have little girls. Wouldn't you say this girl is extremely obnoxious. Are yours like that? She's ruining wild and doing what she wants. Is it me or am I right?" miss Campbell asked.

"yeah she is a pre-diva, but mine get spankings and listen when told what to do. I've learned if you cave in to everything they want, than they won't respect you. If you give them everything and do everything for them. Their the boss. Not in my household. I'm the boss. You want her to listen than you got to say no from time to time." huffed Mrs. Morgan.

"alright alright. I get it. Be the adult." said miss Campbell as she headed out of the kitchen.

Ashlie was playing with her hair as she talked on the phone when she heard miss Campbell coming. Quickly Ashlie hung up and picked up a teen beet magazine.

"I'm going to the store for a minute Annie" said miss Campbell as she picked up her purse.

"bye." Ashlie mumbled under her breath as she waved.

As miss Campbell grabbed her keys she said "why don't you come with me? Get a breath of fresh air before lunch. You've been inside all day."

Ashlie sighed thinking about the booster seat in the car. It was like being strapped into a rocketship. The booster seat was comfy and if it wasn't for the fact that miss Campbell insisted on picking Ashlie up every time, it wouldn't be half bad. Ashlie sighed and replied "I've got to practice."

Miss Campbell grabbed Ashlie's hand and answered "no. I insist. The break will be good for you. And it wouldn't hurt to listen when an adult tells you something."

Ashlie frowned. She knew she was gonna have to ride in the booster seat no matter what. The last part of miss Campbell's sentence had thrown her a little off guard. She sensed a bit of hostility in it. Ashlie let miss Campbell lead her out and to the car, where she picked up and placed into the booster seat again.

As miss Campbell pulled up to the store front, Ashlie pulled at the booster seat strap. She couldn't reach the release button though. She hated that thing. The strap was purposely buckled in a place she couldn't reach.

"stay here honey. I will be right back." miss Campbell snapped as she watched Annie struggle with the booster seat. Ashlie stopped fidgeting and crossed her arms definitely. Ashlie watched miss Campbell get out and walked into the store.

"fuck this. This is stupid." Ashlie huffed as she reached as hard as she could to the buckle on the side of the seat. After a couple attempts, Ashlie managed to get the buckle. She got out of the booster seat and open the car door. As she walked into the store she saw miss Campbell at the counter and noticed the clerk handing her two packs of cigarettes.

Ashlie smiled to herself as miss Campbell was caught off guard. "oh, I was just getting some change" lied miss Campbell.

Miss Campbell passed the smokes back and corrected "sorry you must have heard wrong. I said two packs of gum. Gum, not cigarettes."

The guy handed her two packs of gum and the change before going back to what he was doing.

"wonderful thing chewing gum. Helps quit" smiled miss Campbell as she pulled a stick out and put it in her mouth.

Ashlie smiled, knowing she was full of shit.

"why don't you look around for something honey? I got to make a call." miss Campbell suggested as she handed Ashlie some money.

As Ashlie looked around she noticed a pay phone and began walking towards it. Ashlie's attention was drawn away from the phone when she heard someone whistling at her. Angrily Ashlie turned to see who was making the cat call and was confused to see it was a young boy.

Ashlie gave a big smile and nicely said "hello" to the boy as she kept walking towards the phone.

Ashlie was almost to the phone when the boy replied "your cute! What school do you go to?"

Ashlie looked over her shoulder and replied "sorry, I got a boy friend."

Ashlie smiled to herself as she picked up the phone and called Josh. He didn't answer so she left a message for him before hanging up.

Ashlie looked at miss Campbell and smugly smiled as an idea vane to mind. She picked the phone back up and dialed her number.

Miss Campbell's phone went off and she dug through her purse until she found it. She didn't recognize the number but answered anyway.

"hello? Miss Campbell speaking."

"well hello. I heard you took my little sister away last night?" Ashlie said as adult as could be.

"under the circumstances it was the proper thing to do. We're at my place on the edge of town."miss Campbell said as she looked at a clock on the wall.

"well let me ask, don't you think she's going to be lonely, that poor little thing." fished Ashlie.

"I'm perfectly alright with you wanting to see her anytime you like Mrs. miles. You after all are her guardian. But the way she is living isn't fair." stated miss Campbell.

"huh, that's nice of you, but I'm going out of town for the week. So maybe you can hold on to her tell than. However, I would like my fiancee Josh to come see her." Ashlie said.

"flat out no. He can't. I had a run in with him last night and he is a very bad influence. That I won't permit." sternly spoke miss Campbell.

"permit? What do you mean permit? You don't got a say in it?" Ashlie said defensively.

"well I got a lot to say about it. He's not a legal guardian unless you two got married. And I will say it in court if I have to. You give her booze. She told me. I watched him give Annie whiskey and a drag off his smoke. He's not to be here." threatened miss Campbell as she looked around.

"he's not that bad. I say its alright." Ashlie argued.

"and I will take you to court as well. You will lose custody of Annie." miss Campbell coldly stated.

"your such a bitch. I've never met someone like you before. Fuck you." Ashlie huffed in rage.

"want to talk to Annie? She's right here." miss Campbell asked half heartily.

"don't bother. Give her a message for me." Ashlie responded.


"tell her she's to punch you right into the tits you mean fuck." barked Ashlie before hanging the payphone up.

As Ashlie walked away from the payphone miss Campbell walked up to her and said, "I just got a call from your sister."

"and?" Ashlie asked.

"she said she misses you very much but thinks you should live with me." Lied miss Campbell.

Ashlie put a large amount of gum in her mouth and said "did she send you a message for me?"

"yes. To give you a great big kiss for her." as miss Campbell leaned in for a kiss Ashlie blew a bubble with her gum and popped it in her face

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