Wednesday, September 28, 2016


             The small addition.

                  Chapter one.

Susan Matthews sighed heavily and looked to her office clock. It would be Another two hours before she could go home and she still had one more client to deal with. She smiled wearily as she adjusted the family photograph on her desk, taken last summer during their vacation in the mountains. Susan, standing beside her late husband Tom, both smiling brightly as they stood behind their three children, daughters Lisa, 15, Linda 6, and the newest edition to the household, Michelle, now 18 months old. She missed Tom, but he had become addicted to drugs and drinking. The key factor in which helped further the decision to split up.

Susan was thumbing through her appointment calendar when she was called by her receptionist. "Call for you on line two, Ms Matthews. Lassiter Research? Never heard of them, but sounds pretty urgent."

"Lasssiter Research?" whispered Susan to herself. She recognized the company name. Her best friend Ashlie miles worked there. Why would Ashlie call under "Lassiter Research" and not just as herself?

Susan picked up the phone and found it was not Ashlie on the other end of the connection.

"Mrs. Matthews?" politely inquired a man on the other end.

"Yes? May I help you?" Susan hesitantly replied as she looked to the clock on the wall.

"We have you listed as an emergency contact person for Ashlie miles, one of our employees." Admitted the man in a dull monotone voice.

"Ashlie miles? Yes. Is she alright?" Replied Susan. She was now a little worried that it wasn't her on the other end.

"Ms miles is fine, but I cannot explain anymore over the phone. She is here at our main office. If you are able to come here, I can answer any questions you might have. but she is going to need a ride home tonight." Answered the man in a matter of fact tone.

Susan didn't know what to think and replied "I'm on my way." before quickly hanging up the phone.

She looked at the clock again. She had just enough time to pick up Ashlie, swing by the daycare to pick up Michelle, and get home just in time before the rest of the kids got home from school. All should go right, depending on the traffic.

Susan left work early and headed to the northeast part of town where Ashlie worked. arriving at their main offices about a half an hour later. She walked to the administration office and a receptionist escorted her to an empty conference room.

After a short wait, the door to the conference room opened and a female technician entered the room. She was wearing a white lab coat and carrying in her arms a bundle swaddled in a small pink blanket. The technician silently walked over and gently placed the bundle into Susan’s arms as if passing a baby. Susan instinctively cuddled the bundle to her breast, noticing that whatever was wrapped in the blanket had some mass and weight. perhaps 20 to 30 pounds.

She looked up at the technician inquisitively, as if to ask "What is this?", Susan began to peel back the blanket and was horrified when she uncovered the small face of her friend Ashlie. Ashlie's eyes were closed and she appeared to be sleeping soundly.

"Oh, my God!" Susan exclaimed, "The poor woman!" She looked up at the technician and asked "What happened to her? How is this even possible? She's..she's...little?"

"Ms. Miles has been involved in some research involving size studies for the military. Are lab developed the technology and over looks the testing.", the technician explained, "When we went to restore her to her normal size this morning, there was a malfunction in the restoration device. She became very distressed and we had to heavily sedate her, so she will probably sleep well into the afternoon for you. If you will be so kind as to bring her back tomorrow afternoon, we will have the restoration device fixed then and we can put her back to her normal size. These studies that Ms miles has been participating in….", paused the woman before she continued "are very sensitive. So, I must ask for your confidence that no one be told about this. Or her."

"I understand" Susan hesitantly replied as she held Ashlie in her arms. Susan glanced down to the shrunken woman and finished "I will not compromise your secret.", as she gently brushed ashlie’s hair back from her forehead in wonder.

Susan looked back to the woman and smiled as she said "If I did, I would have to explain this? wouldn't I?"

"And Mrs. Matthews." Confirmed the technician as she sat down next to Susan and got very serious. "It is very important that Ms miles not be seen in public in. uh, in her condition. If the public got wind of what we are doing, it would cause an up roar." Stated the woman.

"I understand" Susan replied before countering "I will keep her bundled up in her blanket so no one will see her."

"And..." the technician continued, "It would probably be best if you took Ms Miles home with you tonight. Kept her at your house. When she wakes up she is going to be very disoriented and scared. And besides, she is going to need someone to bring her back here tomorrow afternoon for her restoration."

Susan stood up and adjusted Ashlie in her arms, cradling her Into her chest as if she were carrying an infant. The technician escorted Susan out of the building and watched her drive away.

Susan was very distracted as she drove to the daycare to pick up her daughter Michelle. She found herself constantly glancing into the passenger seat where she had laid Ashlie. watching for any signs of movement, praying that the ride would not wake her up. The last thing she needed right now was a hysterical toddler-sized woman in the van flipping out.

Although very apprehensive about it, Susan left Ashlie in the van while she ran inside the daycare to get her daughter. She was very relieved when she got back and found that her little bundle in the front seat had not moved. As she strapped Michelle into her car seat, Susan smiled to herself. She looked to Michelle and then to Ashlie. she wondered how Ashlie would react to being put into a car seat. She is certainly the perfect size to sit in one now. Susan cheerfully pictured her shrunken friend strapped in a car seat next to Michelle. She smiled to herself and closed the car door gently.

Holding Michelle in one arm and Ashlie in the other, Susan carried her two little bundles into the living room. She put Michelle into her playpen and then sat down on the couch, laying Ashlie back in her arms. The shrunken woman was still completely covered up in the blanket. She had known Ashlie since high school and they were good enough friends that Ashlie was always over for the holidays.

Susan smiled and stared at the bundle that she held in her arms. She very slowly opened the blanket, revealing first the top of Ashlie's head. Then slowly her whole head and face. Unable to resist the temptation to observing Ashlie at this scale, Susan gently caressed the side of Ashlie's face with her finger, feeling the soft warmness of her skin against the pad of her fingertip.

Susan quickly withdrew her finger when Ashlie stirred in her drug-induced sleep, moaning softly in response to the caress she just felt. Susan carefully pushed the blanket further apart, revealing a bare neck and shoulders. "My God" Susan thought to herself, "She isn’t wearing anything underneath this blanket. She’s naked!"

The giant woman continued to slowly and gently unwrap the blanket from around Ashlie, revealing miniature, but large rounded breasts on the shrunken woman. As long as they have known each other, Ashlie has always had rather big breast. Susan opened the blanket completely and her eyes immediately fell to the tiny "V" of closely cropped pubic hair between Ashlie's legs.

when she had finally completely uncovered the tiny naked woman, Susan estimated Ashlie to be around 28 inches in height, about the size of a petite toddler. Susan wrapped Ashlie back up in her blanket, knowing that when she did wake up, she was not going to want to find herself laid out as Susan had just done to her.

Susan looked at the clock above the fireplace. The kids would be arriving home from school within the next couple hours. She wondered if she should try to wake Ashlie up, or just let her wake up on her own. She decided to wait a bit longer, but realizing that Ashlie would need time to acclimate herself to her new condition and situation without having to worry about curious young people.

Susan cuddled Ashlie to her own oversized breast. Stifling a giggle when she realized that she was rocking back and forth as if she were nursing a baby. She watched Ashlie sleeping, toying with the tiny woman’s black hair with her forefinger. curling it around her finger, then letting it unravel. Susan flashed to a time when she had given Ashlie a haircut. She did the same thing then.

Ashlie stirred in Susan’s arms, moaning softly. Then her eyes suddenly fluttered open without warning.

Mortified, Ashlie looked directly up into Susan’s gaze, then turned to what she thought was a pillow.

Her eyes widened in fear and Susan felt the tiny woman’s body tense in her arms. Ashlie's lips peeled away from her teeth in a high pitched scream as she began to flail around wildly, fighting against the giant that held her tightly.

"no!!..No!NO!NO!!" Ashlie screamed as she squirmed helplessly in Susan’s arms, still trapped in the confines of the pink baby blanket.

"Shhhh! Its alright Ashlie. Its me, Susan." Susan smiled, trying to comfort her terrified friend. Pulling her tight into her massive chest. Susan softly said "You are okay, Ashlie. Everything is just fine…just calm down now, okay?"

Susan froze then winced when she felt a warm wetness on her thigh as Ashlie lost control of her bladder. In Ashlie's surprise, Susan loosened her grip on her little body, allowing Ashlie to squirm free.

The tiny woman scrambled out of Susan’s lap and cowered in the corner of the couch, clutching the pink blanket tightly around her body.

Ashlie panicked while pushing against the arm of the gigantic couch, her eyes fixed with fear, looking much like a trapped animal.

Susan pulled at her pant leg and cocked her head a bit and smiled, trying to reassure the frightened woman with a positive attitude. "Its okay, Ashlie. I’m not going to hurt you, its me, Susan… remember? Susan. Your friend since ninth grade."

"Th-They didn’t restore me!" Ashlie sobbed as she fixed the blanket around herself. "Why didn't they turn me back to the way I was??" She confusingly inquired.

"There was a malfunction with the machine, dear." Susan said with a smile, reaching out her hand towards Ashlie.

The tiny woman flinched, pushing her head against the couch, trying to get as far away from the reaching hand as she could. Susan leaned forward and caressed Ashlie's face with her open hand, her fingers trailing along her cheek and down the side of her neck. "Don’t be afraid, Ashlie.  Everything will be alright. they called me, and explained everything. The told me about the test. They asked me to look after you and bring you back tomorrow. They will have the machine fixed and they will put you back to normal. Simple as that."

"Th..They will? They told you that? Are you sure?" Ashlie questioned, a trace of hope and expectation in her voice.

"Of course! They will get you back to normal. Just tomorrow, not today." Susan cheerfully replied in a overly motherly tone, "I will take you there tomorrow afternoon. But for now...", Susan smiled while pointing to the wet spot on her left thigh, "I need to change my pants."

Ashlie put her hand to her mouth and blushed crimson red. " I'm so sorry about that! It was just that I was very confused when I woke up… try waking up in the arms of a giant and see if you don’t pee yourself! Your lucky I didn't shit myself." Explained Ashlie.

Susan smiled and stood up from the couch and began walking toward her bedroom. She turned around in time to watch Ashlie scoot to the edge of the couch, her legs dangling over the side. She straightened her legs and leaned forward, slipping off of the cushion and landed on the floor with a soft thump.

Ashlie scampered across the living room floor trying to keep pace with her new giant guardian, all the while being very careful to not trip over the blanket that she kept clutched tightly around her.

After getting to the master bedroom, Ashlie stood watching as Susan shed her pants and dug through her dresser, looking for another pair of jeans to wear.

"Uh, Susan?" Ashlie asked, "Did they give you any clothes for me to wear? Cause I’m not wearing anything underneath this blanket. When I’m participating in the studies, they have a specially made outfit for me to wear. They didn't give you one for me to wear, did they?"

"No, dear, they sure didn't. Only thing they gave me was you and that blanket" Susan cheerfully replied, "But we need to get you dressed. The kids will be home in a little bit, and I’m sure you don’t want to be running around here wrapped in just a blanket. Believe me Ashlie, you don't want to be caught by Linda like that. She's in a baby doll mother faze right now."

"Oh, NO! Please, Susan! You can't let Linda see me Like THIS! I seen her play with those dolls.", Ashlie exclaimed with fear, "Don’t let them see me like this. Please! Give me something to wear so I will at least be covered and hide me somewhere until tomorrow!"

"Well, I suppose you could stay in Michelle’s room?" Susan honestly answered, "Nobody usually goes in there. You will be safe from being discovered there, except for Michelle of course. But she can't really talk yet. Just babble, ma and ba-ba and stuff like that."

Ashlie nervously smiled and nodded in agreement as she asked "What do you have that I could wear until tomorrow?"

"Well, about the only thing I have that you could wear would be a tee shirt?" Susan replied. She looked around the room before coming to a conclusion that nothing would fit the shrunken woman.

"I could see what Michelle or Linda have? I'm a hundred percent sure Michelle has something in your size though." Playfully joked Susan.

"used baby clothes?" Ashlie chuckled while blushing a bit, "I’m not sure I could handle wearing baby clothes. That would be kind of weird. One of your tee shirts will be fine with me."

Susan dug around in her dresser, looking for the smallest tee shirt that she owned. Which ended up being a bright yellow Winnie The Pooh tee shirt. She knelt down in front of Ashlie and held the tee shirt up against the tiny woman, as if measuring it for a fit.

Ashlie did not move, but instead, stood still, looking up and feeling very small even though Susan was on her knees in front of her.

"This should be just fine for you to wear!" Susan said with a smile.

Without any question Ashlie shrugged her shoulders and the blanket that she had been clutching so tightly to her tiny body pooled around her feet. The tiny woman stood naked before Susan. Susan gazed down at the tiny woman for a few seconds, taking in the beauty of her nakedness. Susan was not about to tell her that she had earlier gotten a sneak peak at her womanly treasures.

Susan was fascinated with the perfect proportions of Ashlie's tiny body and was tempted to reach out to caress her, but decided against it. Ashlie looked up at Susan and lifted her arms above her head, as if waiting to be dressed.

Susan smiled and slipped the tee shirt over Ashlie's head, feeding her arms through the sleeves and smoothing it out against her body. "Now, that should be better than having to worry about that blanket, huh?" Susan causally remarked.

"Yes! Thank you!" Ashlie replied as she took a step forward and wrapped her tiny arms around Susan’s neck. hugging her tightly.

Following Ashlie's lead, Susan hugged Ashlie back, kissed her on the forehead and patting her little bottom for measure.

"love you Ashlie. Now run along to your room before the kids get home!" giggled Susan as she kissed Ashlie's forehead again.

Ashlie joined in on the little joke. she thought the play-acting was rather cute and knew Susan meant no harm. She turned from Susan and playfully began skipping away.

Susan smiled to herself as she watched her shrunken friend skip down the hallway and right into Michelle’s room.

She couldn't resist seeing what Ashlie looked like compared to Michelle's own toys. She quietly entered Michele’s room and found the tiny woman exploring what was going to be her living space for the next twenty-some hours. Susan watched Ashlie in silence from the doorway, while Ashlie explored the room. Unaware that Susan was watching.

The tiny woman looked at home in the giant nursery that surrounded her. Ashlie would pick up a toy and check it out before moving onto the next.

After watching Ashlie play with a stuffed baby toy for a couple minutes Susan made her presence known. She knelt down in front of her and took her tiny hands into hers, looking intently into her eyes. "I’m going to have to lock you in here, Ashlie", she said softly, "I don’t want anyone coming in here accidentally and finding you. But I will check on you from time to time, so don’t worry, okay?" Susan reinsured.

"I won’t. Besides, look at all this cool STUFF! It's like a got sucked into a cartoon or something. I might just have to have a tea party with all these toys." Ashlie playfully squeaked before smiling up at Susan.

"I really appreciate you taking me in like this. Taking care of me and all, like you’re doing. you are a true friend Susan." sincerely admitted Ashlie.

Susan smiled big as she looked down on Ashlie, who was going back to playing with toys in front of her. Susan kissed her on the top of the head. "That’s what friends are for.", smiled Susan as she stood up and Slowly backed towards the door.

Ashlie was now playing with two stuffed animals and Susan waved, smiled again, than closed the door. locking it behind her.

Susan returned to the living room and checked on Michelle, who was still playing quietly with her stuffed toys in her playpen. Susan looked to the clock and knew she needed to get some chores done before the kids got home.

Ashlie, Left to her own devices, began to explore her new surroundings. It was amazing to see things at this size. Half of the baby toys were as tall as her and the future rose high like buildings. As Ashlie sat down on a Fisher price ride and play toy. She put her feet on the pedals. The toy was plastic and in the shape of a colorful horse. At the bottom of the horses legs were wheels. Ashlie grabbed held onto the handle bars, that protruded from the horses head. She began to peddle the rideable toy around the room.

It didn’t take her long at all to begin discovering the limitations of her new stature though. Knowing that tomorrow she would be restored to her normal height, she did not dwell on the fact that at her present height, she was unable to accomplish even the most simple of tasks without assistance. She would be floor-bound and dependent upon Susan for everything, at least until tomorrow afternoon.

It wasn't long thereafter, Susan’s 6 year-old daughter, Linda, arrived home from school. She bounced into the house, dropping her book bag at the doorway and continuing toward the kitchen, waving to her mom and smiling as she passed by.

"I’m starving’, Mom!" Stated Linda, without breaking stride.

"Just a small snack, Linda!", Susan replied sternly, "Were having supper in about an hour or so. So only one snack."

Linda nodded in agreement and went to the living room to watched television and Michelle, while Susan began preparing supper.

About every half hour or so, Susan would sneak back to Michelle’s room and check on her little house guest.

Ashlie seemed to be enjoying the safety and solitude of Michelle’s nursery, even to the point of sitting on the floor and playing with the toddler’s toys as they were her own.

"Are you alright, Ashlie?" Susan asked, sitting down on the floor next to the tiny woman.

"Uh Huh!" Ashlie replied, looking up at Susan, then back to the speak-n-spell she was playing with.

The giantess watched her little friend play with the educational toy. Ashlie was spelling out words as the thing said them from a little speaker. Each right word would sound off a silly song.

Susan smiled and leaned over and kissed Ashlie on the top of her head. "I gotta get back to supper then", Susan said as she stood up, "I will check on you in a little bit and bring you something to eat."

Ashlie gave a big playful nod, she was beginning to enjoy the attention her giant friend was giving her. "Thank you", Ashlie said as she began another round from the spelling game.

The following hours followed the normal routine. Susan’s teenager arrived about an hour behind Linda. 16-year-old Lisa had been at soccer practice. Lisa arrived home just as supper was being put on the table.

Susan brought Ashlie a small plate of food. As the plate sat in front of Ashlie, she found she was unable to handle the eating utensils in her tiny hands. She could not grip the fork right, due to its wide handle. Each time Ashlie would get food on the fork she would drop it.

Susan watched Ashlie get frustrated the same way Michelle did when faced with a normal sized utensil. Their body movements were almost parallel.

Susan spoke up in a motherly tone "I can help feed you? If you want."

Ashlie politely refused Susan’s offer to feed her, instead, electing to eat from the plate with her hands. When she was finished, Ashlie held out her hands to Susan, palms up, so she could wipe them off.

Susan went to the changing table and grabbed a couple baby wipes. She bent down to Ashlie who had her hands in the air. Susan gently wiped them clean.

"Uh…Susan?" Ashlie smiled, fidgeting in place.

"Yes, hon?" Susan smiled back.

Ashlie bit her lower lip and blushed. "I have to go to the bathroom?"

Susan nodded and smiled. "Let me check first and make sure the coast is clear, dear."

She opened the bedroom door and looked up and down the hall. No sign of kids.

Susan nodded to Ashlie and motioned that is was okay for her to leave the room. Ashlie scampered past Susan, down the hall and into the bathroom. A few minutes later, the tiny woman was whimpering in frustration as she tried unsuccessfully to climb up onto the toilet.

Suddenly, and without warning, Ashlie felt herself being lifted up by two hands, underneath her arms. She let out a muffled yelp of surprise and she felt her feet leave the floor, her legs dangling in mid air.

Her face burned with embarrassment at how easily she was being handled.

She was slowly turned around and placed gently on the toilet seat. Ashlie looked up to see Susan’s large moon-like face looking down at her.

Ashlie felt very small and child-like in her vulnerable position. She knew Susan did it out of habit. She potty trained two kids, and about to do it again with Michelle. She looked up at Susan and smiled weakly.

"sorry, I didn't give you a warning. Force of habit. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help though." Susan stated with a smile.

Susan glanced over her shoulder and than back to Ashlie as she finished "It's nothing. I'm use to it. Now hurry up and go. I have to get Michelle ready for bed soon."

Ashlie smiled feebly as she endured the humiliation of having to pee for Susan, then being held over the sink as she washed her hands.

Instead of setting her back on the floor when she was finished, Susan placed Ashlie onto her hip. Carrying her back to the bedroom as if she were carrying a child. Ashlie did not protest her treatment. she could only cling to Susan’s neck and shoulders as she was carried around.

Susan strolled into the room and set Ashlie down on Michelle’s changing table. Playfully she reached down and traced her finger down the bridge of Ashlie's tiny nose. Ashlie giggled and kicked her legs, enjoying the attention and play-acting.

as Ashlie was laughing she glanced over to the far side of the table and happen to notice a stack of diapers next to some wipes and powder.

Ashlie quickly looked up at Susan, playfully poking her lower lip out in a mock pout. "don't you dare think about putting one of those big ol diapers on me." joked Ashlie.

Susan laughed loudly as she looked at the stack of diapers than back to Ashlie. Until now, she had not even considered advancing their little play-acting game. It was harmless joking around. They had both been playing like this all afternoon and into the early evening.

Susan laughed as she looked at Ashlie, who was now jokingly laying down on the changing pad like she was ready for a change. Both women had been playing a little loose with this. knowing that after tomorrow afternoon, their little game would be at an end.

Susan could tell though that Ashlie was beginning to adapt to her situation, probably in the knowledge that she would be back to normal in less than twelve hours.

"Well good news little lady. No diapers for you today. I bet they would be cute on you though! You would have a little pumpkin butt." Susan teased, ruffling Ashlie's hair playfully and than blowing on her belly.

Ashlie was laughing hard as Susan blew on her belly. In the middle of a chuckle Ashlie joked "stop, your going to make me pee!"

Susan smiled and giggled "well, maybe you need one than!" before blowing on Ashlie's belly again.

As Susan pulled her head away from Ashlie she said "no diapers, But the bad news is you will have to sleep with Michelle tonight."

"wait? I have to sleep in the crib?" Ashlie protested from the changing table. She had a bit of anxiousness in her voice as she looked over to the crib, then she shrugged her shoulders and confessed "I suppose that won’t be too bad and its just for one night."

"OK cool. Now, if you will excuse me", Susan said, "I gotta go get Michelle."

Ashlie reached her arms out to Susan. "Put me down on the floor, please!" she giggled, "Don’t leave me stranded up here on the changing table! This thing gives me the creeps."

Susan put her hands underneath Ashlie's arms and lifted her off the table, placing her gently at her feet.

Ashlie looked up at her giant friend and giggled, brushing her hair back from her forehead, blushing at having being picked up and handled so easily.

Susan brought Michelle into the nursery and laid her down on the changing table. Ashlie watched from the floor as Susan dressed her 18-month old for bed.

She laid Michelle in her crib and leaned over the railing, placing a bottle in her mouth. Michelle took the bottle and closed her eyes, sucking gently as she drifted ever so closely to slumber.

Susan turned to Ashlie and asked "Ready for bed sweetie?"

Ashlie nodded her head slowly and put her arms up towards Susan, waiting to be picked up. Susan lifted Ashlie and placed her in the crib.

She bent over the railing and kissed the tiny woman on the top of her head, patting her playfully on her behind.

"Now you be a good girl and go right to sleep. I don’t want to have to spank you!" Susan grinned in pretend sternness.

Ashlie gave a big smile and sweetly nodded her head, lying down beside Michelle. "Yes, ma’am", she giggled, as Susan covered her up and tucked the blanket around her tightly.

Susan tried to playfully put a pacifier in Ashlie's mouth but stopped when Ashlie moved her head away. Ashlie giggled and said "no thanks!"

Susan smiled and reached over to a Mobil that hung from the head of the crib. She turned it on and a soft lullaby could be heard through out the room.

Susan walked to the door and said goodnight as she closed it.

Ashlie silently laid next to Michelle, who was starting to fall asleep. It was fascinating and creepy seeing the giant toddler next to her. Michelle was the same size as her, if not slightly bigger. Ashlie yawned and looked to the music box. It was time for her to sleep. Tomorrow things would be back to normal.

Ashlie woke up late that night. She had no idea what time it was. The nightlight provided the only light in the nursery and there was no clock to be seen.

At first, she was very confused. Not understanding where she was or how she had gotten inside the giant crib. But when she had gathered her wits, she realized exactly why she had woken up. she was incredibly thirsty.

Her plan was to simply climb out of the crib, tip toe into the bathroom, get her some water and climb back into the crib without disturbing anyone.

A few minutes later however, her eyes were tearing in frustration as she found that she could not even climb out of the crib. She tried to jump up and hold onto the railing but it was to tall for her to do so.

In defeat, She plopped down on the mattress and Michelle’s baby bottle caught her eye.

Ashlie had to use both hands as she picked up the bottle and examined it closely. It was half full still, and the bottle itself was giant compared to the way she normally had seen them.

She tipped the bottle and gave it a slight squeeze. A few drops of milk fell onto her tiny fingers and she licked them, tasting the sweet liquid. Although the milk was still warm, it was very sweet to Ashlie. Like drinking half and half creamer.

The tiny woman sat the giant bottle down, deciding that she was not so thirsty that she would drink from a baby’s bottle.

As Ashlie laid back on the bedding the sweet taste lingered in her mouth and after a few minutes she hesitantly picked the bottle back up again.

Ashlie slyly looked around the room, as if to reassure herself that no one was watching her and what she was about to do. She would never live it down if Susan caught her drinking Michelle's milk.

Slowly and very tentatively, she laid on her back and raised the bottle to her mouth. Her soft, tiny lips parted and she slipped the oversized nipple into her mouth. She turned the bottle upwards into the air and slowly sucked on the rubber nipple. To her surprise, the nipple swelled in size before the sweet milk squirted out and down her throat.

Hungrily, she worked the nipple to get all she could until the hiss of bubbles followed the creamy liquid being drained. She finished the bottle, and placed it back next to Michelle. Her thirst satisfied, Ashlie covered herself back up with the blanket and slowly drifted back off to dreamland.

Ashlie was awakened the next morning to the sound of a very hungry Michelle, crying for her mommy loudly next to her in the crib. When Susan entered the nursery, she could not help but chuckle when she saw her 18-month old daughter and best friend Ashlie, almost the same size, standing side by side inside of the  crib. Both girls holding onto the lower slats as if waiting to be taken out.

"Good morning, you two!" Susan cooed, before she lifted Michelle into her arms and kissing her.

"Ohhh! You’re a wet girl, aren’t you?" Susan said as she checked Michelle's diaper.

"She was crying so loud, I was afraid someone else might come in and find me. what would have happened then?" Ashlie questioned, relieved at seeing Susan come through the door and not someone else.

"Oh, don’t worry, the kids are all at school. It’s just us girls here now." Susan laughed as she carried her baby to the changing table.

"Uh, before you start with that. would you mind taking me out, please?" Ashlie asked, "I really need to go."

Susan turned her head as she looked to the tiny woman. "Oh, I’m sorry, sweetheart!", she smiled, lifting Ashlie out of the crib and placing her on the floor. She watched Ashlie scoot off towards the bathroom in a hurry.

Susan began to change her daughter’s diaper when she felt a slight tug on her pant leg. She looked down and Ashlie was looking right up at her, trying to get her attention.

"I need a boost up onto the toilet please" Ashlie said, blushing a deep crimson as she cupped her crotch with her hands.

Susan nodded her head and quickly finished taping the tabs on Michelle's diaper. She lifted Michelle off the table and instinctively reached down, taking Ashlie by the hand. Ashlie did not protest, but instead, allowed herself to be led by the hand out of the nursery, down the hallway and into the bathroom. Susan lifted the tiny woman onto the toilet seat and Michelle watched curiously as Ashlie did her "business". Ashlie was allowed to stand on a chair and wash her hands this time as Susan was having a bit of a problem holding a very squirmy Michelle.

Ashlie was led back into the nursery by hand and she watched curiously as Susan sat down in the rocking chair and laid Michelle back in her arms. Susan lifted her tee shirt and unsnapped her bra cup, exposing her left breast.

Ashlie didn't know what to think. At normal size, Susan's breast were big. Now in her currant size, they were enormous, like giant milk filled water beds. As Susan guided the nipple to Michelle's mouth, she looked over at Ashlie, noticing that she was staring intently.

"Is something wrong?" Susan smiled, "I’m feeding Michelle. I will be done in a little bit, then we will drive up to your work and get you back to normal size, okay sweety?"

Susan looked closer at the tiny woman, whom she noticed had taken on an ashen appearance. "B..but….you gave her a bottle last night?", Ashlie replied finally, "You didn’t breastfeed her?"

"Ooh! That bottle. Yeah." Susan laughed, "That was some milk I had gotten with the breast pump. I had to use it before it went bad."

Ashlie grimaced a bit as she felt a roiling in her stomach. She had unknowingly drank more than half a bottle full of her best friends breast milk.

Two hours later.

Ashlie was allowed to sit in the front seat as Susan drove to Ashlie's work. Ashlie was excited and she knew that her life as a child-sized woman was about to be over with. She had full intentions to submit her resignation as soon as she was restored to her normal height. No more of these size experiments for her.

Susan steered her car into the parking lot of Lassiter Research and found it very odd that there were no cars in the lot. She glanced over at Ashlie and noticed that she was also watching out the window. a very concerned look on her face as she looked around the empty parking lot. Susan drove right up almost to the front entrance and got out of the car.

Susan pulled on the entrance door and found it was locked. She cupped her hands to the glass door and peered inside. Empty rooms and offices as far as she could see. The bastards had taken off, left without a trace.

"Oh, shit..." Susan muttered under her breath as she turned back towards the car. She could see Ashlie peeking over the dashboard. Her tiny body shaking as she sobbed uncontrollably.

The ride back home was very tense, yet quiet. The only sound was an occasional outburst of babbling from Michelle, sitting in her car seat in the back. Ashlie kept her head turned away from Susan, pretending to watch the passing scenery, but it was obvious by her quivering body and the hitches in her breathing, that she was crying to herself.

When they arrived home, Susan took Michelle into the house, put her in the playpen, and went back to tend to Ashlie. Susan slowly opened the passenger door and knelt down beside her tiny friend.

"Why don’t you let me take you inside Ashlie." Susan said softly, fiddling with Ashlie's hair as she spoke calmly.

Ashlie bit her lower lip and nodded her head yes in consent. She turned to Susan and leaned into her, clasping her arms around her neck, almost clinging her legs wrapped around Susan’s waist. Ashlie buried her face against Susan’s shoulder as she was carried into the house.

As soon as she was brought into the house, Ashlie straightened her legs and grasped Susan by the shoulders. From motherly experience, Susan knew that this meant "I want down".

She loosened her grip on Ashlie and allowed the tiny woman to slide down her leg and onto the floor. Susan slowly trailed Ashlie to the couch.

Ashlie struggled to get up onto the cushion. She tried to pull herself up, but was unable to get ahold of anything that would give her leverage. After a couple failed attempts Susan bent over, preparing to lift Ashlie up onto the couch.

Ashlie gently brushed Susan’s hand away. "I need to start doing these things for myself, Susan.", Ashlie whimpered, "I don’t want to have to be carried around and lifted into my seat all the time. I can do this. I need to do this. For me.... "

Susan stepped back and watched Ashlie struggling hard with something that she would not have given a second thought about twenty four hours ago. Susan suppressed a smile as she watched the tiny woman becoming more and more frustrated with not being able to climb the couch.

"please let me help you, hon." Susan finally said, lifting Ashlie up from behind. Ashlie squealed in protest as she felt herself being lifted off the floor, her feet kicking furiously in frustration. Her face burned with indignation, as she was turned around and placed on the couch cushion. Her legs sticking straight out, not able to reach the edge of the couch.

"I didn’t WANT to be picked up!" Ashlie barked angrily, tears of frustration filling her eyes and rolling down her cheeks, "I could've got up here by myself. I would of got it Susan. I would of."

"I know you could have Ashlie" Susan mused as she reached down and brushed a stray lock of Ashlie's hair from her forehead.

"Don’t you patronize me!" Ashlie scowled, pushing Susan’s hand away from her face.

Susan knelt down so that she was pretty much on the same level as the tiny woman. "I wasn’t trying to patronize you honey. I was just trying to help you. I’m sorry about what has happened to you, but you have got to realize that your life is going to be different now. Lets not make things more difficult than they already are?"

"More DIFFICULT than they already ARE!" Ashlie yelled incredulously, "You aren’t the one that’s the size of a two-year-old. having to run around dressed in this, this….tent sized shirt!"
Ashlie dramatically Pointed to Michelle in her playpen and continued "She’s gonna grow up, go to school, work, marriage. I’m not going to get any bigger! I'm thirty three and as far as I can tell, I get to spend the rest of my life being carried, lifted, and led around by the hand Susan. completely dependent on others to help me with everything. Like a FUCKEN baby. I'm thirty three, not three."

Ashlie squirmed to the edge of the couch and slid off onto the floor. She covered her eyes and ran sobbing into Michelle’s nursery, slamming the door behind her.

Susan stood up and waited for a few seconds before she decided to walk down the hallway. Susan lightly tapped on the nursery door and said "Ashlie? May I come in, honey? Please?"

Susan quietly waited a few seconds before opening the door and walking inside. Ashlie was sitting on the ground crying. She looked up at Susan with reddened, puffy eyes, adjusting her oversized tee shirt around her shoulders.

Susan calmly walked over to the dresser and opened the second drawer from the top. She flipped through the folded garments before she picked out a light pink and white striped footed sleeper that belonged to Michelle. She silently sat down on the floor a few feet from Ashlie and motioned to her to come.

Ashlie hesitantly shuffled over to Susan, stopping only a foot away from her giant friend.

"I want you to put this on Ashlie." Susan gestured, handing the footed sleeper over to Ashlie.

The shrunken woman held out the garment with dismay. "your joking me?", Ashlie frowned, "Baby clothes? I’m not wearing baby clothes Susan."

"Listen, Ashlie" Susan said firmly, "I know you really don’t want to hear this, but the only clothes that are going to fit you now will have zippers and snaps going up the inside of the legs and crotch. Toddlers clothes. I’m guessing size 24 Months or 2T? that is what Michelle is wearing now and your about the same size."

Ashlie looked up at Susan, her eyes pleading. "P-Please, Susan. Don't..", Ashlie said softly, handing the sleeper back to her friend, "Don’t do this….don’t make me wear baby clothes. There has to be something else, you can't expect me to be OK with this."

"Ashlie, wearing an oversized tee shirt around for one day was okay.", Susan started explaining, "But you know, as well as I do. that your, umm… situation is more permanent now."

Ashlie turned her eyes away from Susan, her lower lip quivering as she fought back more tears.

"The sooner you get use to wearing clothes that fit you honey, the better off you will be. This is just something you are going to have to adjust to." Calmly reinsured Susan.

"Gawd! This is so humiliating, I'm thirty three years old Susan. This isn't fair." Ashlie sobbed, turning a bright red.

"I know it's not fair. This never should have happen to you. I'm sorry Ashlie. I really am. But, It’s only me that will be seeing you like this, hon. If that makes any difference?" Susan confirmed.

Ashlie sadly shrugged her shoulders and let out a sigh. She took a deep breath in resignation and crossed her arms in front of her, grasping the hem of the tee shirt. Slowly, she lifted the tee shirt up and over her head, leaving herself deliciously naked in front of Susan. Ashlie held the tee shirt out to her giant friend.

"I suppose I won’t be needing this anymore, right?" Sighed Ashlie.

Susan took the tee shirt and set it aside, not taking her eyes away from Ashlie.

Ashlie looked up at Susan, a few awkward seconds passing before she raised an arm to try to cover her large breasts. The other hand covering the tiny V between her legs.

"C-Can I have the sleeper now?" Ashlie asked in a soft voice, smiling shyly.

Susan handed her the sleeper and watched as Ashlie fumbled nervously with the zipper and snaps. Ashlie struggled with the sleeper, tugging and pulling on the snaps, but not getting it to open. Finally, in a fit of frustration, she threw the sleeper on the floor and stomped her foot.

"Can I please have my tee shirt back?" Ashlie snapped, still blushing from being butt naked.

"Why don’t you let me help you Ashlie?" Susan insisted, holding her arms out for the tiny woman to come to her.

Ashlie didn't want to do this. It was beyond degrading to her. Knowing her options were limited, she sighed and slowly walked into Susan’s arms.

Susan gently lifted the tiny woman into her arms, smiling at the feel of her warm smoothness touching her arms and hands.

Ashlie was carried to the changing table and laid out on the thick plastic changing pad. Ashlie winced as the cold plastic touched her naked body.

Towering above Ashlie, Susan defiantly unzipped and opened the sleeper. She Carefully maneuvered Ashlie, slipping her tiny feet into the footed holes and pulling the sleeper up her little legs.

Ashlie laid motionless, watching silently as her tiny body was manipulated this way and that by Susan's big hands. She hated this feeling, but also knew it was useless to resist at this point, figuring that it would just be easier to go with the flow at this point. At least in a few more minutes, Susan would be finished dressing her.

Susan cheerfully smiled as she gently guided Ashlie's arms through the sleeves of the sleeper. She nimbly adjusted the elastic fittings around Ashlie's ankles and wrists before closing the zipper shut that ran down the length of Ashlie's legs and crotch. Lastly, she closed the snaps in the front of the sleeper.

"Too tight here?" Susan inquired, as she ran her finger over Ashlie's large breasts, which where now smashed together in the sleeper.

Ashlie gasped and squirmed a little at Susan’s touch. To her shock, she felt her nipples instantly harden. She quickly turned on her side, so that Susan would not notice. "Just a little tight. Stupid big boobs." Ashlie replied, "And it feels funny without underwear."

Ashlie was relieved when she was lifted off of the changing table and placed on the floor. She followed Susan into the living room, her small legs struggling to keep up with her pace with the Giant.

Susan felt a tug on her pants leg. She looked down and saw Ashlie at her feet, looking up at her.

"Umm, Susan?" Ashlie smiled shyly, "Can I have something to eat? I haven’t ate anything all day."

"Oh! I’m sorry Ashlie!" Susan giggled apologetically, "I guess I’m not used to having the two of you to feed yet."

Ashlie winced at her comparison with baby Michelle.

"And after lunch, can I have my tee shirt back, please? I don’t mind sleeping in this, but wearing it around the house is a bit uncomfortable for me." Added Ashlie as she looked herself over. She would never admit to Susan that the sleeper was cute, but maybe once restored back to normal size she would buy an adult one from Walmart.

"Sure." Susan smiled.

As soon as Ashlie was placed in the chair at the kitchen table, Susan knew that this wasn’t going to work. Ashlie could barely peek over the top of the table. The only solution, Susan explained, was for Ashlie to be put in the highchair.

Ashlie was mortified as she was lifted up and forcibly placed into the highchair, strapped in and then the tray locked in place. She sat in silence, blushing from embarrassment, arms folded on the tray as she watched Susan prepare her lunch.

Susan soon returned with a cheese omelet and two forks. She placed the plate on the highchair tray and handed Ashlie one of Michelle’s forks. Specially made for little hands.

"Dig in!" Susan said as she put a forkful of food into her mouth.

Ashlie watched in silence as Susan cut a few pieces of egg for her and pushed them onto her side of the plate. After hesitating for a bit, Ashlie did finally eat, but she felt like she was a child, who was sharing a plate of food with her mommy.

"Not hungry?" Susan asked, noticing Ashlie pushing her food around with her fork.

"Umm…can I have my own plate please?" Ashlie asked, looking up at Susan.

"Oh, com’on Ashlie." Susan smiled. taking another small forkful of egg, "Just hurry up and eat. The kids will be coming home soon."

Susan held her fork close to Ashlie's lips and joked "Now, open up and take a bite!"

Ashlie turned her head away, not wanting to be fed by Susan.

"Come on Ashlie, Take a bite." Susan sang in a sing-song voice. pretending to chide the tiny woman Susan pointed to her own breast and stated "If you won’t eat, I’ll just have to schedule you a feeding, just like I do with Michelle. do you want that?"

"NO!" Ashlie replied, raising her voice a bit, "I will eat, just leave me be. I don’t want to be fed Susan!"

"Oh, com’on now Ashlie!" Susan giggled as she moved the fork to Ashlie's lips. As Ashlie moved her head to the side, so followed the fork of food. with some determination showing in her voice, Susan kept following Ashlie's mouth with the fork "here comes the choo choo train, Take a bite for Susan, okay?"

Ashlie turned her head away as Susan brought the fork closer.

"I’m afraid if you don’t eat your lunch, I won’t be able to give you the tee shirt back" Susan stated in a matter-of-fact voice.

Ashlie turned her head and the two women’s eyes meet. Susan began moving the fork around and making choo-choo sounds before Ashlie slowly opened her mouth to accept the food from Susan.

Susan smiled big as she fed Ashlie with the fork. After collecting another mouthful worth of eggs on the fork, Susan once again made the choo-choo sound.

As Ashlie excepted another bite of eggs, her face turned deep red with humiliation. Humiliated by first being placed and strapped into a highchair.  Second, being force-fed by her friend as if she were a recalcitrant child.

Ashlie quickly nodded yes in embarrassment as Susan asked "All done?"

"Ready to go back to your room now?" Smiled Susan as she set the fork down on the highchair tray.

Ashlie silently nodded yes again, briefly making eye contact with Susan in utter Shame. The pain of the degrading act of being spoon fed was enough for Ashlie to not reply.

Susan removed the tray from the highchair and set it on the table before she undid the straps that hold Ashlie securely in place. Ashlie let out a small gasp as she was suddenly lifted out of the chair and cradled into Susan’s arms.

Ashlie really didn't know what to do and involuntarily pulled her arms around Susan’s neck and tried to remain indifferent to being carried around in such a way.

As Susan left the kitchen and entered the nursery, she schlepped her way to the changing table. Silently, but carefully laying Ashlie on top of the changing pad without a word.

Ashlie was feeling quiet annoyed and angrily looked up at the ceiling as the front of her sleeper was forcibly unsnapped and zipped open by Susan. Ashlie began squirming awkwardly as her pant legs were unzipped and she felt the cool air hit her bare skin.

Ashlie blushed red and turned her face away, feeling Susan’s eyes on her nakedness. Shyly, Ashlie put one hand between her legs and the other across her breasts, attempting to cover herself as she felt embarrassed to be seen in such a way.

Ashlie automatically flinched a bit when Susan traced a line over her cheek and down the side of her neck with a giant sized finger. Ashlie forced a shy and timid smile as she gently pushed Susan’s finger away from her with her shoulder. It was a strange feeling, boarding the erotic yet bizarre.

Ashlie's already shy expression faded to a frown when she felt Susan’s soft caress again. Susan, slowing moving her finger over Ashlie's arm that held her large breasts together this time.

"No need to be shy Ashlie. I've seen you naked a million times before." Susan stated with a smile. She playfully moved her fingertip down the bridge of the tiny woman’s nose, cheerfully "bonking" Ashlie on the tip of her nose.

"You are going to have to get used to me seeing you like this, and being handled like this." Explained Susan as she smiled down on Ashlie from above.

Ashlie didn't like the sound of that. She didn't want to get use to any of this. She shouldn't have to.

"Besides, before I dress you there are a few things we need to talk about." Stated Susan as she rubbed Ashlie's feet.

Ashlie silently turned her head and glanced right at Susan, not knowing what to expect.

"W-what do you mean? Talk about what?" stuttered Ashlie, her voice betraying much concern as Susan kept rubbing her feet.

"Well, for starters. You are going to be spending lots of time in here by yourself.", Susan began calmly saying, "I wont always be able to come in and check on you. To take you to the bathroom, ya know?"

Ashlie didn't know where Susan was taking this conversation and she curiously leaned up on her elbows, letting both of her breast fall into their natural position.

"So, while you are locked in here during the afternoon and at night, or for any long period, I’m afraid that you will need to wear a diaper." Susan said, trying to maintain an indifference in her voice.

"wait, I got to wear a fucken DIAPER! Why?" exclaimed Ashlie, sitting up suddenly in confusion and pulling her feet away from Susan.

"Because when you are in the crib, you cant get out to use the bathroom. so a diaper is the the most logical solution." Susan countered as she looked the shrunken woman over.

Ashlie slumped her shoulders, bowing her head, knowing full well that she was not going to win this argument. She relatively cursed herself when she joked the day before about wearing one.

"Y-you really want me to go to the bathroom in a diaper?" Ashlie moaned, followed by an incredulous stare.

"No, hon!" Susan smiled, fiddling with Ashlie's hair, trying to comfort her friend. "The diaper would be just for those few times that I can’t get in to check on you. In case you have a, ummm… accident..."

"ooh gawd." was the only response from Ashlie as she pinched the bridge of her nose. Susan was serious about the matter and Ashlie could tell by the way she was looking at her.

"And Ashlie, since you will be wearing a diaper. I’m afraid that even a tiny bit of pubic hair would be unsanitary. It could get you sick or cause an infection." Replied Susan.

"NO, Not that! Please. You can't expect or make me do that Susan. It's not fair." Protested Ashlie from the changing pad.

"I’m afraid that this subject is not up for debate, honey. I’m just telling you what is expected." Countered Susan as calm as could be.

Ashlie quickly scooted herself to the other side of the changing table, cowering against the wall with her knees to her chest.

"Tell me you aren’t going to shave me down there, are you?" She hesitantly asked as she looked away in shame.

"No, not unless you prove uncooperative about this Ashlie." Susan smiled, "I will bring you some shaving utensils after awhile. Than swipe swipe and your all good to go."

Ashlie shuddered at the realization that she was little by little losing control over her own existence and destiny. No matter what she said, Susan just seemed to override it with what she wanted to do or thought was right.

"Now.." Susan grinned as she looked Ashlie over, "back to the business of trying out that diaper huh?"

Ashlie shuttered at Susan's choice of words and silently scooted back onto the changing pad. She hesitantly laid  back down on the pad and involuntary started to shake out of nervousness. She exhaled a nervous sigh and told herself this couldn't be happening. It was just a dream.

Without any warning or a simple heads up, Susan grasped both of Ashlie's ankles in her one hand and successfully hoisted Ashlie's butt off the pad and into the air. When Ashlie's butt was high enough off the changing pad, Susan reached under the changing table and snatched a cloth diaper from one of the cubbies. She gently slipped the soft cotton diaper under Ashlie's ass before lowering the tiny woman onto the undergarment, spreading her legs apart just a bit.

Ashlie watched Susan intently, not protesting this humiliating experience, but instead, seemingly speechless at this latest twist of fate. She couldn't believe what had just happen and knew how it must have looked from her own experiences babysitting. The only difference between than and now, she was the waif getting diapered.

Susan pulled the two ends of the cotton diaper together and pinned them securely with a diaper pin, which had a yellow ducky as its head. Switching to the other side, she pulled the other two ends together snuggly and pinned them together.

"There now!" Susan smiled, grasping Ashlie's tiny hands and pulling her to a standing-up position.

Ashlie gasped in shock and quickly covered her breasts, looking down at the diaper that now was fit snuggly around her slim waist. She had never worn a diaper before, let alone a cloth one. It was nothing compared to the thongs she was use to. The shear bulkiness of the diaper was a similar feeling to having a cotton comforter crammed between her legs. As she stood in place on the changing mat, she fought to keep her balance. The padding added an awkward amount of weight to the back and the padding between her legs slightly pushed her thighs apart.

"Can I have my tee shirt now, please?" Ashlie moaned, looking up to Susan. At this moment, she felt so tiny. So so tiny. So vulnerable and helpless.

Susan produced the tee shirt and held it above Ashlie's head. Ashlie raised her arms up in the air and Susan slipped the tee shirt over her head.

"not so fast. One other thing." Susan added, holding up a crinkly clear plastic diaper cover.

"Really?" Ashlie moaned, "Rubber panties too?"

Susan nodded as she held the panties open at her feet. Ashlie sighed and stepped into the leg holes of the panties. She squirmed awkwardly as the panties were pulled up her legs and then adjusted for comfort by Susan. Ashlie felt stupid. She had to look ridiculous and like a fool. She didn't have much time to ponder on the subject as Susan unexpectedly picked her up from the changing table.

Ashlie was reluctantly placed in the crib instead of being placed on the ground, and then left alone while Susan went about the chores of beginning supper and welcoming the kids back from school.

About an hour later, Susan returned to the nursery, quietly locking the door behind her. Ashlie was taken out of the crib and again placed on the changing table. She watched in silence as Susan placed around her a razor, clippers, scissors, shaving cream and depilatory lotion.

Ashlie shook in fear as she was placed back on the changing table and her diaper silently unpinned and removed by her giant friend.

"I don’t have a whole lot of time, so let’s get this done. okay?" Susan said with a trace of anxiousness in her voice.

"Ummm…you want me to do it now? I mean, with you watching?" Questioned Ashlie with a hint of nervousness to her own voice. She couldn't stop shaking and knew she was in no state to shear off her own pubes.

Susan joyfully smiled and said "No, I’ve decided that I want to do it. We don't have a lot of time so just lean back and be very still, okay?"

Ashlie's eyes widened in fear with Susan’s statement being said. "NO WAY!" she replied in a startled yet concerned tone.

"I..I’ll do it. I've done it a million times before Susan." Ashlie pleaded as she scrambled to her feet and looked for a way to climb down from the table top.

Susan easily blocked the tiny woman’s escape, placing her right back where she was before on the changing pad.

"Don’t try to escape again" Susan warned, wagging her finger in front of Ashlie's face, "Unless you want a spanking."

Ashlie recoiled in horror. The image of her being placed over Susan’s lap and paddled was quite enough to make her behave.

Ashlie leaned back, propping herself up on her elbows, watching Susan intently as she pulled the cloth diaper out from under her butt.

"Please be careful" Ashlie pleaded, "I’m very delicate down there."

"Don’t worry. I will. Just don't move, okay?" Susan said with a smile.

Ashlie nodded and bit her lip as she watched Susan take the scissors into her hand. Susan gently nudged Ashlie's legs apart and began to carefully snip the hair. Ashlie tried her best to remain still, but she would twitch involuntarily and let out a little gasp each time the cold steel blade of the scissors pressed against the tender folds of her labia.

When finished with the scissors, Susan grasped Ashlie's ankles spreading her legs almost obscenely wide apart.

Ashlie whimpered in slight pain as her legs were suddenly pulled apart by the giant woman. Susan let go of Ashlie's legs and sprayed some shaving cream into her hand, before looking back to Ashlie.

"Now be very still Ashlie. I don’t want to hurt you." Warned Susan.

Ashlie nodded and replied "Believe me, I don’t want you to hurt me either. Just be careful Susan, please."

Ashlie put her head back and closed her eyes as Susan applied the shaving cream to the tiny woman’s pubic mound. She kept her legs spread, being very cooperative for Susan, despite this humiliation she was being forced to endure.

Ashlie gasped when she felt the pressure of the razor on her tiny mound. Susan stroked the razor across the pubis in smooth, even movements, using one hand to stretch the skin tight, and the other hand to shave. Susan paid particular attention as she guided the razor around the tiny lips of Ashlie's labia.

All the while she was being shaved, Ashlie was fighting to control her emotions. She became confused as she fought with the conflicting emotions of humiliation and eroticism. She struggled to maintain her composure, but soon found it quite impossible. Ashlie bit her lower lip and tried to distract her mind from the emotions she was feeling at being handled as she was by Susan.

She moaned softly, quickly disguising it with a cough. When she found it impossible to remain still, she moved her hips upward against Susan’s hand, but at the same time, she shifted her weight slightly, to make it appear that she was just re-situating herself.

Susan finished shaving Ashlie and wiped between her legs with a moist towel. Ashlie blushed red as her legs began to quiver involuntarily as the roughness of the terry cloth brushed against her bare pubis.

"I..I’m not used to being touched like that." Ashlie smiled shyly.

"Well, we’re almost done now" Susan smiled back, knowing full well that her little friend had become quite aroused. She opened the bottle of depilatory lotion and squirted a small amount on her middle and index fingers. "Just let me put some of this on you to get the hair that I couldn’t get. Than were done. This might tingle a bit."

Ashlie gasped and arched her back as the lotion was applied to her pubic mound. "Ohhhh!" she exclaimed, "It burns. Wipe it off! Please!"

"Just a little bit longer Ashlie." Susan replied back. She put her hand on Ashlie's bare shoulder to hold her in place, "Then we’ll be all done. you got this."

Ashlie smiled weakly as she endured the burning pain between her legs, looking at Susan all the while.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity to Ashlie, the depilatory lotion was wiped off.

"Finished?" Ashlie inquired, trying eagerly to sit up.

"Just some lotion now. To help prevent razor burn" Susan smiled, squirting the lotion on her hands and rubbing them together. Susan guided Ashlie back down to a laying-down position, and then put both hands between her legs.

The shrunken woman squirmed as the lotion was massaged into her loins. Susan watched Ashlie intently, gently kneading the tiny woman’s upper thighs, moving her fingers up against her now-hairless pubic region. Struggling to control herself, Ashlie brought the back of her hand up against her mouth, biting the back of her hand. She turned her head away and closed her eyes, ashamed, as her legs involuntarily clasped around Susan’s giant hand. Susan pressed her hand against Ashlie's vulva, feeling the muscles of Ashlie's legs tense and then release. Her hips moving up and down ever so slightly. Ashlie was still trying to suppress her orgasm, but it was quite apparent to both women what was happening.

Suddenly, unable to restrain her pent up emotions any longer, Ashlie's orgasm exploded. The tiny woman arched her back, pushing her hips forward against Susan’s hand, moaning loudly, but at the same time, she covered her mouth with the back of her hand, still trying to restrain herself.

"AA-aaaa-HHHhhhh! Ohhhh!", Ashlie cried out in a low, guttural moan. She collapsed backwards, her breath coming in little hitches as her legs fell open, releasing their tension on Susan’s hand.

Susan watched her tiny friend for several minutes, listening, as her breathing became more even and less raspy. After a few minutes, Ashlie opened her eyes, not moving, but looking up at Susan.

Ashlie struggled to a sitting up position, her blue eyes looking up seriously at Susan. "Please, Susan…." she said, in an almost pleading voice, "What just happened, please don’t tell anyone, okay? It is just that I’m not used to being touched like that by someone else. I couldn't control it. That was erotic though. Something that could only happen in dreams."

Susan smirked and bent down, kissing Ashlie on the top of her head. "It will be our little secret, honey. don’t you worry about that."

Ashlie smiled sweetly. up until now this whole situation had been humiliation after agonizing humiliation. Now though, for the first time ever in her adult life, she had reached a eroticism that was never imaginable. As a normal sized adult, this would have never happened.

Susan produced a hand mirror and held it between Ashlie's legs, allowing her so see her hairless pubic mound. Ashlie blushed a bright red at the sight of her bald mound. She looked up at Susan. "And this will be our little secret too, okay?"

"Of course, my dear" Susan smiled, "Now, let’s get you dressed."

Ashlie laid still as she was re-diapered with the same cloth diaper she had been wearing and her tee shirt put back on. After she was put back in her crib, she stood up, her chin resting between the slats.

"Don’t forget about me in here, alright?" Ashlie weakly smiled. She felt like she was in some sort of fucked up prison.

Susan fondly smiled and walked back over to the crib. She bent over and kissed Ashlie lightly on her forehead, patting her on her well-padded bottom. "Don’t worry, sweetie, I won’t forget about you!" With that, Ashlie was left alone in the nursery.

                              To be continued....

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