Wednesday, September 28, 2016


The Small Addition ch 2

Susan’s 15-year-old daughter, Lisa, was the first to arrive home from school that day. Beating her younger sister Linda by almost an hour. As Lisa casually walked through the house, she found her mother in the laundry room, putting a load of clothes into the wash.

"Honey, would you mind checking on ‘Chelle for me?" Said Susan as she shoved a load of clothes into the dryer.

"Sure, mom!" Lisa replied cheerfully, "anything else you need help with?"

Susan glanced over her shoulder to her daughter and admitted "no, I'm going to get a load going in the wash. I'm a little behind on chores today. Than I will be out there. Thanks though."

As Lisa cheerfully walked out of the Laundry room she was not aware that Michelle had fallen asleep in her playpen in the living room, so she naturally headed for the nursery down the hall.

Lisa playfully tip-toed through the hallway before silently walking into the nursery. As far as she could tell Michelle was sitting in the crib with her back to the rails. Lisa decided it would be funny to sneak up on her and surprise her from behind.

The teen tip-toed across the nursery floor until she was standing at the edge of the crib behind Michelle.

"BOO!" Lisa yelled out of nowhere, and then giggled when she saw the baby startle with fear. Lisa was laughing uncontrollably when Michelle started turning around to see how was there.

Lisa’s face went ashen when she suddenly realized that this was not her baby sister sitting in the crib. It wasn't even a baby at all.

"Ashlie? Wait, how..." Lisa curiously mumbled in wonderment. The teen became very baffled as she witnessed a miniature version of her moms best friend, sitting in a crib like she belonged there. Ashlie was someone she had known her whole life and she was never this size before.

Ashlie turned her head away from Lisa in shame, covering her face with her hands as if trying to hide herself from being seen by the teenager. She knew Lisa since she was born and knew she could be kind of cruel at times. Not being found out about, was something Ashlie could have dealt with.

Ashlie began squirming side to side as she felt herself being lifted out of the crib by the giant sized teen, kicking her legs furiously as they left the bedding of the crib against her will.

"Well, well well. Just who have we here?" Lisa joked, as she held Ashlie by her waist, out at arms length above the crib.

Ashlie continued her futile struggling of wiggling to get free. Seeing that she was getting nowhere, Ashlie finally stopped. Turning her face away from the teenager and folding her arms across her chest in anger. Her legs were pried slightly apart from the bulk of the cloth diaper. She seethed at the realization of just how ridiculous she must look to the teenaged girl, or to anyone for that matter.

The shrunken woman finally glanced toward Lisa, looking her in the eye and putting on her sternest face.

"You know very well who I am, young lady!" she replied through clenched teeth, "Now, of you don't mind, put me. DOWN!" Each of her last three words punctuated by her tiny fists hitting on Lisa’s arms.

"wow there! Not so fast." Lisa laughed, shaking Ashlie side to side a few times to get her attention.

"You’d better watch it, ya little shrimp!" Lisa giggled, "I’m bigger than YOU now!"

Ashlie quickly hushed, knowing that she was fully at the mercy of the much larger and stronger teenaged girl. Lisa smiled and brought Ashlie closer to her, sitting the tiny woman in the crook of her arm, her legs draped over her forearm. Ashlie tentatively place her arm on Lisa’s shoulder for balance, knowing that putting her arms around her neck might send the wrong message.

"Lisa, please put me down, okay?" Ashlie pleaded, her voice almost cracking into a sob, "I'm not a baby,you've known me your whole life and know I'm an adult. Please don’t hold me like this, I don't like it. Lisa, please?"

"Ooh? You’re not a baby?" Lisa laughed as she playfully patted Ashlie's well-padded bottom for effect, "Then perhaps miss adult, maybe you could explain why You’re wearing a diaper? I mean, last time I checked, adults don't wear diapers. babies do though."

Ashlie bowed her head, her face burning with embarrassment as Lisa harassed her. "P-Please, Lisa!" she softly pleaded, "Please put me down, okay? Its really hard to explain. It's Complicated." Ashlie began to twist around in Lisa's arms, trying to straighten her legs in an effort to get down.

Lisa loosened her grip on Ashlie and allowed her to slide down her leg and onto the floor. She knelt down in front of the tiny woman, holding Ashlie's tiny hands between her thumb and forefingers.

"your so stinking cute at this size Ashlie! I just want to play with you and dress you up! There is like a million outfits we could try out. Now, why don’t you just tell me what happened to you. I'm dying to know. Was it aliens? Climate change? Drugs?" Lisa smiled.

Ashlie stood before the giant teenaged girl, nervously shifting her weight from one foot to the other as she explained her story to Lisa.

"…..and your mother is taking care of me until I can get restored back to my normal height. She made me wear the diaper in case I had to go to the bathroom and she wasn't around, or something like that. I'm not quite sure?" Ashlie finished.

looking up at the giant teenager whom she had known since the day she was born, Ashlie said "Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go find your mother. I got to talk to her."

As Ashlie stepped away from Lisa, she was a bit surprised when Lisa did not release her hands. Ashlie shot Lisa an angry glare and the girl released her grip on the tiny woman. Lisa smiled and shook her head as she watched Ashlie's diapered butt Waddle out of the nursery and down the hall.

Lisa stood in the nursery and didn't know what to think. "I got to be dreaming." She said to herself as thought about what she just witnessed and heard.

When Lisa returned to the living room, she found her mother and Ashlie engaged in a somewhat animated conversation. Susan was kneeling down in front of Ashlie, bending her head forward, as if carrying on a hushed discussion.
Ashlie, on the other hand, was looking up at Susan, hands on hips and was obviously the one doing the talking.

Lisa wanted to giggle as she noticed every time Ashlie moved, the padding of the bulky diaper moved with her body. The diaper she was wearing made the shrunken woman's butt look ridiculously big under the shirt she was wearing.

The conversation ended when Susan smiled and shrugged her shoulders. Ashlie stomped her foot and folded her arms across her chest, an obvious act of defiance toward Lisa’s mother and whatever she had said.

"Oh, hello Lisa." Susan smiled as she looked up and watched her daughter enter the living room, "I see you found out about my little secret."

"I’m not your LITTLE SECRET! I'm your friend Susan, best friend since, like forever. And I don't think its right what your doing to me. I'm an adult, a full grown woman Susan." Ashlie protested, her voice slightly breaking from being upset.

Lisa pulled her hand to her mouth to contain her giggling as she looked down at Ashlie and confessed "oh my God! That's so stinking cute! She even sounds like a little kid!"

Ashlie quickly twirled around to face Lisa. "Don’t you call me a kid, y-you brat! Show me some respect. I'm an ADULT!" Angrily Beamed Ashlie.

Then Ashlie hysterically squealed in fear as the teen took a menacing step toward her, running behind Susan for protection before looking back.

"You leave me alone!" Ashlie barked. peeking out from around Susan’s legs, she looked up to Susan, as if waiting for reassurance that she was going to be safe.

"Actually, I’m kinda glad you know about Ashlie", Susan said to her daughter, "Ashlie and I were just talking about that. She said she explained what happen to her at tee lab. I was kind of worried but having to deal with one extra person, It was getting rather difficult to keep her a secret from everyone. But now that you know about her, you can help me take care of her while she's here."

"Wait, NO!" Ashlie shrieked with panic as she looked up to Susan, "we just talked about this? I told you, I don’t want her to watch me!"

"I’m gonna get to babysit Ashlie?" Lisa giggled as she glanced down to the tiny woman by her mothers legs. Ashlie slumped her shoulders in defeat at the mention of being babysat.

Lisa giggled and jokingly inquired, "I think she’s getting fussy, mom. Does she get fussy when she gets tired or needs to be changed like Michelle?"

Ashlie stepped away from Susan's legs  to face Lisa, hands on hips, looking up at the giant teenager. "I am capable of answering for myself, LISA! And I am not tired and I am not being FUSSY!" Barked Ashlie.

Ashlie stopped suddenly when she felt a tapping on the top of her head, coming from behind her. She turned back around and pushed Susan’s hand away, glaring up at her.

"come on, be nice Ashlie." Susan scolded, "Don’t talk to Lisa like that. She's just trying to help out. It wasn't a ridicule, she was just asking a question. A simple need to know."

Lisa let out a giggle as Ashlie was reprimanded by her mother, loud enough that Ashlie looked up to Lisa and scowled in anger. She didn't want Lisa to help out at all.

Susan looked to her daughter and informed "Lisa, Ashlie has asked me, and I have decided that since there are two of us taking care of her now, I see no reason she should have to wear a diaper when at least one of us is around to help her, OK. So no diapers when were around. she will only be wearing a diaper at night, alright?"

"Okay mom! No diapers. got it." Lisa smiled, noticing that Ashlie was looking up at her smugly as if winning the argument.

"But what will she wear during the day? And wouldn't a disposable diaper be better at night? Or do you want to stick with the cloth ones?" Inquired Lisa as she smirked down at Ashlie.

"Well, at her size, she'll just have to wear a shirt or onesie? Overalls maybe? As for the diaper, I guess it really doesn't matter if it's cloth or a disposable." Susan honestly admitted.

Susan looked at her wrist watch. "but for now, Ashlie needs to go back into her room" Susan remarked, "Linda will be home very soon and I don't want her finding out about Ashlie, got that. Would you mind taking Ashlie into her room for me?"

"Sure, mom!" Lisa giggled, looking down at Ashlie and putting her hand out to her.

Ashlie brushed Lisa's hand away, glaring up angrily at teenager. With an apparent sass, Ashlie mockingly stated "I’m capable of walking to the room by myself. I don’t have to be led around by the hand, you know."

Lisa giggled and reached down, forcibly grasping Ashlie by her tiny wrist. The tiny woman squealed in protest as she was walked down the hall, looking over her shoulder to see if there might be any help for her coming from Susan as the teen dragged her along.

Lisa led Ashlie into the nursery, closing the door behind her. Ashlie began to twist her arm, trying to jerk away from Lisa’s firm grip once she found that they were alone. With her free hand balled up into a tiny fist, Ashlie began to hit Lisa’s arm as hard as she could, in an effortless attempt to break free.

"Hey, you! Stop that. It tickles." Lisa chuckled, "You’d better stop that right now!"

Ashlie paid no attention to the teenaged girl, instead, she continued to punch her arm, occasionally kicking her with a bare foot in a fit of built up anger.

"Hey, I said stop it Ashlie!" Lisa warned again, beginning to get angry at the little woman’s temper tantrum. Ashlie continued to twist and fight against Lisa as she kept hitting and kicking.

Lisa quickly reached down and swatted Ashlie right on her padded behind, Successfully creating a loud muffled thump.

"Owww!" Ashlie yelped in fear, "Stop that! Lem’me GO!"

Ashlie's little face was growing a bright red as her rage grew. "Let me go!! Don’t touch me!" She protested as she tried to bite Lisa, but failed to take hold of the girls hand. Ashlie was getting teary eyed with frustration as she continued her assault on Lisa with her little child-sized fist.

"I’m warning you, Ashlie", Lisa cautioned in a rather serious tone, trying to suppress her smile, "If you don’t stop, I’ll give you a real spanking!"

Lisa released Ashlie's wrist and was quiet surprised when the tiny woman continued to punch and kick at her.

"Leave me alone!" Ashlie kept repeating over and over, sobbing all the while. She continued trying to hit the much larger teenaged girl, but Lisa’s much larger hands easily caught and held her tiny child-like hands, leaving Ashlie sobbing and struggling helplessly in front of the giggling teenager.

"you know what? You’re not going to be Ashlie anymore. That doesn't fit you at all." Lisa sneered, "From now on, your name is going to be Annie! Yeah, little baby Annie. That's more fitting for you, isn't it?"

In the midst of her struggles, Ashlie heard the name Annie and winced. "I hate that name! Don’t call me that! My name is Ashlie!" Barked Ashlie as she fought to get her arms free.

"Little Annie, that’s what I'm going to call you! It fits you so so much better than Ashlie." Lisa giggled, enjoying the little struggles of the much older woman.

"NO! Don’t call me that! My name isn't Annie! Its ASHLIE!" Ashlie sobbed, unable to free herself from her tormentors grip.

"Oh come on Annie. Tell me what your name is!" Lisa teased as she used her free hand to tickle Ashlie's side.

"No! Lisa! P-please. Let me go!" the shrunken woman sobbed, tears streaming down her face.

"Tell me what your name is, and I’ll let you go!" Lisa laughed, taunting the tiny woman with more tickling to her sides.

"Lisa! Stop this right now! I'm an adult and you can't do this to me!" Ashlie said in her sternest voice, "I told you that I don’t like to be called by that name! Now stop it!"

"Alright then..." Lisa sighed with annoyance, "If You’re gonna act like a little girl, You’re gonna get treated like one!"

With that, Ashlie was flipped over Lisa’s lap and the back of her tee shirt was lifted up, revealing Ashlie's well padded bottom. After a few whacks from the teenager, Ashlie's little ass cheeks were on fire, even with the padding of the diaper taking most of the blows.

Ashlie was crying hysterically unable to do anything except kick her legs and arms as Lisa kept swatting her ass over and over.

"What’s your name?" Lisa asked, stopping the spanking for a few moments.

"ANNIE!'s Annie." the tiny woman screamed in humiliation and pain, "My name is AAANNIE!"

When her punishment was finished, Ashlie was released.

Oblivious to her humiliating predicament, Ashlie curled up into a fetal position next to Lisa, eyes closed and sobbing heavily. She fully realized that the teenaged girl had virtually stripped away the last remnants of her adulthood by "renaming" her and then, of all things, spanking her for it.

God, how she hated that name. It was what she was called when she was a little girl by her own family. As soon as she was old enough to assert herself, she insisted on being called by her real name, Ashlie. And now, she was back to Annie again.

Physically exhausted and unable to fight anymore, Ashlie drifted off to sleep. When Lisa saw that Ashlie had fallen asleep, she gently picked her up and tucked her into her crib.

After about an hours time, Susan came into the nursery to see how things were going. Immediately, Lisa began to explain the awkward situation to her mother about having to spank Ashlie because she was throwing one hell of a temper tantrum. She also told her about Ashlie's new name, which brought a suppressed giggle from Susan.

"What a cute name! I think that's what her mom use to call her when she was little? Funny you would think of that. Its like, super fitting though." Susan laughed, "yeah, I think it fits her perfectly."

Lisa picked up her homework and smiled as she nodded in agreement before her mother snuck back out the door.

Ashlie woke up about two hours later and sat up in her crib in a daze. She looked through the slats and saw Lisa sitting in the rocking chair, reading a book.

Ashlie winced in pain as she recalled the horror of being spanked. Her butt felt sore, but she managed pull  herself up to feet with a worse pain. The pain in her bladder was excruciating and was causing her lower abdomen to ache.

Ashlie looked through the slats of the crib and faintly called "Um, Lisa?"

Lisa looked up from her homework and smiled. "Annie! Your awake from your nap."

Ashlie winced at being called Annie, but bit her tongue knowing that any protest would only bring more punishment from the teen.

"Uhh…I have to go to the bathroom, Lisa" Ashlie smiled weakly as she bounced up and down in place.

blushing with the embarrassment of having to ask to go to the bathroom, Ashlie nicely asked "Can you take me out of here? Please?", as she put up her arms, to be picked up.

Lisa set her school work aside and walked over to the crib. Ashlie was lifted out of the crib but instead of being placed on the floor, Lisa held her in her arms, walking toward the door.

"come on, let me walk." Ashlie protested, squirming in Lisa’s arms, trying to get down. "Put me down so I can go to the bathroom!"

"Mom told me that if you needed to use the potty, that I was to take you and help." Lisa said matter-of-factly.

"Gawd, Lisa. Please show me some respect. We've know each other forever. I've had dinner with you like a million times. We had a couple sleepovers. They were fun? Right? Let me walk, please." Ashlie cried, "Cant you just let me go to the bathroom alone? I’m perfectly capable of doing this by myself. I beg you."

"Funny, Mom told me that I have to take you ‘cause you can’t even get up on the toilet by yourself. That has to be annoying, you know? It must suck since you were able to do it the day before, but not know." Lisa giggled as she carried Ashlie into the bathroom closing and locking the door behind them.

"What else did your mother tell you about me?" Ashlie inquired sarcastically as Lisa pulled her diaper down a bit and placed her on the toilet.

"Well….Just that I was in charge of you whenever she said. She's going to pay me to babysit you though. How much did she use to pay you to watch me and Linda?", sarcastically asked Lisa as she took a couple of silent seconds to see Ashlie's reaction. she could tell by the look on Ashlie's face that the shrunken woman was annoyed. Seeing the chance to twist the knife a little more, Lisa finished "wait, she didn't pay you to babysit us huh? Anyway, my mom told me to make sure your fed and clean. You know that type of stuff."

"Ooh? Cool..." Ashlie mumbled, her voice thick with sarcasm, "how very nice of her to tell you that. That's so great..."

As Ashlie sat on the toilet, leaning forward, she rested her chin on her hands. "A little privacy please?" Remarked Ashlie as she kicked her feet back and forth.

Lisa smiled, folding her arms in front of her and leaned against the wall, watching Ashlie on the toilet.

"come on, really?" Ashlie moaned, covering her face with her tiny hands.

Ashlie tried to hold herself for as long as she could, but pretty soon, the pressure on her bladder was simply unbearable. She sighed and turned her head away in shame as her urine was released in a steady stream, making a smooth hissing sound against the toilet bowl.

"Finished, Annie?" Lisa said with a smile. Ashlie nodded her head yes, still too embarrassed to even look up at Lisa.

Ashlie was lifted off of the toilet seat and Lisa knelt down in front of her. She brushed Ashlie's hand away when she reached for the giant roll of toilet paper.

Ashlie gasped in horror as she watched Lisa take off a length of toilet tissue and wad it up in her hand.

"Oh, my Gawd! Really?" Ashlie sighed, "You’re even going to wipe me? I can't even do that by myself?"

Lisa giggled and nodded her head, motioning for Ashlie to lift her tee shirt. Reluctantly, Ashlie raised her tee shirt, spreading her legs slightly apart. Lisa giggled when she saw Ashlie's smooth mound.

"wow, You really are like a baby down there, aren’t you!" Lisa giggled as she checked Ashlie out.

Ashlie turned away as she was wiped, the humiliation of this treatment being almost too much to bear.

Susan paid another visit to the nursery. "Supper will be ready in a little while", she said to Lisa, handing her a bowl. "This is for Annie."

With that, Susan left almost as quickly as she had entered. Lisa looked at the bowl in her hands. it contained sliced strawberries and bananas.

"Ohhh! Look what Mom brought you!" Lisa exclaimed, "Strawberries and bananas! Mmmmm."

Ashlie smiled a bit at the mention of strawberries. her favorite fruit. At least she was getting good food, she thought to herself.

Ashlie reached for the bowl, but Lisa quickly moved it out of her reach.

"Uhh Uhhh!" she laughed, "I will feed you Annie!"

Ashlie moaned at being fed by the teenager, but after being threatened with another spanking, she relented.

Lisa held up a piece of the juicy fruit and motioned Ashlie to come closer to her. Ashlie reluctantly inched her way closer to the girl, until she was standing just inches from her.

Lisa giggled as she sat cross-legged on the floor, feeding Annie out of her hand. She would not allow the shrunken woman to even touch the food with her hands, allowing her only to take the fruit with her mouth. Ashlie was furious at being treated this way, but her hunger over-rode her pride.

Lisa laughed as she watched Annie gobbling the fruit from her hand, watching as the juice dribbling down her chin and neck and the sticky ness of the banana clung to her cheek. Ashlie was teased by having a slice of strawberry held out to her, and then, just as Ashlie was about to take a bite, Lisa pulled it away and ate it herself.

Lisa held another piece of strawberry up for Annie, but instead of accepting it, Ashlie shook her head and looked up at Lisa. "No more, please….I’ve had enough to eat".

Lisa giggled and moved the piece of fruit back and forth across Ashlie's mouth, smearing the sticky red juice over her tiny lips. "Finish your supper like a big girl, Annie", the teenager sneered, nudging the fruit against Ashlie's lips.

"I told you that I’ve had enough to eat, Lisa!" Ashlie replied, trying to be forceful, but finding it extremely difficult, having to look up at the giant girl as she spoke. "And I’m not a little girl! I'm a woman."

"Well, Annie. You look little to me." the teenager smiled, taunting the tiny woman, and continuing to rub the fruit over her lips, smearing it over her mouth. "Now take this one last bite for Lisa."

Ashlie sighed as she opened her mouth, allowing herself to be fed the last bit of the bowl of strawberries.

"Good girl, Annie!" Lisa giggled as she placed the bowl aside and motioned for Ashlie to come.

Ashlie bristled at being spoken to in such a manner by the much younger girl. To Ashlie, it seemed that Lisa was taking great amusement at mocking and teasing her. Making sure that Ashlie understood that it was Lisa who was in charge now.

"Lisa, I’m not a child. You know that. I'm still an adult, despite being this size." Ashlie commented, looking the giant girl in the eye, trying to sound assertive, "So don’t talk to me like that, okay? Have a little respect."

"Awwww!" Lisa cooed, "Wittle Annie don’t wike to be talked to wike that? She's a big strong adult and not some little wittle baby. Well, what do you think you’re gonna do about it?"

To emphasize her dominance over Ashlie, Lisa reached down and pushed the tiny woman backwards. Ashlie stumbled backwards a few steps and glared up at her young tormentor in anger.

"Nothing…." Ashlie mumbled, head bowed, her voice almost inaudible. She knew all too well that Lisa was capable of doing whatever she wished with her, and there was nothing she could do to stop her.

"That’s what I thought you’d say. What a big bad adult you are. Wearing a diaper and throwing temper tantrums." Lisa mocked.

"And, if you ever have thoughts about whining to my mom about anything, think of this first. She isn’t always going to be around to protect you…..understand?" Coldly warned Lisa.

Ashlie nodded her head, not even looking up, knowing she was trapped in this new situation without a way out.

Lisa motioned to Ashlie with her hands again, "Now come over here Annie."

Ashlie hesitated, but then took the few steps back to where she was standing before Lisa had shoved her.

Lisa smiled and patted her lap playfully, "Come sit in my lap Annie! Come on, don't be shy!"

Ashlie's jaw dropped. How absolutely humiliating. She took a few steps backward, biting her lower lip and shaking her head no. She didn't want to do this. She didn't want any of this, but it seemed worse coming from a girl who she use to babysit years ago.

"Annie? Did you hear what I said?" Lisa asked, bending forward and cocking her head to one side in a very condescending way. "Now come here, Come to Lisa!"

Ashlie began to tremble as she took a few tentative steps toward Lisa. Ashlie felt a hot flash wash over her face and neck as she slowly climbed up into Lisa’s lap.

Lisa smiled and positioned Ashlie to the side, situating the woman right in her lap.

"Now, that’s a good girl!" Lisa giggled as she looked down at Ashlie, patting her gently on her bare legs.

Ashlie said nothing. Her face burned with the humiliation of being forced to sit in Lisa’s lap. Ashlie stared straight ahead, arms wrapped tightly across her front, clutching at her tee shirt. She whimpered softly when she felt Lisa’s finger in her face, tracing an invisible line down her cheek and neck.

Suddenly, the nursery door opened and Susan cheerfully walked in.

"Awwww! Look at you two." Susan remarked when she saw her daughter with Ashlie on her lap, "Isn't that the cutest thing! Looks like you are greeting along great. Are you two having a good time?"

Lisa giggled and nodded her head, "Yes, mother! Annie is being so sweet! I wish we had a crib for her in my room. She would love it in there!"

Ashlie forced a smile, but remained silent. That idea sounded horrible, It would be more like a torture chamber if anything.

"well if that's the case, I'm sure we could set up a crib for her to sleep in. I think there might be an old one in the basement. Anyway Lisa, since you are off from school tomorrow, I'm going to go into work. So, can you watch Michelle and Annie? Or do you think that would be to much?" Questioned Susan.

"Sure, mom! I'm sure I will be fine." Lisa replied cheerfully as she stroked Ashlie's hair.

"I hate to have to have you stay cooped up in the house all day, but I’m afraid that we cannot take Ashlie, I mean Annie out in public. If people were to find out that we have a shrunken woman here… well, it would be a nightmare, believe me. Between the newspaper and TV reporters, not to mention the gawkers. we wouldn’t be able to even leave the house." Confessed Susan.

"What if we were to disguise Annie, mom?" Lisa suggested, looking the tiny woman up and down.

As Lisa's head hung above Ashlie like a small moon, Ashlie shifted uneasily in Lisa’s lap, not liking what she was hearing from the teenager.

"What on earth are you talking about dear? Disguising her?" Susan curiously questioned as she picked up the empty bowl.

"Watch this." Lisa replied. She reached down and pulled Ashlie's hair back and up into two pigtails. "I could put her hair up like this, add a coupe bows and dress her up in some of Michelle’s clothes. anyone who looks at her would just think that she is ‘Chelle’s sister? Even more so if we give them the same haircut. No one would ever know mom."

Ashlie began to squirm in Lisa’s lap, trying to slowly climb out, but Lisa clasped her arms around the tiny woman. Holding her in place with a hug.

"NOOO WAY!" Ashlie protested, "You’re NOT dressing me up like a baby. More so than I already am. Plus I spent $150 bucks on my hair last week. Susan! Tell her NO. It’s bad enough that I’m treated like a baby around here, having to wear a stupid diaper to bed, being put in a high chair to eat, having to be assisted with everything I want to do….now, you are making me into a baby? Please don’t let her do this. I'm still an adult Susan. You know that. You know me. Come on, please!"

Susan looked down at her tiny friend, whom she had known forever. At this moment she looked so small and helpless, sitting in Lisa's lap. Her tiny face washed over with worry.

"Annie, honey. I know You’re upset about being so small, and I know you don’t like being so dependent on us to help you with everything, but you can’t expect us to have to stay in the house all the time, just because someone might notice that you are a tiny woman. If anything it's a good disguise. It should be more incentive for you to blend in. Imagine what they will do to you at the labs if your caught?"

Ashlie buried her face in her hands and wept. Just earlier in the day while left alone in the crib, Ashlie had thought about what would happen if she was found out. She imagined Being stuck in a lab. poked and prodded by old white haired men.

Thus was the moment when Ashlie was hit with her new reality. She realized that her life was just given to the whims and desires of Susan and her teenaged daughter. She was at their mercy. No one knew where she was. And Susan was told to keep her inside at all cost. Ashlie stated crying harder as the thought set in. This was happening. She was stuck there.

Lisa hushed the shrunken woman as she guided her head against her own breast, rocking her gently back and forth while patting her upper back.

"It's OK Annie. Let it out." Lisa suggested softly as she patted Ashlie's back for reassurance.

As Lisa's chest pushed against Ashlie's face, she automatically turned her head into Lisa’s cleavage and continued to sob, her tiny hands clutching at the material of Lisa’s top. This was a nightmare. A never ending nightmare in which she couldn't wake.

Susan watched Ashlie cry into her daughters chest and felt bad for her friend. What she could see from the situation, was that her daughter was on top of it.  Slowly Susan looked up to her daughter, and silently Lisa waved her mother away.

As Susan was leaving the nursery, she turned to her daughter. "I’m going to be giving ‘Chelle a bath in a minute. would you mind helping Annie later with her bath for me? Since you guys seem to be bonding so well?"

"not a problem. I could do that mom." Lisa replied, nuzzling Ashlie closer into her chest and stroking her hair with her hand. She had Ashlie where she wanted her.

"Why don’t you just let me give both Michelle and Annie a bath. they can take one together. You know, two birds, one stone. saves water?" Remarked Lisa.

Ashlie groaned into Lisa's chest as the prospect of having to take a bath with a actual toddler was mentioned. Lisa was making her life as hard as possible, but knew it was useless to even think about protesting the action suggested.

"that could work, I'll be right back." Countered Susan as she walked off.

Susan brought Michelle into the nursery and made sure the coast was clear while Lisa guided her baby sister down the hallway towards the bathroom while at the same time, carrying Ashlie on her hip. Ashlie was upset because Michelle was allowed to walk, while she was carried.

Once inside the bathroom, undressing Ashlie was simply a matter removing her tee shirt and pulling down the cloth diaper. She was lifted onto the toilet seat and forced to stand naked while Michelle was tended to (clothes and diaper removed and bath water drawn).

Needless to say, Michelle was quite delighted to have a bath-mate. Ashlie, on the other hand, was not so enthusiastic about the ordeal. Ashlie was subjected to a humiliating bath-time with Michelle as they were both placed inside the tub together. During this time, she was splashed, dunked, and otherwise used as a water toy by the equal sized toddler.

Again, Ashlie was forced to sit and wait while baby Michelle was bathed first. After Lisa was finished washing Michelle, Ashlie was scooted to the front of the tub to be bathed. Michelle busied herself with her tub toys as Lisa helped Ashlie to a standing-up position in the tub.

Ashlie was mortified as she stood naked in the tub, looking straight ahead at the knobs protruding from the wall while Lisa began to bathe her. Lisa was careful to begin washing her in the "safe" places, arms, hands, face and back; giving the tiny woman time to adjust to her situation, specifically, being touched in such an intimate way.

Once Lisa had begun to bath her, Ashlie found herself silently fighting conflicting emotions. On the one hand, she felt totally humiliated. On the other hand, she found the feel of Lisa’s hands moving over her body to be quite arousing. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip as Lisa began to wash between her legs, praying that her body would not betray her. Lisa watched Ashlie as she slipped the washcloth between her legs, expecting her to jerk back or otherwise balk. When she noticed that she remained silent; only closing her eyes and biting her lip. Lisa took this as a sign of a harmless submission and consent for her to continue.

Lisa slowly moved the washcloth up over Ashlie's flat tummy, and continuing up between her cleavage. Lisa smiled, noting that Ashlie was quite endowed. Even at her toddler size, her breast were massive to the size of her body. As she moved the soapy washcloth over Ashlie's breasts, the tiny woman let out a startled gasp as her knees buckled involuntarily.

Ashlie looked at Lisa and blushed profusely, hoping that Lisa was not noticing her growing arousal. "Sorry, I slipped…", Ashlie said shyly, as she turned towards Lisa, holding onto the side of the tub for support as Lisa resumed washing her.

Ashlie lifted her head, tilting it to one side as Lisa continued to bathe her. She crossed her legs and squeezed her thighs together tightly, hoping that Lisa would finish soon.

She was mortified at the thought of being brought to an orgasm under these humiliating circumstances. She could not, would not let that happen.

Ashlie clinched her hands into tiny fists, fingernails digging into her palms as she squeezed her legs tighter together and closed her eyes; desperately trying to redirect her mind to something…anything. She would not be able to conceal her arousal much longer. Ashlie clinched her jaw muscles tight, slowly rising to her tip-toes, each second drawing her closer to what she considered to be the ultimate humiliation: to be brought to an orgasm against her will.

Suddenly, she felt hands underneath her arm pits. Ashlie gasped and opened her eyes wide as she was lifted stiff-legged out of the tub and placed on the toilet seat. The tiny woman crossed one arm across her front and placed the other hand between her legs, attempting to cover her nakedness as she tried to regain her composure.

Ashlie stood naked and shivering as she waited for baby Michelle to be attended to first.

"C..Can I h.h..have a a t..t..t..towel pl...p..pleeeeeze?", Ashlie pleaded with a shiver. Her body shaking violently now from the dramatic change in temperature. She lowered her head and remained silent when she saw her request was being ignored.

When Lisa was finished tending to Michelle, Lisa took Ashlie in her arms and held her on her hip, with one leg in front and the other in back of her. Instead of being dried off and wrapped in a towel, as Michelle was, Ashlie was instead carried by Lisa into the nursery, still wet and naked. Ashlie looked down and watched Michelle happily toddling down the hallway naked, while she was again being carried.

Ashlie was placed on the changing table along with Michelle next to her. This was the first time Michelle had been up on the table with her since she arrived at the house. It was scary. Ashlie knew Michelle was the same size and she couldn't help but visualize that it was her on the changing pad and not Michelle. Ashlie scooted to the far edge of the table, curling her knees up to her chest and watched silently as Michelle was powdered, diapered, and dressed in a sleeper. Lisa put Michelle on the floor and she toddled off in the direction of her toy box.

"Okay, You’re next Annie." Lisa smiled, reaching for the tiny woman's legs.

Ashlie whimpered softly as she was grabbed by the ankles and forcefully dragged to the center of the changing pad. Even after all she had been through, Ashlie was still not used to being treated in such a manner. Nor how easily she was handled now. She squirmed a bit as Lisa wiped off what few water droplets were left.

"Ready to get dressed now, Annie?" giggled Lisa, playfully tracing her finger down the bridge of Ashlie's tiny nose.

"Just dress me and get this over with, Lisa..." Ashlie sighed, trying to remain as impassive as possible, knowing that any protests from her would bring on further teasing from the teen.

Ashlie sighed and turned her head away as Lisa lifted her legs up by her ankles, slipping a disposable diaper underneath her. Ashlie felt the soft padding of the diaper on her bare butt as her legs were lowered back down. She looked straight up at the ceiling and stared as she felt Lisa pull the front of the diaper up between her legs. Lisa tugged on one side and pulled the tab to the front of the diaper, sticking it in place. As Lisa secured the other side of the diaper she patted the crotch with her hand and adjusted the leg bands.

"There now!" Lisa giggled, as she pulled Ashlie into a sitting-up position on the changing table. The tiny woman’s hands instinctively went to her front, covering her large breasts. Similar to The cloth diaper, the padding slightly pushed Ashlie's legs apart and made the front of the diaper bulge out.

"Ummm…Lisa? Can I have something to wear? You don’t expect me to sleep in nothing but a diaper, do you?" Suggested Ashlie.

Lisa giggled at the prospect of little Annie sleeping in the crib in only her diaper, but decided better of it. For now.

"Of course not!" Lisa smiled, opening a drawer in the changing table. Ashlie craned her neck, trying to see what Lisa was selecting for her to wear.

"How about this?" Lisa asked, holding up one of baby Michelle’s cotton sleeping gowns. "Michelle is too big for this now…but it will fit you perfectly! Your a tad bit smaller anyway."

Ashlie sighed and nodded her head in consent, wanting only to have something on than just a bulky oversized diaper.

Lisa slipped the gown over Ashlie's head and fed her tiny arms through the sleeves. Ashlie went to stand up, but was forcibly held in place by Lisa.

"Not finished yet, Annie" Lisa smiled, reaching down and pulling the drawstring at the bottom of the gown, quickly cinching it closed.

"HEY!" Ashlie complained, kicking her legs inside the gown, "I don’t like this! It’s like being inside a bag! Open it back up Lisa!"

Ashlie was appalled when Lisa grasped the sleeves of her gown, folded the protective mittens over her tiny hands and cinched the drawstrings tightly around her wrist.

"LISA!" Ashlie sobbed, kicking her legs frantically and flexing her tiny hands, causing the mittens to open and close, "Get me OUT of this thing!"

"Shhhhh!" Lisa giggled, first putting her finger to her own lips, then resting her finger across Ashlie's tiny lips. "You don’t want anyone coming in here and seeing you like this, do you?"

Ashlie quickly hushed.

Lisa lifted Ashlie off of the changing table and placed her on all fours on the floor.

"Oh, come on!" Ashlie exclaimed as she struggled inside the soft prison of her gown, "I can’t even move in this thing!"

Lisa kneeled down a few feet from Ashlie and put her arms out toward her. "Come on, Annie….come to Lisa!"

"I said that I... I can’t Lisa! I can't move in this bag." Ashlie whined, "Will you please get me out of this thing?"

Lisa clapped her hands together and held them out to Ashlie, ignoring her plight. "Come to me, Annie!….unless you want to sleep in nothing but your diaper tonight."

Ashlie suddenly stopped and looked up at Lisa from the floor, knowing full well that the young girl was capable of doing whatever she wished with her. Ashlie put her head down, shifting her weight onto her arms and pulled herself forward a few inches. She looked up at Lisa again, trying to gauge her progress. The girl was a few feet away from her; and a little to the left.

Laying flat on the floor, Ashlie rolled over on her side, aligning herself so she had to only pull herself in a straight line. Lisa watched in fascination at the tiny woman’s determination.

Ashlie grunted as she pulled herself along the floor, her eyes tearing in frustration but making slow but steady progress. She was furious at having to humiliate herself in this manner, but she knew that the humiliation of being made to sleep in nothing but a diaper would be much worse.

Finally, Ashlie had managed to pull herself all the way across the floor to her tormentor. She reached up, trying to grab Lisa’s pants leg when she realized that with her hands covered with the mittens, she was unable to even grip anything. Lisa had made her completely helpless by putting her in this gown.

"That’s a good girl!" Lisa laughed as she scooped Ashlie up into her arms and carried her to the crib.

"HEY? Why do I have to go to bed now? It’s only eight o’clock!" Ashlie howled as she pulled herself up using the slats of the crib. She put a mittened hand over her mouth when she realized how whiney and childlike she just sounded.

Lisa picked baby Michelle up and carried her to the crib. Holding Michelle on her hip, she playfully bonked Ashlie on her nose. "You aren’t gonna be giving me trouble with your bedtime, are you Missy?"

Ashlie pushed Lisa’s hand away and glared up at her in rage. This was compete bullshit.

"I have to go to bed, and Michelle gets to stay up? That’s not fair!" Protested Ashlie from inside the crib.

Lisa brushed the hair from Ashlie's forehead and kissed her on the top of her head. "A lot of things in your life are going to seem unfair now Annie. But it’s for your own good that we do these things. You need your rest." Countered Lisa smugly.

"My own good? Huh." Ashlie replied incredulously, "You put me in this...this..BAG…then put these mittens on my hands so I cannot even grip anything. and you tell me that it’s for my own GOOD?"

"Don’t worry Annie. Lisa will take you out of that ole bag in the morning. At least you won't get cold?" Lisa giggled, knowing that referring to herself in the third person infuriated Ashlie.

Ashlie loosened her grip on the slat of the crib, allowing herself to slide down onto the mattress. Pouting, she turned away from Lisa and pounded her fist on the mattress.

Lisa smiled and took Michelle into the living room, snapping the light off as she left. Ashlie laid in the crib, the room lit only by a dim night light. Ashlie's vision was blurred through tears as she silently sobbed herself to sleep.

To be continued.....

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