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The Wager Ch 2

Joshua walked into Chelsea's room as she laboriously unpacked and made her self at home. 

"Chelsea hon" Josh said to his daughter.

"Yes Dad?" Chelsea responded obediently.

"Your mother is going through some strange changes, so I want you to be prepared for what your going to see." Joshua deliberated to his daughter.

"You've been talking about this stuff since you picked me up from the Airport dad. Is mother sick, or dying? Is she going to be OK?" Chelsea inquired with a worried brow. 

"No kiddo, it's nothing like that.", Josh reassured his daughter "It's more like a metamorphosis, she's going to need our help to get through this. But she's not the same in a sense." 

Chelsea stood thoroughly confused as to what her father was saying. "What kind of metamorphosis?" She nervously questioned. 

Ashlie gracefully entered the room in all of her glory. At a little over four feet tall, she was hardly the Amazonian mother that Chelsea remembered seeing before the break.

Chelsea looked down on her tiny mother from a height advantage of over a foot, as ashlie met her large daughter's eyes from the vantage point of a child. 

"Well do you remember that movie Honey I shrunk the kids?" Ashlie asked with a touch of sarcasm in her voice, "You're father thought It would be nifty to see what it would be like to do the home version."

Chelsea was speechless as she looked her shrunken mother over and noticed her mother was now staring up at her. Ashlie had a twinge of fear as her new high voice, and tiny frame cancelled out any authoritarian views her daughter might have. Ashlie flashed back to the last time she had to discipline her daughter, and how very unintimidating she must look at her new height.

Her clothes probably didn't help either and unfortunately, Joshua was hardly a master shopper. So she was limited on what she had to wear. The girls Minecraft T-shirt and light purple jumper gave her the actual look of a little girl. She was going to go with the days of the week panties, but after opening the pack she found out that they were already to big. So she had to settle on a pair of "my little pony" panties. Colored socks and pink shoes completed the outfit. Only on close inspection could you tell that ashlie was all woman.

Chelsea was taken back, Her mother had always been a strict disciplinarian and fancy dresser. but now, after seeing her mother dressed the way she was Chelsea felt the weight of her fear of her mother lifting. 

"Mother That outfit is really cute, but it isn't you, is it?" Chelsea said in a way that was a mixture of concern and condescending. 

"No, it's not. It's cute though?" Ashlie replied uncomfortably as she looked herself over. She would have been caught dead wearing such an outfit.

"Well, maybe we could all go to the mall and I could help you get some more decent clothes!" Chelsea chimed, "I could help you, and in you're present state no one would be the wiser, we could be sisters!"

Ashlie thought about what her daughter was saying. Being sisters meant that she would be the younger sister because of her height. Finally ashlie replied "No, I really Don't think..."

"Oh Come on mother, it will be fun! it could be a bonding experience for both of us!" Chelsea argued as she hugged me mom dramatically. 

"She's got a good point." Josh added, "You've been cooped up in this house to long, Let's go out!"

Josh cheerfully took his wife by the hand as Chelsea followed gleefully.

Ashlie thought to herself, "I have lost control!" and for the first time in her charmed life, she truly felt helpless.

As they walked to the mini van, Ashlie could almost feel the animosity that was now radiating from her daughter, like a sun beating down on a man in the desert.  

As ashlie approached the mini van she put her petite hand on the passenger side door handle and was about to pull when a larger hand clasped her hand. 

"Now now mother, as a lawyer, you of all people should now that new statute about kids riding in the back seat." Chelsea smirked as she looked down on her mother. 

Ashlie was mortified. Not only at the implication that a law meant to protect small children now applied to her because of her decreased stature, but because her own daughter was the one willing to enforce it. 

Joshua towered over the young Chelsea and his tiny wife. "She's right hon," Josh said, in a voice that also seemed to drip with a touch of sarcasm. "For now anyway, you should probably sit in the back, for safety.  Look on the bright side honey, at least you don't need a car seat." 

Joshua hoisted his three foot ten wife up and into the back seat as Chelsea gleefully slid the door open for them. 

"You mean not yet, Don't you Josh?" Ashlie shot out with a degree of venom. She may have become smaller, but her fury was still that of any normal sized woman, perhaps even more so. 

Joshua buckled in his tiny wife, and stated "Look, we may as well get used to this idea. Besides If you are going to continue to act childish over one simple mistake, then perhaps that's how I should treat you, like a child." 

Ashlie just sat there, fuming.  She thought to herself how she would love to get revenge on Josh for the humiliation he was putting her through, but now was not the time.  Maybe after she returned to normal she would divorce him and sue him for everything he had. 

As she continued to sulk the van started up and left the driveway, with Chelsea taking the position of shotgun.  How was ashlie going to argue?  Chelsea was a clear foot taller than her, and getting bigger all the time.

As they drove toward the mall, Chelsea stated. "You know dad, before we go to the mall, maybe we could grab a bite to eat.  I haven't eaten since lunch and maybe we could go to Chuck-E-Cheese's for dinner and a little family fun?"

Ashlie shrieked "Absolutely not! In case either of you have forgotten I am still shrinking here! There is no way I'm putting up with that kind of embarrassment!" 

Josh looked at his tiny bride in the rear view mirror and replied "So, you're going to let our daughter starve, because you have some self image problem? That's pathetic. You should know better than that Ashlie." 

"Then we can go?" Chelsea asked as she looked up at her father with puppy dog eyes. 

"Of course Kiddo. Just because you mother wants to act like a spoiled little brat doesn't mean that you have to suffer." Joshua cheerfully replied.

Ashlie couldn't believe her ears. Josh had said she was acting like a brat. She wouldn't have been in this situation if he never made this stupid bet with Bill. She defiantly crossed her arms and mumbled "bastard..."

The more Ashlie thought about the place the more dread crept over her. She didn't want to go. "Josh this is crazy! Let's just order a pizza. I can't go out in public while I'm still shrinking!  It's too damn embarrassing..." She pleaded, fighting back the first tears that were welling up in her tiny eyes. 

Josh didn't bother looking back as he responded, "Nonsense! Besides, we're already here. Just relax and don't think about it honey. Or are we going to have to treat you like a child?"

Ashlie could already feel her panties getting looser as the minecraft t-shirt began to lose it's elastic hold over her once larger chest. She sniffled a bit and then with her head held low, she accepted meekly that she would be at their mercy, for now.

The Chuckie Cheese was packed to the point of breaking a few fire codes, with rug rats running amuck Running from arcade games, to little rides to the ever popular bal pit. Ashlie never liked this place to begin with, screaming little kids, cardboard pizza, and the insufferable noise. Tonight however took the experience to a new low.

Looking around the restaurant at a kid’s perspective, but a woman’s body and soul was almost too much to bear. As “little kids” passed by her in their rush to play skeeball or the latest 3D fighting game, some almost knocked Ashlie over. she couldn’t help but notice that some of these little urchins, that played on her street, that ran around on skateboards or BMX bikes, were now dwarfing her. In one corner she saw that little monster Kevin.

Kevin was one of those kids who liked to toss M-80s down rabbit holes for fun. Just last week Kevin was stomping through her yard, Ashlie remembered Grabbing that little turd by the scruff of his neck and marching him to his house, where she proceeded to tell his mother that if she ever caught him in her yard again she was going to sue them for trespassing, and property damages. Now, even from across the room he looked like an 8oo pound gorilla that could pick her up easily and do what ever he wanted to her. The very thought of running into him just made her shiver. She began to hide behind he husband like a shy child hiding behind her daddy.

Joshua of course took note of this. “Something wrong dear?” he asked coyly as he looked around to see what she was fearing.

“Fuck you” she barked out in a voice that made Josh think of the Chipmunks.

He simply smiled and patted his wife's head. “Say Kids,” Josh said with a strange form of confidence, “What do you say we grab a table and then I’ll give you each five dollars to get some tokens.”

Chelsea let out a squeal of joy and sat down at a table. As Ashlie hesitantly took her seat next to her daughter she looked around to see if she knew anyone else.

Within seconds, their waitress arrived at their table. She was a nubile young teen, one of the thousands of Selena Gomez clones that dominate the local high school, but from Ashlie's perspective, she was an amazon.

“So what can I get y'all tonight?” The Selena Gomez clone said as she bounced on the back of her heels. Her perked breasts jiggling ever so slightly under her tight polo shirt.

Ashlie Sat looking up at her in silence and felt a twinge of jealousy. Her own womanly shapes had been hidden by the somewhat loose Minecraft shirt and adorable purple jumper skirt.

Joshua leaned back with a leisurely charm. “Well sweet cheeks,” He started “I guess me and the girls Will have a large pepperoni, and a pitcher of Pepsi. Oh and a milk for the little one, after all a growing girl needs her calcium!”

Joshua looked down at his tiny wife and then shot a smile at the shapely teen standing beside him.

The Waitress smiled, “O.k. large pepperoni, one milk and a Pepsi pitcher, check.”

The waitress glanced to ashlie and she bent down and asked in that condescending tone that one often uses when talking to little kids, "would you like a free balloon pumpkin?", Her words verged on baby talk.

Ashlie shot back in a sarcastic tone lost by her squeaky voice “No, but if you could get me a vodka martini with 2 olives I’d appreciate it.”

The waitress looked at the shrunken lawyer, stunned.

“Oh kids say the darnedest things don't they. This one has quite the imagination on her.” Joshua rang back to ease the tension.

The waitress bounded off to get their order and came back within a few minutes with their drinks and a balloon for Ashlie. The teen placed a plastic sippy cup with milk in front of Ashlie, before tying the balloon around her wrist. The waitress looked up to Josh and admitted "The balloon is numbered so you can still see her if she goes to the arcade."

As Josh nodded in agreement the waitress danced of to the next table. Joshua preceded to dig out his wallet. He pulled out a pair of fives and placed them in front of both ashlie and Chelsea. “Well Kids, you have fun now” he remarked with a smug smile.

Chelsea darted off, but then turned, noticing her pint-sized mommy wasn’t joining her. “Come on little one!” Chelsea giggled.

Ashlie sat there, Feet dangling over the edge of the seat. Staring over the table, Ashlie's glare gave Chelsea the feeling that she was in trouble. Josh, turned to Chelsea and calmly stated “Don’t worry, your little sister will be there in a minute. OK?”

He then glared back at Ashlie and calmly stated in a very serious tone “Before she can play, we need to talk about her little attitude first.”

Chelsea knew that tone. Her father had used it a few times on her when she was in trouble. She cheerfully nodded and bounced off toward the Whack a mole.

Ashlie looked up at her husband in anger. The tension between them was obvious and she also knew the tone he used was the one he used when mad.

Another waitress almost immediately broke the tension as she stepped up to the table. She was a younger teen with a little extra weight and acne. She looked at Josh and cheerfully inquired “Sir, I’m sorry to bother you but would you like a booster seat for your daughter?"

Joshua smiled an almost twisted grin, as he turned to the overweight waitress he replied “Certainly, Could you help her into it please’ she’s been very fussy today and maybe a woman's touch could help.”

“Of course! I'm great with kids.” the waitress answered as she disappeared only to return seconds later with a yellow plastic booster seat.

She automatically lifted the shrunken woman up and positioned the plastic seat under her tush. As the waitress held Ashlie in suspension, the teenager felt something under Ashlie's purple jumper. There were two of them almost like large growths, no they were something else, she thought to herself. She began to study the toddler in her hands, those legs, those arms, in perfect proportion, and this is when the overweight waitress realized her hands were on the breasts of a very small adult. She yelped as she quickly placed Ashlie into the hard plastic booster seat and began to freak.

“Oh, my god, I’m sorry ma’am I didn’t realize...I mean..I…I thought you were a kid. Please don't tell my boss." The teen pleaded.

Ashlie got her bearings and looked at the young waitress. “It’s fine...” Ashlie stated, in a squeaky voice.

The waitress backed off slowly before making a b-line for the kitchen in embarrassment.

Ashlie shot a cold eye to her Husband, now almost twice her height. “All right, Josh!”, she seethed with anger, “What is with all of this demeaning crap? First you put something in my drink, and turn me into a shrinking freak. Then you start treating me like a fucking child in front of our daughter. What the hell has gotten in to you Josh?”

Joshua returned her angry glare with a vindictive look of anger “So what was it like to fuck little Davey?” Josh venomously spat out.

Ashlie felt her heart beating faster in her tiny chest, she didn't have sex with him, but he did kiss her. She tried to compose herself as best she could.

“What in the hell are you talking about?” ashlie retorted, but it was too late, she knew that Josh knew something. As she continued to dwindle away, she knew that Josh was going to make her most vulnerable moments a living hell.

Ashlie found it very hard to keep her composure in the face of her giant accuser. Josh glared at her and then stated in a calm dramatic tone under his breath. “You fucked him you little hussy, he confessed the whole thing, that’s why you were in the bed, he carried you up there.” Joshua waited for a second to see if it all sunk in. He felt a severe rush of power watching his tiny wife squirming under the pressure.

Ashlie finally countered in an angry tone “I didn't have sex with him Joshua! That's gross and twisted. How dare you say that.” ashlie spat back with venom unexpected from his little wife, “nothing happen between us.”

Josh was taken back by his wife's outburst and denial of what happen. “So he wasn't in the house? You weren't flirting with him and kissing him downstairs? He didn't take you upstairs? That's what your saying, right?”

Ashlie exclaimed “He told you we kissed! He wasn't going.....Yes. Yes we kissed Josh. He was in the house and he did take me upstairs. But we didn't have sex. He just put me in bed. That's all that happen.”

Josh was outraged, he got up and marched toward the Skeeball machine and Ashlie could see him talking with Chelsea. Within minuets He and Chelsea returned to the table. Chelsea sat down and giggled to herself, while Josh motioned toward Ashlie in the Minecraft T-shirt. Chelsea nodded to her father and without any warning he  picked his wife up from the booster seat. Ashlie began to kick and Scream in anger, and each time she moved her right arm the balloon would jerk around in the air. Her Squeaky tiny voice was muffled from the electronic orchestra of the arcade machines. Anyone paying attention would have just assumed that a father was taking his brat of a daughter outside to calm down.

Josh opened the restaurant door and mad a B-line to the van in the parking lot. He angrily opened the Side door and sat down. Placing ashlie on his lap, stomach down, before closing the door.
“What the hell are you doing you twisted jerk!” ashlie screamed from her husband's lap.

“Well, since you are going to act so childish I think it’s time you learned what it means to respect the adults.” Josh angrily replied as he positioned Ashlie with her arms and legs draped over his thighs.

"I’m not a child!” Ashlie shot back in rage, “And if you are thinking of doing what I think you are doing, I swear to god, I’ll sue you for abuse, for every thing you have you miserable…"

But it was too late, as Ashlie ranted, Josh quickly lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties, and gave her bottom and open handed whack.

Ashlie let out a horrific squeal of pain as he continued giving the child sized woman a spanking, that was slowly but surely bringing a cherry red glow to her toned and trim ass.

As Ashlie continued to sob in pain, Josh spoke through the swatting. "Look you little tramp, not only will I continue to spank you, but you will learn to suck it up. I don’t even care about the damn bet at this point I may just forget to give you the damn antidote. I never realized what a little bitch you could be! So the longer you intend to act like a child the longer I intend to treat you like one.”

His Spanking continued, the searing friction heat was turning Ashlie's squeal to sobs and soon the two were in a rhythmic pattern of swat, gasp and cry.

“Now do you intend to be a good little girl?" Josh asked as he raised his hand and paused.

Ashlie recoiled in terror and sobbed out  “O…ok. I’ll be good, don’t please, this is so humiliating...stop..."

As she sobbed uncontrollably, Josh began to feel the pangs of guilt. Looking at his tiny wife’s reddened tush he began to bring her to his chest. “All right ashlie, It’s O.K., But for now you have got to understand that I’m in charge, You need to behave, no more lip, you understand?"

Ashlie sniffed as she silently nodded in agreement. Josh grabbed a tissue and began to wipe her tears away. Ashlie had the look of a woman broken.

“Let’s get you back to order.” Joshua stated, as he began to hike her panties from her ankles to her waist. But the combination of the shrinking and her sore posterior made her wearing the panties a bad idea.

“Well then, let’s take you back inside. We’ll have the Pizza and skip the mall, alright?” suggested Josh as he opened the door to the van.

ashlie quietly nodded.

As they returned to the Table, the Pizza had arrived. Chelsea helped herself to a slice, but smiled as she noticed her father carrying her mother like a child. He placed Ashlie in the Booster seat, and she let out a silenced squeal of pain.

She sat silent as Josh handed her a gigantic slice of pizza. She was now just less than three and a half feet tall.  The only thing on her mind was one very true statement “I have to get out of here!”

As ashlie sat at the table, trying meekly to choke down a slice of Pepperoni, with utensils that made her feel more and more like a child, unable to take care of her self she began to hatch a plan. Ashlie looked up at Josh from her precarious booster seat perch and began to speak meekly “So, Are we still going to the Mall?”

Joshua looked at his toddler-sized wife and slowly responded, “I think we’ll give it a miss.”

Chelsea had looked Crestfallen at the news. “But Daddy!” Chelsea squealed."

Josh interrupted, “Maybe tomorrow kiddo.”

Ashlie decided now was the time to act.
"It’s Okay by me if we go, Josh, Chelsea has her heart set on it, and you did promise.” Ashlie meekly stated. Her squeaky voice sounding more complacent than Josh had ever heard it.

By this time Joshua had realized that he had lost is bet with McClaren, goodbye Million, and goodbye to a Tiger Woods endorsed set of carbon steel beauties that had helped to make him the terror of the Links. But on the plus side his he had tamed the shrew. Sitting there in that booster seat was every thing Josh had ever wanted, a near perfect trophy wife that at this point could easily fit on his mantle. Maybe once this was over and she was normal sized he would finally have her the way he had always wanted her to be, submissive.

Josh looked down at his diminutive bride, and smiled “Do you want to go to the Mall pumpkin?”

Josh asked in a voice more akin to a parent asking a small child. ashlie Looked down at the floor seeing her own feet dangle above it, and meekly responded “I’ll be OK with it, you did promise Chelsea, I will go along with that, if you want.”

Joshua didn’t know what to say but in the midst of Chelsea’s whining and watching his tiny wife become more and more subservient, Josh finally stood up. “Well then I guess we’re going shopping!”

Chelsea Squealed with delight as she began to eye her mother and think to her self of the best ways to pay her mother back for all of the angst and embarrassment she had ever caused her in her whole preteen life. Maybe at the mall they would stop bye gap kids or osh'kosh for some clothes. Babies "r" us, would work for sure.

Ashlie just sat there, still slowly shrinking and trying desperately to get a drink of milk without looking too childish.

After the family had finished eating they went up to the register to pay, Josh holding ashlie like a child followed by Chelsea standing beside him. Josh could hear the overweight waitress in the back mumbling to one of the co-workers about that freaky family and the tiny woman, and how she had practically felt the tiny woman up while putting her in the high chair.

Soon They were in the parking lot. As Josh began to adjust the straps in the back seat to fit Ashlie, She had shrank down to almost three feet. At this point and could easily slide out of the seat belt if she wanted to.

“Maybe we ought to pick up a booster seat? Or car seat. They have them cheap at babies r us.” Chelsea giggled.

Ashlie said nothing, and soon Josh had her secured in the back seat. As the van left the parking lot, Ashlie could almost feel herself getting smaller. The way her clothes seemed to get thicker and heavier, not to mention looser. She was beginning to think that she might be getting too small to pull off her plan, but she had to try it was the only way to get out of this situation.

As they arrived at the mall it had become obvious to Joshua that Ashlie's clothes were simply too large to fit her dwindling frame for much longer. Josh unbuckled the seatbelt and picked up his wife, it was amazing to him how light she had become. As he stood there holding her up, her jumper was practically just hanging off of her. He thought to himself, just how incredible this all was, He put her down on the ground and reached in the back for a bag.

“Chelsea..” He said in a semi authoritative tone, “Why don’t you go on in? We’ll meet up at the entrance in a few minutes.”

Chelsea nodded in agreement and bounded off. As Chelsea ran off, Josh Struggled to get the clothing bag from the back. Ashlie seized her chance. She deftly slipped out of the thick purple Jumper and ran wearing only the now nightshirt size kids minecraft t-shirt. Running bare foot through the parking lot, through crowds of giant shoppers and massive cars hoping not to be caught, her only goal get into the mall, past the guards and into the arcade. If ashlie had planned this right Joshua would pay for what he had done to her

Ashlie ran deftly through the parking lot. Hiding behind the massive SUVs and compacts that at her present height looked every bit as intimidating as a Mac truck. Ashlie saw a chance to cross the main street and ran for it. The dress like t-shirt hung off her naked form like a nightgown, and she knew deep down inside how ridiculous she must look. A grown woman, a Lawyer, almost a partner in the firm reduced to looking like some Disney channel cliche. Ashlie saw the Bushes near the entrance and made a dive for it. There sat her salvation behind the bushes in the bike racks. She had recognized that blue mountain bike, with the Magic card taped to the front, for some reason she could never quite understand.

“David” She thought to herself. It was common knowledge to Ashlie that her young neighbor kid was one of a few kids who was always at the mall on Fridays, hanging out in the local game shop, known as the Mage’s hand. David had often talked about using his lawn mowing money to buy a rare card, or some other kind of thing that Ashlie would simply nod and grin as David talked excitedly about. Whenever Chelsea had been home, especially during the summer, She would often hang out in the mall with her friends making fun of Davey and his “Gamer Dork” friends. David was in the mall, and Ashlie was 90% sure where in the mall. Now the big question loomed, Should she go in and talk to him or wait out here, This was a hard decision, For one thing if she went in there was a good chance mall security might spot her, and she definitely didn’t meet the shirt and shoes requirements, Well she had the shirt, but pants were another issue. Also if she waited out here, well for one thing she wasn’t getting any taller, she was hitting the 3 foot even mark at this point. Getting nervous, she was positive that after this afternoon’s activities, David would be drenched with sweat, thinking about helping her. Even if she was much smaller than the last time they met. Luckily for her she didn’t have to think long as she looked out side the bush thinking she saw a very fascinating scene.

Joshua frantically looking for her, and David coming out of the mall. As David meekly said hello, Josh marched past the sixth grader, almost knocking him over. Joshua must have really been jealous. This made Ashlie feel a little better about being more than 1/2 her height and still shrinking.

Thinking about it, she almost lost sight of young David who had picked himself up and began toward his bike. She spun around, keeping an eye on Josh who had entered the mall, she decided to make her move.

“David!” she hissed in her chipmunk like tone. David almost tripped over his bike trying to find the source of the sound calling him, before he noticed her in the Bush.

Incredible he thought to himself, there was the woman of his dreams, but this time she was even smaller. The way that little Minecraft t-shirt draped over her obviously naked form made David think that she herself was a secret nerd. David knelt over to the bush on his bended knee, she was maybe an inch taller but it was hard to tell.

“What are you doing here?" David asked incredulously.

“Waiting for you, big boy." Ashlie responded with a degree of flirtation and desperation.

“I was wondering?” Ashlie continued, looking deep into David’s Eyes, “Could I crash at your place for a while I need to get out of my place. I can make it worth your while once I get bigger. Maybe $500 bucks? That should help you buy that card or toy you were talking about.”

David didn’t know what to think, on one hand he could get in serious trouble if his mom and dad found out. He remembered how mad his dad got when he tried to sneak A kitten into the house. Well this was no kitten, and he wanted Ms. Miles a hell of a lot more than he ever wanted any cat. His imagination began to run wild of all the things she could do. They could play Minecraft together or magic, or watch movies.

“Look I don’t want to sound like a bitch, but We really should get going. I at least need to get out of the mall, OK?” ashlie pleaded with a smile.

David snapped to and picked the diminutive lady up with on of his mighty arms. Before Ashlie knew it, she was clinging to his torso. Riding backward with her face placed on his chest.

She could feel his legs pumping the pedals of the bike as they kept hitting on her ass. It was by no means the most dignified way to travel, but it was faster than she expected. Now if only her grip held up.

Within minutes, Ashlie felt the bike’s velocity descend as they approached David’s backyard. The house was empty. Apparently mom and dad were going to be out working late again. This was perfect, David thought, as he let Ashlie down from the bike.

Ashlie took a second to get her sea legs. David put his bike away, and led the shrunken woman into the house. David’s house was obviously the realm of a carrying mother. The place was clean, with the touches of femininity found through out the house. The furniture matched the old Victorian style house, and it had the feel of homeless. Ashlie thought to herself, how different this place would be if she owned it, but then again beggars can’t be choosers.

David couldn’t keep his Eyes off of his tiny houseguest. “Uh, can I get you something, to eat, or uh maybe a martini?”

David was trying damned hard to act like an adult, after all Ashlie was the kind of sophisticated woman that populated David’s childhood fantasies. Ashlie giggled in a high tone that made her sound a lot less sophisticated than she had all of those times that she towered over him in the past.

David wasn’t sure what to make of her laughter.

“I am fine, but I really could use a bath.” ashlie honestly confessed.

David Knew what to do, It worked once for him, and ashlie was his to kiss. Within seconds David scooped up the petite lady, and began to carry her to the upstairs bath.

As she was thrown over David's shoulder with her butt in the air, Ashlie was so shocked she almost shrieked in terror, but she stopped herself. After all, David had helped her out of an extremely tricky situation. She could deal with being carried like a caveman's trophy, she just needed to make sure David understood that nothing was going on between them before he got any ideas.

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