Saturday, October 8, 2016


The wager ch 3

David carried his diminutive love goddess to the upstairs bathroom and placed her gingerly on the counter next to the sink. Ashlie was impressed both with how easily she had been carried up the stairs and the gentle way that David was treating her. She knew he wasn’t going to treat her like dirt, but after all the hell Josh put her through, it was a good feeling none the less.

Now all she had to do was get through tonight and call her friend Beth in the morning. Beth was a Defense attorney in Ashlie's law firm that specialized in abuse cases. At this point Ashlie figured even if she couldn’t get the cure for some reason she would be set for life, from suing her husband and if ever there were grounds for divorce, turning your wife into a two foot tall plaything certainly seemed to be good enough grounds.

As Ashlie's mind became lost in thought, dwelling on the thought of Josh, she had all but forgotten about the bath. David walked over to the tiny woman, who was now under three feet tall and gently slipped her off the counter.

As David reached for Ashlie's shirt she slapped his hand and objected "no David. I'm an adult and can do this myself."

David Jumped back and confusingly responded “Uh, I’m sorry. I just figured since earlier you let me, I would uh just…”

Ashlie tried her best to calm him, after all she was hardly in a position to be bitchy to him “It’s alright David,” She reassured him in that higher voice that she now had. “I know you like me. And I like you to, But not like that David. Were just friends and not lovers. OK?’”

David looked away in shame and mumbled "OK Ms. Miles..."

Ashlie looked David over and knew he was let down. The boy thought he was going to get lucky, but had his dreams crushed. "I will tell you what.." Ashlie acknowledged with a little cheer in her voice, "how about you find me something to wear while I get in the tub."

David looked back to the shrunken woman and inquired "like what?"

Ashlie shrugged her shoulders and confessed "What ever you want David. As long as it's not skimpy or to revealing. The shirt I have now is too big to wear and I can't go around naked."

David nodded his head in agreement and countered "Anything I want? Or did you have something in mind?"

Ashlie looked over to the tub and noticed bubbles starting to peak over the rim. She turned back to David and smiled "let's say your choice. For helping me out today."

David smiled big and nodded yes before darting out of the bathroom in Hurry.

Ashlie rolled her eyes in annoyance and said "boys...there all the same." Before pulling her oversized shirt off and letting it fall to the ground.

The tub was a little higher than she had expected it to be and had to straddle the brim just to get in. As she let her body sink into the warm depths, the bubbles surrounded what was left of her body, left afloat. The water felt amazing and much needed after the days stressful events.

Ashlie smiled to herself as she took in the bath toys on the edge of the tub. They looked like giant versions of the ones she was use to seeing. Even the Mr. Bubble container was oversized. She rolled her neck to the side and used her hand to rub her tensed shoulders. This was truly relaxing.

Ashlie grabbed the washcloth and began to wipe away the grime from the mall parking lot, as she did this she thought about what was to become of her. If she left Josh, would she even get the cure?

Ashlie jumped in place as the door swung open and David loudly announced "I found you something! I looked around my room, but have nothing your size, Ms. Miles. So I looked in my sister's room."

Even with the bubbles surrounding her body, Ashlie instinctively covered her chest so her breast couldn't be seen. She smiled up to David from the bath tub and said "thank you...I didn't know you had a sister."

David set the clothes down on the toilet seat and confessed "yeah, most people don't know I do. She's to little to go out and play."

Ashlie stained her eyes to see what David had found, but was unable to take any of it in. The clothes on the seat were to bundled up to identify.

Ashlie leaned back in the tub and smiled "What ever it is David, I'm sure it will be good enough. Thanks."

David pulled a towel from the cupboard and placed it on the clothes. "I'm going to go to my room. It's down the hall at the end. When your done that's were I will be."

Ashlie smiled at David and as he walked to the door she inquired "was there underwear?"

David had his hand on the door knob, but stopped long enough to reply "yeah. They should fit. Let me know if not."

Ashlie simply nodded and and waited for David to go. As he closed the door she released the hold on her breast and let out a sigh. Clothes from David's sisters room did not sound to appealing, and not to mention, David probably picked something completely stupid.

Ashlie stood up in the tub and lifted her leg over the brim of the tub. Once her toes were able to touch the ground, she swung her other leg over and planted both feet firmly on the ground.

She reached over and grabbed the towel from the toilet and proceeded to dry herself off with the blanket sized cloth. As the towel fell to the floor, Ashlie reached up onto the toilet and grabbed the bundle of clothes David had found for her. Right away Ashlie was a bit confused as she held up what appeared to be some type of Easter dress. It was light pink with white ruffles and puffed sleeves. Ashlie looked the dress over and held it up to see if it was going to fit. It looked about right in size.

She rolled her eyes and began to pull the dress over her head and shoulders, letting it fall into place as she released her grip on it's material. No doubt it was a girls Easter dress, as Ashlie found that the bottom of the dress flared out because of layers of ruffles. "Really?" She mumbled as she looked herself over. The dress was cute, but not for her.

Ashlie looked up from the dress to the toilet seat and took note that there was still the matter of underwear. "What do we have here..." Ashlie curiously whispered as she reached up and snagged the panties. From having kids of her own, Ashlie knew right away just by looking at them, that they were training panties. They were one step above actual training pants.

"Really David..."Ashlie sighed as she held the thick cotton panties open and stepped inside. After pulling them into place, she was quiet amazed that they actually felt comfortable. She looked herself over and felt like a fool. This was beyond demeaning and humiliating.

With no other option, but to face the fact she was stuck in this position, Ashlie sucked up her pride and walked out of the bathroom. She tip toed down the hallway and took in the shear size of everything around her. It had only been a days time since Joshua slipped her the green liquid and yet it was enough time to change her own view of her existence. It was fascinating and scary at the same time.

As Ashlie entered David's room she was amazed at how cluttered it was with comic books, games, and action figures. It literally looked like he could have owned a local comic book shop.

"Oh, hey!", boomed David as he noticed Ms. Miles enter his room, "I'm glad to see that the dress fits! What about the underwear?"

Ashlie looked down at the clothes she was wearing and admitted "yeah, it fits. Same with the underwear David."

David cheerfully jumped off of his bed and grabbed something from his desk. As he walked over to Ashlie she felt a nervous twinge ride up her spine.

"What's that David?" Hesitantly inquired Ashlie.

David stopped right in front of Ashlie and smiled down on her. She was now half his size. "I've got something for you!" David cheerfully confessed.

Ashlie began to panic. With all of the boys advances and flirting, she hoped he didn't have any bad ideas. With a worried stutter, Ashlie reluctantly asked "wh..what is it?"

David had a big smile on his face as he held up a tiny crown for Ashlie to see. "I got you this!" He cheerfully smiled.

Ashlie let out Sigh of relief once she seen the crown. She was expecting something much worse. "Thank you David. Why a crown though?" Remarked Ashlie as she looked the item over in his giant hands.

David turned slightly and pointed over to where his television was located and explained "I thought it would be cool if we could play the Wii together. I've got Mario set up and a thrown for you. I was thinking it might be cool if a could play games with a princess. Or queen?"

Ashlie looked over to where David was pointing and noticed that the boy had set up a little makeshift thrown beside his chair. Over all, he was trying to be sweet and Ashlie could see no harm in it. She smiled up at David and responded "I would gladly play games with you, as a princess."

David smiled down on Ms. Miles and carefully placed the crown on her head.

It had been awhile since the last time Ashlie had played Mario brothers, but after half an hour she got the hang of it.
As she cleared the level, Ashlie jumped up from her makeshift thrown and yelled "boo-ya!"

"That was all luck..." David remarked as his turn began. Ashlie flopped down on her chair and realized that she hadn't had this much fun in ages. Joshua never took her out or challenged her to a night of video games. For the first time in her adult life, she felt right in place doing what she was doing.

"Your not expecting any friends over, are you?" Asked the shrunken woman as she looked around the room.

David had his tongue hanging out his lips as he moved the controller like it was part of the game. Without looking to Ashlie he responded "no, I don't have that many."

Ashlie silently nodded her head and replied "that's a shame. Your a nice guy."

David was to drawn into the game and didn't respond back. As Ashlie watched him take his turn, she let out Yawn. She was beginning to get tired. She looked over to his bed and yawned "do you think I can crash out for a bit?"

David paused the game and looked to the shrunken woman before turning his eyes to his bed. David stood up from his chair and acknowledged "yeah, you can sleep in my bed tonight if you want?"

"What about you?" Questioned Ashlie as she stretched her arms and proceeded to yawn again.

David pulled back his blankets and patted the bed for Ashlie to come. "I will sleep on the ground. I'm not tired yet. Plus I got some new comics." He answered with a smile.

Ashlie got up from her seat and adjusted the Easter dress as she walked over to David's bed. Luckily for her, the mattress didn't have a frame. As she got to its edge she climbed up and laid down. She smiled as David pulled the covers over her and turned the television to cable.

"I got some things to do. So you rest, OK?" Stated David as he walked to his bedroom door.

"Thanks David..." Ashlie mumbled as she closed her eyes and got comfy.

David then left his room and drained the tub while Ashlie fell asleep.

After some time of being fast asleep, Ashlie awoke to seeing David reading comics at his desk. "How long was I out?" Ashlie asked as she pulled back the blankets.

Right away Ashlie noticed David looking at her with concern in his face.

“What is it David?” She asked.

“You’re still getting smaller", David told his two and a half foot tall friend.

“Are you jut going to shrink away into nothing?” David asked, a strong measure of worry and concern in his voice.

"No..." Ashlie reassured him, "I should be done shrinking by tomorrow. I don't know the full effects, but am supposed to get down to about 2 foot or so? From what I know of the process...” She said hoping to herself that she was right.

"But how did you get like this?” David asked quizzically as he looked Ashlie over.

Ashlie looked up at him and drowsily replied "I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow. Let's go back to bed. It's late David.”

David clicked his lamp off and climbed into his sleeping bag on the floor. As Ashlie and David both began to drift into unconsciousness David mumbled "good night Ms. Miles."

As ashlie awoke the next morning her fears had been confirmed, she had stopped shrinking, but she was down to a height of 23 inches. As she regained consciousness, she noticed that she was the only person in the room.

“David?” she called out, but to no answer.

The door to David’s room had been left opened a crack, which at least meant Ashlie wasn’t trapped in this massive shrine to adolescence. She slid off of the bed by holding on to the comforter and hit the hardwood floor with a unceremonious thud. She got up rubbed her little bottom and began to make her way through the maze of giant action figures, comics and gaming books. On her way out she spotted a 12 inch G.I Joe, and began to feel a bit superior about not being sorter than a Barbie. As ashlie finally made it out the doorway she stuck her tiny head out the door. The coast looked clear. She was hallway down the hall when she saw something major enough to give her a massive heart attack!

It was Dexter Boyle, Ashlie's “rival", walking through the upstairs corridor with his wife. Ashlie had never made the connection before that Dexter was David’s father, and before she could do anything, Dexter and his wife spotted the toy-sized woman.

"Ashlie?” Dexter spat out in a combination of confusion and disbelief.

Ashlie knew that she was in for it now. She quickly darted into the closest room to her.

“Ashlie?” Dexter called out incredulously as she bolted into the room next to her.

Ashlie didn't think twice about what she was doing, since her mind told her to flee. As she entered the room she looked back and accidentally tripped over something. Sending her falling to the ground. She quickly glanced to see what she ran into and shuddered when she noticed it was a baby doll, almost as big as her.

She pulled herself up from the ground and spun around reeling in pain as Dexter and his wife walked into their daughters room, his shadow blotting out the light fixture from Ashlie's perspective.

Ashlie's leg hurt, she might have sprained her ankle, but she needed something to fend off her assailant with. She grabbed for the closest thing she could and began to wield it frantically like a weapon. Ashlie was to busy fighting to notice that every time she swung the object it made a squeaky noise.

Dexter knelt down next to the woman who had caused him so much grief in his life, now reduced to a toy sized shadow of her former self, Dexter knelt there for a second and finally spoke.

“Um, ashlie?” he started slowly “maybe you were unaware of this, but a toy pacifier really can’t do all that much damage, I mean you might give me a tickle, but that’s kind of doubtful.”

Ashlie could hear his wife in the background give out a slight giggle before she opened her eyes and looked at the oversized pacifier in her hands. She immediately dropped the child's toy and stared at Dexter in defiance.

“What are you going to do to me?" ashlie demanded, her eyes glaring up at the giant she used to refer to as “little man”.

“Well’” responded Dexter, picking the tiny woman up of the floor, “First I’m going to pass you off to my wife Nancy. She'll take you into my room and then make sure you didn’t hurt yourself tripping over that doll. Then I intend to have a long conversation with you about how you got this way, and how and why you ended up in my daughters room.”

As Ashlie felt herself being past to Dexter's wife, Nancy took her into the nook of her arm as if she was holding a newborn baby. "Don't worry...Ashlie? It's Ashlie right? I'm Nancy and I won't hurt you." Cooed the giant woman.

Ashlie looked up from the woman's arms and meekly smiled as she responded "yes, it's Ashlie. Ni...nice to meet you Nancy."

The giant woman looked at the shrunken woman curiously before looking over to her husband and saying "I'm going to take her to our room, won't you give us a moment dear?"

Dexter simply nodded and watched as his wife walked out of the room with Ashlie.

Ashlie's heart began to race, as her ankle continued to writhe in pain, she knew she couldn’t run, she had never felt so helpless before in her life, here she was being carried around like an infant, by Dexter's wife no less.

Ashlie couldn’t imagine how this could get worse, and then it did. As the emotions and embarrassment welled up inside of her, she fell apart. Ashlie began to Bawl like a tiny child who had lost their mother. The only thing Nancy could do was comfort her like she would her own.

Nancy had never seen something like this before, she didn’t know what to do. but she tried her best to sooth her. She pulled Ashlie's tiny body close to hers and let this humiliated and miniaturized woman cry on her new blouse. Nancy had almost forgotten the tiny woman was really an adult, holding her like that; it was reminiscent of holding her own infant daughter and son. Sure the curves were entirely different, but she was too concerned to think about that just yet.

Nancy walked into the master bedroom and carefully laid Ashlie on the bed. Ashlie was still crying but had slowed her tears down quiet bit before she got a good look at Nancy. She was stunning. From her long blonde hair down to her blues eyes. All of her curves were those of person who takes care of them self.

Nancy began to softly rub Ashlie's legs in order to find a sore spot. As she got down to Ashlie's feet she softly asked "does it hurt here?"

Ashlie shyly looked up to the giant woman before her and politely responded "Thanks Nancy. You didn't have to do that. I think I will be fine though. I just hit my foot hard."

Nancy just kept rubbing Ashlie's feet as she smiled down on the little woman. Silently Dexter walked in and took seat on the bed.

“So what happened?” Dexter said in a concerned voice, Ashlie hadn’t heard that kind of voice ever come from him before, of course she was always a little more interested in clawing her way to the top than getting to know her legal opponents on a personal level. She stared up at the slightly balding and skinny man, and began to cry again. She felt the stab of every barbed phrase she had ever hurled carelessly at this man who now seemed to be doing nothing but trying to help, and what’s more sooner or later she was going to have to tell him and his wife that She and David had kissed. She began to cry out her story, the fantastic tale of how a crackpot multimillionaire and her gullible husband had made a bet that involved slipping her a Chinese fertility drug that ate away at her once intimidating stature and left her small and naked. After an hour of discussion Dexter took a minute to let it all sink it.

“Well, I’ll got to admit I’m shocked, I kind of wished you would of explained this yesterday morning, I wondered what was going on, but as usual, you had to keep this petty rivalry going” confessed Dexter.

Ashlie looked up at the giants before her and stated “O.K. I’m sorry about all of that, I’ll admit I was a bit eager to prove I was strong enough to have what it takes.”

“Strong Enough?” asked Dexter.

Ashlie Stood up and pulled at the oversized Easter dress she was still wearing around herself like a large towel. “My family is one of those old school types, old money really, where the father plays golf, and the mother drinks herself into a coma, I was a debutante that no one expected could handle herself in the business world, so I always tried to overcompensate be the toughest and hardest I could prove to the firm that I could take on any challenge, I always hated being treated like a porcelain doll!”

Dexter and Nancy stifled a laugh as Ashlie realized the inherent humor in her statement. Dexter looked into Ashlie's shimmering blue eyes and said. “There is nothing wrong with being tough, but it is important to know when to show a little compassion.”

Nancy silently shook her head in agreement with her husband's statement as she smiled down on Ashlie.

Ashlie wasn’t sure what to make of all of this, but she was getting the distinct impression that she was beginning to like Dexter and his wife. She began to cry again, unable to know what to say, Nancy picked her up again and began to sooth her tears by patting her back. This time Nancy felt something for the woman that Dexter had often talked about, now crying in her arms.

It took several hours of discussion between Dexter, Nancy, Ashlie and David before everything could be worked out. Ashlie sat on the table still wearing in the oversized Easter dress, while the three sat at opposite ends of the table discussing the fact that what David did was not wrong, but that David and Ashlie were never going to kiss or see each other like that again. It was a very difficult and embarrassing moment for Ashlie, who had been use to being the object of men’s desire, but became humiliated as she had to explain how she had in many ways  used David to get what she wanted. But eventually David understood.

That evening they all ate together. Ashlie sat in Rachel's old high chair that Nancy had managed to salvage from the attic.

“So now what’s going to happen to you?” David asked as he reached across the table for another piece of lasagna.

“I’m not sure.” Ashlie said, as she tried valiantly to maintain her composure while trying to eat this massive block of food with a small pitchfork, by her scale.

“Well your welcome to stay with us.” Nancy calmly stated with smile, It was at that moment that Nancy caught sight of Ashlie's eyes. In that moment Ashlie appeared to be a completely different person, the stone cold mega bitch replaced with a human being as frail as any of us. Dexter wasn’t sure which was more amazing, her reduction to doll size, or her opening up and becoming someone he found to be very human, even likeable.

The next few days passed quickly for the four family members and shrunken guest, as Ashlie sank into the role of daughter/girlfriend in the Boyle household. She helped out around the house as much as she could considering her tiny stature, and generally became part of their family.

The day before, the bet’s end was Drawing near however, and as much as Ashlie began to enjoy her newfound life, she had a bit of unfinished business to do. That afternoon Dexter arrived home at noon after taking the day off. He went right in to where Ashlie was. (She was trying valiantly to pick up some of David’s thing. Dexter laughed to him self as watched the Petite Ashlie carrying GI Joe Dolls like they were small children and trying to throw his socks into the hamper (which looked a bit like basketball practice.)

“Shall we? Dexter then said interrupting Ashlie's free-throw attempt.

Ashlie turned to Dexter, "Yeah, but I’m gonna feel a little odd wearing this to the meeting."

Ashlie looked down at her clothes. Nancy had been dressing her and had picked up a couple of clothing sets from osh'kosh.  The clothes that she was currently wearing were essentially a pink pair of overalls and a yellow T-shirt, which both were a little baggy, but it beat the Easter dress.

Dexter smiled at his newly found friend, “Don’t worry" he said,” I have it all covered.”

Dexter opened his brief case and pulled out a miniature business suit, it looked like a near copy of the power skirt and jacket set Ashlie normally wore to the office.

"I have a client who run’s a doll shop down on south street, I put in the order two days ago, all in all not to shabby for a rush job.” Dexter said, examining the outfit.

Ashlie looked up at Dexter and smiled. He then pulled out a tiny pair of nylons and lingerie to match.

Ashlie gave him a queer look. “If every thing goes well’” She stated, Then you and Nancy might see me in those later, but in the mean time I gotta get ready. So get out. Ashlie took the bundle of clothes from Dexter and walked behind the door.

Minutes later she came back out a stunningly beautiful miniature professional Dexter scooped he up into his arms and Carried her like a toddler out to his car. Strapping Ashlie in a car seat, he then got in next to her. Ashlie smiled at him as he started the car. She was finally ready to give Bob Maclarren a serious shock for what he had done to her, and once they reached that crackpot millionaire’s office she wasn’t going to let a little thing like being only two feet tall stop her from bringing him to his knees!

Bill Maclaren stood in his office, his hands wrapped around a newly acquired carbon steel putter. Bill could have easily bought a thousand putters some of higher quality than the ones he was currently using on his mini putting green in his office, but there was something Bill found particularly satisfying about winning his items in a wager. It was as if he was able to both prove his point and be immediately rewarded for his correctness all at the same time. Bill grinned as he went for the perfect putt. Just then, his intercom burst to life.

“Mr. Maclaren,” The statically feminine voice said as it came through the box. "There is a, uh pair of lawyers here to see you.”

"Aww Grace!”  Bill Maclaren exclaimed “You tell them blood suckin’ monkeys on my retainer that I am in a meeting!” 

Bill chomped down on his fine Cuban cigar returning to his attempt to sink this putt in a way that would make even Tiger Woods Jealous. 

“Uh, sir?” Grace responded from the box.  “They aren’t our Lawyers, they represent a private party they say. And Sir one of them is really small, I …” 

Bill didn’t hear the rest he didn’t have too. He knew that Ashlie was on the other side of that door. His cigar dropped from his mouth in surprise, as he stomped his foot leaving a blackened mess on his pristine putting green. “Let them in.”  Bill said with an ounce of defeat in his voice.

The massive mahogany doors to Bill’s office finally opened as the first lawyer walked confidently through. 

“Amazing!” Bill thought.  He had seen Ashlie Before, but it was as if this were part of some dream sequence as she marched in confident as ever, at her present height of 23 inches. Her small business suit looked very much like the things he had seen the 6 foot goddess wear before, but in this light of the room this was just so, so surreal.

Behind the petite woman was an unimpressive studious looking fellow.  Bill was certain he could hog-tie this yellow-bellied weasel faster than a tri-stare rodeo with a newborn calf, but even so Dexter had a grin of a man that knew enough to crush Maclaren, and Bill was not in the happiest of moods about that.

Bill sat behind his massive cherry wood desk and reclined in his fine leather office seat. “Let me guess,”  Bill started “This is about the Wager?” 

Dexter picked up Ashlie by the waist and placed her on Bill’s Desk. Ashlie politely took off her new high heels as not to scratch the surface of Bill’s desk, she lost another half inch doing this, but it was hardly as if height advantage was working for her anyway. 

Bill stared at the tiny woman whose curves and shape were all still that of a very sexy near Amazonian goddess, but her new stature was enough to make you unable to turn away.

“Let’s begin...” Ashlie squeaked, her tiny voice trying her hardest to sound professional. 

“Mr. Maclaren you have tried a drug that was untested and unapproved by the FDA on me, and to top that off you did not get my consent to do so, both of which can send you up the river for a very long time.  Oh, Bill Bill Bill.” she said giving Bill a seductive yet dangerous look. 

“You and your company could be in for the worst time in your life if you aren’t careful Mr. Maclaren.” added Dexter from the other side of the desk.

Bill’s face went purple. “I could just have your tiny but killed and do the same to your buddy here and no one would be the wiser!”  Bill said putting his face directly into hers. 

Ashlie could feel his angry breaths on her legs. Ashlie did not flinch though.  “You lay a hand on us and the media gets the whole story, bye the way, the bet was that I would become a recluse right?" Ashlie said in a rather businesslike tone.

“Uh yeah?” Bill said unknowingly. 

At that ashlie snapped her fingers, which brought Dexter to his feet delivering a business card to Bill Maclaren. Bill examined the card, which had only one thing on it, a Web address. 

“Type that into your web browser Bill" Ashlie proudly Squeaked.

Bill complied, opening Google and typing in the URL. Bill’s Jaw nearly dropped off as he saw a nude picture of the little lawyer staring back at him.  The Photo of Ashlie had her sitting on a kids rocking horse, naked as the day she was born.  

 The webpage read: “Little Ashlie's Playhouse”   

Ashlie calmly stated in her high-pitched voice “apparently, there is quite a lot of people who think that small women are sexy, and this mini-babe fetish is quite the thing.” 

Bill sat in awe as he scrolled through video and pictures of the the shrunken woman doing things only a person her size could do. One set of pictures she was posing naked with a doll. Another set she was holding a baby bottle while posing with an oversized highchair.

"Antidote too. Not just the antidote,” Ashlie calmly stated, “I want a year supply of both the drug and it’s antidote!”

“Why in the hell?” Bill exclaimed. 

“Well,” Ashlie cut him off, “I met some friends on line, Sasha Kajira, Chrys and they all were interested in trying this stuff out. So I told them I would get some more, not to mention I kinda like it down here! Besides I still have a bit of unfinished business at this size!"

Bill relented giving Her both the formula and the cash, along with a few choice phrases about how he was the orneriest little bitch he had ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

 Dexter and Ashlie went up to Dexter’s room where he set both her and the money on the bed, she took off the mini business suit and began to roll naked in the towel sized bills. Soon Dexter brought the pink liquid that was supposed to turn her to normal over to her. And Ashlie began to drink it. The effect of the growth formula was almost immediate as she began to grow a few inches. This is where she learned the other secret of the Drug.   As stated before the ancient Chinese drug was used in a fertility ceremony, and caused the females to be reduced to this doll state, during which time the men had to care for them (showing their childrearing skills to the woman first hand) then the antidote was applied and the woman would be ready to experience the man.  

The next morning at the miles house, Josh sat in the kitchen as his daughter Michele entered followed by Chelsea. 

“Dad?” Michele said in that voice of hopeful youth  “Will we ever see mom again?” 

Chelsea rolled her eyes at the sappy comment as Josh took another puff from his cigarette.  “I don’t know honey, I….”  

Just that moment the door burst open. As Ashlie stood there in all of the tall lean glory, carrying a set of carbon- fiber golf clubs and a briefcase containing a quarter of a million dollars. 

“I believe I stated that there was to be no smoking in this house!”  Ashlie said in her loud authoritative voice ringing through the house. 

Joshua by reflex extinguished the cigarette and followed his children to the front door. Ashlie picked up her eight-year-old daughter, feeling good that at least one member of the family didn’t earn her wrath.

Chelsea’s heart dropped as she looked up at her mother towering over her.

Ashlie looked down at her tiny daughter. “Hello Chelsea, I hope you have been keeping up with your homework while I have been away on business.”, Ashlie stated in a cold tone to make Chelsea feel ever smaller. 

Joshua sheepishly looked at his Amazonian wife, now restored to all of the glory.  “So where have you been?”  he nervously asked. Hoping that this nightmare with the shrinking was all finally over. 

“I couldn’t get any of my work done with you two acting so childish,” Ashlie retorted giving an icy glare to both Josh and Chelsea. So I had to spend some time with an associate of mine.

“Who?” Josh questioned.

 “No one you know,” Ashlie retorted, "I have the money Mr. Maclaren wagered us, and your clubs. I believe that we should celebrate. Who is up for Lunch at El Mariachis?” 

Ashlie Knew that Chelsea hated Mexican but was not about to go against her mother’s wishes now. The whole family agreed and Ashlie was back in the driver’s seat, as the family began to discuss how to spend the money. Ashlie was particularly quiet.  Chelsea began talking about her getting a new Cell phone, everyone in her class would be so jealous, a little one to not some big old clunky one. Josh conversed with Ashlie about the two of them taking a cruise to the Bahamas together once the kids were back in school. 

Ashlie calmly sat and listened to them.  Then their food came. For some reason Ashlie insisted upon everyone getting up and going into the bathroom to wash their hands, the rest of the family was puzzled but no one said much.  When they all got back to the table Josh downed his margarita, and looked at his wife. 

"honey what do you think, after these two little monsters go back to boarding school, you, me, and the virgin white sands", Josh commented slyly.

“Well Joshua,” Ashlie Stated matter of factly. The kids aren’t going back to boarding school, I have had them enrolled here in public school.”

“Mother!” Chelsea whined While Michele grinned at the possibility of getting away from those stuffy old uniforms and such.

“Not one peep little girl!” Ashlie said in a frightening tone, “And further more, Josh, Chelsea, for what you put me through last week I am sure you will agree that turnabout is fair play." 

Josh didn’t quite understand, until he looked at Ashlie and she somehow seemed taller. 

“Yes Josh, you and Chelsea have both just drunk the same chemical that made me shrink.”  Ashlie stated with a smile.

Chelsea and Josh were horrified.  

"And now I am taking my half of the money and my daughter to our new home, and I would suggest you two get home soon, that stuff will hit you like a hammer, and you’ll be munchkins before you know it!” laughed Ashlie.

“But MOM!” Chelsea cried  “I have that big party to go to this weekend you can’t do this to me!”

Ashlie looked down at her daughter.  “You should of thought of that before you acted like such a little brat huh?” 

Ashlie and Michael left the Table as Joshua and Chelsea sat there in silence, before running to the car in haste.

Ashlie and Michele sat at a table two booths down where Dexter and his family were waiting.

“michele.”  Ashlie Said “Meet your new family. I think we’ll both be a little happier over here!”


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