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A step to far, chapter three

A step to far, Chapter three
               By J.S doom

Chapter three, and into the think of it.

The lights flipped on and Ashlie winced with the brightness. She had forgotten where she was and what had happen up until she heard the tall tale sign of girls talking. Something she was going to have to get use to.

Ashlie opened her eyes and saw Tori getting out of bed as well Lisa and Rhonda. She flipped up the blankets and pulled her feet over the side of the bed. Sluggishly, Ashlie rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She needed coffee. As she looked around her surroundings she frowned. There was going to be no coffee for her. who in there right mind would offer a supposed 12 year old coffee.

"good morning!" Said Tori as she gathered some items out of her nightstand.

Ashlie yawned, "good morning.." And stood up, but froze in place. She reached her hand behind her back and felt her butt only to remind herself that Rhonda had made her wet herself sometime in the middle of the night.

Ashlie stood straight up and acted like everything was OK, even thou she was wearing a very wet and overfilled pair of training pants.

She looked over to Rhonda who was smiling while making her bed. Rhonda gave out a small laugh and said, "everything all right Ashlie? Can you see that were all making are beds?"

Ashlie faked a smile and replied, "yes I see that. Suppose I should make mine to." Before turning around and fixing the sheets quickly, in hopes that no one knew she had wet the bed besides Rhonda.

Ashlie had just finished making the bed when Tori asked, "Ashlie? Why is your night gown wet in the back?"

Ashlie stood straight up in shock and felt the back of her gown, "I don't know why its wet Tori?" She said as she turned around so her back was facing the wall.

Tori looked at Ashlie, "sister Margaret said you wet the bed? Did you? I stopped like two years ago but I know what its like and if you did its no big deal."

Lisa was still making the bed and looked over her shoulder and said, "Tori! Don't make her more embarrassed than she already is."

Ashlie looked over to Lisa and said, "what do you mean? I'm not embarrassed by anything....I.."

Rhonda interrupted Ashlie, "you wet the bed. just say it." And gave out a small laugh.

Ashlie blushed beet red, "I did not wet the bed!"

Rhonda laughed, "OK what ever." And went about her own business.

Ashlie scooted over to her nightstand with her back still to the wall and opened the nightstand drawers. She fished out her uniform and a new pair of undies, "I'm going to the bathroom." She said as she made her way out of the room in a hurry.

As Ashlie scurried down the hall she felt the goodnite start to sag and as she reached down to hold the waist band she smashed into someone and fell backwards onto the ground with a thud.

"watch were your going child!" Came a voice and when Ashlie looked up it was sister Margaret.

"sorry sister Margaret, I was trying to get to the bathroom and..." Ashlie said in a hurry but stopped when the sister reached down and helped her to her feet.

Without any warning the sister lifted the front of Ashlie's night gown and said, "Ashlie! That is practically falling off of you! I think we should try a size smaller this time. lucky you had it on or we would be washing the sheets. well I guess we will try again tonight won't we? Go clean up Ashlie and get ready." As she pointed towards the bathrooms.

Ashlie bowed her head and said, "yes sister Margaret" before slowly walking off to the bathroom in shame.

Ashlie walked into the bathroom and waited for a shower stall to become available before stepping in and shedding her clothes off. She turned the knob and to her surprise the water was hot.

Ashlie let the water run over her face and hair for a few seconds before taken a step back and letting it run over her Breast. She grabbed her bar of soap and lathered her body up. It felt good to get clean after spending half a night laying in her own pee.

After Ashlie turned the water off she dried herself and got dressed in the school girl outfit. Stepping out of the stall Ashlie felt rejuvenated and a little better about the situation she was in.

She walked back to her room and noticed the girls were already dressed and standing at the foot of there beds waiting for count, so Ashlie did the same.

Much like the night before, after the sisters made there count the girls lined up and went to the dining hall.

This time the meal was pancakes and oatmeal. Ashlie ate everything on her plate and waited for everyone to finish before dropping the plate off at the little window.

This time thou the girls didn't go back to there room. Ashlie followed Tori and Lisa to the school room for the first time.

"where do I sit?" Asked Ashlie as Tori and Lisa made there way to there marked desk.

Tori looked around the room, "there's one spot open in the front!" She said as she pointed to an open desk.

Ashlie turned to look and noticed it literally was in the front row, in the middle.

She made her way to the desk and sat down. Looking forward she took note of what everyone had been learning.

It seemed that it was multiplication and division, world history, writing and reading. All simple things Ashlie had learned when she was really in school as a student.

The girls in the class were talking and the girls next to Ashlie had introduced them self's to her.

Sister Claire had walked into the room and everyone got deafly silent as she stepped in front of a huge white dry erase board.

"OK children, we have a new student starting today..." Sister Claire said as she signaled for Ashlie to stand up, "her name is Ashlie miller and she's going to come up here and introduce herself to you guys. So please be quiet and listen."

Ashlie walked up to the front of the class and stood next to sister Claire by the white dry erase board. She looked at all the girls who were staring at her and took a deep breath.

Ashlie looked up to sister Claire who smiled and than turned back to the class, "my name is Ashlie miller and I like...playing games? coloring and painting as well writing. My fav...favorite food is....fetachine Alfredo." Ashlie smiled big and curtsied to exaggerate her childness, not knowing if she came off to adult or to young sounding in her small speech to the class.

"good good, now take a seat Ashlie." Sister Claire said as she turned to the white board.

Ashlie Sat down at her desk and smirked. She wasn't prepared for any of this but found she was doing a good job winging it as she went along.

Sister Claire began writing a math equation on the board and explaining how to solve it. Than she addressed the class, "OK girls, pull out some paper and a pencil from your desk and get ready to solve the math equations I write on the board."

The sister wrote close to thirty different problems than Sat down at her desk, "OK girls. Start." she said as she went about doing paper work.

Everyone worked in silence and Ashlie found that she was having a little trouble with the long division. It had been years since she had to actually use a pen and paper to do math because she always just used the calculator on her cell phone.

As time went on Ashlie became frustrated with the problems and turned her thoughts else where. This had been the start to the second day and even thou the school wasn't as bad as the press made it out to be, Ashlie felt a since of dread.

Ashlie looked around the room and took in all the decorations and hand painted pictures that were up. She was an adult sitting in the 5th grade, surrounded by twelve year olds who thought she was just the same as them.

Ashlie looked back to her paper and tapped her pencil on the desk. She didn't want to do the math, she wanted to be sitting in her own home, surfing the internet and drinking coffee. Doing anything as long as it wasn't math for that matter.

The whole classes attention was drawn to sister Claire as she stood up and cleared her throat, "everyone! Pencils down. Make sure your name is on the top corner and pass the paper forward to be collected."

Ashlie neatly wrote her name in the corner and turned around as the girl behind her passed her paper. As Ashlie set the girls paper down she felt another trap on her shoulder and was handed a small stack of papers.

Sister Claire walked to the front row and collected the papers from each desk, "girls, while I grade these papers you can go to the playground for recess. I will call you back inside when I'm done." The sister said as she picked up the last stack of papers.

Ashlie watched the girls around her stand up and start heading to the classroom door and she did the same as to not stand out.

She followed the girls down the hall and out the side door an onto the school playground until Ashlie stopped at the playground sand. She watched as the girls flow around her as they raced to the play area.

Most of the girls had felt that they were to big or old to be going down the slides and had taken to hop scotch and tether ball, But there was still some who played on the jungle gym.

Ashlie watched to see what the majority of the girls were doing as she thought about her fear from the day before of being on the playground amongst them.

Reluctantly Ashlie started walking over to the tether ball court and stood in line for her turn. As the line got shorter and Ashlie got closer to her turn she felt herself being pushed.
Ashlie turned around in a hurry and seen it was Rhonda.

"what do you want?" Ashlie said as she stood up as tall as possible to make herself look bigger.

Rhonda looked around the school yard to make sure none of the sisters were watching, "I don't want anything from you, I just want to see you get in trouble."

Ashlie was thrown back by Rhonda's words, "I'm sure you do, but I'm not doing anything wrong?"

Rhonda kept looking around the school yard and said, "that you know of."

Ashlie looked around in confusion, she didn't understand what Rhonda was getting at or did. Ashlie looked over to the tether ball court and seen it was her turn. She walked into the circle and looked at Rhonda who kept smiling.

"she's just trying to scare you." Ashlie said to herself as she served the ball to the other girl. They both took there turns hitting the ball and trying to get it past each other. It had gotten to the point where Ashlie was truly having fun playing the game. The other girl kept trying to get the ball past Ashlie but each time Ashlie blocked it.

"ASHLIE MILLER! You come here RIGHT NOW!!" Yelled sister Claire as she stormed out of the building and towards the playground.

Ashlie looked over when she heard her name and seen the sister storming towards her in a hurry. Ashlie froze in place not sure what to do.

Sister Claire walked right up to Ashlie and grabbed her arm in anger, "I'm not going to stand for your blasphemy child! You don't make a mockery of are lord!" And pulled Ashlie off of the tether ball court and towards the main building.

As Ashlie was being pulled along she said, "what are you talking about! I didn't do anything I swear!" But it came off more as a whine similar to a child who was trying to get out of trouble.

The sister marched Ashlie down the main hall and to the door of sister grace's office, "sit! And you better not move!" The sister ordered as she pointed to the wooden bench by the door.

Ashlie quickly Sat down on the bench and she felt dread wash over her. She didn't do anything wrong that she knew of, and if Rhonda did something she would have no way of knowing until she was told by the sisters what it was.

Sister Claire had gone into sister graces office and came back out in a matter of seconds, "Ashlie, come." She said as she stood in the door way.

Ashlie slid off the wooden bench and began to really worry as she passed sister Claire and saw sister Grace looking over a paper.

Sister grace looked up to sister Claire, "I got it from here, when in done I will send Ashlie back to class. Thank you for bringing this to my attention."

Sister Claire gave Ashlie a glare and closed the door as she left the office. Leaving Ashlie alone with sister grace.

"please sit child." Sister grace said as she pointed to a chair in front of her desk.

Ashlie slowly climbed into the chair.

"now Ashlie, sister Claire has told me that you drew a nasty little picture onto a piece of paper and passed it in along with your math test. In which you got the lowest score out of the whole class. Do you want to explain this to me?" The sister said as she held up a drawing for Ashlie to see.

The drawing was of a very crude picture of a donkey riding what was suppose to Jesus. Ashlie took one glance at the picture and turned to sister grace, "sister grace! I didn't do that picture! You got to believe me!"

The sister set the picture down, "are you sure? It has your name right on it. Tell the truth Ashlie." She said as she looked Ashlie in the face.

Ashlie was on the spot and fought for something to say, until it hit her, "look at the writing! If it has my name on it than the writing well match! Go ahead! Look sister grace!" Ashlie cried out.

The sister grabbed both papers and looked them over and said, "I'm sorry Ashlie, the drawing doesn't match what you wrote on your math test. Looks like someone was trying to get you in trouble? I kind of have an idea who that someone might be." The sister stood up and opened the door, with the drawing in her hand, "go ahead and get up, lets get you back to class and I will match the hand writing there." She said.

As Ashlie walked out of the office she felt like there was a great weight lifted off of her shoulders. She had dreaded getting in trouble. she was told the day before by Lisa and Tori that sister graces office was the where the girls got spanked. Something Ashlie was clearly going to avoid.

As they got to the class sister grace instructed Ashlie to take her seat before walking over to the desk where sister Claire Sat.

"can I see the math test sister Claire? Looks like someone was trying to set Ashlie up for a punishment and I'm going to get down to the bottom of it." Sister grace said as she was handed the stack of math papers.

Sister grace looked through the papers while the whole class sat in silence, waiting to see who would be called out by the sister.

"awww.... Found it," sister grace said as she set the papers down on sister Claire's desk, "Rhonda Runyon please come up to the front of the class."

Every student turned there head to look at Rhonda, who was sitting in the back of the class. Rhonda slowly stood up and walked between the desk towards sister grace.

As Rhonda got to the front of the class sister grace grabbed Rhonda by the ear and twisted it.

Rhonda gave out a yell as her ear was twisted and was marched in front of Ashlie's desk, "Rhonda apologize to Ashlie this instant!" Snarled sister grace in a tone no one would have suspected to come from her.

"I'm sorry Ashlie!" Rhonda cried as the sister twisted her ear a little more.
The sister kept her grip on Rhonda and said "sorry for what?"

Ashlie could see the hate in Rhonda's eyes as Rhonda looked at Ashlie and said, "I'm sorry for getting you in trouble."

The sister let go of Rhonda's ear and addressed the class, "Ashlie here helped catch Rhonda, who was trying to frame her for something she didn't do. If it wasn't for Ashlie telling, than she would have gotten punished for doing nothing wrong. Much like the apostil Paul, who did ten years in prison for talking about the word of God. You should all be more like Ashlie." She said as she placed a hand on Rhonda's shoulder, "now you girls go back to your studies as I attend to Rhonda here back at my office."

Rhonda looked mortified as the sister guided her towards the door and to a for sure spanking back at her office.

Sister Claire clapped her hands, "girls, girls. Now turn to page 56 of your history book and read chapters ten to fifteen please."

The sister walked up to Ashlie's desk and set a history book down, "I'm sorry Ashlie." She said before walking to her desk and sitting down.

Ashlie nodded OK and opened her history book to page 56. As she read about the crusaders fighting there way across Europe she couldn't help but think about sister graces office and if she didn't speak up, that it would be her right now getting spanked instead of Rhonda.

She couldn't take her mind off of it. What if played over and over in her head. She couldn't imagine having her jumper pulled up and panties pulled down while another woman spanked her like an out of control child. Ashlie thought about Rhonda and almost for a second felt bad but flashed back to the night before when Rhonda made her wet herself.

Ashlie shook all the thoughts from her head and went back to reading her world history book until she reached chapter fifteen. She closed the book and sat at her desk, waiting for all the other girls to finish.

Sister Claire had looked at Ashlie and mouthed, "are you done?"

Ashlie nodded a big yes and waited quietly as the sister stood up and walked over to get desk carrying something.

The sister set down a brand new notebook and Ashlie took note that she had written, "Ashlie's journal." On the cover.

Ashlie looked up and said, "thank you sister Claire."

"Your welcome Ashlie." The sister said as she walked around the class to see if everyone was doing OK reading there history books.

Ashlie didn't know she needed the journal until it was in her hands. As she looked at it, she thought it would be good thing to have for taken notes on anything she found incriminating about the school. She just had to keep it will hidden from prying eyes.

After everyone was done reading from the history book, sister Claire had been asking questions about what the girls learned. For the most part everyone was right on the noise with the answers.

After history class was done everyone was sent to the dining hall for lunch and half an hour of recess.

Ashlie found herself back out on the playground and this time everyone was acting different towards her.

As she waited in line for the tether ball court a girl said, "are you sure you want to play? It might take to long and you'll snitch on us!"

Ashlie rolled her eyes, "I'm not a snitch or tattle tale. I didn't do anything wrong. I just told the truth."
The girl ignored Ashlie and said, "your a teachers pet tattle tale!" and a couple of other girls joined in, chanting, "tattle tale, tattle tale!"

Ashlie didn't know what to do and figured it would be best to just walk away and find something else to do.

She walked up to where Tori was and said, "hi!"

Tori introduced Ashlie to the other girls and they seemed to be a little shy with talking to Ashlie but soon warmed up.

Ashlie joined them in playing hop scotch but stopped after the second round. She wasn't wearing a bra and every time she hopped she could feel her breast bouncing up and down with each jump of the square.

As Ashlie watched the other girls play she briefly looked over to see Rhonda walking onto the playground. "great." Ashlie said herself, for she knew Rhonda was coming to find her.

Everyone on the playground stopped what they were doing and looked at rhonda as she marched past them and up to Ashlie.

Ashlie prepared herself for the worst as Rhonda walked up. She could tell that Rhonda had been crying by the looks of her eyes.

Ashlie was the first to say something, "Rhonda, I'm so sorry I had no idea that was going to happen and.."

Ashlie found herself cut off by Rhonda, "what did you think was going to happen when you snitched on me! I told you yesterday don't ever tell on me! EVER!" Yelled Rhonda.

Ashlie was taken back by the sudden out burst and replied, "I didn't tell on you! I swear! Sister grace matched the hand writing by herself!"

Rhonda took a step closer to Ashlie and in a low voice said, "you told on me no matter what you say. I'm going to get you back for this. I told you don't ever tell on me or I'm going to make your life a living hell. I'm not going to do it today or tomorrow because the sisters still be expecting it, but its going to happen. Count on that!"

Ashlie felt a little intimidated by Rhonda as she looked up at her and replied, "Rhonda, I'm really really sorry!"

Rhonda turned to walk away and looked over her shoulder and smugly said, "your not sorry yet."

Ashlie watched Rhonda walk to the shade of a tree. Ashlie turned back to the girls she was playing with, "I didn't tell on her!" Ashlie said, but the girls didn't seem to sure of it.

Tori looked at Ashlie, "I know you didn't, but what are you going to do?"

Ashlie shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know?"

Recess ended and the girls went back to class. Sister Claire began teaching the class about the finer points of grammar all the while Ashlie thought about Rhonda and what she might have in store.

The night before Rhonda had warned Ashlie to never snitch on her or her life at the school would be hell. Now as she sat in class she started to feel insecure with fact that she was letting a 12 year bully her around.

Ashlie turned her head around and caught sight of Rhonda staring right at her in silence, than turned back around to her paper. "This girl is nuts." Ashlie thought to herself as sister Claire kept reading off how to do proper sentences.

The rest of the school day went pretty fast and by 3 o'clock sister Claire had dismissed the girls for the day. Ashlie grabbed the journal the sister had given her and walked out of the class to her room.

When Ashlie entered her room she flopped on her bed, only to hear the crinkle sound of the plastic sheet. She rolled over on her back and let out a sigh. She had forgotten about the sheet and with each move her body, it became more and more of a reminder that she was now thought of as a bed wetter.

Ashlie looked up when she heard Tori and Lisa come into the room talking amongst them self's.

Lisa looked at Ashlie on the bed and said, "want to go down to the rec room and play a game?"

Ashlie watched Tori give Lisa an odd look and decided it might be best to stay in her room. At least she could start writing in her journal about how saint Marys was really ran.

Ashlie looked at Lisa, "no its OK. I think I'm going to stay here and rest."

Lisa smiled and took ahold of Tori's arm, "OK Ashlie! You know where to find us if you change your mind!" She said before walking out of the room.

Ashlie frowned as Rhonda walked in past the girls and looked behind her to make sure the coast was clear. Ashlie could feel that something was up or about to go wrong just by how Rhonda was acting.

Rhonda walked to her bed without saying a word and laid down so her head was facing Ashlie. She didn't speak, as she stared at Ashlie creepily.
"what are you doing?" Ashlie asked as she felt a little crept out by Rhonda's glare.

Rhonda smiled, "just thinking about all the ways I'm going to slowly make you pay for today." She said as she winked at Ashlie and rolled over to face the wall.

Ashlie laid back down on her bed worried. She didn't know what she was going to do about Rhonda. She had to figure something out thou. She couldn't spend the next two weeks living in fear or looking over her shoulder the whole time.

Ashlie looked to her journal and pulled it into her hand. Maybe some writing would help her out. She grabbed her pencil and started her first entry while everyone was doing there own thing.

Ashlie was in the middle of the second page when Lisa and Tori walked back into the room. Ashlie seen that they were standing at the foot of there bed, which meant it was time for count.

Ashlie stood up and joined then by standing at the foot of her own bed. Slowly Rhonda got up and did the same. Everyone stood silently waiting for count.

Even thou Ashlie knew Lisa and Tori were cowards and afraid of Rhonda, they some how lost respect for Ashlie. She could tell how they were treating her. Lisa out of all people was ditzy and liked to make small talk, but took to not really talking to Ashlie at all now.

Ashlie stood in place and waited for sister Margaret to do her count before being sent off to supper. Even at dinner Ashlie could tell that the other girls were a little iffy about her by there lack of communication.

It wasn't until dinner was over and they were on there way back to there room Ashlie asked Tori, "is everyone mad at me?"

Tori was walking in front of Ashlie and turned her head enough to see Ashlie out of the corner of her eye and said, "for the must part yes. Lisa and I aren't but Rhonda said she will beat us up of we talk to you."

Ashlie bit her lip. Rhonda really was going to make the whole stay hard on her if she could. There had to be a way to fix it.

The girls got to there room and like the night before climbed onto there beds for reading time. Ashlie grabbed her Bible and opened to the page she left off at.

The story was taken place right after the deep space monster God had rested for the day, on the seventh day. He had created a garden of Eden where every animal lived and the only man thrived, up until he got lonely.

Ashlie was picturing what the garden looked liked when the lights flashed on and off above her head. She closed her Bible and sat up with stretch.

She looked to her roommates who were doing the same and figured that she might as will go to the bathroom this time.

Ashlie walked to the doorway and said, "so who's coming with me?" In a over the top friendly tone.

She pointed at Lisa, Tori, and even Rhonda saying, "come on! Lets go!"

The three girls looked at each other before walking behind Ashlie to the bathroom. Ashlie had figured a new angle, seeing that all three responded to her being super Nice, maybe she should kill them with kindness.

To say the least it was a little weird for Ashlie, going to the bathroom with a group of girls. They sat next to each on the toilets and talked about the things they use to like before they came to saint Marys.

Ashlie could feel that this new angle might work pretty well for her. Even Rhonda had joined in the conversation and seemed a little less annoying than she usually was.

The girls left the bathroom and were headed towards there room when Ashlie realized she used this time the day before to change into her night gown.

As they walked into their room Ashlie knew the best way to change without being seen was to face the window. Even then, there would be a slight chance one of them cloud see her reflection in the glass off the window.

Ashlie walked to her nightstand and opened the second drawer down. She pulled out a nighty and set it on the bed. She could tell that the other three girls were doing the same and took their distraction as her time to change quickly. Ashlie pulled her jumper off and undid her white shirt, before sliding the night gown over her head in a hurry.

She looked over her shoulder to make sure no one had noticed her breast as she pulled off her white tights. Ashlie folded the tights and stuck them in the nightstand neatly.

"don't forget your diaper!" Laughed Rhonda as she sat on her bed and fluffed her pillow.

Ashlie sharply turned her head to Rhonda and said, "its not a diaper!"

Tori and Lisa had climbed on their own beds and were watching Ashlie as she looked at Rhonda.

Rhonda was still laughing, "OK, it's not a diaper! Now won't you just put your big girl panties on, like a big girl and go to bed."

Ashlie scowled at Rhonda and Rhonda smiled big as she sat on her bed and looked right back at Ashlie.

Ashlie grabbed the knob of the top drawer of her nightstand and pulled it open. She grabbed a goodnite and closed the drawer.

Ashlie looked over to Rhonda who was still watching and noticed that Lisa and Tori were watching her as well.

Slowly Ashlie dropped her panties to the floor in shame and stepped into the training pants. She hiked them up her legs and into place before flatting out her night gown. She never had felt so humiliated as she did right now. She just had three people watch her put on training pants as if it was some sort of show.

"good girl!" Teased Rhonda as Ashlie climbed into her own bed and laid down. She felt like she was going to cry but held it back so she didn't give Rhonda anything more to tease her with.

In a matter of moments sister Margaret came into the room and straight to Ashlie's bed.

"are you wearing your nite nite pants?" Asked the sister as she stood above Ashlie.

Ashlie looked up to sister Margaret from the bed, "yes sister Margaret..." She said.

The sister bent down a little and lifted the bottom of Ashlie's night gown to check for herself. She leaned back up and said, "Honey, your so little! those ones are a little big on you and there the smallest size we got. When sister grace does the ordering this week, I will have her find a smaller size for you."

Ashlie looked up at sister Margaret from the bed and asked, "what size are these sister Margaret?" With concern in her voice.

Sister Margaret began tucking Ashlie in for bed and replied, "those are size small dear."

The sister stood up and walked over to Tori and Lisa's bed and tucked them in, before doing the same to Rhonda.

As sister Margaret walked to the door she said, "good night girls." Without looking back.

Ashlie laid in bed and looked out her window until the lights turned off. She was thinking about the night before when Rhonda had attacked her while she was sleeping. It wasn't going to happen tonight Ashlie swore to herself. If she had to stay up all night she would.

Everyone in the room was silent. Ashlie laid wide awake waiting for Rhonda to make her move, but it never came. Ashlie could her Rhonda slightly snoring and decided she should get some sleep herself.

Ashlie fluffed her pillow and laid her head back down before closing her eyes and falling asleep.

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