Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A step to far, chapter two


Chapter two: going undercover.

Ashlie had a taxi drop her off in front of Sarah's house around 7:30 am. She could feel the Butterfly's in her stomach as she looked over her shoulder to make sure her ride to her new adventure wasn't there. She couldn't stay still and the anticipation was getting to her as Ashlie prepped herself mentally.

It didn't take long for Sarah to come outside and right away she covered her mouth, "oh my God! Your so stinking cute!" She said before she pinched Ashlie's cheek.

"stop it" Ashlie said as she shoed Sarah's hand away.

Sarah frowned than stood up straight, "you know what you little SHIT, I hope you have a good time going to school. A real good time."

Ashlie put her hands on her hips, "Its only high school for two weeks, can't be that bad."

At that moment a van pulled up to the house and two nuns got out. Ashlie looked at Sarah and Sarah said, "looks like you're ride is here, and they think your full name is Ashlie Mary miller, your twelve years old.."

Ashlie interrupted, "12 YEARS OLD!"

Sarah shushed Ashlie, "YES, 12 years old and going into the 6th grade honey."

Ashlie didn't have time to yell at Sarah as the nuns were now almost to them.

"hello, you must be the Millers?" One of the nuns said as she stood close to Ashlie. The other nun shook Sarah's hand and introduced herself, "hello, my name is sister grace, I'm the head mistress at saint Marys academy. I'm here to pick up you're daughter Ashlie miller."

Sarah looked to Ashlie, " well this is her sister grace. Do I need to send anything with her?"

The nun looked rather scary as she stood straight up in her robes, "no you don't Mrs. miller. I assure you that we supply everything Ashlie will need while in are care. I'm sorry to say but we are a little pressed for time today so are visit will be rather short."

Sarah smiled at sister grace, "I understand, well Ashlie its ready to go if you want."

The sister nodded and looked at Ashlie, "please give your mother a hug and kiss. We are tight on are scheduling and need to go child."

Ashlie looked at Sarah who had reached out for a hug and Ashlie did the same. Both women hugged and Sarah whispered, "have fun..."

The nuns escorted Ashlie towards there van and as Ashlie climbed into the back seat. she turned and looked at Sarah who stood waving by her front door. Sarah had the biggest smile on her face and Ashlie couldn't help but think something was up.

The sister closed the van door and climbed in the passenger seat. The other nun took her place behind the wheel and fired up the van, "wave goodbye to your mother dear." Sister grave said without looking back.

As the van pulled away from the house Sarah flipped Ashlie off. It was her last way of getting in the last word without actually saying anything.

Ashlie turned and faced forward. Her mind was racing a million miles a minute. Never in her life would she had thought that she would be going back to school. She was 22 and undercover as a child, in which everyone didn't second guess. She learned that the night before when she went out to dinner with her friend Leslie and not a single person thought of her as an adult. It was a scary thing to think that no matter what she said or did, no adult would believe her.

Than the whole situation hit Ashlie hard and she bit her lip. If something was to go wrong she was powerless to do anything because in the publics eye she was now a minor. She was going to be trapped like this for the next two weeks no matter what. No going out to eat, no drinks, no friends. No friends! Ashlie didn't tell Leslie she was going early! Or leave a note for that matter. Ashlie began to think maybe this was a bad idea.

Ashlie's thoughts were interrupted when sister grace began talking, "Ashlie my child, its all going to be OK. your mom isn't going anywhere. I know this whole ordeal has to somewhat upsetting to you. New place, new people, surroundings for that matter. Your going to see thou, its not that bad."

Ashlie faked a smile, "yeah its kind of scary." She said from the back seat.

Sister grace said, "you need to address me as sister grace or sister, dear."

Ashlie corrected herself, "it's scary sister grace."

The sister nodded in approval at Ashlie's correction, "there are some rules I will fill you in on before we get back to the school, since we got time. You are always to address an adult by the proper name. You will never take the lords name in vain, or use profanity for that manner. We have a strick dress code in which you will abide." The sister said as she turned to look at Ashlie.

Ashlie shook her head, "OK, I understand those rules, seems simple enough."

The sister turned a little more to see Ashlie and questioned her, "what was the first rule I told you?"

Ashlie cocked her head to the side and said, "always....address an adult by their proper name?"

The sister looked at her and rolled her hands as a sign for Ashlie to continue.

Ashlie didn't know what she did but figured she would try it again, "always address an adult by their proper name...sister grace?"

This time the sister said, "good girl. Always address the person your talking to in the proper manner." Before turning around in her seat and putting on the radio.

Ashlie felt ridicules being talked down to like a child and sunk down in her seat. The radio was on a Christin talk channel and had a man yelling about something Ashlie want use to, religion.

"lean up child, you will practice good posture while your in are school." The driver said as she looked in the mirror at Ashlie.

Ashlie leaned up straight and looked out the window. This was going to be a long couple of weeks she thought. It had only been ten minutes and it wasn't off to a good start as is. She sighed, this was not going to be fun.

Ashlie didn't know the school was in town and found herself amazed at the size of the academy. The building was four story's tall and had a Gothic look to it. There was a rod iron fence that went all the way around the facility. All this slapped right in the middle of the city. Ashlie was actually familiar with the area, she had a friend who lived right around the corner.

The van pulled through the gates and came to a stop at the main entrance, "were here." Said the nun driving as she turned off the engine.

Sister grace got out and opened the door for Ashlie, "come Ashlie, lets go get you set up and settled in." She said as she waited for Ashlie.

Ashlie climbed out of the van and got a creepy feeling when she caught sight of a bunch of girls staring at her through the windows.

Without saying a word Ashlie followed the two nuns into the building and could feel the girls eyes following her as she walked up the steps.

The inside was clean and lacked imagination, besides statutes of saints and Crosses. Ashlie followed sister grace to a stair case where she told the other nun to take Ashlie to her room and get her properly dressed.

Ashlie's eyes widen a bit when she heard the part about getting dressed. She felt a bit of panic rise up her spine and her hands got clammy. She didn't prepare for any of this, and now it was happing.

The nun took Ashlie by the hand, "Ashlie, my name is sister Margaret. Please follow me, I will show you to your room."

Ashlie took her hand and let herself be lead up the stair case by sister Margaret until they got to the second story. As Ashlie followed sister Margaret down a hall, she couldn't help but look around. Catching a glimpse every now and than of a room, in which seemed to be super clean.

The sister stopped, "this is going to be your room dear. Room 35. Can you repeat that?" She said as she looked down on Ashlie.

Ashlie felt small. Not given that she was short and petite, but because she had fooled the nuns well enough that they truly believed that she was a child. Now she was made to repeat what she was told on command, "my room is room 35, sister Margaret." Ashlie said half sulking.

The sister took a step inside the room, "good, room 35. Just remember that." She said as Ashlie followed in.

Ashlie frowned when she noticed the room had four beds and not just one. That meant she was going to have roommates, even worse three teenage girls as roommates.

The sister walked over to a bed that had a folded bundle of clothes sitting on it, "this is going to be your bed Ashlie dear. I got one outfit laid out for you and there is two additional outfits in this nightstand, plus a weekend casual outfit, nighty, socks and undies. The top drawer has toothbrush, soap, Bible and nite nite pants. The other girls are in class right now, you will start tomorrow morning. I'm going to go use the bathroom, you go ahead and change and when I get back I will show you around." Sister Margaret said as she walked to the door.

Ashlie watched the sister walk out of the room and let out a sigh of relief. She didn't want anyone to see her naked. The night before Ashlie had shaved herself as smooth as possible and if anyone were to see her naked in her present disguise they for sure wouldn't have second guessed she really was an adult.

Ashlie pulled off her shirt and dropped her pants to the floor as fast as possible. She noticed the top of the pile of clothes had underwear and a camisole. Ashlie looked over her shoulder to make sure no one was watching and pulled down her flower pattern panties. She quickly stepped into the new pair of panties and pulled them up to her waist. Next she pulled the training bra Carson had supplied off over her head and guided her arms into the camisole. Ashlie was more on the busty side and the camisole did little to hide her D size bust.

Ashlie grabbed the white button up shirt and slid her arms into the sleeves , before buttoning up the shirt. The material was stiff and she could tell was ironed out.

Next she grabbed what looked like a green plaid skirt, but upon closer inspection she found it was a green plaid jumper with a pleated skirt bottom. In a flash Ashlie pulled it over her head and into place. The jumper actually did a good job of covering up her breast. It looked ridiculous thou.

As Ashlie sat on the bed she paused for a second at hearing a crinkle in the air and than went back to work with putting her feet into the opening of a pair of thick white tights. She stood up long enough to hike them up over her butt, before sitting back on the bed and hearing the same crinkle sound. As she worked her feet into the black Mary Jane shoes she thought to herself, "this story better be in the prime news spot. This was a stupid idea. Stupid stupid. I feel like a moron dressed like this."

Ashlie finished putting on her shoes and stood up. She looked herself over in a mirror and frowned. "This was not real." she thought as a child looked back at her in the mirror. Ashlie let out a sigh and as she turned around sister Margaret was standing in the door way.

"I see the clothes fit pretty well." Sister Margaret said as she walked up to Ashlie, "just one more thing."

The sister unclasped the bows out of Ashlie's hair and slid on a hair band, "there you go! You look Nice and proper dear." The sister Said as she took Ashlie's hand in hers, "now I will show you around."

Ashlie was lead down the hall way and sister Margaret explained that this floor was were most of the student rooms were located at.

As they walked down the stairs the nun told Ashlie about some of the routines the girls had. Such as getting up at six am and getting ready for breakfast, and lights out at 8:30 pm.

They got to the first floor and walked up to a large wooden double door the sister opened it for Ashlie to see, "this is the main church. We have mass Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings in here."

Ashlie looked at the room and found out was quiet large, "wow, it sure is pretty sister Margaret." Ashlie said, even thou it wasn't that impressive to her.

The sister lead Ashlie further down the hall. Stopping to point out a room here and there, which all seemed to be classrooms. They stopped at a door and the sister opened it.

The room was indeed a classroom filled with students doing math. Sister Margaret walked into the room with Ashlie and clapped her hands together loud enough for everyone's attention, "girls, we have a new student here that's going to be starting tomorrow. Her name is Ashlie miller and I want you to say hi."

Ashlie felt nervous as all the attention was pushed on her and she was the point of everyone's focus now.

All the girls put down there books and pencils and in unison said, "hello Ashlie miller."

Ashlie froze up until sister Margaret nudged her shoulder, "hello." Ashlie nervously said with a shy wave.

The sister looked to the nun who was teaching the class, "I'm showing her the tour of the grounds. Is there anything you would like to add?"

The nun smiled, "Ashlie, my name is sister Claire. while in my class you better be here to learn. I don't like people joking around or not paying attention to there lessons. Is that understood?"

Ashlie nodded big, "yes that's understood sister Claire."

Sister Margaret grabbed Ashlie's shoulder, "OK, I got to finish showing Ashlie around. Girls be good." Was what she said before walking Ashlie out of the room and closing the door behind her.

The next room they stopped at was the dining hall. Ashlie could smell food in the air and it smelt good. The sister explained what time meals happen at and closed the door.

Ashlie was hungry after smelling the food. She hadn't eaten before getting picked up and now it was starting to wear on her.

The next stop was at an office door. There was an old wooden bench sitting outside the door and the sister told Ashlie to sit.

Ashlie sat down and watched the sister open the door and walk in, only to close it behind her.

Ashlie caught herself kicking her feet back and forth while sitting and thinking about the mess she was in. The idea of going undercover sounded like a good idea until it actually was happening. Now she had hung up her adult Responsibility's and taken the rule of a child. Forced to live by rules she hadn't had to abide by since she herself was little.

The door opened and sister Margaret called for Ashlie to enter. Getting up off the bench Ashlie felt like she was in incredible trouble. She walked into the office and sister Claire sat behind a desk, "aw Ashlie, sister Margaret said you have finished the tour. I always like my office to be the last stop. Now if you are to get into any sort of trouble this is where you will being going. To my office, no where else."

Ashlie shook her head yes while saying, "yes sister grace, I understand."

Sister grace showed no sign of acknowledgment to Ashlie and looked to sister Margaret, "show Ashlie here, where the playground is and than take her back to her room please."

Sister Margaret said,"yes sister." As she grabbed Ashlie once again by the shoulder.

They were almost out the door when sister grace spoke up, "Ashlie?"

Ashlie turned around, "yes sister grace?"

The sister stood up from her seat, "just to let you know, I don't give second chances. There's good kids and bad kids, and I don't know which one you are yet. Show me through your actions child. Now have a good day."

With that said, sister Margaret pulled Ashlie out of sister grace's office and closed the door. They made there way back to the front of the hall and out a door that lead to a playground. The sister told Ashlie this is the playground she will have access to when there is recess or after lunch time.

Ashlie looked the playground over and shrugged. It wasn't that great. There was swings and a jungle gym with a couple other things that come along with a playground.

"now Ashlie, lets go to your room and I will take your old clothes. School should be getting out soon and you can meet your new roommates while you guys wait for the dinner bell." Sister Margaret said as she headed back into the building.

After they got back to the room the sister scooped up Ashlie's street clothes and told Ashlie to wait in the room. The sister smiled at Ashlie and said, "I hope you like it here." Before walking off with the clothes.

Ashlie walked over to the window and stared outside. She looked down at the playground and pictured kids playing on it. than she pictured herself paying on it with the kids and it made her shudder. Ashlie her whole life had never really spent any time with children, but now she was to be one of them. She replayed all the things the sisters had told her and Ashlie wanted to cry. She wanted a prize story for her news channel, not a second chance at being young.

Ashlie turned from the window when she heard the tall tale signs of feet walking in the hallway. By the sound of all the giggling, school had gotten out.

Ashlie took a couple of deep breathes and prepped herself into putting on her game face. This was going to happen no matter what and it should be best to start off on the right foot if she wanted to dig up dirt on the school. the best way would be through the students.

Ashlie was thrown back a bit when two younger girls walked through the door. They both paused and looked at Ashlie.

One girl waved and said, "hello! My name is Tori."

While the other said, "my name is Lisa! We seen you in class today. Your Ashlie right?"

Ashlie smiled as big as she could, "yes my name is Ashlie! Nice to meet you!" 
Ashlie didn't know what to do and stuck her hand out for a shake but was thrown off guard when Lisa and Tori group hugged Ashlie.

As they back off from the group hug, Ashlie noticed something she found a little unsettling. Tori and Lisa were both taller than herself. Not by much, but enough to notice.

Ashlie took a step back and without given herself away asked, "so how old are the two of you?"

Both of the girls said, "12" at the same time. It was Tori who kept on talking, "this room is only for 12 year olds. The next room is for 12 to 13, and the room after that is 13 to 14 years old. Your 12 right?" She said as she put her hands on her hips with the must questioning of tones.

Ashlie was a bit taken back by her sudden questioning by the girls and said, "yeah...I'm 12. 12 years old Ashlie miller, that's me." Not fully sure that was the answer they were looking for.

Tori and Lisa clapped there hands with excitement and Ashlie felt compelled to do the same, just to fit in.

There excitement was short lived when the third roommate walked in. Ashlie noticed right away that Tori and Lisa stopped clapping and looked kind of worried.

Ashlie turned and looked and that's the first time she ever laid eyes on Rhonda. The name alone meant trouble but after seeing the girl in real life, Ashlie knew she was no good.

Rhonda had to be the tallest 12 year old Ashlie had ever seen. Not only was she tall, she was a little over weight and had a attitude to match.

Ashlie was standing by her bed and cheerfully said, "hello my name is Ashlie...."

Rhonda cut Ashlie off, "I don't care who you are pip sqweek, stay away from my bed or else!" And flopped on her own bed and fixed the pillows around her head.

Ashlie stood there in silence, not knowing what to say. She looked to Tori and Lisa who just seemed to lay on there bed and take Rhonda's abuse in silence.

Ashlie cleared her throat and said, "excuse me? I said hello." She looked over and both Tori and Lisa looked shocked.

"I heard you the first time!" Said Rhonda and she stood up from her bed. She had to been almost a head taller than Ashlie and twice the girth. Rhonda pushed Ashlie onto her bed, "this is my room and you will do what I say!" She said with anger.

Ashlie was shocked at being pushed with such force but decided she wasn't going to be pushed around by someone twice as young as herself. Ashlie jumped back up from the bed, "you can't boss me around!" Ashlie shouted as she pushed Rhonda.

Ashlie felt dumb when Rhonda only took a step back with the push, but at least she stood her ground. Ashlie didn't expect Rhonda wouldn't let herself be pushed around as well and was caught off guard when Rhonda grabbed Ashlie's arm and twisted it behind her back and pushed up.

Ashlie let out a yelp as she felt her arm against her own back, "what do you think your doing!" She cried out.

Rhonda pushed up a little more, "like I told you new girl, I don't care who you are! This is my room and you will do what I say, when I say. Don't think about telling on me either. I will make you suffer! GOT THAT!"

Ashlie was in no disposition to disagree, "I got it!I got it! Let me go!" She whined.

Rhonda released Ashlie's arm, "now that we been familiarized, has any one ever told you, you look like that loser chick from the news?" She said as she laid back down on her own bed.

Ashlie's arm hurt from being twisted, but she instantly forgot the pain when Rhonda mentioned her being on the news. Ashlie thinking fast on how to lead Rhonda away from the subject said, "yeah I've been told that before. You can't go around picking on us! We share this room to!"

Rhonda laughed, "I can pick on anyone I want. your not my mom and aren't going to stop me."

Ashlie stood her ground once more. She was an adult and not about to hit a child, but surely she could think of something to drive Rhonda crazy with. Ashlie took a step closer, "you might be bigger than me, but I have something you don't!"

Rhonda leaned up from her bed, "what's that?"

Ashlie put her hands on her hips and in a matter of fact voice said, "I got my dignity and self respect, something you clearly don't."

Rhonda fell back onto her bed laughing, "that's something a nerd would say. Dignity, stupid. Now why don't the three of you find something to do. I'm taken a nap before dinner."

Ashlie was just beside herself, being dismissed by a 12 year old bully was not something she was use to. She turned and looked at Tori and Lisa, who were sitting on there beds wide eyed.

Ashlie took one look at them and knew they were deeply afraid of Rhonda, "so what can we do to pass the time tell dinner?" Ashlie asked.

Tori got up off her bed and tip toed over to Ashlie, "we can go down to the rec room and find a game if you want?" She whispered to Ashlie.

Lisa got up off her bed and said, "that sounds like a great idea." As quietly as she could.

Ashlie shrugged at the suggestion, it didn't sound fun at all but wanted to fit in, "OK! Lead the way!" Ashlie said as she forced a smile.

As the girls walked out the room Ashlie noticed the hallway was alive with teens everywhere. She politely said hello and gave the appropriate head nod when walking past the other students.

"wow, I didn't know there was this many people here?" Ashlie said as they made there way to the stair case.
Lisa without looking back said, "there's one hundred beds in this school." And bounced down the stair case, skipping a step every few steps.
Ashlie and Tori followed suit and raced down the stairs after Lisa.

Once they reached the bottom of the stair case they began there walk down the main hall, to the Rec room.

Ashlie took a deep breath as the entered the room. She now had Officially thrown herself into the world of teenage girls. Tori and Lisa lead Ashlie to an open table and Tori and Ashlie sat down.

Lisa put her hands on the back of a chair, "sit tight! I'm going to go get a board game!" She said before walking off towards a wall littered with books and games on shelf's.

Ashlie watched Lisa trot off and took the time to observe the other people in the room. There were girls everywhere and it was somewhat loud. For the most part they all were playing games or reading as well. Ashlie noted that in the far corner there was a television with some chairs around it.

"so where are you from?" Tori asked.

Ashlie was still looking around the room when she said, "I'm from here. San Luis obispo that is, I was raised in this city."

Tori followed up with another question, barely given Ashlie enough time to finish her last answerer, "do you like Kate Perry? I do but were not aloud to have music here."

Ashlie looked to Tori who was resting her chin on her hands while staring right at her. It was a little awkward but Ashlie could tell Tori was being friendly, "Katy Perry isn't that bad. Wait? Your not aloud music?" Ashlie asked back.

"yeah no personal devices, cell phones, iPods, or anything of that nature. The nuns say it takes away from are learning." replied Tori.

Ashlie looked around to make sure no one was listening in before asking Tori, "so is this place pretty cool or what? How do the sisters treat everyone?" Before sitting back in her chair and listening. She figured talking to Tori and Lisa was going to be the best way to dig up some dirt on the school for her story.

Tori moved her hands from her chin, "this place isn't to bad. A lot of rules to follow but there not that hard to remember. The sisters on the other hand are pretty cool most of the time. as long as you don't break the rules."

Ashlie jumped a little when Lisa dropped a board game on the table by surprise. Ashlie hadn't even heard her walk up.

As Lisa Sat down she said the name of the game, "chutes and ladders!" As if no one could read the box on the table.

"aww cool!" Ashlie said as Tori pulled the lid off of the box.

Tori looked over to Lisa, "Ashlie asked how the sisters treat us! What do you say?" She said with a wink.

Lisa looked at Ashlie as she grabbed the game pieces out of the box and said "the sisters can be really Nice if you follow the rules."

Ashlie grabbed the piece she wanted to be and set it on the board, "what happens if you break the rules?" She asked.

Lisa and Tori looked at each other than to Ashlie. Lisa leaned in to talk a little softer, "that depends on what you did could be writing sentences, extra cleaning duty's, or a spanking!"

Tori nodded in agreement, "don't forget the bar of soap for saying anything bad Lisa."as she rolled the dice to see how many moves she got.

Ashlie waited tell Tori moved her game piece, "spankings? Have you both been spanked?"  Ashlie asked as she took her turn rolling the dice.

"no" both girls said together. Tori added, "but Rhonda has a couple times."

Ashlie figured that must be a given with Rhonda, that girl was mean.

Tori cut Ashlie off of her conversion, "there going to be doing count soon, we should get back to are room."

Ashlie looked at the clock on the wall, "we just started playing?"

Lisa stood up and gathered up the game, "we have been down here for almost an hour. You don't want to miss count." She said as she closed the lid on the box.

The three girls stood up and Ashlie followed then back to the room to find the upper hallway was empty of students.

As they walked into there room each girl stood in front of there bed and Ashlie did the same to avoid standing out. Rhonda was awake and stood in silence wiping the sleep from her eyes.

"every day Ashlie we got to do this at four o'clock. They count us to make sure no one is missing." Said Lisa as she patted out a wrinkle in her jumper.

Ashlie looked at Lisa, "has anyone ever gone missing before?" She asked.
Rhonda answered for Lisa, "yeah someone has gone missing. Last year a girl ran away and told some crazy story about this place that wasn't true. Now we got to do count twice a day because of it."

Ashlie looked at the ground and thought of another question, "I think I heard something about that? It wasn't true?"

Rhonda laughed, "none of it was true. They don't beat us here our treat us to bad. She wanted out of here and to never come back so she made up some crazy story. She made a million dollars with the settlement."

Ashlie rolled her eyes, "there's no way she made a million dollars, don't be stupid. And besides that, haven't you been spanked before?"

Rhonda snapped at that statement, "she did to make a million dollars! and which one of you is talking about ME!" She Said as she pointed her finger from Tori to Lisa, "come on and tell me, or your both going to get it!"

Ashlie looked at both of the girls and seen there heads were looking down. She turned to Rhonda, "leave them alone."

Rhonda stood up as straight as possible and said, "make me!"

Ashlie shot back, "I don't make monkeys, I train them!" And both Lisa and Tori began laughing.

"SHUT UP!" Yelled Rhonda, which was enough to make them go silent. Rhonda looked at Ashlie, "how about this, I'm just going to take it all out on you new girl. This is my room and your not going to take it over!"

Ashlie shrugged, "OK? Do what you got to do." She wasn't scared of Rhonda or her threats. So the words that Rhonda said went in one ear and out the other.

All four girls looked towards the door when they heard sister Margaret yell, "girls! It's count time!" From down the hall.

They all stood straight up and at the foot of there beds, waiting for the sister to come to there room and count them.

After a couple of minutes of silence sister Margaret walked in with a clip board and counted the girls, "OK, you four can line up outside the door in the hall."

Rhonda walked out first with Tori and Lisa behind her. Ashlie felt bad for the girls and being afraid of such a bully. She walked out of the room and stood behind Lisa in what looked like a line of all the girls on the floor.

Ashlie moved out of line a little to see how many girls there actually were and yelped when she felt something hit her leg hard enough to sting.

"straight line child." Sister Margaret said as she guided Ashlie back in place with the end of a yard stick.

Ashlie rubbed her leg where the sister had whacked her and watched her do the same thing to another girl. The sister made her way to the front of the line and ordered the girls to walk to the dining hall for supper.

Ashlie felt stupid walking in line like some mindless slave on there way to the dinner hall, but she couldn't wait to get something to eat. She hadn't eaten all day.

All the girls sat down according to how they were in line and waited for the nuns to make there way around with the food.

Ashlie said her hellos to the other girls who where sitting around her at the table. They all were excited to see a new face amongst themselves and Ashlie found herself in the middle of a game of twenty questions until dinner was placed in front of her. The girls were all made to say grace before they were able to pick up there forks.

Ashlie looked at her plate and seen the meal was a piece of fish along with rice, beans and salad. She smelt it and her mouth instantly began to water. Ashlie picked up her fork and shoveled the food into her mouth as fast as she could.

The school food wasn't bad at all Ashlie thought as she finished her plate. She waited until the other girls were done and followed them to the window where the dirty trays go.

All the girls were ordered by the nuns to stand back in a straight line and go back to there rooms for reading time.

As Ashlie walked she couldn't help but think about her assignment. Her whole goal was to find something that points to abuse or neglect among the students, but it wasn't seeming like it was going to be that easy. The place was clean as a whistle and the food was to die for. It didn't seem like it was as bad as people thought.

The girls walked into there room and Ashlie noticed the three taking Bibles off of there night stands and laying on there beds. Ashlie looked to her night stand and didn't see one sitting on top.

"ahh...where do I get a book at?" Ashlie asked puzzled. She really had never been to church except for funerals and the whole point of religion seemed to be quiet a bore to her. She knew thou that if she wanted to fit in she would have to do what everyone else was doing.

"check your nightstand?" Said Tori as she opened the Bible and began to read.

Ashlie sat on her bed and noticed the crinkle sound again that she had heard earlier, but wrote it off as the mattress being old and cheap. She bounced up and down a couple times in place just to hear how noisy the crinkle really was before turning her attention back to the nightstand. She leaned over and pulled open the top drawer and her eyes widen with surprise at what she was seeing.

next to her underwear and socks were two stacks of training pants. Ashlie knew what they were from seeing them on a commercial and blankly said, "goodnites?"

"what did you say?" Lisa asked as she lowered her Bible.

Ashlie closed the drawer and said, "oh, I was just talking to myself."

Lisa smiled and went back to reading from the Bible.

Ashlie moved a little and heard the plastic sound again. Without causing a scene she bent down and acted like she was going to take off her shoes. She pulled up the blanket a little and seen that the bed had a rubber sheet on it. Ashlie didn't know what to think about both items but caught sight of her Bible under the bed.

She picked it up and opened the book and carefully sat on the bed to make as little noise as she could. Ashlie wasn't reading thou, her mind was else where. Sister Margaret had mentioned something about nite nite pants when Ashlie was shown her room, but Ashlie was thinking sweat pants, not training pants.

Ashlie looked to her new roommates and thought about saying something, but what held her back was the fear that maybe they didn't know they were there as well. "why were they there thou?" Ashlie pondered as she thought about it more.

She couldn't come up with any logical explication for them and decided to just put it out of her mind for now.

Ashlie laid back on the bed and looked through the Bible to see what all the fuss was about. She had met a few people in her time who swore there life to this book, but Ashlie never took the time to read it.

Ashlie decided she might as well do it right and start one page one. She laid on her bed and read about the start of the earth and all life this God had created. Ashlie took it in as a science fiction and soon pictured an all mighty monster creating life before resting in deep deep space.

Ashlie's attention was broken when the lights flashed on and off a couple times. She looked up from her book and seen that Lisa, Tori and Rhonda where setting there Bibles down on top of there night stands.

Tori looked over to Ashlie and smiled, "they do that to let you know reading time is over."

Ashlie closed her Bible and set it on the night stand, "what do we do now?"

Rhonda leaned up and stood with a stretch, "do we got to tell you everything?" She said.

Ashlie cowled, "its my first day here?"

Rhonda shook her head with annoyance, "want me to roll out the red carpet for you? Just do what everyone else is doing stupid!"

Ashlie was starting to get annoyed with Rhonda and her excessive know it all attitude, "well how em I suppose to know what everyone is doing?"

Rhonda snapped back, "by using your eyes dumb ass!"

Ashlie had enough of Rhonda's foolishness, "I'm not going to talk to you!" She said

Rhonda, being childish crossed her arms, "well I'm not talking to you either!" And walked out of the room.

Ashlie shook her head. She knew some stubborn people but kids were the worse when it came to it.

Ashlie looked over to Tori and Lisa and said, "where did she go?"

Tori got up, "to the bathroom, same place I'm going."

"me to!" Said Lisa before walking to the door and turning to Ashlie, "need to go potty? Its lights out in thirty minutes."

Ashlie shook her head no, "I'm fine, thanks." She wasn't about to go to the bathroom with a bunch of girls half her real age.

Lisa smiled, "well OK, and so you don't have to ask Rhonda, the sisters like us to keep the nighties in the second drawer down. OK, we'll be right back!" She said as she grabbed Tori's arm and pulled her out of the room.

Ashlie waited a couple of second before racing to her nightstand and flinging the second drawer open wide. She grabbed the nightie from the drawer and pulled the jumper from her head. She unbuttoned her white shirt and dropped it to floor before pulling the nighty over her head.

Ashlie frowned at the sight of the childish night gown and after she took her shoes and tights off noticed it stopped just above her knees. It felt good though to have the thick tights off. Ashlie stretched her legs and crawled onto her bed to think.

A couple minutes later the three roommates had come back to the room and started getting ready for bed.

Ashlie turned her head away as she noticed they were undressing. She looked outside and seen that the sun had already set behind the city buildings.

It had been her first day undercover and it didn't seem as bad as she thought it was going to be. The next step for her was to gather evidence and wait to be saved.

Ashlie glanced over and seen the girls were dressed for bed and settling in. She laid her head on the pillow and looked up at the ceiling for some piece of mind.

"Ashlie miller?" Came a woman's voice from the door way.

Ashlie looked over and seen it was sister Margaret, "yes sister Margaret." Ashlie said in drawn out almost whine.

The sister walked over to Ashlie's bed and the three girls watched to see what was going on.

"did you remember to put on your nite nite pants?" The sister said as she stood above Ashlie.

Ashlie went white with humiliation, "I..I..I did remember?" She said not knowing what to say, being put on the spot.

The sister bent over a bit and pulled up the hem of Ashlie's nighty to check for herself. Something Ashlie didn't expect or count on.

"Ashlie miller! You know your suppose to wear them to bed! You do at home and you will here as well!" The sister scolded as she pulled Ashlie to her feet.

"I don't wet the bed!" Ashlie said as the sister let go of her arm.

"that's not what your mother said child, and who's word em I going to take?" Sister Margaret said as she opened the top drawer of the nightstand and pulled out a pair of training pants.

Ashlie watched the sister unfold open the goodnites and give them a stretch to loosen the stretchy sides. She looked down to Ashlie from her height advantage and said, "now Ashlie, pull down your undies and lets get this over with."

Ashlie didn't move, "I'm telling you, I don't wet the bed!" She protested to the sister.

Sister Margaret took Ashlie's words for those of a child who was embarrassed of wetting the bed and spoke softly, "Ashlie dear, its nothing to be embarrassed about. A lot of kids your age still wet the bed. I will make a deal with you, you wear them for a week and stay dry all night for those seven days and than you won't have to wear then anymore. Sound good?"

Ashlie felt like she was going to cry. There was going to be no other option than to wear them thanks to Sarah's lie. Ashlie lowered her head in shame, "sounds fair...." She mumbled.

The sister lowered to one knee and pulled Ashlie's panties down with one smooth tug, "legs." She said as she held the training pants open by Ashlie's feet.

Ashlie felt a tear roll down her cheek as she stepped into the leg holes of the goodnite and sister Margaret pulled it up her legs and into place.

The goodnite was a little big on Ashlie and the waistband rode high above her bellybutton. Even thou they felt somewhat like underwear, the bulky padding made it so Ashlie couldn't fully close her legs.

"OK, get in bed." Sister Margaret said as she slapped Ashlie's now padded rear end. Which made a loud muffled thump sound as her hand connected with the rear padding of the training pants.

Ashlie climbed on the bed and looked at the ceiling, unable to talk in fear that she might start crying as sister Margaret pulled the covers over Ashlie.

The sister turned around and saw the three girls watching and said, "mind your own." As she signaled for then to lay down.

The sister walked out of the room saying, "good night girls."as she left.

The room was silent until the lights turned off and that's when Rhonda gave out a little chuckle.

"what's so funny!" Ashlie said, for she knew Rhonda was laughing at her.

In the darkness of the room Rhonda said, " least you got your dignity!" And she began laughing at Ashlie.

Once again, Tori and Lisa kept quiet. To afraid to stand up to Rhonda and her bullyness.

Ashlie didn't bother fighting with Rhonda, instead she laid eyed open and looking at the ceiling above her.  To humiliated to even speak or fight.

As she looked up she reflected on her job. Thinking was this whole mess really worth it? She never accounted for the fact she might be treated as a child when going along with Mr. Richards plan. Never in her life would she have let someone treat her this way, let along with the fact she was twenty two and forced to wear a pair of training pants to bed by someone who saw her only as a child.

Ashlie sighed, this next two weeks were going to suck. Ashlie closed her eyes and tried to think of something else, anything she could to make herself fall sleep.

Ashlie jumped alive when she felt someone jump on top of her in the middle of the night, but found she was unable to get up. She went to open her mouth to yell but someone had cover her mouth. Ashlie's eyes fought against the darkness to see who it was, but already knew out could only be one possible person. Rhonda.

Ashlie against all her struggling found it useless and stopped fighting. She looked up at Rhonda, breathing heavily and found her true enemy.

Rhonda leaned over a bit on top of Ashlie and whispered, "your going to wet the bed no matter what it takes." As she pushed on Ashlie's bladder with her other hand.

Ashlie tried to fight it again as she felt the pressure grow on her bladder. The more Ashlie moved the more her bladder felt the urge to let go.

Rhonda kept a hand over Ashlie's mouth while using her own body to keep Ashlie in place. She kept jabbing Ashlie in the bladder while saying, "come on, just go. I know you have to. Come on, just a little!" And Rhonda pushed hard on Ashlie and Ashlie tried to scream and her bladder failed her and let loose.

Ashlie tried to scream as she felt her bladder release into the goodnite, but was unable to do so, to her mouth being covered by Rhonda's hand.

Ashlie could fell the padding of the training pants soak up the urine and expand against her skin as she went pee. Soon the bulky pee soaked material had tripled in size and  Molding itself against ever part of her lower body.

Ashlie felt the tears well up in her eyes and was unable to do anything about it. Her tears became a soft sob as Rhonda patted the goodnite with her hand and said, "as long as your in my room your going to be a bed wetter. Your not going to tell on me for this or I'm going to make your life a living hell. You got that!"

Ashlie was openly crying and nodded her head OK, unable to speak.

Rhonda pushed on Ashlie's face harder with her hand, "I'm going to take my hand away and climb back into bed, you better not make a noise. Not a single sound when I do our else..." She said before removing her hand from Ashlie's face and climbing off of Ashlie.

Silent as could be, Rhonda slipped back into her own bed and left Ashlie to cry to herself.

Ashlie was now mortified of Rhonda. She had proven herself to be a little more than intimidating than Ashlie had thought she really was and who knew how far she would sink to get even if Ashlie told on her.

Ashlie laid in bed crying to herself. She was a woman. This shouldn't be happing to her. She shouldn't be afraid of a twelve year old and crying because she was forced to wet the bed by a bully. Ashlie closed her eyes and wept until she fell back to sleep


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