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A step to far.

                     A STEP TO FAR.
                                 By J.S doom

        Chapter one: the perfect story.

Usually the board meeting were quiet boring. Filled with what stories the reporters were going to cover and the politics of the news paper hierarchy. Today thou, was a special day for Ashlie Silva. She had never landed a prime spot news story or was given a chance to, but the story that was handed down to her from her boss had the stench of top story written all over it.

"what you are saying miss Silva, is that you want to go under cover for two weeks?...and you want ME? ME! Out of all people to set it up for you?" Barked Mr. Richards as he glared at Ashlie sitting in the oversized chair across from him.

Ashlie didn't know what to say. She thought it was a good idea and had no way of knowing that the chief of the news station would react the way he had. Ashlie tried to sit up, looking as professional as she could, "SIR! I assure you I thought it was a good sounding idea when I came up with it. I never meant to offend you and..." Ashlie was saying before being cut off rudely by her boss.

"wow just wait a second!" Mr. Richards said as he pulled both his hands up for Ashlie to stop talking, "I never said it was a bad idea! Its an amazing idea! Just up to the part where you want me to set it up." He Said as he leaned back on his leather office chair.

He hit the button on his intercom and said "Janice, why don't you get ahold of Sarah for me and tell her I want her in my office NOW! Not yesterday, TODAY!"

Ashlie frowned when she heard Mr. Richard's ask for Sarah. They have never gotten along and both had it out for each other since a very drunk office party a few years back.

Ashlie smiled big when Mr. Richards stopped talking into the intercom and crossed his arms as he leaned back, "I don't do foot work for people Ashlie, but I do have people who do it for me. So how long were you thinking about doing this?" He said with a half smile.

Ashlie relaxed a little and said, "well I was thinking I would just need a week or two? The school has speculations of abuse and corporal punishment that have gone un-investigated for years now. All I need to do its get the proof...."

"and you'll be able to blow the cap off of that school and catch them in the act. Brilliant!" Mr. Richards said as he clapped his hands together and stood up. He walked over to his window and looked out, "this is the kind of journalism people love for miss Silva. Its ground breaking, raw, and.....I can see the head lines now, reporter goes undercover as student and teaches the teachers a lesson. Smashing story Ashlie!"

Ashlie began to feel the courage and inspiration that her boss was was perspiring after each new thought he came up with. Ashlie leaned forward and felt good about herself. If the boss was happy, so was she.

Mr. Richards and Ashlie's attention was drawn to the door as it clicked open and Sarah walked in. "you call for me sir?" She said as she stood in place and caught sight of Ashlie.

Mr. Richards wasted no time on informing Sarah what he needed and what was suspected of her, "Sarah, you know Ashlie Silva here. Well she came up with a good idea and I want you to make it happen."

Sarah barely got out an OK before Mr. Richards continued, "I need you to enroll Ashlie here into the saint Marys academy for girls as a new student!"

Ashlie nearly jumped up out of her seat! She thought she made it clear she was going under cover as a teacher and not a student. Ashlie spoke up with a nervous pitch in her voice, "Aw...Mr. Richards? I thought I could enroll as a teacher?"

Richards looked at Ashlie, "teacher? Naw, they will see that coming a mile away. Your going undercover as a student. Plus your built for the part."

Ashlie new exactly why he added that last part. She was indeed the shortest woman in the office, standing at four feet and seven inches tall. She also had a youthful complexion and voice that screamed for everyone to question her about her age.

"you OK with that right? Or should we just scrap this story?" Mr. Richards said.

Ashlie didn't want to loose the story and nodded OK in silence.

Mr. Richards turned back to Sarah, "OK, where was I.." He said as he paused to rethink his words.

Sarah looked at Ashlie while reminding Mr. Richards, "you were saying enroll Ashlie into the saint Marys academy for girls, sir." She smartly said.

"right! OK, so enroll Ashlie as a student, get it set up so she starts school this next Monday." He replied back to Sarah.

Sarah looked at Ashlie and they locked eyes for a brief second. The moment was one they both understood but it went unsaid. They hated each other and now it seemed Sarah was the one who was going to be on top. Sending Ashlie off into what possibly could be a humiliating situation.

Sarah looked to Mr. Richards, "what grade is Ashlie going into?"

Mr. Richards looked at Ashlie puzzled, "what are you doing after this meeting miss Silva?" He asked as he flipped through a black book with numbers on his desk.

Ashlie without thinking Said, "nothing..."

Richards wrote down an address and handed it to Ashlie, "OK, go to this address and they will take Care of you. When there done they will send me a photo and I will give it to Sarah."
Richards looked at Sarah, "you'll know what grade when you get the photo, than do what I told you." Richards looked at both off the woman, "OK, go now! I got to make a call."

Ashlie stood up and followed Sarah out into the hall, closing the office door behind her. As they walked towards the elevator Ashlie cleared her throat and said, "Sarah I didn't want to go to school as a student, sooo if you could not tell anyone about this..." Ashlie said trying to be Nice about the whole ordeal.

Sarah moved the hair out of her face, "now why would I do that? Besides, after your amazing story comes out...everyone will know that you were enrolled as a student."

Ashlie didn't think of that and as she played with the idea back and forth in her head, she hit the button on the elevator. Ashlie looked at Sarah and sighed. Sarah was a constant reminder of every thing Ashlie wasn't. She was tall and even thou Ashlie was busty, Sarah had a pair that just drew men towards her.

As the elevator door opened a man walked out and both women walked in. Ashlie hit the ground floor button and as the door closed she said, "Sarah, you better not screw me over any way on this assignment. There's allot riding on this for me."

Sarah laughed, "so that's what you think of me?"

Ashlie wasn't smiling, "yes that its what I think of you. We have never been close and I can see you doing something to ruin it for me."

Sarah got serious, "listen here girly! I indeed don't like you and despite are differences I won't ruin your stupid story. That doesn't mean thou that I'm going to make it easy for you. You do know that the saint Marys academy for girls still uses spanking as a valid punishment for stepping out of line?"

Ashlie butted in, "yeah I do, so? Are you making a threat?"

The elevator chimed and the door opened. As the women stepped out Sarah looked down to Ashlie from her natural height advantage, "Ashlie, I don't make threats. Now go do what ever Mr. Richards wanted you to do. I will be waiting for that picture." With that said Sarah walked off towards a hallway lined with offices.

Ashlie watched her walk off and fumed at their conversation. "I don't make threats..." Ashlie said to herself as she walked to the front lobby, "who does she think she is talking to me like that."

Once Ashlie walked outside of the news station, she flagged down a taxi and gave the man the address Mr. Richards had given her.

The drive was a little longer than Ashlie had expected and the building she arrived at was not even close to what she visioned. It was somewhat run down and in the less desirable part of town. She got out of the back seat and paid the fair to the driver before walking up to the front door of the building. She rang the door bell and waited for an answer.

A couple of minutes went by and there was no answer. Ashlie looked at the address on the paper and matched out to the building she was standing at. It was the same address as the one on the paper. She reached out and tried the door handle and found the door was unlocked. She carefully walked into the building and seen that it was some sort of costume shop.

"HELLO!" Ashlie called out as she walked further into the shop. Stopping every couple of feet to look at something that would catch her eye.

"over here." Came a mans voice, from a corner where there seemed to be well lit. 

Ashlie followed the light and came to an area where a man and woman stood along an assortment of makeup stations.

"you must be miss Silva? My name is Carson, and this is my wife Erica." The man said as he extended his hand out for a polite handshake.

Ashlie excepted his hand in hers, "my names Ashlie, Nice to meet you two." She said as she waved to Erica with her other hand.

Erica smiled, "so how do you know Toby?"

Ashlie paused before speaking, "Toby? Oh, Mr. Richards? He's my boss."

Carson nodded in approval, "we have known him for years. Good man. He has helped us out plenty of times, so when he called and Said you would coming to see us, we came straight to the shop."

"yeah he really didn't give me much time to prepare myself as well. He handed me a piece of paper with the address and said go there, or I mean here? So what is this place?" Ashlie said as she looked around.

Carson walked over to a table, "we specialize in Hollywood makeup and costumes. Were the top dogs in are business you might say."

Erica followed up, "Toby got ahold of us and asked of are assistance in given you a makeover because he knows are work speaks for itself."

Ashlie smiled, "well its good to know that I'm in good hands. Did he tell you what my assignment is?"

Both Carson and Erica nodded yes. Carson pulled out a rolling chair, "he told us you will be going undercover as student. Sounds exciting!"

Ashlie walked to the chair and sat down, "yeah it does." She said as she felt Erica grab the back of the chair and spin her away from any mirrors.

Erica stood in front of Ashlie and took Ashlie's head in her hands, "Toby gave us exact details of what he expected from us, and by the looks of it, it shouldn't be to hard."

"well good." Ashlie said as she moved her head along with Erica's hands.

Carson couldn't be seen but Ashlie could hear him talk, "honey, you start on the makeup and hair and I will go find some clothes."

Erica turned to Carson and said, "OK" than looked Ashlie in the face, "I'm a makeup and hair specialist, so don't worry. your in good hands."

Ashlie didn't say anything as Erica began to remove her makeup with cleaner. It actually felt kind of relaxing, having someone else take care of her for the brief moment.

Erica told Ashlie, "I'm going to start with your hair first than I will go back to your makeup. The hair is going to be the part that pulls everything together."

Ashlie didn't answer as Erica started brushing out her jet black hair, but found herself a bit nervous when she heard the clip of scissors. Ashlie found herself about to protest the hair cut but figured it must be important if it pulled the hole disguise together. The hair cut itself took almost an hour, and half way through that Carson came back with a bundle of clothes.

"how's it going?" Carson asked as he walked up to Erica.

Erica stood back to show Carson her progress, "It's coming along better than I thought dear. I did the same hair cut as I gave Candice's daughter." She said as she nodded in approval at her own handy skills.

Carson was nodding to himself, "you are a master honey." He said before patting Erica on the shoulder and walking away.

Ashlie didn't have access to a mirror and couldn't see her new hair cut, "is it done?" Ashlie asked as she tried to stand up.

Erica pushed her back into the seat, "almost done, just need to fix the front." She Said as she grabbed the scissors once again. Ashlie closed her eyes as Erica brushed out her hair in the front and began sniping away.

After ten minutes, Erica stopped and clipped two things into Ashlie's hair. Ashlie opened her eyes and let out a breath. "just need to do the makeup than you can try out the new clothes." Erica said as she grabbed a little kit.

Erica sat down in a chair next to Ashlie and began to apply a small amount of makeup. The last couple of minutes of Erica, Ashlie could feel her apply little pokes to the bridge of her nose and cheeks, before sliding on some fake trendy reading glasses.

"all done! CARSON! Your up!" Yelled Erica across the shop.

Ashlie stood up and stretched her body out. It felt good to get out of the makeup chair. Ashlie was about to turn around when Carson got her attention.

"OK Ashlie, take these and go try them on." Carson said as he handed Ashlie A pile of clothes.

Ashlie excepted the pile of clothes, "where should I change?" She said as she thumbed through the bundle.

Carson pointed to a make shift dress room that looked more like a closet with a curtain than anything, "the dress room is right there. Make sure to try everything on Ashlie. Its important as to not giving yourself away while undercover."

Ashlie shrugged and nodded OK as she walked into the dressing room. She really hadn't the time to think about the role she was going to be playing since she got shut down on the teacher part in exchange for the role of a student. It really never hit Ashlie until she closed the curtain of the dressing room. She was going back to school as a student!

Ashlie dropped the bundle of clothes onto a chair and let out a breath. She hadn't even thought about the fact she was going to be going to school with a bunch of kids half her age.

Ashlie unbuttoned her silk blouse and hung it over the back of the chair. She slipped off her dress and folded it up. Ever since she could remember she had a fine taste for Nice clothes. Even her panty hose screamed that of high quality. Ashlie stripped them off her legs and laid them over the blouse on the chair.

Ashlie grabbed the clothes and opened the bundle. The first thing she noticed were the bra and panties sitting on top. Ashlie held up the panties and rolled her eyes. They looked ridiculous! Full cut cotton panties, littered with designs of flowers.

Ashlie shook her head in disbelief as she pulled down her underwear and stepped onto the childish under garment. She pulled the panties up and was amazed yet at the same time disappointed that they fit just right.

Next came the bra Carson had supplied. It was nothing close to flattering like the bra she was wearing now. Ashlie unhooked her bra and pulled it away from her breast. Letting her D cups breath for a quick second before pulling the new bra over her head. After the bra was brought down into place, Ashlie found out it was quiet restrictive. After a closer inspection Ashlie frowned. The bra was a training bra and smashed her breast tight against herself, giving the appearance that she had smaller budding breast.

She grabbed the two remaining articles of clothing that weren't socks and shoes and decided to go with the shirt first.

Quickly Ashlie pulled the shirt over her head and after made fast work with the pants. She sat on the chair and pulled the socks on, before sliding her feet into the pink and white shoes. She stood up and twisted her body around to get a more comfy fit before stopping and looking down at her shirt.

Ashlie caught sight of it at first when unfolding the shirt but didn't pay any attention to the design on the front until now. It was the main characters from a show called "lazy town." Which had a taller guy with a ridiculous mustache, a younger girl with bright pink hair and three of their friends whom were muppets.

Ashlie pinched her nose in frustration. The first rule for anyone who is petite, is to avoid clothes with large designs because they make you look that much smaller. The shirt alone had extra large print and for sure was a kids show, so there was no denying the childish appearance it would have on an actual adult who was small.

Ashlie decided it was best to just bear with it and flung the curtain open for Carson and Erica to see. As Ashlie stepped out both of there jaws dropped.

"well this do?" Ashlie asked as she turned around for them to see.

Carson was first to speak, "you don't even look the same as when you came in! Amazing! OK, let me get a photo to send Toby." He said as he turned side to side looking for his cell phone.

Erica put her hands on her hips and smiled, "your going to fool everyone Ashlie. You don't look anything close to what you did when you came here."
Ashlie stopped and posed as Carson held up his phone and took a couple pictures to send to Mr. Richards, "do you think I can see myself now?" Ashlie asked as Carson snapped picture after picture.

Erica walked over to the mirror and waved for Ashlie to come, "your going to be amazed!" She said as she waited for Ashlie.

As Ashlie stepped in front of the mirror she felt like she was going to puke. The person staring back at her looked nothing like the formal adult she was. The person staring back was a little girl.

Ashlie took it all in at once. Her hair had been cut into a fashionable A-line along with bangs that rode straight above her eye brows. There had been two small bows placed in her hair along with glasses on her face. Her makeup was next none, except for some blush and dots that looked like freckles along her cheeks and nose. To top out off she had been given the most childish outfit Carson could find. Ashlie didn't feel the person looking back was her at all, but some kind of altered existence.

"what do you think?" Erica asked as she leaned against the table.

Ashlie fought for words but found them, "I think you guys did amazing? I don't even recognize myself..."she said as she touched a freckle.

"that won't come off for about a month!" Laughed Erica, "there built to last. Now what I did was a deep face cleaner to bring out your youthful radiance, semi permanent freckles with a new product and the hair cut of course."

Ashlie looked at herself in the mirror and didn't feel to confident with how good of a they had done, "wow...I look young?" She said in an unsure tone.

Carson interrupted, "that's what Toby said for us to do. Make you look as young as possible. OK, I got those photos sent off. Now is there anything else you need us to help out with?" Carson said as he began to pack up his belongings.

Ashlie forced a smile, "no I'm good, thank you Carson and Erica for all your help. I'm sure going to fool everyone with this disguise." She said trying to be as polite as possible.

Carson and Erica waved goodbye to Ashlie and she made her way out of the building.

Out on the street Ashlie waited for a taxi but wasn't having much success. She kept waving then down and they just wouldn't stop. It took her close to 15 minutes before a yellow and black taxi stopped for her.

"just you, or is one of your parents coming?" The taxi driver said as Ashlie climbed into the back seat.

Ashlie closed the door, "I'm 22 sir, this is a costume. take me to 23th and Grande please."

The driver didn't drive off and turned in his seat, "no patents huh? Costume? Do you have some identification?"

Ashlie sighed as she pulled out her wallet, "how old do you think I em?" She asked jokingly.

The driver looked her over, "I would say not a day over twelve." He said before grabbing the identification card from Ashlie. He looked it over than handed out back, "sorry miss. 23rd and Grande you said?"

Ashlie tucked her identification back into her purse and said "yes please." before looking through her purse for her cell phone.

As the taxi driver drove down the street Ashlie made a call, "Mr. Richards? Yes its Ashlie. Did you get the pictures?" She said as she looked out the window.

Mr. Richards on the other end of the line seemed to be alive with excitement, "yes! Wonderful job they did on you. I already gave the photo to Sarah and she's going to take Care of the rest. Ashlie, I wasn't you to take the rest of the week off and do what you need to do to make sure everything is covered on your end for the next couple of weeks. I will call you Friday and tell you what's going on." He said with joy.

Ashlie replied, "take the week off?"

"yes, with pay off course." He chimed back.

Ashlie nodded to herself. It didn't sound so bad, "OK sir, I will get everything set up on my end and I will be waiting on your call Friday." She said before hanging up.

The taxi had stopped at a light and she noticed a public school. She shuddered at the thought of having to go back to school, it didn't sound to appealing to her.

The light changed green and the taxi drove off, she watch the school leave her sight. She thought about how the next two weeks were going to be and thought it might be a good idea to pick up on how's kids were acting these days. It couldn't hurt to be prepared for what laid ahead of her.

The taxi driver arrived at 23rd and Grande and Ashlie got out, before going into her apartment complex.

Ashlie arrived at her apartment and called out for her roommate, "Lesli? Are you home?"

Leslie called from down the hall, "I'm in my room!"

Ashlie nervously walked down the hall until she got to Leslie's door and stop. She didn't want her best friend to see her this way but knew it was going to have to happen no matter what at some time.

Ashlie walked into the doorway and right away Leslie began uncontrollably laughing and rolling around on the bed. It took Leslie almost a solid two minutes before she caught her breath enough to ask, "why are you looking like that? You look so stinking cute!"

Ashlie leaned up against the wall and told Leslie about her assignment at the news station and this is how she needed to look while going undercover.

"awwwwww you look adorable! I just want to tickle you every where and take you out for ice cream!" Leslie joked.

Ashlie laughed through the teasing. She had always had Leslie to count on and no matter what they were friends to the end. "that doesn't sound like a bad idea." Ashlie said half jokingly, seeing the response it would get out of her life long friend.

Leslie was laying down on her bed and leaned up, "awwww, does my widdle girl want to go get a treat! Maybe get a new dolly!" She joked.

Ashlie shrugged, "never mind." And was in the middle of turning around when Leslie stopped her.

"lets go do dinner Ashlie! On me. The only thing is you got to go dressed just the way you are!" Leslie said as she stood up and grabbed her purse.

Ashlie had all ready planned on going out to see how good her disguise really was, but the factor was with whom it would be. Now it was settled. 
Ashlie grabbed a jacket and as they were walking towards the front door Leslie stopped in place and asked, "what do you weigh?" With such excitement that she thrown out her hands to her sides and slapped her outer thighs.

Ashlie turned and looked up at Leslie, "I don't know, about 100 pounds? 95 one a good day?"

Leslie bent over and laughed out loud. She cupped her hands to her mouth and giggled, "do you think Mrs. Myers next door will let us borrow a booster seat for the car!"

Ashlie winced, "I'm not sitting in a booster seat. Not today, not ever Leslie."

Leslie was still laughing as she reached for the door knob, "it's the law Ashlie! Children under 4'9 and hundred pounds must sit in a booster seat." Teased Leslie as she pulled open the door.

As they stepped out into the hall Ashlie said, "not going to happen." And closed the door behind her.

The place Leslie had chosen was rather mid-scale, not too fancy, but not just fast food, and there was A lot of kids around.

Ashlie and Leslie waited for a waitress to escort them to there table and Ashlie took note of how people were treating her in her new disguise.

The waitress right off the bat had bent over and pinched Ashlie on the cheek while saying, "she's so cute!" To Leslie.

Leslie had taken the compliment and rolled with it, saying "yeah she is! I always wanted to enroll her in a dance class but they didn't offer ballet at the dance studio up town."

The waitress smiled and lead the two to there table, before setting two menus down in front of them.

The waitress looked at Leslie and asked, "the table seems a little high? Should I get a booster seat?"

Before Leslie could answerer Ashlie flat out said, "no...I don't need a booster seat." To the waitress.

The waitress smiled at Ashlie and replied, "OK honey, I will give you two a couple minutes to figure out what you want." Than walked off to help another table.

Ashlie looked at Leslie who was smiling and asked, "what's so funny?"

Leslie pointed down to her menu and Ashlie looked down at hers. The waitress had given Ashlie a plastic covered Child's menu. Ashlie took one look at it and knew her disguise worked. The waitress was use to seeing kids and couldn't tell Ashlie was really an adult.

Leslie let out a laugh, "what are you going to get honey? They got grilled cheese and Fry's." She joked as she pointed to the meal on Ashlie's Child's menu.

Ashlie looked up and said, "it worked! The waitress couldn't tell I'm an adult!" With much excitement.

Leslie was looking over her menu and replied, "wasn't that the point?"

Ashlie looked around the room and back to Leslie, "yeah that is the point. I have to pass as a student for this story to work out right."

Leslie set down her menu and looked at her friend, "Ashlie, I can barely tell that your an adult, and that's because we've been friends forever. If I didn't know you I would have sworn that your just some little girl. Even if you told someone your an adult, I drought they would even believe you."

Ashlie looked down for a second than up to Leslie, "wanna bet?"

Leslie leaned a little closer and said, "bet what?"

Ashlie smile smugly, "I'm going to tell the waitress that I'm an adult and I want a real menu. If she brings me one than after we leave her you buy me something to drink."

Leslie half closed one eye and said, "and if she doesn't bring you the menu?"

Ashlie quickly replied, "than I will let you pick something for us to do while I'm dress like this."

Leslie looked back at her menu and said, "deal. No going back on it!"

Ashlie was about to speak when the waitress walked back up and asked, "all ready to order?"

Ashlie pushed the Child's menu aside and Said, "I'm 22 years old and would like an adult menu please."

The waitress looked at Ashlie, "that's Nice honey, but it's going to be cheaper ordering off the Child's menu." Before looking to Leslie and asking, "Do you need a little more time?"

"She's just so stubborn," Leslie shook her head. "She just wants to be so grown up already."

"I'm 22!" Ashlie protested, a little louder than she'd intended. "I can legally drink," she said a little quieter, sulking.

"Oh, really?" Leslie called her bluff,  "why don't you order a drink than?"

Ashlie's stomach churned, suddenly feeling a little ill, at this test. "Well, my..." Ashlie looked for her purse and wallet and realized it must have been in the car.

The waitress looked at Ashlie, "honey you can't drink. Your to young."

"I uh.." she squirmed uncomfortably, knowing that if she claimed she forgot her purse and identification, the waitress would assume she was just making excuses.

Ashlie looked away, bottom lip quivering ever so slightly as she fought to maintain her composure. "Could I just get some chicken tenders?" she asked the waitress.

"Sure," the woman nodded, writing that down. "Children's chicken finger meal... And I'll bring you a booster seat, hon, so you don't have to be even with the table."

"No, I don't..." Ashlie protested, but she was already gone. She turned back to Leslie, who was giggling proudly. "Okay, Leslie, very funny, but that's enough, okay?"

"I was just having a little fun, Ashlie," Leslie said. "Sorry but it looks like you lost the bet! And the booster seat isn't part of the deal so it doesn't count towards my pick. "

"Well, could you please stop leading the waitress on?" she requested. "we will both agree that this disguise worked a little to well. Its starting to give me the creeps how people are treating me. I'm an adult."

"Oh, don't worry," Leslie told her, "I still know your an adult, the babysitter might not, but I do and that's all that's counts." She broke down into laughter that only got louder at Ashlie's look of indignation. "I'm joking! Calm down! I will be good from now on, okay?"

"Thank you," Ashlie said stiffly, not finding this at all funny, but more so a shock that people did see her as a child. True to Leslie's word, she stayed polite as they waited for their food, though Leslie did burst into laughter again when the waitress brought out their drinks and a bright yellow booster seat.

"I really don't need it..." Ashlie tried to protest, but the waitress shooed her off of the chair and set it down, for Ashlie to sit on.

"there you go honey! Now you can see your food when it comes." Said the waitress as she pushed Ashlie's chair to the table.

Ashlie wasn't so sure about that, but she did have to admit that, hard plastic or not, it was still more comfortable than not able to see her food, and higher, too, helping her to feel more adult about the situation.

As they left the meal behind them and got into the car, Ashlie asked, "so what are we doing know?" Knowing that Leslie hadn't forgotten the bet.

Leslie fired up her car and said, "going home? As for the bet, forget about it. Seeing you sit in the booster seat was good enough for me." With that said they both headed home.

The next day Ashlie paid her bills over the phone and made sure there want anything she needed to do over the next two weeks. After everything was done she just hung out and watched television up until the phone rang.

"hello? Ashlie speaking." She said as she answered.

"good I caught you Ashlie!" Mr. Richards excitedly said, "well looks like tomorrow morning there coming to pick you up. You need to be at Sarah Millers house before 8 o' clock."

Ashlie looked at the clock, it was already nine at night, "I thought I was going to be starting Monday?" She said not understanding why it was going to happen earlier than expected.

Mr Richards explained, "they go by what day you enroll. We didn't know that and now there coming first thing in the morning to get you. Ashlie make sure your there." Than he just hung up.

Ashlie hung up the phone and looked at the clock. She had to go to bed, But first she needed to shower and shave. She didn't know if the school would allow the students razors and she didn't want to have hairy legs.

Ashlie showered and shaved off every hair from her neck down. After she dried off, she looked at herself in the mirror and wanted to cry. with the exception of her large breast, she looked like a younger girl. Nothing like she did twenty four hours ago.

Ashlie got dressed and climbed into bed. Tomorrow was going to be a big day.


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